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A Blissful Night For Paige
by RamPaiger90796

It had been nearly 8 months since she had stepped foot in a WWE ring but it felt like a lifetime. Paige had been invited to Smackdown Live by Nikki Bella and Natalya so the three of them could grab drinks after the show.

Paige sat in the backstage area watching Nikki and Nattie vs Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Paige had never met Mickie in person and had only interacted with Alexa once or twice while the two of them were in NXT. The end of the match came when Nikki hit the Wicked Forearm on Mickie for the pinfall. Mickie seemed pretty shaken up after the blow as Alexa tended to her in the ring. Nikki and Nattie walked through the curtain at gorilla and were greeted by their British friend

"Oh My God, it's so great to see you guys," Paige said, hugging her friends.

"I'm so glad you could make it," said Nikki.

"Listen. We have to go shower and freshen up before we go out. We're staying at the hotel across the street. You can go over there and wait if you want," Nattie suggested.

"Oh. Thanks but I think I'm going to walk around backstage for a bit, see who I run into but I'll text you guys later and we'll go grab drinks."

The three friends hugged as Nikki and Nattie went to go shower. Paige was waltzing around backstage when she came across Alexa Bliss.

"Wow Alexa. Great match tonight. You've really improved since the last time I saw you in NXT."

Alexa chuckled. "Thanks. That means a lot."

"How's Mickie doing? She really took a hard shot from Nikki."

"Oh, she's fine. Just a chipped tooth but doctors said she's going to be fine. So, do you have some free time? I wanted some pointers on how to improve my in-ring work. You're one of the best workers in this division. Maybe you could come back to my hotel room in a bit and we could watch some tapes."

"Oh man Alexa. I'd love to but I'm waiting for Nikki & Nattie to finish up in the showers and then we're grabbing drinks."

Alexa laughed. "Ok, between you and me...those two are going to be awhile...if you know what I mean," Alexa chuckled.

"WHAT? No way! Nattie's married and Nikki's been with John for ages."

"Well, Tyson is never on the road cause of his injuries and John's only here part-time. The girls get lonely. So what do you say? Swing by my room around...11?" Paige was stunned but she agreed.

"Great. I'm in room 201. See you in a bit." With that, Alexa went on her way, leaving Paige still stunned in the backstage area. Paige couldn't help but watch Alexa leave, watching the petite blonde's ass bounce up and down. She quickly shook the thoughts out of her head.

"You can't get into that kind of stuff with the girls again," she said to herself.

Later That Night

Paige arrived at the hotel at 11:00 sharp. She was wearing all black with a tank top and jeans. She always thought Alexa had the ability to be a top wrestler in the women's division and she wanted to help in any way she could. She went to Alexa's room and knocked on the door.

"You're just going to help her with her in-ring work. Nothing more. Keep it together," Paige said to herself.

Bliss opened the door, greeting Paige wearing only a "Little Miss Bliss" t-shirt and a tiny pair of shorts.

"Hey! I'm so glad you came. Come in, make yourself comfortable." Paige entered the room as Alexa walked into the kitchen. Paige couldn't believe the size of Bliss' hotel room. It was like a small apartment. A big kitchen and bathroom and an even bigger bedroom.

"You want something to drink? I got soda, water, wine. The fridge came fully stocked."

"Yeah, a glass of wine would be nice. This room is incredible. We never got rooms like this when I was on the road," Paige said as she took a seat on the couch. Alexa giggled.

"A lot can change in a couple years. We got new girls at the top of the division and the ones who use to be there are nowhere to be seen," Alexa said as she handed Paige a glass of red wine. Paige instantly caught Alexa's passive aggressiveness.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Paige asked. Alexa took a seat on the couch next to Paige.

"I just mean some of the girls aren't where they use to be. Look at Nattie. She use to rule this division with Beth Phoenix. Now where is she? She's at the bottom of the Smackdown food chain, a food chain that includes Carmella by the way." Paige chuckled but the more she thought about what Alexa said, she realized she was right. Girls like Nattie, Emma, Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox, who use to be atop the women's division had fallen down the totem pole. Alexa took a sip of her wine and put her arm around the Brit.

"Listen Paige. I respect you, I really do but you know I'm right. Your time is over. The women's division is ruled by the new breed of womans wrestlers and yours truly is on top of the Smackdown Division." Paige took a sip of her wine as well. Alexa was right. Ever since she had gotten injured, the women's division was taken over by the Four Horsewomen and Little Miss Bliss.

"I know you're right Alexa but I'm still young. I can still hang with the girls that are on-top of this division, whether it's on RAW or Smackdown." Alexa chuckled.

"Yeah, that's what Nikki thought when she came back to Smackdown but I showed her pretty quickly." Paige was confused.

"You never beat Nikki one-on-one." Alexa smirked.

"Who said anything about a match?"

Before Paige could think of a response, Alexa grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her in for a kiss. Paige tried to fight off the petite blonde but Bliss was surprisingly strong, her grip on Paige's hair like a vice. Before long, Bliss' tongue had broken through Paige's lips and was exploring the inside of the Anti-Diva's mouth. Paige finally pushed Alexa off of her.

"ALEXA! What was that all about?!" Alexa got up and smiled.

"I'm going to show you who the TRUE top women's wrestler is. I know you want me. And I want you. C'mon Paige. Or are you afraid that you've lost your...touch? Don't think I didn't hear stories about your previous...encounters with the other girls in the locker room." Alexa extended her hand to the pale Brit. Paige couldn't resist. She got up, interlocked her fingers with Alexa, who guided her to the bedroom. When they entered the bedroom, Paige took her hand out of Alexa's and pushed the blonde on the bed.

"I'M the top women, in and out of the ring, you little bitch," said Paige. She crawled on-top of Alexa and kissed her hard. Alexa tried to fight off the Anti-Diva but eventually gave in and opened her mouth to allow Paige's tongue to explore her mouth. Paige could feel the warmth of Alexa's mouth on her tongue. Paige suddenly felt Alexa slid her tongue into her mouth and the war was on. Paige was surprised but how strong Alexa's tongue was and before she knew it, Alexa's tongue dominated her tongue for control as Alexa explored Paige's mouth. Alexa's hands made their way up Paige's back as she dug her nails into the pale skin of the British woman. Paige moaned into Alexa's mouth, both from pleasure and pain but mostly from the former rather than the later.

Paige broke the kiss with Bliss and pulled the blonde up off the bed and to her feet. Alexa lifted her arms as Paige removed her top and threw it across the room. Alexa did the same for Paige before kissing her once again, their bare chests pressed up against each other. Suddenly, Bliss spun around Paige and pushed her down onto the bed and onto her back.

"So much for being the top diva, huh?" Bliss said with a smirk. The little blonde mounted Paige and continued to kiss her but also sucking and biting her neck, causing Paige to moan as well as leaving bright red marks on the pale skin of the Brit. Alexa began kissing her way down Paige's body, stopping to suck and bite Paige's nipples, leaving them hard as diamonds. She made her way down to Paige's stomach and finally her pants. Paige quickly undid the button on her jeans as Bliss pulled them off, revealing a black thong which didn't cover much of anything. Alexa grabbed the thong and slowly pulled it down her the Brit's legs. Once it was off, Bliss threw it across the room. Alexa spread Paige's legs apart and was now staring at the Brit's clean-shaven pussy. It was so wet that it was glistening in the light.

"FUCK PAIGE! Your pussy is beautiful!" Paige let out a slight giggle.

"I'm going to enjoy this," said Alexa. Bliss slowly rubbed Paige's pussy, feeling her wetness on her hand. As she continued to rub, Paige began caressing her own tits and pinching her nipples. The Brit moaned as Alexa slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. Bliss couldn't believe how warm the inside of Paige's pussy was. She quickly inserted another finger and began going in and out of the Brit's pussy.

"God you're so fucking tight Paige. I knew Alberto wasn't fucking you right. I think I have just the thing to...loosen you up," Alexa said mischievously with a wink. Bliss quickly ran into the bathroom and rummaged through the cabinet. When Alexa returned, Paige was shocked by what she saw. The little blonde was wearing an 8-inch strap-on.

"What do you think?" asked Bliss.

"'m not sure what I think." said Paige as she got off the bed.

As Paige approached Bliss, she could feel herself starting to get wetter than before. She walked in front of Alexa and without saying a word, dropped to her knees and grabbed Alexa's "dick." Bliss was shocked how fast Paige got on her knees and was shocked even more when the Brit starting sucking her "dick." Paige's head bobbed up and down the shaft of the strap-on. Alexa grabbed Paige's hair and pushed her head down, forcing all eight inches down the Anti Diva's throat. Paige's eyes watered from this but she carried on under her own power, taking all eight inches down her throat again.

"Take my dick out of your mouth and get on your back," Alexa commanded. Paige obliged, crawled onto the bed and got on her back. Bliss approached Paige and lay on top of her. She kissed her lips while grabbing a handful of Paige's jet-black hair. With her other hand, she grabbed a hold of the strap-on and guided it over Paige's pussy, grazing it with the tip. Paige moaned as Alexa continued to tease her with the strap-on.

"Please," moaned Paige.

"Please what? What do you want me to do? Beg for it." Alexa demanded.

"Please. I need you to fuck my pussy. PLEASE!" Paige pleaded.

"With pleasure," said Alexa with a smirk.

Alexa slowly pushed herself inside of Paige. The moan that came from the Brit was so loud that Bliss was worried that it may wake up the rest of the superstars in the other rooms. Alexa put her hands on Paige's shoulders and pushed into the Brit further. She was methodical with her insertion. She would push herself in hard but slow, wait a few seconds and push back in again. With each thrust, Paige's moaning would get even louder.
Bliss began to quicken her pace and before long, she had found a good rhythm. As she went in and out she went, Paige reached around a grabbed Alexa's ass. The Brit couldn't believe how big this little blonde's ass was. She could feel it jiggle in her hands with each thrust.

"Oh My God Alexa! You fuck my pussy so good! Keep going!"

Alexa quickened her thrusting, moving faster than she even thought possible. Paige was in pure heaven. The feeling of Alexa's ass in her hands and the feeling of having her pussy fucked was bringing her close to an orgasm. Paige reached up and grabbed Alexa's breasts for her own leverage as she moved into the strap-on even more, pushing all eight inches in her pussy.

"Oh God! I can feel it! I'm going to cum Alexa! Oh God!"

Just at that moment, Alexa quickly pulled out of Paige.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" yelled Paige.

Her entire body was shaking even though she hadn't even cum yet and Alexa just smiled.

"I'm not done with you yet bitch. You cum when I LET you cum." Alexa turned Paige around and grabbed a hold of her ass.

"DAMN PAIGE! I knew you had a big ass but Jesus Christ!"

She smacked Paige's ass, causing the pale woman to jump. Alexa was shocked by the amount of jiggle this ass had. She kept smacking Paige's ass until the pale skin was stained with red hand marks. Then Alexa pulled Paige's ass cheeks apart so she was staring at her asshole. Alexa grabbed the strap-on and guided it to Paige's hole. She slowly rubbed the tip of it on the Brit's rear entrance, making her moan. Paige braced herself, took a deep breath and waited. Alexa slowly slid her "cock" into Paige's ass. Paige moaned, her ass slowly being filled by Bliss' cock. She was in a bit of pain but she wouldn't say. She was a trooper and she wanted this. She knew it would only hurt for a minute before she got used to it.

"C'mon Miss Bliss. Let's do this the right way. Don't hold back. You have to fuck my ass hard if you want to take my place at the top."

That was just what Alexa wanted to hear. She began pushing the other four inches into the Brit's ass. Before long, the entire eight inches had been stuffed inside Paige's ass. Paige whimpered once she was filled up completely but she loved it. Alexa kissed Paige's neck as she let her "dick" just sit inside the pale ass of the now former top woman. Alexa began going in and out of Paige's ass much in the same way she had previously fucked her pussy, with slow but hard penetration.

Paige gasped with every thrust. It felt like Alexa was going deeper than 8 inches, which she knew wasn't possible but that's how it felt. She pinched her nipples, which got harder with every thrust. Alexa began to penetrate the Brit's ass faster. The sound of her thighs smacking against Paige's ass was music to her ears. Bliss grabbed Paige's waist and with momentum rolled her over into doggy style and continued to pound her asshole, the strap-on never coming out of Paige's tight hole. Alexa grabbed a big handful of Paige's sweaty hair and pulled her head back so Paige was looking right at her as she fucked her ass.

"Oh God Alexa! Your cock feels SO good inside my ass! Fuck me harder! PLEASE!" A wicked smile crossed Bliss' face and she smacked Paige's ass hard, leaving red hand marks on the cheeks.

"Just one thing first. Who owns this ass? WHOSE ASS IS THIS?!"

"It's your ass! You own this ass! It's all yours!"

With that, Alexa pulled out of Paige's ass, rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs up and filled her asshole once again. She fucked the Brit's ass hard and fast. Alexa was intent to destroy Paige's asshole. She went as deep as she could go over and over. Paige was screaming from pure pleasure extremely loud. But at this point, Alexa didn't care. She WANTED ALL THE SUPERSTARS to know that she was taking her rightful place at the top of the women's division. The pure pleasure of having her ass fucked overwhelmed Paige and she began rubbing her clit as Alexa continued fucking her ass. Paige began to finger herself with her index and middle finger while she continued rubbing her clit with her thumb. She began to feel something in her stomach, a familiar sensation but it felt more intense than before. She could feel her orgasm coming and since Alexa had already brought her right to the point of explosion beforehand. She knew it was going to big and it was going to happen soon but what happened next is something she did not expect.

"Oh God! I'm about to cum! I can't hold it any longer!" screamed Paige as she furiously rubbed her clit. Paige began to squirt. She squirted all over Alexa's chest, sheets and face. She couldn't control herself. It just kept going as Little Miss Bliss continued to pound her ass. Paige's juices continued to fly out of her pussy at a rapid pace and in large amounts...almost in liters. Paige took a deep breath, focused all of her energy on her pussy and pushed as hard as she could. The amount of power the Brit used shot her juices straight into Alexa's face. It felt like Alexa had just been sprayed by a garden hose but she loved it. Paige was shaking but not in a good way.

"Please Alexa! Please stop! I feel like I'm going to pass out!" Alexa quickly pulled out of Paige's ass, as the pale woman lay on the bed, still shaking. Paige was still lying down on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Alexa lay down next to her, also catching her breath. Both women were drenched in sweat, their now bright-red skin glistening in the light of Alexa's room. Alexa put her hand on Paige's stomach and could feel how hard Paige was breathing. Paige's entire body was glistening with sweat. Alexa ran her hands through Paige's hair, which was dripping in sweat, much like her own. Alexa pulled Paige in for a kiss.

"So, who's the top woman in WWE now?" Alexa said arrogantly.

"You are. It's you." Paige said, gasping for air. Alexa smirked.

"That's right. I'm going to take a shower now. Feel free to join me."

Alexa walked into the bathroom as Paige followed closely behind her.

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