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Knockouts. Events like these have never happened to the TNA superstars or
will never ever happen to them. If you are under 18, do not read beyond this
as I'm not responsible for any actions if you're caught because I warned ya!
Once again, it's not real at all period as its just pure fiction, folks!
Remember, keyword is fiction. Now saying all that, enjoy...

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Quick note: Parts are separated by time in the story.

A Beautiful Knockout Impact!
by DarklordZ

7:00 PM

It was a hot summer night as both Daniel and Kash made their way into the
Impact Zone as the two were walking to Studio 21 to see a taping of TNA
Impact. They noticed a rather large group waiting to come inside the

"Explain how you got these tickets" Kash asked his buddy.

"Well, it is easy for someone who knows his way around the system" Daniel
said to him.

"Hmm well. this taping of Impact better be fucking worth it. This heat is
killing me so fucking badly" Kash said as he was fanning out his shirt.

"Dude, I'm wearing pants. How are you hot?" Daniel asked.

"You are use to this heat, I'm not!" Kash said.

Just then, the doors into the studios opened up as the fans rushed in the
building as the two were somewhere in the middle of the rush. Daniel squeezed
through as he got out from the side as Kash did the same but was on the other

"Ah fuck, where are you?" Daniel asked.

"Over here" Kash said, waving his hand as we waited for the rush of fans to
die down.

As the fan rush was dying down, Kash turned around and saw two knockouts
standing up against the wall as they were talking to each other. He saw that
one was wearing a tight blue sleeveless tank top that could barely contain
her big tits and a short black skirt.

"Ohhh fuck..." Kash said in his mind as he turned around and saw the second
girl wearing an "OMG WFT" sleeveless shirt as she was wearing fishnet
stockings and a "kiss this" undergarment.

"Holy fuck!" Kash said out loud as the two overheard him as they were now
walking towards him.

"Hey, who the hell do you think you are?" the one with the "OMG WTF" shirt
said as she poked him on the chest.

"Yeah, we are the. beautiful people and you. you aren't even in our league"
the other one said.

"Besides, who the hell are you and why are you even here?" the one with the
shirt said.

"Relax, he's a loser fan who drools for our bodies" the blonde said.

"Well, I'm Kash and." Kash said before being cut off.

"Who the hell said you could speak?" the blonde said again.

"Since he was foolish enough to give his name, I'm Velvet Sky and next to me
is Angelina Love and we. we are the Beautiful People" Velvet said to Kash.

"And how beautiful you are" Kash said.

"Uh yeah. like we say, you can look, but. you can never touch!" both Angelina
and Velvet said at the same time as they ran their hands though their bodies.

"You say that but I know that those bodies can be touched by anyone" Kash
said but before he could continue what he was going to say, Awesome Kong and
her manager, Raisha Saeed came over to the two.

Kong was staring down at Kash, ready to attack as Velvet turned her hands
into a fist as she punched her other hand with her fist.

"So, what was that you were saying" Velvet said, moving her fist through her

"Uhh." Kash said speechless as he began walking away a bit. Once he did, both
Angelina and Velvet stared at Kash as he left. The two then whispered
something to each other as Kong and Raisha overheard but could care less.

Meanwhile, Daniel was walking around backstage as he continued to walk around
until he ran into a knockout who was wearing short blue gym short and a cut
off LAX t-shirt.

"Hey, watch it you?" Salinas said.

"Sorry. about.. that" Daniel said as he was staring at her cleavage as she
instantly knew right away as she then grabbed his crotch and squeezed his
penis through his pants.

"So, you want some then?" Salinas said as she squeezed hard as his cock
became hard right away.

"Yes, but." Daniel said.

"But what?" she asked.

"We're in a big open area where anyone could come and catch us" Daniel said.

Salinas then let go of his crotch as she looked around and saw a few TNA
superstars standing around along with a few TNA officials. She then thought
of something as she told him to follow him. The two were walking outside to
the backlot as Kash saw then walking outside as he followed from behind.

"Isn't Impact going to start now?" Daniel asked.

"No, we have about 2 hours before the show starts and we only allowed you
fans in early to avoid the hot summer heat" Salinas said as she opened the
backdoor to her car as Daniel entered the car first.

As he entered the car, Daniel was undoing his pants as Salinas took her blue
gym shorts off as the two entered the back seat of the car. Daniel lay back
on the car door behind him as Salinas closed the door behind her.

"Oh, this is quite big then what I have seen around in TNA" Salinas said
before taking his cock into her mouth.

"Ahh yeah" Daniel moaned.

Salinas began bobbing her head on his cock as he moved his hands and pulled
down her short LAX shirt to expose her giant tits. She then moved one hand
towards her cunt and began rubbing herself.

"Mmm fuck. it's only a few minutes I entered and I'm scoring with a knockout"
Daniel said moaning.

Kash exited the building as he looked around for the two as he took his phone
out and called Daniel to see where he was. He called Daniel's phone as his
phone was in his pants as his pants were down to his legs as he didn't feel
the vibration of the phone.

"Hmm, must be getting stoned somewhere" Kash said to himself laughing.

He then noticed that a car was moving around a bit as he walked over to see
what was going on and such. Kash looked inside and saw Salina rubbing her own
pussy while sucking Daniel off.

"I stand corrected" Kash said as he continued to watch the action inside the

"Uhhh yeah. ohhhh fuck!" Daniel moaned as he ran his hands through Salina's
long black hair as she started to deepthroat his cock as she made little but
loud gagging sounds.

"Holy shit. ahhh yeah!" he moaned again.

Kash then decided to tap on the window as he did. The two looked up and saw
him standing in front of the car, looking at the two from the outside.
Salinas then took Daniel's cock out from her mouth and moved her hand away
from her cunt as well to open the door.

"Can I help you?" she said to him.

"Yes, by letting me have a piece of what you are giving my friend here" Kash
said, entering the car as he closed the door behind him. Kash then started to
take his pants off to free his semi-erected cock.

"Go on, continue on sucking my friend off here" Kash said to Salinas.

She took Daniel's cock back into her mouth and resumed sucking his cock as
Kash positioned herself right next to her pussy as he slowly inserted his
cock into her cunt as she moaned with Daniel's cock in her mouth.

"Oh yeah, tight cunt" Kash moaned as he began pumping in and out of Salinas'

He placed both of his hands onto Salinas' hips as he thrusted faster into her
pussy as Daniel moved his hands underneath her tits and began pinching her
nipples as Salinas sucked him off.

"Uhhh fuck" Daniel moaned.

"Ohhh.. Ahhh shit" Kash moaned.

Salinas resumed her deepthroat on Daniel's cock as Kash fucked her cunt as
the car was really moving back and forth now. Luckily for the three, no one
was outside to notice the car moving.

"Mmm, oh. I need some action now" Daniel said as he pulled his cock out from
Salinas' mouth as he told her to move up as she did. Kash scooted down with
her as well as Daniel inserted his cock into her cunt as well.

"Ahhh yeah. ohhh, fill my tight cunt with your cocks. ohhh fuck" Salinas

"Ohhh yeah. whew, ahhh fuck!" Kash yelled.

"Oh yeah, Salinas. uhhh god. mmmm, yeah" Daniel moaned.

"Uhhh fuck. ahhh fuck me harder!" Salinas moaned as the two began pumping
their cocks faster as Salinas moaned away.

Daniel started to lick Salinas' tits as Kash started to smack her ass around
as she was moaning into ecstasy. Kash's smacks were becoming a bit harder as
Salinas' ass cheek were becoming red.

"Ohhh yeah.. ahhh!" Daniel moaned with each thrust.

"Fuck me. ahhh yeah, someone. fuck my ass!" Salinas moaned as she moved one
hand behind her and started to finger her asshole, waiting for one of them to
fuck her ass.

The two didn't listen as they continued to thrust into her cunt at the same
time as beads of sweat were dropping from their foreheads. The car was moving
back and forth violently with each thrust the two did into Salinas' cunt.

"Oh god. ahhh fuck. fuck yeah.. Uhhh god" Salinas moaned.

Kash then pulled his cock out from her cunt and positioned his cock right in
front of her asshole as Salinas removed her finger out from her ass as Kash
squeezed the head of his dick into her ass.

"Uhh. fuck. holy shit." Salinas moaned as Kash was slowly inserting his cock
into her tight asshole.

"Ahhh yeah. ohhhh fuck!" Daniel moaned.

"Uhhh. fuck. and I fucked tighter assholes before" Kash said as he got half
of his cock into Salinas' ass. He began pumping his cock deep into Salinas'
ass as Daniel thrusted away into her cunt.

"Ohhh fuck. ahhh yeah. uhhh shit. ohhh god!" Salinas moaned in ecstasy even

"Whew. ohhh. uhhh yeah. ahhh fuck!" Kash moaned as he got more inches of his
dick into Salinas' ass. He began pumping his entire cock into her asshole as
his balls were slapping up against the top part of her pussy.

"Ahhh yeah. uhhh fuck. ohhh fuck yeah!" Salinas moaned as she unleashed her
orgasm all over Daniel's cock as he then pulled out from her cunt as his cock
was covered in her cum.

"Dude, pull out from her ass for a second" Daniel said as Kash reluctantly

"You, lay on your back" He said to Salinas as she lay on the backseat as she
was lying back first as she was facing Daniel's cock as Kash then put his
cock back into her ass.

"Suck it long. and suck it hard!" Daniel said as Salinas did.

"Uhhh yeah. ohhh!" Daniel moaned as Salinas took his cock deep into her mouth
once again, sucking her own juices in the process. Kash grabbed her tits as
he squeezed them hard as he was thrusting his cock deep into her asshole once

Salinas then moved one hand down to her cunt and resume rubbing her pussy as
she was sucking Daniel's cock and getting fucked by Kash in the ass.

"Mmm. this little trip I took is becoming worth it, man" Kash said to Daniel.

"Well. DUH!" Daniel said at the two gave a high five to each other.

"MMMMM" Salinas moaned.

While Kash was fucking her ass, her tits were moving around freely a bit
despite Kash having a vicegrip on them as he then released his grip on them
as her tits were now fully freely moving around as they were moving up and
down, left to right, and so on.

"Fuck. those tits are quite something" Daniel said as he pulled his cock out
from her mouth.

"Uhh. my ass. keep fucking it!" Salinas moaned.

Daniel then slapped his cock around Salinas' face before slapping his dick on
her tits. He slapped his dick around her tits for a while as he then placed
his cock between her tits and pushed them together as he began fucking her
big tits.

"Ahhh yeah.. fuck my tits.. And my ass!" Salinas moaned as she lifted her
head up and started to suck Daniel's balls as he fucked her tits.

"Uhhh. uhhh yeah. fuck. ahhh shit!" Kash moaned as he felt he was close.

"Ohhh fuck. these tits. ohhh god. ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned as well.

The two pumped with authority on Salinas as she was rubbing her cunt
violently as the two fucked her. Daniel's cock slid out from her tits a bit
as he placed his dick right back between her tits and fucked them.

"Oh god. uhhh fuck. Ahhhh!" he moaned.

"Whew. oh fuck.. uhhh. tight fucking asshole. ahhh shit!" Kash moaned.

"Fuck, I want her ass now!" Daniel said as he moved his dick from between
Salinas' tits as Kash pulled out from her ass as Daniel then told Salinas to
turn around once more as Salinas was facing Kash's dick as Daniel had her

"Ahhh. fuck yeah!" Daniel moaned as he inserted his cock into her tight
asshole as Salinas sucked Kash's cock.

"Mmm. Salinas. ahhh, that mouth!" Kash moaned.

Salinas once again resumed rubbing her cunt as Daniel was fucking her tight
asshole as he grabbed her hips and thrusted with every ounce of energy he had
left. Salinas was groping Kash's balls as she sucked his cock.

"Ohhhh. almost there. ahhh fuck!" Kash moaned.

"Same here. uhhh. god. ahhh!" Daniel moaned with each thrust he took into
Salinas' ass.

"Ohhh. come inside me, guys. ahhh fuck yeah. uhhh shit!" Salinas moaned.

"You want it inside your mouth then" Kash said.

"Uhhh god. ahhh yeah. yes, inside my mouth. ohhh fuck!" Salinas moaned.

Kash then shoved his entire cock deep into her mouth as she instantly began
gagging on his cock as some rather intense gag sounds she was making as tears
were slowly coming down her eyes.

"Ahhh yeah. right fucking there. ohhh fuck. bit more" Daniel moaned as he
slammed into her asshole.

The two took deep breaths as they pushed their cocks into Salinas as she
continued to rub her cunt. Daniel's balls were being slapped against Salinas'
asshole as Kash's balls slapped up against her nose.

"Uhhh yeah. here it comes. ahhh fuck!" Kash moaned as he shot his load inside
Salinas' mouth as he held his dick until he was finished.

"Uhhh fuck.. ahhh, I'm coming. ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned as he shot his load
in her ass. He moved two fingers around the base of his dick as he jerked the
base as he continued to shoot his cum inside her.

"Ahh. yeah. whew. ohhh fuck!" Kash moaned as he pulled his cock out from
Salinas' mouth as she pushed his cum from inside her mouth as some oozed onto
her face as Kash stroked his cock to see if he had any left.

"Uhh yeah. whew. ohhh fuck!" Daniel said as he pulled his cock out from
Salinas' ass. Salinas then pushed out some of his cum as some poured down out
from her ass as the cum dripped onto the backseat.

Salinas then sucked Kash's cock once more as Daniel moved on up and waved his
cock underneath her face as she took both limped dicks and sucked them both
as the two high five each other again.

"Mmmm, so how did you enjoy your first TNA experience" Salinas asked as she
took both cocks out from her mouth.

"Awesome!" the two said, giving another high five to each other.

7:20 PM

The three made their way back into the building, fully dressed as Salinas
went to the left side as the two went to the right side of the building as
Salinas went to her locker room as the two wandered around once again

"Oh yeah, that was fucking awesome!" Kash said.

"Well duh! With tits and ass like that, you know she can do it rough" Daniel
said as then, the two heard someone singing rather too loud and not quite

"Ah, holy crap. my ears!" Kash said, covering his ears.

"There is only one knockout that can be." Daniel said as the two opened the
door and saw Christy Hemme singing through the microphone of Guitar Hero as
the in-game fans was booing a bit at her.

"Thank you, I rock!" Christy yelled.

Hemme then turned around and saw the two standing there as she looked at them
as the two were trying not to laugh. Christy was getting mad as she walked up
to the two, looking at their bodies.

"So, you think you could do better then the leader of the Rock n' Rave
Infection?" Christy said to them, poking both their chest.

"Ok, one; I have been poked on my chest enough today and two; game on!" Kash
said as he grabbed a guitar as Daniel was confused by Kash's first comment as
he grabbed the second guitar as Christy grabbed the microphone as the three
duke it out in battle.

5 minutes later.

"Goddamn it!" Christy yelled out at the top of her lungs, in defeat as the
two beat her in the game.

"Game, set, and match!" Daniel said as he was putting the guitar down as Kash
looked at the guitar around him.

"So, Miss Hemme. you were saying?" Kash said.

"You.. Cheated!" Christy yelled to him.

"Don't be jealous, be glad" Kash said as he noticed that Christy's nipples
were a bit harden through her revealing black cut off shirt.

"Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Christy yelled once again.

Kash was unfazed by her comments as he walked towards her as Daniel walked
behind her as Christy was getting a bit uneasy by the two.

"How long has it been that you got laid?" Kash asked.

"WHAT!?!" Christy yelled once more.

"Oh come on, an overworked leader with two guys that can't get a hold of
things and the leader is stressed" Daniel said.

"And using a game to believe that she can win fans. Doesn't take a fucking
genius to figure that out" Kash said as he unzipped his pants and lowered
them down as Christy looked down and saw his cock as her mouth started to

"Well. umm, but still, you. cheated!" Christy said as Daniel undid his pants
as well as Hemme's mouth started to water a bit more.

"Uhh. whoa, I'm umm. ah, screw it" Christy said as she took her shirt off to
free her tits as she got down on her knees and stroked their cocks.

"Oh yeah. stroke those cocks" Kash said.

"Mmmm, ohhh fuck. can't wait until these are hard and long" Christy said,
jerking their cock harder.

The two then moved their hands onto Christy's tits and groped them as she was
jerking them off at the same time. Christy then took both cock into her mouth
and began sucking them at the same time as the two continued to grope her

"Uhh yeah, that mouth. almost like Salinas" Kash moaned.

"Whew. ohhh, fuck. ahhh!" Daniel moaned. Bits of saliva dripped down from
Hemme's mouth as she sucked both dicks.

"Ohhh yeah. mmm fuck" Kash moaned.

Christy then took both cocks out as they were now hard as she got back up and
lifted her tight skirt down, revealing a black thong as both men pulled those
down at the same time, taking a look at her shaved cunt.

"Fuck. nice little cunt" both Daniel and Kash said as they rubbed it a
little, teasing her during the process.

"Ahhh yeah. ohhh fuck, I haven't been touched there in a while" Hemme moaned.

"Cause your guys are playing a video game guitar instead" Kash said.

Christy then moved to the table as she lay down back first as Daniel and Kash
walked on over. Kash stood in front of Hemme's face as Daniel inserted his
cock into Christy's pussy.

"Uhhh fuck!" Daniel moaned softly.

"Ahhh yeah. fuck my tight little cunt" Christy said as she took Kash's dick
into her mouth and began sucking him off.

"Whew. fuck!" Kash said.

Daniel was already fucking Christy at a fast pace as her tits jiggled around
as he held onto her hips for support to fuck her at the fast pace he was
going as the table was moving back and forth.

"Uhhh yeah. ohhh, Christy" Daniel moaned.

"MMMM" Christy moaned.

"Mmmm, suck that cock instead of singing" Kash said laughing as Hemme
overheard that comment and gave him the middle finger as she then started to
bite his cock.

"Ow, ouch. totally worth it! Ow!" Kash said in pain.

"Ohhh. ahhh fuck" Daniel moaned.

Daniel looked up and saw Hemme either biting or sucking Kash's cock off as he
saw her tits jiggle around as he turned his attention back to Hemme's pussy.
He started to rub the top of her cunt as he was fucking her as well.

"Fuck. tight little cunt but let's see how tight this other hole is?" Daniel
said as he took his cock out and positioned his dick right next to Christy's
asshole as he slowly inserted the head of his dick inside Christy's ass.

She screamed out a bit still with Kash's cock in her mouth as Kash began
smacking Christy's tits around from side to side. Hemme screamed louder as
Daniel got half of his cock inside her ass.

"Hmm, someone hasn't taken it up there then?" Daniel said.

"Ahhh. that would explain. ohhh fuck. everything" Kash moaned as he continued
to smack Christy's tits around.

Daniel began thrusting his cock deep into Hemme's ass as he grabbed her ass
cheeks and squeezed them as he thrust into her ass hard. Tears came down her
eyes as she opened her eyes and saw Kash's sweaty balls moving above her

"Ohhh yeah. fuck. suck that cock. ahhh!" Kash moaned. Christy then took
Kash's cock out from her mouth as she looked up at Daniel.

"Fuck my ass. you fucker. ahhh god.uhhh fuck!" Christy yelled.

"Yeah, your first little anal experience. ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned.

"Yeah, fuck me. my first anal experience. fuck!" Hemme moaned.

Kash then slapped his cock around Hemme's tits as Christy sucked on his balls
while Daniel fucked her ass. He was still squeezing her ass cheeks as he held
on with a tight grip.

"Whew. uhhh fuck. ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned once more.

"Fuck. yeah. Christy. man, you do suck. very well" Kash said.

Christy then removed her lips from his balls as she started to stroke Kash's
dick once again, making it harder. Hemme jerked Kash off with force as he
felt Christy tightening her grip on his cock. Kash moaned away as he wiped
his forehead off of any sweat.

"Mmm, you know. you could fuck me in my pussy as well" Christy said to Kash.

"Oh, a little Double Penetration action then" Kash questioned her.

"I'm game!" he added.

Christy let go of her grip on Kash's cock as Daniel also let go of her ass
cheeks as he wrapped his arms around her body and lifted her up with his cock
still in her ass as Daniel turned around and lay down onto the table back
first as Kash got onto the table on his knees as he inserted his cock into
her cunt.

"Ahhh yeah. two big dicks. fucking both my holes!" Christy moaned.

"Ohhh fuck. ahhh yeah!" Kash moaned as he thrust into her cunt at a fast pace
as Daniel began fucking Hemme in the ass once more.

"Uhhh. ohhhh fuck!" Daniel moaned as he was fucking Hemme's ass at a faster
pace then he did before.

"Oh god. ahhh, my ass.. Fuck me.. Uhhhh!" Christy moaned.

The two pumped their cocks into Christy as she moaned louder as she was
enjoying the DP'ing as she looked at the two and saw them sweating fast.
Christy then moved up and kissed Kash as Daniel moved his hands up and
grabbed her tits and started to grope them.

"Ohhh fuck yeah" Daniel moaned.

"Ahhh, I'm going to come soon" Kash moaned.

"Shoot your load all over my tits, the both of you" Christy said moaning.

"Fuck. I need to do a little something before I shoot my cum all over your
tits. ahhh fuck" Daniel moaned.

"Uhhh. ohhh god" Christy moaned in ecstasy.

Kash kept fucking away into Christy's cunt as Daniel fucked away at Hemme's
ass as the two breathed in deep as they continued to fuck Christy, the leader
of the Rock n' Rave Infection.

"Uhhh fuck. I'm going to come" Kash moaned as he pulled out from her cunt as
Daniel also pulled out from her ass as the two stood on the table as Daniel
told Christy to suck his cock.

"Ahhh yeah. a little ATM action" Daniel moaned.

Kash jerked his cock in front of Hemme's tits as she sucked Daniel's cock.
Christy sucked Daniel's cock as she was staring at him with those blue eyes
of hers. Daniel knew that he wasn't going to last long either.

"Uhhh fuck.. here it comes!" Kash moaned as his load shot out from his cock
as his load landed onto Christy's tits as some dripped down onto her legs. He
jerked off a few more time before he was finished.

"Ohhhh.. Yeah!" Kash moaned as he took in deep breaths.

He slapped his cock around Christy's cum covered tits as Daniel pulled his
cock out from her mouth as she took Kash's cock into her mouth as Daniel
jerked above Hemme's tits.

"Mmm yeah. suck it!" Kash moaned as he ran his hands through his hair.

"Oh. ohhh.ahhh fuck!" Daniel moaned as he shot his load onto Christy's cum-
covered tits as he covered them with even more cum.

"Fuck" the two moaned.

Christy then took Kash's cock out from her mouth as she spit onto her tits
and ran her hands through her tits, covering the cum all around her breasts.

"So, do you think we cheated there?" Kash asked.

Christy then moved her hands behind their butts and smacked their cheeks,
surprising the both of them.

"What, I like being naughty like that" Christy laughed as the two got down
from the table and got dressed as Hemme sat there still on the table as the
door opened and in came Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave.

"What the fuck!!!" the both of them yelled as they ran towards the two but
both Daniel and Kash ducked and attacked the both of them with the plastic
game guitar as the two were "knocked out" from the guitar.

"Damn!" Christy said.

"Out from those?" she questioned.

"Don't know how. I mean, they aren't even hard to knock someone out" Daniel
said as he hit Kash on the head with the guitar as Kash was unaffected by the

"Also, if you want your boys to attack us, make sure they have steel chairs"
Kash said as the two left the room, leaving Hemme alone with the unconscious
Rock n' Rave Infection as she looked at them, laying on the floor.

"Well, at least those two were really fucking me well unlike these two"
Christy said as she got off of the table and walked towards the bathroom to
clean herself up.

7:45 PM

Daniel and Kash made their way around backstage once again as the two took a
look at the time as they still had time to kill as they heard the roar of the
fans, waiting around for Impact to start.

"And yet, only an hour and 15 minutes until show time!" Daniel said,
mimicking the Icon, Sting.

"Dude, don't mimic. You can't pull it off" Kash said laughing.

"Man, fuck you!" Daniel said.

Just then, the two heard someone laughing in front of them as they looked
ahead and saw TNA Knockouts Champion, Taylor Wilde laughing while sitting
down on her chair, dressed in a pink shirt that revealed her leopard bra and

"That was funny" Taylor said laughing.

"Hmm, glad you think so but who are you?" Daniel said.

"I'm Taylor Wilde and I'm the TNA Knockouts Champion" Wilde said to him.

"I know that, but who. are. you?" Daniel said once again.

"Do I need to repeat again?" Taylor asked.

"Got you. I know who you are" Daniel said laughing as Taylor got the joke as
she gave a pouting face.

"That's not funny and I want to be a big name in TNA and I already am" Wilde
said to him.

"How can you? Most of the fans don't know who you are" Daniel said.

"Hey, I can prove that I can be a recognizable face here in TNA and I will
prove it" Wilde said to him.

"How?" Daniel asked, leading her into a trap.

"Hmm, you know me but not much. How about. if I do something to you and to
your friend here as well" Taylor said to the both of them as the two had a
smile on their faces.

"Like what?" Kash said to her.

Taylor then noticed that the two were hard down there as she looked around to
see if anyone was around them.

"Suck your cocks?" Taylor said.

"I'm up for it. What about you, dude?" Daniel asked Kash.

"Of course" Kash said as the two began to unzip their pants as Wilde got down
on her knees as she stared at their cocks.

"Oh wow, these look meaty" Taylor said as she took Daniel's cock into her
mouth as she stroked off Kash.

"Mmm, she's good with her hands. That's something" Kash said.

"And her mouth isn't all that bad too" Daniel said.

Taylor was sucking and stroking the two out in the open as no one was around
but unknown to either of them, the Beautiful People along with Awesome Kong
and Raisha Saeed were watching from the shadows.

"I always knew she was a slut and sucking off two fans proves it" Velvet said
to them.

"Wait, Velvet. isn't it that loser Kash that we blew off earlier?" Angelina
said as Velvet took another look at the two.

"You know your right. It is that loser Kash dude that we blew off and I think
that other loser next to him is Daniel that Salinas told us about before Kong
dealt with her" Sky said to Love.

"Should I send Kong to deal with them now?" Saeed asked the two.

"No, not yet. Let the two have fun with the slut for now. We will get them
soon" the two said, smacking their lips around as Velvet turned her hand into
a fist as Love stared down at Daniel.

Meanwhile, back over to the three.

Taylor took Daniel's cock deep into her throat as she jerked Kash off with
both hands as the two tilted their heads up as Wilde was going wild on their

"Ahhh yeah" Daniel moaned.

"Fuck, work those hands" Kash said.

Wilde began bobbing back and forth on Daniel's cock while using both hands to
stroke Kash off. Taylor looked over at Kash as he looked down at her.

"Come on, prove that you should be TNA Knockout champ" Kash said to her.

"Hell, she's proving that she should be that TNA suck-out champ" Daniel said
laughing as Kash shook his head in disbelief.

"You suck at jokes" Kash said laughing.

"Whatever.. Ahhh fuck!" Daniel said moaning.

Taylor took his dick out from her mouth as she stopped jerking Kash off as
she took Kash's cock into her mouth and placed both hands onto Daniel's cock
and stroked him off.

"Maybe, you are right about her mouth though" Kash said.

"Fuck, ditto on her hands" Daniel said.

He ran his hands through Taylor's blonde hair as he watched Wilde jerk his
cock as she was sucking Kash off. She bobbed her head back and forth on Kash
as he watched her suck him off.

"Fuck. already, I'm almost there" Kash moaned.

"Damn, she must. ahhh, fuck. sadly ditto again" Daniel moaned.

"Goddamn, she must want to really prove that she wants to be known" Daniel
said to Kash.

"I guess but goddamn, I can't believe I'm already this close" Kash said to

"Whew. ahhh fuck. uhhh!" Daniel moaned as his sperm shot out onto Taylor's
face as some landed onto her hair. Wilde let go of Daniel's cock as she
turned her attention back to Kash as she sucked harder on him.

"Fuck. ahhh. uhhh fuck!" Kash moaned as he shot his load inside Wilde's mouth
as she took most of his cum down her throat, swallowing almost half of his

"Holy fuck!" Kash said.

Taylor took Kash's cock out from her mouth as she showed to them, the
leftover sperm in her mouth as she took a big gulp and swallowed the rest of
the cum.

"Well?" Taylor said.

"Alright, fine. You do have a chance to be well-known in TNA" Daniel said as
he zipped up his pants.

"I second that" Kash said, zipping his pants up as well.

Just then, the three heard someone screaming behind them as they knew the
voice already as Taylor saw and gasped in horror as she quickly got up and
ran away as the two turned around and saw Jim Cornette walking towards them.

"Hey, what the hell was going on?" Jim yelled.

"Holy shit. run!" Daniel said as the two ran away from Cornette. The two ran
into the shadow hallway as the Beautiful People, Kong and Saeed were ducking
down in the shadows as the two ran past them, not knowing they were there.

"I'm going to you two punks! I'm going to get you!" Cornette yelled.

7:55 PM

The two ran until they stopped in front of a locker room that said "Karen's
Angle" in big bold letters as the two looked up and saw the sign.

"Don't know who has more of an ego, Kurt or Karen?" Kash said.

"Kurt. by a long fucking mile!" Daniel said as the door opened as Karen was
the one that opened the door.

"Are you the technicians they sent to fix the lights?" Karen asked. The two
looked at Karen who was wearing a black strapless dress that was hanging on
to some gold chains around her neck.

"Yeah. technicians" the both of them said as Karen allowed them to enter the
set of her talk show, Karen's Angle.

The two saw that the set up for the talk show was nice at they looked at the
wall and saw posters of Awesome Kong, Karen herself, and Booker T. The two
looked at the table and chairs as it was nicely set up.

"Hmm, nice. So, where are the lights that doesn't work or something?" Kash

"Up there. I mean, it does work but it doesn't turn on all the way and there
is still power in the bulb" Karen told him.

"Alright, let me see." Daniel said.

"Ah, the power source is going out" he said.

"Well, where are your tools?" Karen asked.

The two snicker a bit before putting their hands on their zippers before
turning around to Karen as they unzipped their pants, freeing their cocks as
Karen was shocked.

"Here they are" the both of them said.

"Those aren't tools to fix the lights" Karen said.

"Your right but they are tools to fix you" the two said as they walked
towards Karen and started to grope her tits through her black dress. Karen
stood there, watching the two grope her tits.

"So, if you two aren't the technicians, then where are they?" Karen asked.

"Don't know, don't care" the two said once again as Daniel looked behind
Karen's dress and saw the way to undo the gold chains as he undid the chains
as he lifted down Karen's dress to reveal her rather large tits.

"Mmm, fuck. Kurt must have been crazy to leave you" Kash said.

"Again, ego" Daniel said.

The two kept groping Karen's tits as she then both of her hands down to their
dicks and started to stroke their cocks while the two kept groping her.

"Ohhh yeah" Karen said.

"Looks like she's ready to enjoy this then" Daniel said as he then took
Karen's dress completely off as he saw that Karen wasn't wearing anything
down there as the dress was now around her ankles.

"Hmm, nothing at all then" Daniel said as he took his pants off as Kash did
the same.

Daniel then grabbed Karen by the arm and turned her around as she was facing
him as he bent down and lifted her up as Kash grabbed her by her shoulders,
holding onto her as she was facing his cock while Daniel was facing her cunt.

"Ahhh yeah. ohhh fuck. eat me" Karen moaned before she took Kash's cock into
her mouth and began sucking his cock.

"Ohhh.. Mmm. fuck. tasty" Daniel said.

"Mmmm fuck.. ohhh shit. suck!" Kash moaned.

Karen sucked away at Kash's cock as Daniel was eating Karen's pussy out with
full licking force as he then kissed her cunt before eating her out once

"Uhhh yeah. fuck.. she sucks well" Kash moaned.

"Wonder how she handles tools?" Daniel said.

"Only one way to find out" Kash said as the two slowly walked to the couch
chair as Daniel sat down first as Karen and Kash were in front of him.

"Ohhh yeah. man. ahhh!" Kash moaned.

Karen then took his cock out from her mouth as Karen lifted her body up as
she buried Daniel's face between her cunt and the couch.

"Ahhh yeah. eat that cunt!" Karen moaned.

Daniel ate her out as slurping sounds could be heard as he was eating Karen
out in the sloppiest way he could do. Kash then leaned forward as he inserted
his middle finger into Karen's asshole.

"Uhhhh god. anal!" Karen moaned.

Kash began thrusting his finger in and out of Karen's ass as Daniel continued
his slurping on Karen's pussy.

"Fuck. somehow, I knew your ass would be tight. goddamn!" Kash said.

Karen then got up as Kash pulled his finger out as Karen turned around and
mounted down onto Daniel's cock as his cock made its way into her asshole.
Karen then grabbed Kash's hand and sucked the middle finger off.

"Uhhh fuck. tight ass. ahhh yeah!" Daniel groaned.

Kash then pushed his cock into Karen's cunt as she was still sucking his
finger off as he started to pump his cock back and forth inside her. The two
were now DP'ing her as the two thrusted away into Karen Angle.

"Ohhh yeah. fuck!" Kash moaned.

"Ahhh yeah. come on, slam down harder Karen. uhhh fuck" Daniel moaned.

"Fuck. ohhh guys; pump your tools in me faster.. Uhhh yeah" Karen moaned as
she took Kash's finger out from her mouth.

"Ohhh. fuck. mmmm yeah, Karen" the two moaned.

"Yeah. come on, fuck my ass! Kurt would've never done anal.. Ahhh fuck!"
Karen moaned.

"Kurt does his own anal" Daniel said as with each thrust he took into Karen's
ass, he moaned out a bit.

"Fuck. Karen. ahhh yeah. fuck!" Kash moaned.

"Oh god. fuck me! Ahhh goddamn. my ass!" Karen moaned as Daniel began fucking
her ass harder.

"Mmmm yeah. fuck Karen. tight asshole. ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned.

Kash then pulled his cock out from Karen's pussy as he slapped his dick above
her cunt before shoving his cock into her stuffed asshole as Karen's eyes
opened very wide as she moaned louder then before.

"Holy fuck.. ahhh goddamn it. two cocks in my tight ass. holy shit. uhhh
yeah" Karen moaned.

"Whew. ohhh yeah" Kash moaned.

"Ahhh.. fuck" Daniel moaned.

"Uhhh. whew. holy crap. my ass. ahhh yeah!" Karen moaned.

The two began thrusting into Karen's ass at the same time as Karen continued
to moan in delight as the barely working light was shining down on them.
Karen looked up and saw the light as she looked down and saw the two
thrusting away into her ass.

"Mmm fuck. uhhh. sore. becoming. very sore. goddamn. fuck me!" Karen moaned.

"Ahh. uhhh fuck!" Kash moaned.

"Yeah. almost there" Daniel moaned.

"Uhhh crap. ahhh yeah!" Kash moaned once again.

"Dude, pull out. I want to get up" Daniel said to Kash as Kash pulled out as
Karen got up as Daniel was now on the side of the chair as Karen began
sucking his cock while Kash resumed fucking her ass.

"Ohhh fuck.. suck that cock.. Ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned.

"Mmm. uhhh" Kash moaned.

"Whew. almost. ohhh yeah. ahhh fuck!" Daniel moaned as he quickly took his
cock out from her mouth and shot his cum onto Karen's face, covering one part
of her eyes as Karen took his cock back into her mouth.

"Ohhh fuck. ohhh yeah. whew. uhhh" Daniel groaned as Karen took his cock out
from her mouth and slapped his worn out cock around her face.

"Ahhh.. fuck, I'm coming. uhhh fuck!" Kash moaned as he took his cock out and
shot his sperm all over Karen's face, covering it with even more cum.

"Whew. oh fuck. I think your face looks better with our sperm on it" Kash
said laughing as Karen sucked Kash's worn out cock for the last time.

Daniel already had his pants on as he was taking a look at the light as he
then noticed something about it.

"Hey, it wasn't the power supply. The light bulb wasn't screwed in all the
way!" Daniel said out loud as the two looked at Karen.

"I didn't know. I just wanted a few guys here to check it out" Karen said
laughing as she was pointing towards her pussy.

"Sneaky" Kash said, putting his pants back on.

"Alright, well, we are finally going to take our seats for the Impact
tapings" the two said, leaving Karen alone in the room as a few minutes
later, the door opened and in came two different guys.

"Yes, we are the two technicians you. called. for" one of them said, as he
was left speechless by a nude Karen.

"Well, too late. but not too late to fix something else" Karen said with a

The two were walking towards their seats as someone then ran behind them,
hitting them with his shoulders, leaving them unconscious as they fell onto
the floor as Jim Cornette came from the shadows.

"And that is why they call you the Blueprint cause you follow directions" Jim
said to Morgan.

"Yeah!" Matt yelled, flexing his muscles.

8:20 PM

Daniel and Kash woke up in Cornette's office as Matt Morgan was standing
right behind him, staring at the two as the two woke up from the attack as if
he wanted to attack once again.

"Ow, what happened?" Kash said.

"You are fans and yet, you came in and had sexual intercourse with a few TNA
knockouts! I should ban your asses from the Impact Zone right here and right
now!" Jim yelled as his face became red that quick.

"So." Daniel said as Cornette cut him off.

"Did I fucking ask you to fucking speak?" Cornette yelled to him.

"Dude, take a chill." Kash said as once again, Cornette cut him off.

"Shut the fuck up!" he yelled to Kash as he slammed his fists onto her office

"I'm so fucking pissed off that I wished that I could beat the living shit
out of you two!" Cornette yelled once more.

Just then, Traci Brooks came into the office, dressed in a revealing business
top that could show a huge amount of her cleavage with some business pants as
she had her glasses on.

Traci had a pearl necklace around her neck as well as the two had their eyes
locked onto her cleavage. Cornette was building up his anger as Morgan walked
in front of Brooks, blocking the view for the two.

"Ah, my anger. you bastards are." Jim said as Traci walked from behind Morgan
as she stopped Cornette from finishing his sentence.

"Jim, hold on. if the position you are probably going to give to me, I want
to try this little test run since I'm the head of the Knockouts department"
Traci said to Cornette.

"You sure? The papers aren't finalized yet" Cornette said.

"I'm sure. I can handle this. These two think that they could screw half of
our division without punishment? Well, as head of the Knockouts, I want to
give these two a punishment of the highest caliber" Brooks said to Jim.

"Well, alright" Jim said.

"So, why don't you take care of any other business you have to deal with
while I take good care of these two. for good!" Traci said to Cornette.

"Alright, fine. Matt, your services aren't needed anymore but if I find these
two having sex with another knockout, I will gather a few superstars to teach
these two a lesson, the hard way" Jim said as he and Morgan left the room as
Traci closed and locked the door.

"Oh god, this might be the end of us then" Kash said.

"I blame you for all this" Daniel said.

"How the fuck would you blame me for everything that we went through
tonight?" Kash said.

"Alright, enough" Traci said as she walked back to the desk as she sat on the
edge of the desk, taking a good long look at the two.

"From what I heard from Salinas, Hemme, and Wilde, you two are quite
something then" Brooks said to the two.

"As Cornette said, your asses should be banned from the Impact Zone but since
I'm in charge of the Knockout department, I want to ease up on the
punishment" Traci said, staring at the two.

"Which is?" the two asked.

"Fucking me senseless like you did with Salinas and Hemme" Traci said as she
undid her business top, freeing her giant tits as the two smacked their lips

"Oh, liking this more then Cornette's punishment" Kash said as the two undid
their pants as Traci stood up and undid her pants as well, revealing her
black thong.

"Mmm, which one to suck? Hmm, let me see." Traci said as she took her pants
along with her thong off as well, leaving her business white top and small
business jacket on.

"I pick. you!" Traci said, pointing to Kash.

"Yes" he said as Brooks bent down and started to suck his cock as Daniel
walked behind her and bent down on his knees and started to lick Traci's
asshole before moving his tongue down to her cunt.

"Fuck" Daniel said, jerking his cock as he licked Traci.

"Ohhh fuck" Kash moaned.

Traci moved her head back and forth on his cock as he moved his hands towards
her tits and groped them as she sucked him off.

"Ahhh yeah. ohhh!" Kash moaned once again.

Daniel then inserted two fingers into Traci's pussy as he was now licking
around her asshole as she continued bobbing on Kash's cock. He then used his
tongue to penetrate Traci's ass.

"MMMMM" Traci moaned.

"Fuck, suck that dick. uhhh yeah" Kash moaned as he ran his hands through
Traci's long black hair as he grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed his
cock deep into Brooks' throat as she quickly gagged on his dick.

"Ohhh yeah. whew. ahhh" Kash moaned again.

Daniel got back up as he positioned his cock right next to Traci's ass as the
head of his cock entered first as Traci moaned loudly with Kash's dick in her

"Uhhh. ass. fucking tight. ahhh yeah!" Daniel moaned as he began pumping in
and out of Traci's ass.

"Whew. fuck. if Cornette knew about this, his blood would drip from his ears
and such" Kash said.

"Ahhh. well, only thing to calm him is talk some sense to him. fuck, ahhh
yeah. god, fuck my ass!" Traci moaned.

"Hmm, go back sucking my cock" Kash said as he shoved his cock back into her
mouth as his balls was hitting underneath her lips.

"Ohhh yeah" Daniel moaned as he moved his hands towards Traci's tits as he
pinched her nipples.

"The head of the Knockout division, you got that right" Kash said laughing.

"And yet, you talk about me making bad jokes?" Daniel said, rolling his eyes
above his head.

"Less talking and more fucking me!" Traci said as she took Kash's cock out
from her mouth for a few seconds before taking his dick back into her mouth
once more.

"Whew, fuck. uhhh yeah!" Daniel moaned as he continued fucking Traci's tight

"Enough sucking, time for fucking!" Kash said as he told Traci to lift her
body upwards as she did as her back was facing Daniel as Kash walked in front
of her and inserted his cock into her cunt and began fucking Brooks.

"Ohhh yeah. fuck me!" Traci moaned.

"Ahhh. uhhh yeah. fuck" Kash moaned.

"Uhh. mmm yeah!" Daniel groaned.

"Come on. fuck me. yeah, right there, you two. ohhh fuck!" Traci moaned.

Kash then walked towards the table as the two walked alongside with him as he
cleared the table as he laid down as Brooks laid on top of him as Daniel
still standing as he was fucking her ass.

"Ahhh yeah. ohhh, whew. god!" Brooks moaned as Daniel grabbed the pearl
necklace and used that to push his cock deep into Traci's asshole.

"Uhhh yeah.. fuck. ahhh god!" Daniel moaned.

"Ohhh Traci. fuck yeah!" Kash moaned.

The two were fucking away into Traci's holes as the pearl necklace was
hurting Traci's neck a bit as she lifted the necklace up and placed it in her
mouth to relieve the pain.

"Uhhh fuck. mmm yeah, Traci" Daniel said moaning.

"Yeah, fuck my ass. fuck it raw!" Traci moaned.

"Mmmm yeah. goddamn, tight you are" Kash said, kissing her tits.

"Ahhh fuck" Daniel groaned as he pulled out from her ass.

"Suck that cock" Daniel quickly said as Traci started to suck him off. Kash
then pulled out from her cunt and inserted his cock into her ass. He began
fucking her at the same pace he was fucking her earlier.

"Whew. ohhh fuck!" Daniel moaned.

Traci bobbed her head on his cock as the pearl necklace was still in her
mouth as she took his cock out from her mouth to remove the necklace out from
her mouth and took his cock right back into her mouth.

"Uhhh.. fuck yeah!" Daniel moaned as he closed his eyes as Traci sucked him

"Ahhh yeah. mmmm fuck!" Kash groaned.

He thrust his cock into her ass as his balls smacked up against her cunt as
Traci sucked Daniel off. Traci's tits were moving around above Kash's face as
he was mesmerized by her giant tits.

"These are quite possibly the biggest set of tits I have seen and I have seen
Elisha's" Kash said.

"True, and they are bigger then Lacey's as well" Daniel said.

"Yeah but. uhhh fuck. ahhh yeah!" Kash moaned as he took his cock out quickly
as his load shot out into the opened as some landed on her ass as most landed
onto the floor, the table, and his legs.

"Hmm, had a little trouble there?" Daniel said laughing.

"Fuck you!" Kash said laughing as well as he slapped his dick across Traci's

"Ahhh fuck. ohhh!" Daniel moaned as he took his cock out from her mouth and
jerked in front of Traci's tits as his load shot out, covering her tits with
his sperm as he violently jerked himself to see if any was left.

"Ohhh yeah. my TNA are covered in cum" Traci said as the three just broke out
laughing as Traci got off of Kash and stood up as he got up as well.

"Shit, you guys need to get out of here and leave. As much as you guys fucked
me, you need to get out of the building as quick as possible" Traci said to
the both of them.

"Hmm, Jim could be serious but then." Kash said getting dressed as Daniel
quickly got dressed.

"Whatever, we have seen enough TNA for one night" Daniel said.

"To avoid Cornette, exit from the back here. This should take you to the
backdoors to where you fucked Salinas earlier" Traci said to the both of them
as she grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom to clean herself up.

The two exited from the secret door as they saw the door they went through
before as they exited the building.

"Dude, we came for autographs from the TNA stars and we didn't get anything
from the superstars" Kash said.

"Yeah, but we got more then what we wanted with the knockouts" Daniel said as
the two walked out from backstage as they were walking to exit the park.

But then, from out of nowhere, someone from the shadows attacked the two.

"Ow, not again" Daniel said as then, the shadow figure grabbed him from the
neck and slammed him down onto the concrete floor thus knocking him out once

"Kong!" Kash said trying to attack the shadow figure as then, Saeed him from
behind as Kong grabbed him and power slammed him onto the concrete floor as
well. Just then, a car pulled up right next to the two as the door opened.

"Get them in! Quickly!" Velvet said as Kong picked up Daniel first, throwing
him into the back as Kash was afterwards. Angelina was behind the wheel as
Kong closed the door as Love drove off into the parking lot.

"We'll come back for them after the tapings but for now, cover them with the
blanket" Angelina said as Velvet did so, closing the door on them as Kash
barely made out who the two shadow figures were before dozing off.

11:00 PM

It was now the end of the Impact tapings as Angelina and Velvet quickly made
their way out from the building as they quickly got into the car and drove
off with Daniel and Kash still knocked out in the back.

"Hmm, remind us to hire Kong for more of our dirty work" Velvet said.

"She and Raisha are meeting us at the hotel to collect their reward" Angelina
said as the two drove out of the theme park and towards their hotel room as
Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed were waiting for the two.

Unknown to Love and Sky, Kash slowly regain conscious as he overheard the two
plans for them as he looked at Daniel who was still out of it.

"Oh god, I'm going to give these two something to laugh about" Kash said in
his mind as he continued to watch Angelina drive to their hotel as he noticed
that the hotel they were still in was also theirs.

In the parking lot, Kong opened the door as she lifted the two on each of her
shoulders as she walked towards Love's and Sky's hotel room as the guest in
the hotel wondered what was going on.

"Mind your own beeswax everyone, we have everything under control here"
Velvet said.

Kong walked until Love told her to stop as she opened the door to their room
as Awesome Kong threw them onto the bed as Daniel bounced off of the bed and
onto the floor.

"Ow!" Daniel said, still unconscious.

Kash however was safe on the bed as Kong and Saeed stood at the door as
Velvet paid them for their help.

"Thank you" Velvet said.

"No, thank you. Kong loves to hurt people and hurting those two was all the
payment we needed" Saeed said as she closed the door behind her as Velvet
locked the door afterwards, leaving her, Love and the two alone in the room.

"So, what now?" Angelina asked Velvet.

"Hmm, let me see. oh, he's already hard!" Velvet said in awe as she felt
Kash's erection.

"His friend is still out. Should I wake him?" Angelina asked.

"Get him on the bed first" Sky said to Love.

Angelina lifted Daniel up back onto the bed as she was having trouble lifting
Daniel up as his opened his eyes just a bit as Kash did the same as the two
smiled for a second as Daniel quickly grabbed Angelina's blue top and pulled
it down, exposing her tits.

"What the fuck!" Velvet said as Kash grabbed Sky by her shirt and pulled her
down onto the bed as he sat on the bed as Velvet was on his legs.

"Did you really think we would have knocked out that long?" Kash asked.

"Well." Velvet said.

"Did I fucking say you could speak?" Kash said to Sky.

Angelina was struggling to get out of Daniel's hold as he had his hands
around Love's chest, feeling her tits up. He moved one hand down towards his
pants and unzipped his pants down as his cock sprang out, hitting Angelina's

"You mess with my buddy and you will pay. by sucking!" Daniel said, moving
Angelina's black skirt down as he saw that she had a black thong on.

"Please, what makes you think I would suck some loser's cock?" Angelina said
in disgust. Daniel then moved his hands towards her cunt and felt it as he
noticed something.

"Easy, you're soaking wet down there already!" Daniel said as he began moving
her thong down as Kash looked over and saw Angelina's pussy as Velvet also
looked at the two.

"Well, what do you have to say about that?" Daniel said, groping her tits in
the process.

Kash saw Angelina's face as she was red all over her face. Kash then turned
his attention back to Velvet as she looked up at him, wondering what he is
going to do.

"Hmm, you deserve a. spanking!" Kash said as he lowered Velvet's underwear
and rubbed her well-toned ass before smacking her as hard as he could.

"Mmm yeah. who is the foolish loser now?" Kash said with each smack.

"Fuck you!" Velvet yelled.

"Oh yes, I'm going to. fuck you!" Kash said.

"Asshole" Sky said as she could only take Kash's smacks.

Meanwhile, Daniel began pinching Angelina's nipples as she seems like she was
enjoying it. She rested her head on his right shoulder as he pinched her
nipples. Daniel was kissing Angelina's neck as she rested.

"Ohhh yeah. I want something." Angelina whispered to Daniel.

"You mean. something to suck on?" Daniel said back.

"Yes" Angelina said as she lifted her head up from his shoulders and got down
on her knees and before sucking his cock, she stroked him first, getting him

"Ahh yeah. Love" Daniel moaned.

"Mmm. you know, I have nothing against you but Velvet on the other hand. does
have this temper tantrum more then me" Angelina said.

"Less talking and start sucking" Daniel said.

Angelina took his cock into her mouth now as she slowly moving her head back
and forth on his dick as he moaned. Daniel watched Angelina suck his cock as
he then looked over at his buddy and saw him Velvet's ass was really red.

"Goddamn it, you seem to enjoy this, you bastard!" Velvet said as she had one
hand under her chin, waiting for him to stop.

"After you sent Kong on us, why should I?" Kash said.

Velvet felt his cock hardening under her stomach as she turned around and saw
Angelina sucking Daniel off. Sky watched Love suck Daniel off as she noticed
that Angelina was enjoying sucking off Daniel.

"Hmm, hopefully, she's only enjoying it because of her horniess and not her
feelings" Velvet said as she placed her finger in her mouth, pretending to
gag. Kash looked over and saw Velvet pretending to gag as he then stopped
smacking her ass.

"You want something in your mouth then?" Kash said, lifting her off of his
legs and onto the bed. Velvet then realized what he meant and what caused him
to think that.

"Looking at you, you could be small down there" Sky said laughing as she gave
him the middle finger as Kash wasn't amused by that. He started to take his
pants off as Velvet had her eyes glued on his cock.

"Does that look small to you, bitch?" Kash said as he shoved his cock into
Velvet's mouth as she didn't suck or enjoyed his dick but did immediately
started to gag on his cock.

"Fuck. you treated me like crap, it's fair that I do so" Kash said, pushing
his cock deep into her throat. He placed his hands onto her shirt as he
lowered them down, revealing her tits as he began pinching her nipples rather

"MMMM" Velvet said as if, in protest but yet, somehow enjoys it.

Both Angelina and Daniel were now both naked as Angelina only had her fishnet
stockings on her legs along with her boots as Daniel lay on the bed as
Angelina mounted down onto his cock.

"Uhhh fuck" Angelina moaned as his cock entered her pussy.

Daniel began thrusting his cock into her pussy as he grabbed her hips and
began fucking Angelina at a modest pace.

"Ohhh yeah. Angelina. fuck!" Daniel moaned.

Angelina's tits began bouncing all around as she slammed down on Daniel's
cock as he moved her hips around with his hands, as she grinding his cock as
well. Daniel moved his eyes down and saw Love's ass move around his cock as
he moved one hand off of her hips and inserted two fingers into her asshole.

"Holy. god. ahhh fuck!" Love moaned.

"Ahhh shit.. Come on, grind that cock!" Daniel groaned.

"Fuck. ass. ohhh god, fuck." Angelina moaned.

"Uhhh yeah. ahhh!" Daniel moaned.

Daniel thrusted with force into Angelina's pussy as she tilted her body
sideways as she continued to ride his cock while he kept fingering Angelina's
ass. Kash now, was inserting his cock into Velvet's asshole as he had both
hands around her mouth to cover her mouth to make sure, she wouldn't say
something bad about him.

"Uhhh.. fuck.. tight bitchy ass!" Kash moaned as he began thrusting deep.

"MMMM" Velvet moaned.

"Sounds like someone enjoys it in the ass?" Kash said laughing.

Velvet then flipped the middle finger to him once again as Kash began
pounding into her ass with force. He pushed downwards as they two were lying
on the bed as he was on top of Sky.

"Yeah. ohhhh fuck" Kash groaned.

He kept looking down and saw her red ass cheeks smacking up against his pubic
region as he kept pounding downwards, trying to make Velvet enjoy every
second of it even if she didn't want to admit it.

"Ahhh yeah. fuck. Velvet. your ass. tight as fuck!" Kash moaned.

Velvet was trying to bite his fingers as she did but he didn't mind the pain
as he kept fucking away on her ass. His balls were smacking up against the
top portion of Sky's pussy with each thrust he took into her ass.

"Shit. mmm, yeah. ahhh" he moaned again.

Kash looked up and saw that Angelina was on all fours now on the bed as
Daniel bend down by his knees as he was working his cock into her ass. He
held onto her hips as he pushed every inch of his dick into her ass.

"Fuck. god, that's a big fucking dick!" Love moaned.

"Uhhh yeah. come on, almost there.. Ahhh fuck!" Daniel moaned.

He got his cock into Angelina's ass now as he began moving back and forth as
Love moaned as he was fucking her ass fast.

"Ohhh god. fuck. my ass!" Angelina moaned.

"Mmmm yeah. uhhhh!" Daniel groaned.

Angelina moved her left hand down and began rubbing herself while Daniel was
fucking her in the ass. He kept holding onto her hips as he pushed his cock
deep into Angelina's ass.

"Ahhh yeah.. fuck!" Angelina moaned.

Daniel thrusted his cock faster as he then removed his hands from her hips
and grabbed a handful of Angelina's long blonde hair and continued to thrust
his cock into her ass.

"Uhhh.. fuck. ohhh god. that big cock in my tight little ass. fuck yeah!"
Angelina moaned once more as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"Ohhh. ahhh fuck!" Daniel moaned as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and
moved his eyes back to Angelina's ass cheeks jiggling around as he was
thrusting his cock into her ass.

Kash turned his eyes back to Velvet as he got up onto his knees and then,
grabbed a handful of her hair as he lifted her up as she got onto all fours
on the bed as she was still having a disgusted look on her face.

"Hmm, why couldn't I run into him?" Velvet said quietly, talking about

Kash overheard her comment as he then grabbed her by her hips and pushed his
cock deep into Velvet's ass.

"Ohhhh yeah" Kash moaned.

"What, my ass too much for you?" Velvet said.

"Fuck that! Going to. ahhh yeah. push it deep. uhhh. as far as I.. ohhh shit.
can!" he said moaning.

"Well, you can. ohhh fuck. forget. ahhh yeah. it!" Velvet said moaning as she
covered her mouth afterwards, trying to hide the fact that she was slowly
enjoying the ass-fuck.

"Enjoying my dick?" Kash asked as Sky shook her head no but her mind was
saying, yes.

"Hmm, we will see. we will see!" he said as he continued pumping in and out
of Velvet's ass.

"Ohhh yeah. come on, say you enjoy it!" Kash moaned.

"Fuck. ahhh fuck. you!" Sky said, giving him the middle finger once more.

"Your enjoying this and you know it. uhhh shit!" he moaned once more as well.

"Uhhh. fuck.. ohhh.. Ahhh yeah!" Velvet moaned as Kash began fucking Velvet's
ass faster and harder.

His balls were smacking up against Velvet's pussy as he continued to hold
onto her hair while fucking her ass. Velvet wanted to moan out but she didn't
as she was enjoying every second of Kash's cock in her ass.

"Ahhh yeah. fuck me. ohhh yeah. uhhh, goddamn. holy shit!" Velvet moaned as
the two now knew that they were enjoying it as with that, Kash began fucking
faster then he can.

"Ohhh.. Uhhh yeah" Kash moaned

"Ahhh yeah. fuck me.. Ohhh!" Velvet moaned.

Meanwhile, Angelina was now sucking Daniel's cock off as he was groping her
tits while she was sucking him off.

"Ohhh yeah, suck that cock!" Daniel moaned.

Angelina bobbed her head back and forth on his dick as she gagged a bit on
his cock as he was now pinching her nipples during the process. He felt
Angelina's chin right up against his balls as Love pushed his cock deeper
into her mouth, instantly gagging on it.

"Uhhhh yeah. fuck!" Daniel said out loud.

Angelina held her head down as she didn't move her head at all, taking her
time sucking his cock as the sounds of her gagging was intensifying. The head
of Daniel's cock was right about touching the back of her throat.

"Ahhh!" Daniel moaned as he was taking a deep breath.

Angelina then quickly took his cock out from her mouth as she was catching
her breath as well.

"Whew, holy. oh god" Love said as she was patting her chest as Daniel laid
her down onto the bed as he got on top of her and placed his cock between her
big tits. Angelina wrapped her arms around her tits as Daniel began fucking

"Ohhh yeah.. these big fucking tits!" Daniel groaned

"Ahh yeah, fuck my tits. fuck them hard!" Angelina said.

Daniel began pumping in and out between those tits as he held onto Angelina's
arms to help as the head of his dick popped in and out between Love's tits.

"Uhhh fuck!" Daniel said as he tilted his head upwards.

Kash now, was in front of Velvet as she was sucking his cock off and was also
groping his balls as well. Kash had both hands behind his head and Velvet
sucked him off as he then, ran his hands through his hair.

"Fuck Velvet, ahhh yeah!" Kash moaned.

Velvet bobbed her head slowly on his cock, taking her time once again on his
cock, actually pleasuring him in the process. He looked behind him and saw
Daniel continuing pumping his cock between Angelina's tits.

He turned his attention back to Velvet as she now had his dick out from her
mouth and was slapping his dick right onto her tongue.

"Hmm, wanting to pleasure me for some reason?" Kash asked.

Velvet didn't answer him as she was kissing the head of his cock and then,
slapped his dick onto her tongue once more, switching between the two at
times as her eyes were looking straight up at his face.

"Whatever" he said.

"MMMM" Velvet moaned as she took his cock back into her mouth.

"Yeah, fuck my titties!" Angelina moaned.

"Ahhh fuck. uhhh yeah!" Daniel moaned.

He was pumping his cock as fast as he could between her tits as Angelina
watched his cock pop in and out between her tits as she held onto her tits
tighter, making sure that his dick wasn't going to slip out.

"Uhhh" he groaned.

"Come on, faster!" Angelina yelled.

"Ahh yeah!" Daniel moaned, knowing that he won't last long.

He then pulled his cock out from between her tits as he moved down towards
Angelina's asshole once more as the head of his cock entered first into her
ass as he then, began thrusting his cock deep into Angelina's ass.

"Fuck. ahhh yeah.. my ass.. Yeah, fuck it!" Angelina moaned.

"Uhhh fuck. ahhh!" Daniel moaned.

Daniel grabbed Angelina's hips once more as he was pushing his cock deeper
into Angelina's ass. While he was doing so, he looked up and saw Velvet
riding Kash's dick as he had his cock inside Velvet's ass.

"Ohhh yeah. ahhh fuck!" Velvet moaned.

"Mmmm yeah, fuck. ohhh!" Kash moaned.

He had both hands on top of Velvet's tits as he used them for support to
thrust his cock into her ass as Sky looked straight in front of her and saw
Daniel fucking Angelina's ass once again.

"Ahhh fuck!" Velvet moaned.

Kash was thrusting his cock fast into Velvet's ass as she was almost bouncing
up and down on his dick. Velvet kept moaning as she then moved her hands
towards Kash's chest and felt them as she was riding his cock.

"Uhhh yeah. fuck those asses. fuck it!" both Angelina and Velvet moaned.

"Whew. ohhh fuck. ahhh yeah" both Daniel and Kash moaned.

The two were thrusting their cocks almost at the same rhythm as they knew
that the two weren't going to last longer but they kept fucking the Beautiful
People's asses as fast and hard as they could.

"Ahhh Angelina, where do you want it?" Daniel moaned as he pulled out from
her ass.

"Come over here" Angelina said as Daniel did as she took his cock back into
her mouth and sucked him off.

While Angelina was sucking him off, Daniel looked over and saw that Velvet
was still riding Kash's cock as he continued to thrust deep into her ass,
wanting to come already inside her.

"Uhhh yeah Velvet, going to shoot in inside you. ahhh fuck" Kash moaned.

"Ohhh fuck. ahhh yeah!" Velvet moaned.

"Ahhh yeah. here it comes. uhhh fuck!" Daniel moaned as he quickly took his
cock out from Angelina's mouth and shot his sperm onto Angelina's face,
quickly covering her face with his white sticky load.

"Fuck!" Daniel moaned once more as a few more loads shot out as one load hit
Angelina's forehead. Once he was done, Angelina grabbed his cock and stroked
him off once more.

"Mmmm yeah, that was nice. all over my face" Angelina said, taking his cock
back once again into her mouth, sucking any cum that was on his cock.

"Fuck Velvet. here it. ahhh fuck!" Kash moaned as he shot his load inside
Velvet's ass, filling her ass up with his cum.

"Ahhhh yeah" Kash said as he was taking a deep breath.

He took his cock out from Velvet's ass as some of his cum oozed out from her
asshole and dripped onto his cock. Angelina rolled her eyes up and saw Kash's
cock as she took Daniel's cock out from her mouth and took Kash's dick into
her mouth, sucking the cum off of his cock.

"Ohhh Angelina!" Kash moaned as he lifted Velvet off of him.

Angelina looked over and saw Velvet as she then took Kash's cock out from her
mouth and stared at her ass as she began to lick Velvet's asshole slowly,
taking any cum that was oozing out.

"Oh, you want some more?" Velvet said as Angelina didn't respond.

Velvet then started to push out the cum out from her ass and onto Angelina's
tongue as she licked it all up. Velvet pulled her ass cheeks apart as
Angelina started to lick around Sky's asshole.

"Ahhh fuck. Angelina!" Sky moaned.

Both Daniel and Kash watched as they were getting dressed. The two then
smacked Love's ass as she continued to lick Velvet's ass as she stopped
licking and sat up onto the bed as Velvet did the same. The two were now
looking at Daniel and Kash as there was an awkward silence in the room now.

"So, were we losers then?" Kash asked Velvet.

"Fine, you guys weren't losers. So, you know, whatever, go away now" Velvet
said as the two were leaving the room as Love and Sky watched the two leaving
the room.

"So, did you really mean that?" Angelina asked.

"Fuck no but they weren't bad but still. losers!" Velvet said with a finger
sign of loser and with a look on her face.

"Speaking of which, what the fuck was that all about licking my ass?" Velvet

"What, our little experiences? You don't want any guys to see that?" Angelina
said, groping Velvet's tits.

"No, that is for us two only but then, Kip does know but he somehow could
care less" Velvet said.

"Yeah, he does look beautiful enough" Angelina said.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Velvet asked.

"Have him join us and protect us from stupid horny guys like those two?"
Angelina said.

"Yeah, of course" Velvet said to Angelina as the two walked into the bathroom
and washed themselves up. The two then got dressed and walked out of the
room, in hand as Daniel and Kash were hiding in the shadows.

"Hmm, and this will teach them to talk behind our backs" Kash said, throwing
away the room key of theirs into the trash.

"Beautiful People; nothing. Us; one" Daniel said laughing as the two walked
the other way as they high five each other once more for a excellence night
with the TNA knockouts.

"Hey, do you have the key?" Angelina asked.

"I thought you did?" Velvet said as the two heard two people laughing as they
two knew right away who was laughing.

"Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding!" Velvet yelled as the two saw Daniel
and Kash flipping them off with the middle fingers as they walked away.

"Fuck!" both Angelina and Velvet yelled out in anger.

The End

Author's note: The lesbian part was planned from the start. With that, hoped
you enjoyed it as much as I wrote this long story. For feedback, get me via
on the forums. Alright, there you go. and eh, not much more to say. eh
whatever, bye! Oh, before I forget, this was not plagiarized from other
stories, just to be clear on that.

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