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A Blissful Affair
by Nikki Bella Fan

NXT had just sold out the Wembley Arena for their first Takeover special to take place over seas. It was a huge step for the developmental territory. Alexa Bliss was backstage at the event, furious that she was not even on the show. Alexa was sat in the locker room, untying her boots when Nia Jax came storming into the room.

"God I fucking hate Bayley!" Nia screamed, not noticing the smaller blonde. Jax had just lost to Bayley, losing to a sleeper hold. Alexa smirked "Hey, do you mind keeping it down!!" Nia turned to face the little woman, standing with her arms crossed.

"What was that?? The nobody says what??" Nia giggled to herself, looking down at the smaller woman. "Excuse me!?!" Bliss stands up "If I was in that match, I would have won! Unlike you!" Jax was shocked at Alexa's attitude, choosing not to bite back. "I'm done talking to you, leave now before you get hurt!" "Before I get hurt what are you going to do?" Nia turned to Alexa leaning over her "Out, NOW!" Alexa quickly grabbed her bag before running away.

Nia soon started to the undress, taking off her sweaty gear before stepping into the showers. Nia always hated showering with the other divas, she would always get turned on by their beautiful bodies. Leaving her more wet than she'd like. Now she was alone, she took longer to shower, soaking her aching body.

10 minutes later, Alexa realised she had forgotten her phone, sneaking back into the locker room hoping Nia Jax was gone. She creeped around slowly as she heard the shower running. She grabbed her phone and was about the leave before she noticed Nia in the shower. She was taken aback at how gorgeous the curvy woman looked naked. The water glistened on her body, making Nia seem almost vulnerable. Alexa was a closet bi-sexual and loved a dominant woman, she was getting turned on at the sight of Nia in the shower.

Alexa had a thought. One that would either bring immense pain or maximum pleasure. She stripped down naked, tossing her clothes aside before creeping into the shower. Alexa walked up behind Nia before wrapping her arms around the naked Samoans waist. "Need a hand??" Nia's eyes widened in shock, pushing Alexa onto the ground, desperately trying to cover herself up.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Nia shouted as she looked down at the naked woman, slightly staring at her perky boobs. "I just wanted to help you release some tension, I thought you could use another woman's touch" Alexa smiled as she knew Nia was checking her out. "I'm not a lesbian!" Nia said slightly embarrassed. "You don't need to be to enjoy sex" Alexa stood "I have certain needs that my boyfriend just can't fulfill"

"But what about Murphy?" Nia said slightly nervously. "What he doesn't know won't kill him" Alexa said calmly, knowing that Nia wanted this because she wasn't getting punched right now. "Erm.. I just erm..." Nia stuttered before Alexa planted a big kiss on the taller woman, standing on her tip toes to do so.

Nia was taken back at first but soon gave in to her lesbian urges and picked Alexa up, kissing her back passionately. Alexa smiled as she was pinned against the wall, their naked bodies pressing against each other under the water as they kissed deeply. Nia's hand moved up and down Alexa's waist as the kiss intensified.

Their tongues wrestled around in each other's mouths before Alexa broke the kiss. "Get on the ground, I want to taste your dominant pussy!" Alexa smirked as she directed things. Nia eagerly followed, laying down on the ground, waiting for Alexa's tongue. Alexa positioned herself between Nia big thighs, kissing the inside of them, teasing her larger lover. "Stop teasing and lick me!!" Nia whined as she pushed Alexa's head into her pussy.

Alexa instantly began to run her tongue through Nia's folds. Moving her tongue up, down, left and right eagerly tasting all of Nia's juices. "Ohhh fucckkk" Nia moaned as she laid back, water flowing all over them. Alexa's tongue was expertly moving around in her pussy, swirling around as she switched between licking and sucking on it. Slightly rubbing Nia's clit with her thumb as she ate her out

"Ohhh God, Alexa!! Keep going mmm fuckkkk!" Nia screamed as she run her hand through Alexa's hair, grinding her pussy against the blonde's tongue. Alexa started to taste Nia's pre-cum, this was her notice to go faster, she pressed her tongue in side of Nia's hole, swirling her tongue inside, tasting her pussy walls.

"Ohhhhhhh fuccccckk!! I'm gonna cummm!! Oh fuckkkk! I'M CUMMING BABY!!" Nia screamed in pleasure as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. She squirted her juices all over Alexa's face and tongue. She sat up breathing heavily as she watched Alexa lick her pussy clean. "Oh my god, that was amazing!" Nia said. Alexa sat beside her fellow woman before kissing her softly.

"Mmm you taste great, we should definitely do this again, you'll be my dirty little secret" Alexa giggled as she stood up, showering her body clean before leaving the shower. Nia soon followed "Does this mean that we're like having an affair??" Alexa turned around and replied "Yes of course, A Blissful Affair. But you still need to pleasure me. Come to my hotel room. It's number 39, I've leave a key under the welcome mat"

Nia watched as Alexa put her clothes back on. "I'll be sure to come over" Nia giggled as she pulled Alexa closer kissing her again. Alexa kissed back, spanking Nia's naked butt before turning around and opening the door. "Oh and baby, make sure you're ready for the night of your life" Alexa laughed before leaving the locker room. "Wow! What just happened?" Nia giggled as she got dressed thinking about what lays ahead for her and Alexa.

* * *

It had been 3 hours since Alexa and Nia showered together and Alexa was waiting in her hotel room for Nia. "Where is she?? I thought she wanted this!" Alexa whispered to herself. Nia wasn't in any rush to get there, she was making Alexa wait on purpose. She wanted to make Alexa wait for the night of her life. Alexa grabbed her phone texting Nia. "Where are you?" Alexa didn't get a reply until 20 minutes later. "Just around the corner" Alexa read aloud as she started to squeal with excitement. She sat back on the bed in her lingerie, waiting for her lover.

Nia walked down the corridor looking for room 39. Nia was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off her curves and tight black jeans. Nia was carrying her gym bag that she slumped over her shoulder. She found Alexa's room, finding the key under the door mat just like Alexa said. Nia quietly put the key in the door, entering slowly. She closed the door quietly before creeping around the room, looking for Alexa. Nia slowly walked into the bedroom noticing Alexa laying on the bed. She creeped up behind her before screaming "BOO!!!"

"Oh fuck!!" Alexa jumped off the bed in fear. "Holy shit! You scared the shit out of me" Alexa said as she tried to catch her breath. "Hahaha, i'm sorry I couldn't resist" Nia laughed loudly as she sat down on bed. "You are so fucking evil!" Alexa giggled as she sat down next to Nia. "What took you so long?" Alexa asked, wrapping her arms around the larger woman. "Well i had to stop off a home and get some things for tonight" Nia smiled as she held the blonde. "You look great by the way Alexa" Nia licked her lips looking Alexa up and down.

"Aww thanks boo" Alexa blushed as she kissed Nia quickly on the lips. "How come you're only wearing normal clothes, am i not worth the effort?" Alexa teased. "Well like i said i had to go home, let me quickly go and get changed" Nia grabbed her gym bag before heading into the bathroom. "Don't be long" Alexa called as she watched Nia walk away, staring at her ass the whole time.

Nia came out of the bathroom 10 minutes later. She was wearing red lace lingerie and had tied her hair into a ponytail. "What do you think?" Nia asked Alexa. " god you're so beautiful" Alexa said in awe as she looked at the curvy woman. "Aww thanks babe, i guess i look good hehe" Nia laughed as she walked to Alexa, grabbing her cheeks before planting a big kiss on her pretty lips. Nia pulled Alexa off the bed, pressing her against the wall as she kisses her with passion. Alexa moans as she kisses Nia back, wrapping her legs around the dominant woman. Nia pushed her tongue into Alexa's mouth, wrestling with her tongue. Nia broke the kiss "I'm in control tonight. You're going to cum so hard" Nia said as she watched Alexa smirk before throwing you down onto the bed.

Alexa smirked as Nia was being very controlling. "Take your bra off!!" Nia commanded and Alexa willing unhooked her bra releasing her perky boobs. Nia smiles before slowly licking and sucking on Alexa boobs. "Mmm wow Nia" Alexa moaned as her nipples hardened in Nia's mouth. Nia licked and sucked hard on Alexa's nipples before stopping suddenly. "Take those panties off!!" Nia shouted as she squeezed Alexa's nipples. "Oww, okay" Alexa whined as Nia hurt her nipples. She slowly moved out of her panties, throwing them on the floor.

Nia smirked before pushing Alexa's legs apart and quickly went to work on her wet pussy. "Mmmm fuck!" Alexa moaned as Nia ran her tongue up and down her pussy. Nia pushed her tongue in and out of Alexa's pussy, licking up all the juices that were leaking from Alexa's pussy. "Mmmm ohhh fuccckk!!! Lick that pussy!!!"" Alexa screamed as she held Nia by her head. Nia expertly moved her tongue around inside, rubbing Alexa's clit roughly with her fingers. "Ohhhhh fucccckkk, i'm so close!!!!!!" Alexa moaned loudly as she started to shake. Nia heard Alexa's screams and began to rub her clit faster. Plunging her tongue deeper, tasting her pussy walls. "Ohhhhh fucccckkkk!! NIA, I'M CUMMING!!!!" Alexa squirted all her juices into Nia's mouth, her back arching as she came hard. Nia swallowed all of Alexa's juices before licking her pussy clean.

"Oh fuck, that was amazing!" Alexa moaned as she breathed heavily. Nia smirked as she crawled up and kissed Alexa with tongue making her taste her own juices. Alexa swirled her tongue around in Nia's mouth tasting her own juices, kissing her hard. Nia broke the kiss "We're not done yet baby!" She said as she stood up. "What else are you going to do to me?" Alexa smirked as she looked at Nia, who was searching for something in her gym bag. "What are you looking for baby?" Alexa asked curiously. "This!" Nia pulled out a 10 inch black strap on "I'm going to break you with this!"

Alexa's eyes widened in shock. She had never been fucked by something so big "Will it fit??" she asked. "Of course it will baby, i'll lube you up first if you like" Nia smiled as she put on the strap, tightening it around her curvy waist. "Yes please baby" Alexa smiled as Nia walked towards her. "But the bad news is i forgot my lube so you'll have to use your salvia as lube" Nia giggled "Suck this cock!" Nia commanded, pulling Alexa's head towards her strap on. "Yes ma'am" Alexa said before taking the fake cock into her mouth.

Alexa bobbed her head eagerly up and down on Nia's strap on, covering it in her spit. "Mmm yeah that's it suck my cock baby!" Nia put her hands on the back of Alexa's head, slowly beginning to face fuck her smaller lover. "Take that cock!! Lube it up with your spit!!" Nia shouted as Alexa gagged on the fake cock. "Mmm that's enough baby" Nia pulled her strap on out of Alexa's mouth. "Okay baby, please destroy this pussy" Alexa grinned as she laid back on the bed, spreading her legs for Nia. "You have a very beautiful pussy but i'm not fucking you like that!" Nia smirked. "You're getting fucked doggystyle!!" Nia smiled as she flipped Alexa over onto her front. "Yes ma'am" Alexa smirked as she got on all fours. Nia climbed onto the bed, positioning herself behind Alexa, rubbing her strap on up and down Alexa's pussy.

"Please Nia, fuck me!" Alexa begged as Nia continued to tease her pussy. "You'll love this baby!" Nia said as she slowly slid her strap on into Alexa's willing pussy "Wow you're so tight baby" Nia said smiling. "I know, that cock is the biggest i've had" Alexa said biting her bottom lip. "Good because you'll only want this cock after this" Nia smirked as she pushed the whole length into Alexa's pussy. "Mmm fuck!" Alexa moaned as Nia began to slowly thrust the strap on in and out if her pussy. Nia smirked as she began to pick up the pace, thrusting the cock in and out faster. "Ohhh god!! Fuck me!!!" Alexa screamed as her pussy was stretching around Nia's strap on.

Nia began to pound away at Alexa's pussy, smashing her thighs against the smaller woman's ass. The room echoed with noises of her thighs smacked against Alexa's ass as she pounded her pussy hard. "Ohhhh fuccccck!! Fuccck me harrrddeeerr" Alexa moaned as she squeezed her boobs. Nia smirked quickly picking up the pace, her strap on fucking Alexa's pussy faster, darting in and out furiously. Nia smirked as she continued fucking her pussy, she reached around rubbing her clit with her spare hand. "Ohhhh fucccckkk!!!" Alexa screamed as her pussy tingled with pleasure, leaking her pussy juices all over Nia strap on.

Nia rubbed Alexa clit faster, still pounding her strap on faster in and out, destroying the now loose vagina. "Ohhhhh goddddd! I'm gonna fucking cum!!! Keep going!!!" Alexa screamed as she now collapsed under all the sweet pleasure of her pussy getting pounded. Nia didn't let up, she pounded away faster and deeper. Rubbing Alexa's clit with one hand and slapping her ass cheeks with the other "Take that cock!! Cum hard all other this cock!!!" Nia shouted. "Ohhhhhhh fuccccckkk, I'M CUMMING!!! OHHHHH NIAAAAA!!" Alexa screamed as she came all over Nia's strap on. Her pussy squirting all her juices over the cock, shaking as she moaned loudly. Nia continued fucking until Alexa had finished cumming, slowly pulling out before laying next to Alexa.

"Wow, that was absolutely amazing baby" Alexa said softly as she laid in Nia's arms. "I know, you came so hard, just like i said." Nia smiles, holding Alexa close. "I should probably leave before Murphy catches us babe" Nia said she went to get up. "No, stay he's not here so you can stay the night babe" Alexa smiled pulling Nia back into the bed. Alexa gets under the covers with Nia, snuggling up close to her lover. "I know what we're doing is wrong but i love every second of it" Nia smiled, kissing Alexa softly on the lips. "I love it too, i'm so happy!" Alexa smiled as rested her head on Nia chest. "I'm happy too babygirl" Nia says smiling. Nia and Alexa soon fall asleep in each others arms, both tired from their lustful sex session.

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