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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

A BIG Problem
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following her match with Nidia, Trish Stratus enters her private locker room,
clutching her Women's Championship that she retained against Nidia and her
Problem Solver Tyson Tomko follows her. Tomko, wearing black pants and a
tight fitting black shirt, closes the door to the locker room just as Trish
slams her Women's Championship down on a table.

Trish Stratus, irate, grits her teeth and quickly turns around to face her
Problem Solver Tyson Tomko "Can you believe it! Can you believe her!?" Trish
Stratus screams in anger "Who the hell does Nidia think she is! I'm the
Women's Champion, damn it! Who the hell does she think she is! Challenging me
to a match like that, while I'm still injured!"

Tomko simply shrugs his shoulders, "She's a problem..." Tomko says

Trish narrows her eyes and nods her head "Yeah...that bitch is a big problem!
One that needs to be taken care of!"

Tomko nods his head, "I can solve that problem..." Tomko says with a bit of a

Trish slyly smirks and nods her head slowly "That's right can and
that's what I want!"

Tyson Tomko nods his head, "I'll take care of it.... and she won't be a

* * *

An hour later, as Nidia is leaving the arena, Tyson Tomko comes around a
corner and puts a hand over Nidia's mouth while wrapping his right arm around
her body which causes her to drop her travel bag, "Don't test me bitch...."
Tomko says in a low voice as he starts to carry the surprised Diva towards
the locker room area.

"MMMMM!" Nidia screams against Tyson Tomko's hand that is firmly placed
her mouth. "MMMMM!" Nidia protests, kicking her legs slightly as Tyson Tomko
carries her down the hallway and into one of the vacant locker rooms.

Tomko tosses Nidia down onto the floor as he closes the locker room door, "I
told you not to test me..." Tomko says as he turns on the lights. Nidia
narrows her eyes and she looks up at the towering Tyson Tomko as the powerful
Problem Solver approaches Nidia, causing her to cower slightly.

Tomko smirks as he undoes his black jeans to let out his thirteen inch cock,
"You're a real problem..." Tomko says as he bends down slightly to grab a
handful of Nidia's hair to jerk her up onto her knees.

"Hey! Stop it!" Nidia snaps at Tyson Tomko as he powerfully forces her onto
her knees while his large cock hangs in front of her face. Nidia grits her
teeth and shakes her head "I'm not doing anything with that!"

"Who gave you a choice?" Tomko says as he grips his cock with his free hand
while he holds Nidia's head with the other. Tomko then begins to force his
cock against Nidia's lips, "You bite me and I'll put my foot through your
head..." Tomko threatens. Nidia's normally wild and eager eyes widen with
fear as she reluctantly opens her mouth and Tomko forces his incredibly large
and thick cock into her nicely warm and wet mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Tomko moans as he roughly begins to move Nidia's head back and
forcing her to bob her head on his thirteen inch cock.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Nidia groans against Tomko's cock as the powerful Problem
Solver moves her head roughly back and forth against his shaft, causing the
RAW Diva to take his cock painfully deep into her mouth which causes her to
instantly gag.

"Ahhh yeah..." Tomko moans as he thrusts his huge cock in and out of Nidia's
mouth as he continues to pull her head back and forth. Tomko forces his cock
deep into Nidia's mouth so that his balls smack loudly against her chin.

"MMMMMMM!" Nidia groans, coughing and choking around Tomko's massive cock as
he violently slams his cock deep into her mouth. Nidia's wet saliva entirely
coats his cock as the head of his cock roughly smacks against her throat.

"Uhhhh... you wanna be a problem.... this is how you get solved..." Tomko
grunts as he fucks Nidia's mouth for a few more moments before he jerks her
head off of his massive thirteen inch cock. Tomko then rips off Nidia's light
blue top to reveal her large juicy tits.

Nidia places her left hand against her large, juicy tits as she breaths
heavily while trying to catch her breath "Problem? Huh? What?" Tomko pulls
off his shirt, revealing his powerful tattooed upper body before he gets down
on his knees in front of Nidia. Tomko doesn't bother to answer Nidia's
question as he pushes her to lay on her back so that he can rip off her tight
fitting jeans.

Nidia grits her teeth as she tries to sit up on the locker room floor,
however Tomko powerfully places his strong hands onto Nidia's shoulders to
force her to lay back on the floor. "Owwww!" Nidia cries out as her back
smacks down against the floor.

"Don't test me..." Tyson Tomko says as he finishes pulling off Nidia's jeans
from her tanned legs. The powerful Problem Solver then turns Nidia over onto
her stomach and pulls her up onto her hands and knees. Tomko then roughly
rams his thirteen inch cock into Nidia's tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Fuck!" Nidia shouts as she feels Tomko's massive cock ramming into
pussy from behind, causing her to jolt forward on her knees. Nidia closes her
eyes and hangs her head down as her body violently jerks back and forth from
Tomko's deep and extremely firm thrusts.

"Mmmm ahhhh!" Tomko grunts as he roughly pumps his massive cock in and out of
Nidia's tight pussy. Tomko pulls the hot RAW Diva back towards him so that
her ass cheeks smack against his muscular waist.

Nidia tightly grits her teeth as her juicy and firm ass roughly collides with
Tomko's muscular waist as her tight pussy is deeply pounded by his massive
cock "Ohhhh! AWWWW FUCK!" Nidia screams as her incredibly hot body rocks back
and forth on her hands and knees.

"Ahhh mmmmm awww..." Tomko moans as he increase the pace of his thrusts as he
pounds Nidia's pussy from behind with rough, hard and sharp thrusts. Nidia's
hot body jolts forward with each of Tomko's violent thrusts.

Nidia slowly turns her head back and narrows her eyes slightly "Ohhh...why
you...fuck! Doing this!?" Nidia moans as her body violently jerks back
against massive, deeply thrusting cock.

"Because you're a problem..." Tomko grunts his reply before he pulls his
massive cock out of Nidia's cunt. Tomko grabs hold of Nidia's hips as he lays
on his back and he pulls her on top of him so that her ass is impaled with
his dick. Nidia grits her teeth and leans back as she places her hands behind
her onto Tomko's muscular, tattoo covered chest as she starts to roughly
bounce on his cock, forcefully as Tomko lifts and lowers her juicy ass on his
cock, impaling her asshole.

"Uhhhh mmmmm ahhh..." Tomko grunts as he lifts Nidia up and down on his
cock as he starts to thrusts his shaft upward into her asshole.

Nidia closes her eyes as she feels Tomko's cock roughly and deeply
penetrating her ass while the powerful Problem Solver lifts and lowers
Nidia's on his thirteen inch cock quickly "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!" Nidia moans

"Mmmmm... ahhhh..." Tomko moans as he bounces Nidia on his cock while he rams
his cock deeply up into her ass. Tomko smirks as he feels Nidia's hands
moving on his muscular tattoo covered chest.

Nidia shakes her head as sweat drips down her body as her tight asshole is
roughly fucked by Tomko's massive cock "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!"

"Mmmm are you continue to be a problem?" Tomko asks with a grunt as he
thrusts his cock upward into Nidia's asshole while he keeps lifting her up
and down on his thirteen inch dick.

"Noooo! NO!" Nidia screams as she roughly is pulled down on Tomko's entire
smacking her juicy ass against his muscular waist.

"Big mistake..." Tomko grunts as he shoves Nidia off of his cock. Tomko then
gets back up to his feet and once again grabs Nidia by her hair to force her
onto her knees.

Nidia bites down on her bottom lip as she opens her pleading eyes "Tyson... more" Tomko smirks as he once again forces his cock into Nidia's
mouth and he pushes down on Nidia's head to make her take every inch past her

"MMMMM!" Nidia groans as her lips press tightly around Tomko's massive cock
as he force every inch of his cock into her wet mouth. Nidia feels one of
Tomko's hands on the back of her head, forcing her take him deeper into her

"Mmmmm ahhhh..." Tomko moans as he feels the last inch of his cock entering
Nidia's mouth and he firmly holds Nidia's head down on his massive cock.

Nidia's lips clamp tightly around Tomko's shaft as she shakes her head in
protest, while Tomko deeply holds his cock inside of her mouth "MMMM!"

"Mmmm.... ahhh..." Tomko moans before he forces his cock out of Nidia's mouth
just before he cums. When he cums, Tomko shoots his load onto Nidia's face as
the flash of a camera comes from the other side of the locker room.

Nidia raises an eyebrow as she looks up after seeing the camera flash while
cum drips down her face "Huh? What?"

Tomko smirks as he looks over at the side of the locker room, "Problem solved
Trish... she won't be a problem any more..."

Trish Stratus smirks as she holds a camera in her hands "Boy Nidia...I never
knew you were such a whore..."

Tomko looks down at Nidia who has a horrified look on her face, "You back off
from challenging Trish... or else that photo will be posted on the
internet... and your career will be destroyed.... got it?!" Tomko says in a
firm, threatening voice.

Nidia slowly nods her head and swallows "Yeah...yes... I won't challenge...'


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