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A Cool Image
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown event in January of 2005, Carlito Caribbean Cool is
pacing back and forth. Wearing black jeans and a blue tropical button shirt,
Carlito shakes his head, "That Teddy Long, treating Carlito like he's some
dog... that's not cool... Carlito's going to show him... Carlito's got a big
plan..." Carlito says as he rubs his hands together before he starts walking
to his locker room. As he walks he passes by the locker room belong to JBL's
cabinet, and Carlito gets a smirk on his face. "Hmm... Carlito should talk
to JBL... he hates Long too... and that's cool....' Carlito says as he goes
to enter the Cabinet's locker room without knocking. Carlito looks around as
he closes the door, "Ok... not cool... Carlito needs some one here..."
Carlito says out loud as the door behind him starts to open.

With Carlito's back turned towards the door he doesn't notice the door
being opened by the WWE Heavyweight Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield's Image
Consultant, the beautiful and talent Miss Amy Weber. Amy presses her lips
together and folds her arms over her large, rounded chest as she locks her
eyes on the cool Caribbean native. "Can I help you?" Amy asks in an arrogant
tone as she's dressed in a short black skirt and a light blue, long sleeved
buttoned top.

Carlito turns around and puts his hands on his hips, "Yeah... Carlito is
looking for JBL... Carlito's got something to talk to him about that's

Amy raises her eyebrow as she lets the locker room door close on its own as
she enters the rather large locker room of JBL "Well I'm sorry... but JBL,
well he's busy"

"Whoa... Carlito has something important... Carlito wants JBL to help Carlito
get rid of Teddy Long..." Carlito says boldly as he slightly checks out the
beautiful Image Consultant. "He'd want to talk to Carlito about this..."

Amy shakes her head "I'm sorry...but busy taking my advice..." Amy
pushes and arrogantly tosses her soft, silky black hair back " very
worth price..."

Carlito raises an eyebrow slightly, "Carlito knows you give JBL advice... and
it would be cool if you told JBL to speak to Carlito... so Teddy Long can get
off his and Carlito's back...." Carlito says as he tries to reason with Amy.

Amy shakes her head once again "I don't think I can do that..." Amy says
before taking a good glance at Carlito before she smirks slyly "Although...I
can tell JBL isn't the only who needs advice when it comes to their image..."

Carlito raises an eyebrow again, "What are you talking about? Carlito's got
a cool look..." Carlito says as he puts his hands on his again.

Amy laughs and shakes her head "Not if you ask me...and I would know..." Amy
pauses and presses her lips together ""

Carlito pauses and thinks for several long moments, "Ok... Carlito will
bite... what's wrong with Carlito's image? Cause Carlito needs to look

Amy unfolds her arms and sighs as she takes a step towards Carlito "Well...
to be honest...everything is wrong."

Carlito gets a confused look on his face as he points at Amy with his right
index finger, "How can everything about Carlito be wrong? Carlito is cool."

Amy raises her eyebrow and shakes her head as she looks at Carlito
"Carlito..." Amy presses her lips together as she taps her left foot "You
see JBL is a winner...JBL dresses like a winner..." Amy pauses and smirks
"Because of me...but that's besides the point...JBL dresses like a winner,
while you...well dress like a loser."

Carlito looks down at his clothes, "Carlito don't dress like a loser...
Carlito won a championship like this..." Carlito says as he looks at Amy

Amy rolls her eyes and sighs "But not...the Heavyweight title...JBL dresses
like a Champion, and so should you!" Amy says with a proud smile "And I
may...MAY... be willing to lend my services for the right price.

Carlito once again pauses, "Carlito wants to be WWE Champion... cause that'll
be cool..." Carlito smirks a bit as he thinks about it, "So... what's the
price... Carlito has to pay?"

Amy folds her arms over her chest once again "That depends...on what you're
willing to give."

Carlito smirks a bit, "Carlito will give anything... Carlito needs to look

Amy presses her lips together into a smirk "Anything? Huh? What about...for
my service, I get you for the next hour?"

Carlito smirks a bit as he points at Amy once again, "Hmmm... that sounds
cool to Carlito... you got a deal..."

Amy smirks "Perfect..." Amy pauses and licks her lips "This is what I want

"You want Carlito... Carlito knows..." Carlito says as he licks his teeth
slightly as he looks at Amy with a smirk.

Amy raises her eyebrow "Just wait...I want take everything...take
off all those hideous, disastrous clothing...and get yourself all nice and
hard for me..." Amy pauses and then smirks "Got it?"

Carlito nods his head and grins, "Yeah... Carlito's got it.... but these
clothes are cool..." Carlito says as he begins to unbutton his blue tropical
shirt. As he unbuttons his shirt, his smooth well toned body becomes exposed
and Carlito soon slips his shirt off. Once his shirt is off, Carlito moves
his hands to the button of pants proceeds to unbutton and unzip his pants
before pushing them down from his waist, revealing a pair of light blue
tropical pattern boxers.

Amy smirks and nods her head "Perfect...keep going..." Amy says as the
beautiful Image Consultant of JBL steps towards Carlito and begins to
unbutton her long sleeved top.

Carlito smirks, "Carlito is gonna keep going..." Carlito says as he steps
out of his pants once they are down to his feet. The cool Caribbean native
stands up slightly and starts to push down his light blue tropical pattern
boxers, and as he pushes them down his legs, Carlito's cool, thick ten inch
cock becomes free. Carlito kicks his boxers off his feet and places his
hands on his hips as he looks at Amy as she unbuttons her long sleeved top,
"Carlito's cool and ready..." Carlito says with a smirk.

Amy presses her lips together as she removes her long sleeved top "Is it...
all nice and hard for me?" Amy asks in an arrogant tone as she begins to push
down her short black skirt down her smooth, tanned and stunning legs.

"It will be...." Carlito replies as he wraps his right hand around his cock
and begins to stroke it slowly as he stands in front of Amy. Carlito takes
his time as he strokes his cock and with each movement of his hand, Amy can
see his thick ten inch cock become hard and rigid before her eyes. Amy licks
her lips as she steps out of her skirt as she now stands in front of Carlito
in a stunning match set of black laced bra and panties. Amy gently grits her
teeth as she slides her hands through her soft, silky black hair and proceeds
to walk over to the large leather couch in JBL's private locker room. The
stunning Miss Amy Weber sits down on the couch, locking her eyes with Carlito
and begins to peel her bra away from her large, nicely rounded chest after
she unclips it.

Carlito licks his lips slightly as he continues to stroke his cock with his
right hand while watching the devious Image Consultant peel her black laced
bra away from her perfectly round tits. "Now that... is cool..." Carlito
says with a slight groans as he removes his hand from his cock. Carlito then
spits on the palm of his right hand and then again grips his shaft and
resumes stroking his dick.

Amy licks her lips "Is that cock nice and hard for me?" Amy asks with a sly
smirk as she tosses her black laced bra to the side before she begins to
lower her black laced panties to reveal her hot, shaven smooth pussy.

Carlito nods his head, "Yeah... Carlito's cock is cool and hard..." Carlito
says as he lowers his eyes and looks right at Amy's hot, perfectly shaved
pussy when she spreads her legs slightly.

Amy presses her lips together and slightly spreads her hot, stunning and
smooth legs apart giving the cool Caribbean native a perfect view of her hot
pussy "Well Carlito...why don't you get over here and I'll show you a real
good image..." Amy says as she leans back slightly on the leather couch.

Carlito licks his lips, "That sounds really cool..." Carlito says as he heads
over to the couch while continuing to stroke his thick ten-inch cool cock.
With Amy leaning back on the leather couch, Carlito bends his knees slight so
that he can slip his hard shaft into Amy's hot, tight pussy with a solid
thrust. Carlito puts his hands on Amy's hips as he begins to pump his cock in
and out of her tight cunt.

Amy licks her lips "Mmmmm..." Amy moans softly as she places her soft, gentle
hands on top of Carlito's strong arms as he begins to thrust his cool cock
into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh Carlito..." Amy moans as her stunning,
perfect body slightly rocks against the couch, while Carlito thrusts his cock
into her.

Carlito slides his hands over Amy's slender hips as he leans forward slightly
so he can drive his cock in a bit of an angle in and out of Amy's pussy.
"Mmmm... that's cool..." Carlito groans as he slowly begins to build momentum
with each and every one of his thrusts.

Amy grits her teeth together "Ohhh...very cool..." Amy groans as she wraps
her stunning, smooth legs around Carlito's waist and begins to rock her hot,
perfect body against his cock "Ohhh... mmm...yeah like this
image so far?"

Carlito nods his head slightly, "Yeah... this is a real cool image...
Carlito... likes it..." Carlito groans as he begins to sharply plow his
cock deeper into Amy's warm, tight pussy. As he fucks the stunning image
consultant with quick sharp thrusts, Carlito's large ballsack smacks
against Amy's smooth skin.

Amy begins to grind her hot pussy against Carlito's cock as she presses her
body tightly against his muscular body as their two bodies grind and rub
against each other while Carlito plows his cock deeply into her tight pussy
"Ohhh...mmm...ohhh yessss..." Amy moans as she places her hands on Carlito's
smooth, muscular chest as he begins to slam his cock harder and quicker into
her pussy.

"Ahh... ohhh yeah... mmmm... Carlito likes this..." Carlito grunts as he
drives his shaft all the way into Amy's hot pussy as she grinds her body
against his. The cool, studdly Caribbean native moves his hands from Amy's
sexy hips and places them on her perfect, stunning round tits. Carlito
licks his teeth slightly as he gives Amy a very sharp thrust that instantly
makes her arch her back sharply.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Amy moans loudly as she unwraps her legs from around Carlito's
waist before she lays back against the leather couch. Carlito takes advantage
of Amy unwrapping her legs from his waist by pulling his big cool dick out of
Amy's pussy.

Carlito turns Amy over onto her stomach and makes her kneel on the couch,
then he has Amy lean forward against the back of the leather couch. Carlito
lays his left hand on Amy's left ass cheek and uses his right hand to guide
his ten-inch cock back into Amy's hot, tight pussy. Amy grits her teeth
together as she feels Carlito's thick, cool cock re- enter her pussy from
behind. The beautiful Image Consultant looks her shoulder and smirks back
at the cool Caribbean as he begins to slam his cock in and out of her tight
pussy "Mmmm ohhh fuck..." Amy moans as she begins to gently push her hot,
perfect body back against his cock.

Carlito grinds his teeth together slightly as he both his hands on Amy's
lower back as he drives his cock at a good, quick pace into her warm, wet
cunt. "Ahh... ohhh... mmmmmm..." Carlito grunts as he slides his hands to
the sides of Amy's waist and pulls her back against him with each of his
forward movements.

"Ohhhh fuck yess!" Amy moans as her cute, rounded ass slams back against
Carlito's waist as his cock slams deeper into her tight pussy. The beautiful
Image Consultant begins to sweat as Carlito's ballsack slaps against her
thighs while he drives his cock deeply into her perfect pussy.

Drops of sweat begin to roll down his face as he begins to roughly shove
his cock harder into Amy's pussy. The cool former United States Champion
continues his solid pace as drives his cock in and out of Amy's pussy as
her ass slams back against him. "Uhhh... ohhhh... this is... cool!" Carlito
moans as he moves his hands from Amy's hips and places them right against
Amy's ass cheeks so that when she pushes back, her cute ass slams against
his hands.

Amy grits her teeth "Ohhh...pull that cock out..." Amy groans.

"Ohhhh uhhhh okay...." Carlito groans as he slows down his thrusts until he
stops so he can pull his fat Caribbean cock out of Amy's warm, tight, wet

Amy smirks slyly as she looks over her shoulder with sweat dripping down her
face and her hair slightly dampened with sweat "Have a seat..."

Carlito licks his lips as he wipes some sweat from his forehead, "Ok..."
Carlito says as he sits down on the leather couch next to hot, sweat covered
Image Consultant. Amy presses her lips together as she gets up from the couch
and stands in front of Carlito before she tosses her soft, silky hair back
and straddles Carlito's lap, lowering herself down on his hard cock. Amy
grits her teeth together as she places her hands on his strong shoulders and
begins to rock her body against his cock. Carlito grits his teeth together
ahs puts his hands onto Amy's body as she grinds her body down on his cock as
she starts to bounce slightly. "Uhhh... mmmm... this... is cool..." Carlito
groans as he leans his head back against the leather couch.

Amy tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she continues to rock her hot,
perfect body against Carlito's cock as she begins slightly bounce, forcing
his cock deeper into her tight, warm pussy. Carlito slides his tongue across
his lips as he feels Amy's cute ass rub against the top of his legs as Amy
bounces on his cock. Carlito adjusts himself on the couch and begins to
thrust his thick cock up into Miss Amy Weber's warm, wet and tight cunt.
"Mmmm ohhh like that Carlito?" Amy moans as she falls down on
Carlito's cock at a hard, quick pace.

"Mmmmm... yeah... this is cool... Carlito... likes it a lot!" Carlito groans
as Amy bounces on his cock with such speed and force, Carlito starts to get
pressed against the leather couch.

Amy licks her lips as she grinds her pussy against Carlito's cock as
sweat drips down her body, the beautiful Image Consultant rocks and bounce
smoothly, but quickly on his cock "Ohhhh Carlito...mmm...yesss!"

"Uhhh... ohhhh yeah... oooo now... this... is... really cool..." Carlito
groans as the hot Amy Weber begins to cum on his cock. Carlito continues to
thrust his shaft up into Amy's pussy as she continues to bounce quickly and
rock sharply on his rigid Caribbean dick.

Amy presses her lips together as she closes her eyes as her warm cum drips
down Carlito's hard, cool cock "Ohhhh Carlito..." Amy groans as she tilts
her head back.

Carlito licks his lips and groans as Amy slows down and just gently grinds
herself on Carlito's cock as she covers his cock completely with her warm
juices. "Mmmm Carlito really likes that..." Carlito groans as he lets Amy
rest on his stiff, throbbing prick.

Amy licks her lips as she locks her eyes with Carlito "Mmmm...we're not done
just yet..." Amy says with a smirk as she lifts herself off of Carlito's
hard, throbbing cock and kneels down between Carlito's sweaty legs. Amy sits
on her knees and wraps her hands around Carlito's cock and takes him into her
warm, tight mouth.

"Ohhhh shit..." Carlito groans and closes his eyes as Amy begins to bob her
head on his fat cum covered cock. Carlito puts both of his sweaty hands on
Amy's head and pushes her sweat soaked black hair back behind both of her
ears. Amy gently taps her delicate, skilled tongue against Carlito's cock
as she smoothly bobs her head on his cock, sucking off the cool Caribbean
native. Her warm saliva drips against his cock as she presses her soft lips
against his cock and as she bobs her head, her soft lips rub up and down
against his shaft.

Carlito licks his lips as he opens his eyes to watch the beautiful Image
Consultant as she sucks on his cock at a slightly faster pace. "Oooooo yea...
mmmm Carlito likes that...." Carlito moans as he slightly scoots forward on
the leather couch so that Amy takes a bit more of his cock past into her
warm, moist, soothing mouth. Amy gently twists her head on his cock as she
lowers her head further down, filling her warm mouth with his hard, throbbing

Carlito groans as he tilts his head back, "Ahhh... ohh man..." Carlito moans
as he begins to cum inside of Amy's mouth. Carlito shoots a good amount of
his warm cum into Amy's mouth as she continues to suck on his shaft to milk
every drop of cum out of it.

Amy moans as she slightly lifts her head up from Carlito's cock as she
swallows his warm, sticky cum "Mmmm...Carlito..." Amy moans as she tilts her
head back and licks her lips.

Carlito leans back on the couch as he again wipes sweat from his forehead,
"Wow... that... was... really cool... to see..."

Amy smirks as she slowly stands up and tosses back her soft, silky hair
"I suppose..." Amy arrogantly says as she folds her arms over her perfect
rounded chest " see services well, they're only
available to those who can afford JBL."

Carlito shrugs his shoulders a bit, "That's cool... Carlito is cool with his
image... and Carlito just needs to talk to JBL..."

Amy presses her lips together and locks her eyes on Carlito "He isn't here...
so you...well you can leave!"

Carlito raises an eyebrow as he gets up from the couch, "Now that... was not
cool... Carlito could help JBL..." Carlito says as he gathers his clothing
and begins to get dressed. Once he's dressed Carlito looks at Amy, "But
now... Carlito is going to talk to someone who is cool."

Amy rolls her eyes "Sure...I'm sure they'll just love talking with you...with
someone's who image horrible."

Carlito glares at Amy slightly and says something insulting to her in Spanish
that loosely translates to, "You're not so cool cause you're a bitch...."
Carlito then leaves the Cabinet's locker room, slamming the door behind him.

Amy presses her lips together and smirks "He just can't face facts..."


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