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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

205 Live Gets Foxy
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads '205 Live, December 20, 2016' as the scene fades in, revealing Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox entering a locker room following Cedric's win over Drew Gulak and another awkward encounter with Noam Dar who has been showing some strong interest in the former Divas Champion in recent weeks. "Noam is going to get knocked out if he doesn't back off..."

"What for?" Alicia asks as she tilts her head to one side as she looks at her boyfriend, "He's sweet."

"So's Bayley and you..."

"Now hold on, that's a how nothing thing," Alicia says with a snap, "Cause everybody wants some Bayley... and I don't want her giving herself to my man... besides..." Alicia grins, "I'm intent on keeping the hottest piece of chocolate in the WWE all to myself..."

Cedric can't help but laugh, "Well if you're going to put it like that... but still I think Noam has a thing for you..."

"And you want to knock him out, it's the holidays and I like getting presents!" Alicia says as she folds her arms.

"That's not what I meant..." Cedric begins to say.

"Well you're just going to have to make it up to me... right now..." Alicia says with a grin.

"But I don't have anything to give you," Cedric replies as he places his hands on his hips.

"God, men can be so dense... yes you do..." Alicia Fox licks her teeth as she closes the distance between herself and Cedric and places a hand on the crotch of his tights, "And I'll be damned if I'm gonna wait until Christmas to get it..." She adds before she presses her lips against his while placing her other hand on his shoulder as she leans to press her body against his. Cedric begins to return Alicia's kiss, wrapping an arm around her lean, athletically toned body while she begins to move the hand she has on her crotch back and forth as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Alicia has 'assumed the position', with her hands on a wall and her legs spread while Cedric is crouched behind her, hands on her hips as he laps his tongue against her smoothly shaven pussy. "Ohhh... ohhh yeah... mmmm..." The foxy black starlet groans, leaning her head back as she feels the cruiserweight wrestler's tongue moving against her snatch with perfect precision while gives her hips a slightly squeeze. Alicia rocks on her feet slightly, pushing her cunt back against Cedric's tongue as he drags his tongue along the folds before he starts to force his oral organ into her love tunnel. "Ahh... ohhh mmm..." She bites her lip and closes her eyes as she experiences his tongue moving in and out of her pussy while his hands drift to her thighs. She rocks her hips slightly, just enough so that she moving in rhythm with the pace Cedric is using to probe her snatch from behind. "Mmmm yeah eat that pussy... ohh fuck me with that tongue ohhh..." Alicia pants lightly as Cedric flicks his tongue against the interior of her twat, sending a light shiver up her spine.

With the next change over, Alicia is shown on her knees, and bobbing her head on Cedric's long hard shaft, "Mmmmm... mmmm..." Alicia moans as she flicks her tongue against the bottom side of his cock as she slides her hands against his waist. Cedric looks down at her, licking his lips as he watches Alicia turn her head from side to side, feverishly sucking and slurping on his manhood while grinding her lips around it at the same time. The former Divas Champion who has become increasingly more undefined over the years slightly adjusts her routine as she opens her mouth wider when she begins to swallow more of Cedric's impressive meat pole, and he assists her when he starts to move his pelvis a bit to thrust his cock further into her mouth. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" Alicia groans as the head of Cedric's cock hits the back of her mouth while his ball sack ends up meeting her chin as saliva spills out of her gullet thanks to her approach of sucking her boyfriend's cock.

The scene eventually transitions to show Cedric laying on the locker room bench with Alicia on top of him, her back facing him as she lowers her tight wet pussy down onto his rock hard cock. "Mmmm ohhh..." Alicia moans as she takes the full length of his shaft into her snatch and she chooses to lean forward, placing her hands on his thighs as he starts to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy down on his cock while swaying her ass a bit.

"Ahhh mmm fuck..." Cedric groans as he watches Alicia's gorgeous rump move as she rocks on his dick before she starts to bounce herself up and down on his manhood. He places his hands on her hips, giving his girlfriend some extra balance as she slowly but surely increase the rate and tempo of her movements, rising up towards where only the head of dick is within her snatch before some drops fully downward, resulting her ass smacking down against his waist.

"Ohhh... ohhh ahhh... mmmm..." Alicia moans with pure delight as she eagerly rides the dick of one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. She gradually shifts her position to where she is leaning back slightly and moves her hands to reach behind herself to place them on Cedric's shoulders as he starts to thrust his large shaft firmly up into her cunt.

"Ahh... ahhh damn..." Cedric grunts as he arches his back up from the bench and pops his hips repeatedly to jackhammer his tool vertically into Alicia's pussy as she continues to bounce and rock on his shaft. Despite having a very competitive match just minutes ago, he shows that he has more than enough strength in him to work up to a swift pace of drilling Alicia's twat.

"Ohhh yeah... yeah... yeah... yeah... ahhh ohhh..." Alicia closes her eyes as gasps in quick succession as her boyfriend plows every inch of his cock up into her tight, wet and warm love canal, feeling his balls smack up between her thighs,. She lets her head hang back as she stops bouncing on his dick, and does her best to stay still as her pussy is hammered repeatedly by Cedric's repeated ascending and descending fuck stick.

The scene then shifts to showcase Alicia on all fours, with Cedric behind her, plowing his shaft into her pussy while he holds her by the waist. "Ohhh... ohhhh... mmmm fuck... ahhh ohhhh..." Alicia moans as she rocks on her knees and the palms of her hands, moving forward each time Cedric plunges his shaft into her, and briskly bucking back when he pulls it part way out of her. Her ass cheeks smack against his waist and jiggle perfectly from the resulting collision as the two of them move in a near perfect sequence with how he's fucking her deeply.

"Mmmm ahhh... ahhh... mmm..." Cedric groans as he watches the flesh of Alicia's rump shake as he rams his cock fully into her, not holding back at all as he hammers her from behind. He was already sweating as a result of his match, but now he's covered totally with perspiration, causing his dark skinned body to shine under the locker room lights.

"Ohhh mmmm ahhh ohhh... ohh yeah ohhh fuck me... ahhh ohhh fuck me..." Alicia moans as she turns her head to look back at Cedric, licking her teeth as she throws herself back against him. His cock pistons in and out of her rapidly, drenched in her pussy juices which serve as the perfect lubricant as he is virtually machine like with how he's giving an unrelenting series of thrusts to her.

"Awwww... ahhhh..." Cendric grits his teeth as he moves his hands to Alicia's ass cheeks gripping them deep as he slams his cock balls deep into her cunt, making her jolt forward roughly. He doesn't give her enough time to push back, instead quickly adjusting his position to repeated the action, knocking the win out of her each time.

"Ohhhh! OHHH! AHH! OHHH!" Alicia's eyes bulge as she gasp for air as her pussy is properly pummeled by Cedric Alexander. She feels his nut sack smacking between her thighs as she does everything she can to brace herself for his lustful onslaught.

The scene then cuts to show Cedric standing and holding Alicia up while she has her legs wrapped around his waist as he pumps his cock up into her pussy as she drapes her arms over his shoulders. "Ohhh ahh... ahhh ohhh... mmmm..." Alicia licks her lips as she leans her head forward, flicking her tongue against Cedric's firm lips as she bounces up and down his rock hard dick.

"Awww shit... ahhh..." Cedric grunts with the effort he's putting into holding the gorgeous black starlet up while rocking his hips back and forth to drive his shaft firmly into her pussy. Leaning even further forward to where her firm tits are pressing against his chest, Alicia rests her head on Cedric's right shoulder while wrapping her arms around him as he continues to pound her cunt with powerful thrusts,

"Ohhh ahhh ahhh... ohh yeah... mmm fuck..." Alicia moans as she can see the locker room door opening and sees Noam Dar watching intently with his trunks slightly lowered as he strokes his cock, but instead of letting Cedric know, she smiles at Noam as she grinds her pussy on Cedric's thrusting cock as sweat drips down her beautiful body, "Mmmm ohh yeah ahhh ohhh fuck me... fuck me..." Alicia says as she watches as the man whose made it clear he wants her for Christmas is jerking off while he watches her

"Awww... ahhhh ahhh..." Cedric moans as he keeps pumping his cock up into Alicia's pussy, totally unware that her attention is slightly diverted and that he has an unwanted audience. His cock begins to throb and his pace becomes increasingly erratic, causing him to thrust his shaft into the former Divas Champion's twat as if it was a race to the finish line. He soon lets out a loud grunt as he starts to cum, flooding Alicia's pussy.

"Ohhhh ahh yeah... mmmm ohhhh..." Alicia moans as she moves her hips to grind her pussy on Cedric's shaft as she feels his seed filling her cunt. She keeps eyes on Noam and raise a hand with her index finger raised as if to tell him to wait as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Alicia is shown seated on the locker room bench with a grin, as Cedric grabs a towel from his assigned locker, "Gonna join me for a shower?" Cedric asks with a smile.

"Nah, I don't like the showers in this arena..." Alicia says, "Not enough hot water... I'll see you back at the hotel..." Alicia says. With a nod, Cedric heads off to the shower area and Alicia gets up from the bench and proceeds to gets dressed. Once she's done, she heads out of the locker room and grins as she sees Noam Dar waiting for her and still stroking his cock, "You know he'd knock you out if he saw you..." Alicia says.

"Had to see my Foxy-baby...' Noam says as he licks his teeth, "Mmmm you looked so hot..." He says with a moan as he keeps his hand moving along the length of his dick.

Alicia smirks as she drops to her knees and pushes his hand way to take over stroking his cock, "I know I do..." Alicia says as he takes Naom's cock into her mouth and begins to bob her head on his shaft while placing her free hand on his waist. "Mmmmm.. mmmmm!" Alicia moans as she swiftly lifts her head up and down on his dick while sliding her tongue against the bottom side of his tool.

"Ahhh... ahhhh yeah Foxy-baby... ohhhh..." Noam Dar groans as he leans against the hallway wall as Alicia sucks and slurps on his shaft, feeling her tongue sliding against the underside each time she pulls her head back. Alicia looks up at him her eyes narrowed lustfully as she sucks his cock just minutes after fucking her boyfriend, showing no signs of shame as she feels his shaft pulsating between her lips.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Alicia moans as she rocks her head briskly on Noam's shaft, removing her hand from the base of his tool in order to take it fully into her mouth, deep throating his manhood with ease. Saliva drips out of her mouth and off of his cock as she whorishly sucks off the Israeli-Scottish Cruiserweight.

"Ahhh ohhh gonna cum Foxy-baby... ahhh..." Noam groans and with that warning, Alicia lifts her head from Noam's cock and allows him to grip and stroke his saliva covered, pulsating cock. Alicia tilts her head back, opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out as she stares up at him as he jerks his meat. With a hissing groan, Noam starts to unleash his load, shooting his jizz down perfectly into the receptacle that is the Alicia Fox's mouth. Within moments, he has given her an impressive amount of spunk, filling her mouth nearly completely by the time he's spent

"Mmmmm!" Alicia moans with desire as she closes her mouth and swallows Noam's load. With a lick of her lips, she gets back up to her feet, "See you on Monday!" Alicia says as she proceeds to Noam a kiss on the cheek before she walks away.

"See ya Foxy-baby..." Naom says as he licks his teeth as the scene fades to black.


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