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A Big Bella Fucking
by Poison

Once upon a time, I am dreaming about Nikki Bella. To my knowledge, she was the longest-reigning Divas Champion of the Old Era of WWE. Now, she is living with the man of her life in John Cena.

One day, I step into the lands of Phoenix, Arizona, filled to the brim with bustling people, great streets, and great people in the city. And I'm excited to meet Nikki in this great city/town. According to one of the sources I heard, she is living alongside Mr. Cena in a great big house, I went in to said house, and immediately I meet Nikki's man, John Cena. He said, "Good Morning kid". And I responded happily by saying, "Good Morning back at you Cena". Cena is wearing a blue T-shirt and army pants, with his cock erect.

Then, a few minutes later, Nikki Bella appears, clad in a really revealing clothing, in which her breasts erect, ready for a fucking. She greeted me and said, "Hey kid, what's your name? I am very intrigued about you, your profile, and your credentials". And I answered, "Hello Nikki, I'm Daniel from the Philippines. I came here to America, more specifically Phoenix, your hometown, to meet you in person, and I like you as a WWE wrestler, along with Cena. But there's something I wanted to ask of you". I said, and she answered, "What is it?" And I said, "I wanted to fuck you to death to be honest". And Nikki was shocked and surprised, and she asked Cena to fuck her. And he obliged.

After, she went all naked, breasts erect, body prone, and pussy also prone, and I was happy and excited to fuck her to be honest. I was excited, and she said, well come on, fuck me baby!

And I obliged, taking off my clothes, and shoving my 8 inch dick into Nikki's mouth, and I groaned into excitement. The fact that I am having sex with the former Divas champion and John Cena's girlfriend, It was satisfying. She said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! WOW, your fucking me so good Daniel. Now, touch my breasts and suck it baby!". And I obliged, and she spreaded her legs, revealing her erect wet pussy, in which I just licked her pussy juices, and she was ecstatic. She said, "GIVE ME MORE BABY!"

"HOLY SHIT!". I thought to myself. I am so happy that I fuck Nikki Bella. After that, I said "Let's finish this!". And she obliged, spreading her ass cheeks, exposing her tight as fuck ass. And I groaned to all fuck and back when I inserted my dick in Nikki's ass, and SCREAMED, "OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH NIKKI!!!! SHIT I LOVE YOU BABE!" Then I continued hammering her, and said, "OH! OH! OH! NIKKI! JOHN IN NOTHING COMPARED TO ME BABE!"

As soon as I fuck her, I jizzed my dick onto Nikki's great body, and said, "FUCK YEAH DANIEL! THANK YOU FOR A WELL-DESERVED FUCKING"!

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