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PAIRING: Trish Stratus/Carlito Cool


1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
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5th, this story takes place during the June 26th edition of Monday Night Raw.

~ Denotes Thought ~

A Cool Thank You
by Nero Rain (

Walking into her dressing room, Trish pulled her suitcase into the room
behind her, dragging it along and hoisting it up onto the small coffee table
that had been provided for her. Quickly unzipping the top, she flipped the
lid, reaching in and pulling out the set of tights she had put on top.
Looking behind her to make sure she had locked the door when she entered, she
quickly peeled her street clothes from her body, setting them in neat little
pile next to her suitcase and grabbing her ring outfit of choice.

Turning to the mirror in the room, Trish held the outfit up to her nude body,
modeling it to herself before smiling. Happy with her choice, she quickly put
it on, making sure she was fully tucked in and all essential parts were snug.
Giving the outfit a few test jumps, Trish made sure that nothing was going to
fall out before finally deciding it was an outfit she could work with.

Checking the clock on the wall, Trish noted the time. She knew her big
comeback match was up first. Mickie James had left an open challenge for her
with The Coach, mockingly telling her that she wanted to continued with her
"Hot streak" of crippling her opponents and put Trish back on the shelf. At
first, Trish had accepted, purely on the purpose of revenge. An eye for an
eye, she intended on taking Mickie's shoulder and popping it out of the
socket, thus subjecting her to the grueling pain and rehab Trish had to

But then, when she saw Mickie all but making love to the title belt a few
weeks back, Trish's mindset changed. She knew she could injure Mickie. A slip
here, a stray elbow there, and boom, Mickie's got an injury. But as she sat
at home and watched Mickie with her prized belt, Trish knew the best way to
inflict damage on Mickie James would be to take the belt from her.

Checking the clock again, Trish nodded, moving towards the door and
unlocking it. Moving out into the hallway, Trish tried to avoid the main,
busy walkways, wanting to go get something to drink, and get back to her
locker room without being noticed. Keeping her head down, she moved along
at a fair clip, giving anyone who said hello a quick nod. Something polite
enough to do the job, but not friendly enough to invite conversation,
which was something Trish was trying to avoid. With her first match back
being against the woman who put her on the shelf in the first place, Trish
wanted her mind clear and focused.

Rounding the corner, Trish slammed head first into someone as they went to
make the same turn.

"Hey!" Trish said, rolling off and looking up. Sighing loudly, Trish shook
her head. "I'm not in the mood."

"That's what you always say." Nitro teased, watching as she turned and
started walking again. Quickly catching up to her, he slid in beside her,
against her best efforts. "Come on, slow down..."

"Go away, asshole." Trish spat.

"Come on, Trish, stop for a second." He said, putting his hand on her

Wrenching her shoulder away from him, Trish glared back at Nitro. "Do not
touch me." She warned, hoping he would get the hint.

But as she turned and started walking again, his smile widened and he
followed her towards the catering department.

"What's got you all uppity?" Nitro asked, still leering at Trish's spandex
clad body.

Turning to look at him, Trish gave him a wide-eyed gaze, not completely
sure if he was joking or being serious. Realizing that the idiot was being
serious, Trish shook her head. "It might have something to do with the fact
you abducted me!"

Waving his hand, Nitro grinned. A grin Trish was really beginning to resent.

"No, you got it all wrong." He said. "That was Melina and Mercury's idea. I
didn't want to help, but, well, I just got forced into it."

"Forced?" Trish said. When he nodded, she nodded back. "Well, ok, how about
you force yourself to go fuck yourself?"

As Trish turned and tried to select a drink, Nitro moved closer, taking in
the sight of her spandex clad booty. "Wow, you got some fire to you." Nitro
said with a chuckle. "I bet that makes you a demon in the sack."

"You'll never know." Trish said, refusing to give him any more attention.

Reaching out, Nitro cupped her ass cheeks, giving them a soft squeeze.
Finally having enough of his lecherous advances, Trish spun around, tossing
a cup of water into his face to stun him before slapping him hard across the
face. Smiling as he stumbled back, Trish was sure she had knocked some sense
into him.

"What the fuck are you doing to my man?"

Groaning loudly, Trish rolled her head to the right, almost crying when she
saw Melina power walking towards her.

~Not today.~ Trish thought. ~Any other day, I'd whip her ass, but not
today. Not my first day back.~

Pointing at Trish, Nitro quickly said, "This hose beast was hitting on me.
When I tried to shoot her down, she slapped me!"

Laughing loudly, Trish shook her head. Looking at the last two parts of MNM,
she shrugged. She knew Melina would believe whatever her meal ticket said, so
Trish merely went along with it.

"Oh Johnny, please, give me another chance." Trish said dramatically, before
cracking up laugh. "God, I'm sorry, that was just to funny. Alright, Nitro,
give me a minute, I'm sure I can say that without laughing..."

"You think this is funny?" Melina said, stepping up into Trish's face.
"Stealing my man?"

"Honey, I could steal anyone around here I want." Trish said. "But steal your
man? Please. I'd rather toss the Big Show's salad than let your hunk of idiot
anywhere near me."

Nodding quickly, Melina smiled. "Oh, that's right!" She said, snapping her
fingers and pointing at Trish. "Your like that..." Taking a step back, Melina
smiled. "Maybe I should just keep my distance a little here so you don't try
to kiss me."

"Kiss you?" Trish asked. "What are you talking about?"

"Gosh, Trish, I think in the last few years, you've kissed more girls than
guys." Melina said. "First it was Lita, then you led Mickie was
Mickie, anyways?" Shaking her head, Melina waved her hand. "Obviously not
that good. You kicked her to the curb. And then you were tagging with Torrie
for a while. How did that happen, Trish? Did you two show each other your
not real blondes? I'm sure Vince would love to sell that to Playboy."

"Fuck you." Trish spat. "First, I never kissed either Lita or Mickie. They
kissed me. And second, there's no need to be jealous."

"Jealous?" Melina said.

"Yea, you know, what you are of me every minute of your pathetic little
life." Trish said. "I'm sure if you ask real nice, Mickie would kiss you to.
Just get some mistletoe, and a little Kenny G, some wine, a blindfold for
Mickie, and I'm sure she'd pucker right up!"

"You bitch..." Melina said, before turning back to Nitro. "Teach this gutter
tramp a lesson."

Moving forward, Nitro approached Trish, smiling as she backed up quickly.
Grabbing her by the shoulders, he ignored her as she tried to fight him off.
Pulling back his hand, Nitro smiled as he was about to send it flying across
Trish's face, until a voice stopped him deal.

"Have you seen that chump Nitro?" Carlito asked someone down the hall.

Looking at Melina, Nitro panicked, asking her silently what to do. Reacting
the same, Melina threw her hands up. "Let's get out of here!"

As Nitro pushed her, Trish fell to the floor. Acting on instinct, she kicked
out her leg, hooking a foot around Melina's leg and sending her crashing thru
a table of cakes and desserts. Shrieking in anger, Melina stood up, covered
head to toe in frosting, Jell-o, ice cream, and sprinkles.

"" Melina started, before Trish grinned at her.

"Carlito! Nitro's down here!" Trish yelled, laughing as Nitro and Melina's
eyes bugged out before the took off down the hallway. Hearing footsteps
coming from the opposite direction, Trish turned to see Carlito rounding
the corner. "Down that way." Trish said, waiting for Carlito to run past
her before getting up.

Smiling, she grabbed a water from the table, cracking it open and taking a
swig as she turned and walked down the hall, heading back to the peace and
quiet of her dressing room to prepare for her match.

* * *

"He, he, he, he, he, whoa!"

"It's time to rock and roll!"

"Whoa, this time I'm in control!"

Shaking her hands out, Trish quickly moved up the steps to the entrance ramp,
pushing thru the curtains and smiling instantly as the crowd erupted. Giving
the crowd her signature fist pump, she started towards the ring, trying to
quell the butterflies in her stomach.

"Hello everybody, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!" JR yelled into his
microphone, making himself heard over the crowd. "We have tones of great
matches for you tonight, and to kick it off, the woman's championship!"
Watching as Trish slid thru the ropes and into the ring, he turned to his
announcing partner, saying "You know King, it's been about two months
since we've seen Trish Stratus in the ring wrestling, and that was due to
the injury that occurred at Backlash when Trish's shoulder was dislocated.

Turning there attention to the Titantron, The King nodded. "Oh, I wanna tell
you something. This is a hard piece of video to watch."

Pushing out her arms, Trish stretched her shoulder out as the video on the
Titantron started up, showing her and the world the image she had seen
millions and millions of times before, her tumbling out of the ring and
wrenching her shoulder out of it's socket.

"Watch her shoulder...right there!" The King said, pointing at the screen as
it showed, in graphic detail, Trish's shoulder popping.

Grimacing slightly, Trish shook her head, the memory of the pain vivid in her
mind as she tried to push it out of her thoughts. She knew she had Mickie
James next, and dividing her attention would get her a one-way ticket to the
Ass Kicked Hotel.

"She was tossed over the ropes and out of the ring by Mickie James." The King
said, grimacing as the video rolled again. "And look at her shoulder, hyper
extended...actually, dislocated and fractured."

Turning away from the Titantron as it rolled the video from a different
angle, Trish waved her arms around, hopping up and down to try and stay
limber for her match.

"Well, as horrible as that footage is..." JR said, watching turning his
attention back to the ring. "Trish Stratus, Toronto's greatest gift to the
WWE, is back in the ring tonight."

Turning to check the Titantron again, Trish watched as the footage faded
away, being replaced by a live camera feed of her. Raising her right hand
in the air, she grinned as she waved the arm a bit, showing the crowd
symbolically that she was good to go.

"I'm so glad to see her back..." The King said, before smiling. "And her
front ain't bad either!"

As Mickie James's music hit, Trish bent over slightly, putting her hands on
her knees as she watched her former number one fan bound out of the entry
way, jumping up and down on the ramp before skip-sprinting to the ring.
Sliding under the bottom rope, Mickie gave Trish a wicked smile, one that
wasn't so different from the smile she used to give her when she lusted after
the Canadian bombshell.

~I'm not sure which freaks me out more.~ Trish thought, refusing to return
Mickie's smile before they hyper champion jumped up on the middle rope.

Watching as Mickie jumped down from the rope and gave her belt a loving kiss,
Trish refused to take her eyes on the woman's champion. She knew she was
covered in ring rust, not having stepped foot into a ring for nearly two
months, and she would have to dig deep to have any shot at winning back her

As the ref took the belt, he handed it the timekeeper, signaling for the
bell. As it rang, Mickie immediately started to circle. Moving to mirror
her movements, Trish skipped around the ring, eyeing Mickie as the woman's
champion continued to grin at her. As Mickie moved forward, Trish obliged
her, meeting in the middle of the ring for a lock up. As she wrestled with
Mickie, she felt the woman's champ push her arms away. Seeing her hand rear
back, Trish swung her right shoulder out of the way just ahead of an ax
handle blow.

Dancing away, Trish smiled at her. ~I don't think so.~ Trish thought, moving
back in for another lock up.

Ducking down, Trish took Mickie's arm with her, spinning around behind the
psycho diva and wrenching her arm into a behind the back arm bar. Moving
quickly, keeping her opponent off balance, Trish slid her arms up, grabbing
her in a headlock. As she went to cinch it in, Mickie slid out, grabbing
Trish's right arm.

Before Trish could react, Mickie had her bad arm pinned behind her back,
pulling up on it and putting immense pressure on the recently injured
shoulder. Wincing in pain, Trish took some comfort in the fact that her
shoulder was holding up to the abuse, and that it hadn't popped out again
as she feared it would.

~Not gonna be that easy, Mickie.~ Trish thought.

Grabbing Trish by the hair, Mickie pulled her back before storming forward.
Seeing the turnbuckle approaching rapidly, Trish put on the brakes, sliding
out of Mickie's grip and moving behind her. Grabbing her with both hands,
Trish shoved her forward, throwing her chest first into the turnbuckle.
Seeing the champion dazed, Trish moved quickly, dropping to her side on the
mat. Hooking her arm between Mickie's legs, she pulled her down, rolling her
up and waiting for the ref to count.

Kicking out at two, Mickie rolled away, standing up and turning towards her
former idol just in time to catch her in a Lou Thesz press, sending them both
to the mat, Trish on top. Putting her arms over her face as best she could,
Mickie covered up, trying to block the punches Trish was raining down on her.

As the ref cautioned Trish about the punches, the blonde diva rolled off of
her opponent, quickly standing up and waiting for Mickie to do the same.
Running towards Mickie, Trish threw out her arm, catching Mickie across the
throat with her out stretched arm and dropping her to the mat. As Mickie
jumped back up, Trish ran at her again, catching her with another
clothesline. When Mickie staggered to her feet, Trish made a final run,
hitting her with a drop kick, catching her in the chest and dropping her to
the mat yet again.

Screaming in frustration, Mickie jumped up, seeing the grin on Trish's face
and wanting to whip it off. Running at her, Mickie let her guard down,
allowing Trish to grab her and lift her into the air before slamming her back
down, back first. Bouncing roughly, Mickie quickly shook her head, vaguely
aware that Trish had crawled off of her. Looking, she saw Trish reaching down
to grab her. Acting on instinct, she kicked her leg up, smiling as Trish
yelped in pain, her foot connecting with Trish's bad shoulder.

Jumping up, Mickie ran towards Trish, only to catch an elbow for her
troubles. Swinging wildly, she missed Trish with a punch before Trish grabbed
her again, leaping up into the air and wrapping her legs around her head. A
few months ago, Mickie dreamed of being in this position, with Trish's legs
around her head as the Canadian diva grunted with exertion. But now, she knew
it was gonna be bad.

Rolling backwards, Trish slammed Mickie's head into the mat with a
huracanrana, completing the move with by kneeling on the woman champions
shoulders, waiting for the count.

As the ref's hand hit the mat for the second time, Mickie kicked her legs up,
pushing Trish off of her and quickly getting to her feet. Seeing Trish still
trying to get her bearings, she ran forward, kicking out her leg and catching
Trish square in her bad shoulder. Screaming in pain, Trish hit the mat,
holding her shoulder as she tried to sit up.

Moving quickly, Mickie bounced off the ropes, smelling blood and running
back towards Trish, diving feet first into Trish's bad shoulder, sending the
sitting diva to the mat as Mickie quickly pinned her, cursing as Trish kicked
out at two.

Jumping up, Mickie grabbed Trish's bad arm out of her grip, Mickie grinned as
she stepped on her hair, pulling back on the arm and yanking the shoulder out
of it's comfort zone. Pulling roughly, Mickie listened to the ref's count,
letting go of her arm and stepping off of Trish's hair at four and a half.
Grabbing Trish's arm again, she pulled her to her feet, walking her to the
ropes and wrapping her arm around the top rope, yanking on it, pulling it
back the wrong way.

~Oh my god!~ Trish's mind yelled, the pain her shoulder shooting thru her
body. She had taken comfort in the fact that it had held up to Mickie's first
assault, but now, all she could think about was getting free and stopping the

Screaming in pain, Trish desperately threw her free elbow back, catching
Mickie square in the jaw with an ear pleasing crunch. Turning quickly, Trish
grabbed Mickie's arm, spinning and throwing her into the ropes. Bending over,
she prepared to give Mickie a back drop, and, almost instantly, realized her
fatal mistake.

Kicking her foot up, Mickie roughly kicked Trish in her bad shoulder,
stunning the former women's champion as she quickly stood up. Capitalizing
on her advantage, Mickie grabbed her, tucking her head under her arm before
yelling to the crowd. Jumping in the air, she twisted her body slightly
before slinging her legs towards Trish, overpowering Trish's efforts to
block the move and sending her flying head first into the mat.

Quickly rolling over, Mickie took no time to pose as she laid across Trish's
prone body, nodding with the ref as he counted.

"One, two, three!"

As Mickie rolled off of her and quickly went looking for her cherished
belt, Trish groaned loudly, her head foggy as she tried to shake off the
aftereffects of the vicious tornado DDT. Watching Mickie strut around the
ring, Trish cursed herself for the rookie mistake.

~Never take your eyes off your opponent.~ She thought, slowly rolling over
onto her stomach and slowly pushing herself onto her knees. Seeing Mickie
leave the ring, Trish eyed her, watching her parade around with the woman's
belt. ~Next time. Next time.~ She thought.

As she tried to regain her composer, the opening strands of MNM's music hit,
and Trish quickly turned her attention to the ramp. Seeing Melina and Nitro
come out of the walk way, accompanied by the throng of paparazzi that always
seemed to be following them, Trish pushed herself to her feet, grunting in
discomfort as she babied her right arm, Mickie's assault taking it's toll.
Rolling the shoulder gently, Trish allowed herself a small victory, feeling
no extra pain in the joint.

With Melina standing on the ring apron, Nitro slid into the ring, posing for
the crowd as Melina stepped between the ring ropes. Glaring at them, Trish
contemplated leaving the ring, but as Melina smiled at her, she quickly
pushed that out of her mind. Her return match hadn't gone as planned, but she
at least had to thank the fans for sticking with her.

Moving over to the other side of the ring, Melina held out her hand, glaring
at the mic man as he took longer than she liked to get a mic to her. Making
sure the mic worked, Melina slid alongside her muscle, smiling at Trish.

"That's a tough break, Trish." Melina said, mocking Trish as she rolled her
right shoulder. "You know, that was quite a comeback match you just had."

Glaring at Melina, Trish wanted to slap the smirk off of her face, but knew
Nitro would pound her to a pulp if she tried. Gritting her teeth, she made do
with staring daggers at her.

"There was a day that you were the top diva in the WWE." Melina said,
smiling. "And that day is so over."

Taking deep breaths, Trish tried to fight back the anger rising inside of
her. ~Get rid of the pretty boy and say that.~ she thought.

"Lemme show you something." Melina said, turning to Nitro, who immediately
struck a pose when he knew the attention was on him. "Trish, you are looking
at the only man holding singles gold here on Raw. I give you the
intercontinental champion, Johnny Nitro."

Shaking her head, Trish fought back the urge to fall asleep at the boring
display. Looking unimpressed, Trish tried desperately to care about what the
cocky diva was saying.

"And, now, Trish." Melina said, getting Trish's undivided attention again.
"You are looking at the new top diva in the WWE, Melina!"

Shaking her head, Trish looked even less impressed with that statement,
something Melina picked up on right away.

Smirking, Melina motioned towards Trish. "So, I guess we have a passing of
the torch moment right now." Narrowing her eyes, Melina made sure Trish knew
what she was about to say was deadly serious. "So, honey, I suggest you get
out of the ring right now, or you're going to end up flying out of it. It's
your choice."

Loosing her cool, Trish surged forward, pushing Melina roughly and sending
her to the floor. As she moved in for the kill, she felt someone grab her
from behind, and immediately realized her second fatal mistake of the night.
Feeling Nitro grab her roughly by the arms, Trish tried to fight out of his
grip, but he held her fast, wrapping his arms around into hers and hooking
her shoulders behind her back.

As Trish fought in vain to free herself from the large man's grip, Melina
bounced back up, grabbing Trish by the face as the crowd erupted. Feeling
herself being thrown forward, Trish tried to push Melina as she fell to the
mat. Knocking Melina down, Trish rolled away, turning and finding Carlito
Cool spinning Nitro around and punching him in the face.

Before Nitro could react, Carlito fired off shot after shot, catching Nitro
by surprise and stunning him. Grabbing him by the arm, Carlito spun around,
shooting Nitro in the ropes before loading up a left hand. But Nitro grabbed
the top rope, stopping his momentum before dropping to the mat. Rolling
quickly, Nitro got out of the ring just ahead of Carlito's stomping boot.

As Melina and Nitro backed up the ramp way, Carlito shouted obscenities at

"Come back you fuckin coward!" Carlito shouted, pointing at Nitro. "I want my

Posing, Nitro smiled as he backed up the ramp, his cockiness bolstered by
the distance between him and Carlito before he turned and walked up the ramp
quickly, Melina in tow as they disappeared into the curtains.

"You gutless poser!" Carlito yelled. "That's not cool!"

Turning and facing Trish, he looked her up and down slowly, giving her the
once over before dropping to the mat, rolling out under the bottom rope and
starting up the ramp.

Watching him go, Trish shook her head slowly, quickly realizing she hadn't
thanked him for the help. Quickly sliding between the ropes, Trish hopped
gently off the ring apron, giving the King and JR a wave before moving over
to the fans, holding her left hand across her body and giving them high
fives with that hand, cradling her still sore right arm to her body as she
quickly made the rounds, giving the standard answers of "Thank you" and
"That's sweet" to the chorus of "Trish you rock!" and "Trish your hot!"
Moving towards the ramp, she waved at her fans one last time before hustling
up the ramp.

Ducking between the curtains, Trish moved into the hallway, looking around
for Carlito. Quickly spotting his yellow shirt stalking towards his locker
room, she ran up behind him calling his name. When he stopped, she moved to
his side.

"Hey." Trish said, suddenly growing shy as the large wrestler looked down at
her. "I know you have your own reasons for coming out there, but...thank

His eyes getting wide, Carlito's breathing picked up, his face a mask of
anger. "Your damn right I have my own reasons!" He yelled, startling Trish.
"Johnny Nitro, last night at Vengeance, I had Shelton Benjamin beat for the
intercontinental championship. And Johnny Nitro stole it from me!" Looking
down at Trish, he shook his head. "That's not cool."

Shaking her head quickly, Trish started, "No, it's..."

Cutting her off, Carlito continued to rage. "And if her thinks for one
second that I'm gonna let him get away with it, and let him pose in front of
his photographers, with my championship..." Glaring down at Trish, who was
becoming a little more than slightly nervous at the look in his eyes.
"...He's got another thing coming."

Screaming loudly, Carlito started speaking quickly in Spanish. Trish,
completely lost, nodded as if she understood completely.

"Uh-huh...yup, I agree." She said, nodding quickly. "Good plan!"

When he finally stopped, she looked up at him, awaiting another outburst.
Finding none coming, she nodded slowly. "Right, right, right...ok...well,
whatever. So uh, ok...thanks again..."

Turning to walk away, Trish jumped slightly as his hand landed on her
shoulder, stopping her from leaving. Spinning back around to face him, she
was relived the anger from before was gone, replaced with a look of guilt,
which she assumed was for him yelling at her.

"Hey." He said softly. "Bout, helping you out there." He said, pointing
towards the ring. Smiling, he shrugged. "No problem."

Smiling, Trish nodded, quickly realizing without his help, she would have
gotten flattened by Melina and Nitro. She desperately searched for a way to
say thank you, but was coming up empty. ~A kiss?~ She thought. Mentally
shaking her head, she said, ~He saved you from a beating, not took you to
prom.~ Looking him up and down, she returned the favor from earlier, giggling
softly as she gave up thinking about it. "Ok, thanks."

Noticing his shirt, she couldn't help but read the slogan. ~Do you spit or
swallow?~ Trish thought with a smirk. ~Wouldn't you like to know?~ An idea
quickly flashing in her mind, Trish grinned from ear to ear, the perfect way
to thank him for his heroic assist popping into her mind instantly. Stopping
him from leaving, she motioned towards his shirt.

"About that." She said. Watching as he looked down at the shirt, she smiled
as he clued in, realizing she was referring to his shirt. Smiling, she
leaned in, motioning for him to duck down as she cupped her hand to his ear,
preventing anyone but Carlito from hearing what she was about to whisper into
his ear. "If you wanna find out which I do, meet me in your locker room in
ten minutes." Pulling back, she smiled, giving him a nod before walking away,
heading towards her locker room.

Watching as the blonde bombshell walked away, her hips swaying from side to
side seductively, Carlito smiled, nodding.

"Now that." He said, smiling. "That's cool."

* * *

Moving into her locker room, Trish quickly moved over to her stall, grabbing
her suitcase and dragging it along quickly. Moving towards the doors, she
pushed them open, looking both ways down the hallway before moving out,
making a hasty retreat towards her car. Keeping her eyes peeled, she vowed
to not make another mistake tonight. She knew there was a difference between
having no fear and being stupid. She feared no diva on the roster, but,
knowing that Melina might be hanging around with Nitro, and that her enemies
were quickly multiplying while her allies dropped like flies, she decided
that the one exit locker room would be a stupid place to be.

Walking quickly towards the parking lot, she realized what she had just done
with Carlito, and stopped dead in her tracts. She knew she had wanted to
thank him, and knew he had put his ass on the line to save him, but...

~Did I promise to blow him?~ Trish thought, horrified that she had in fact
implied that. Shaking her head, she moved towards the parking lot again,
trying to brush it off. ~It's no biggie.~ She thought. ~I mean, god, it's
not like it's a big issue. Girls give guys blowjobs all the time.~

Moving towards her car, she popped the trunk, quickly tossing her suitcase
in and closing the trunk. Looking at the car, her mind immediately started

~You could totally bail.~ She thought. ~Do you actually think he thought you
were serious? That you'd blow him as a thank you?~ Chuckling softly, Trish
smiled. ~Yea, that happens all the time. Hey, thanks for picking up the mail
for me, drop your drawers and lemme give you a hummer. Seriously.~

Sighing pitifully, she shook her head. "God, why did you say that?" She
whined, leaning back against her car. Looking at the car, she thought, ~I
could hop in this car, drive away, and he'd think it was a joke. No harm,
no foul.~ Whining softly, a thought crossed her mind. ~God, do I even
remember how to give a blowjob? How long has it been? Can you get out of
practice? Is it a skill?~ Letting her head drop, she sighed. "When was the
last time I had sex of any kind?" Thinking back, she grimaced, thoughts of
her time with Christian springing to mind. Shaking her head, she pushed
them away. ~That wasn't sex.~ Trish thought. ~So much as it was me lying
there and letting him abuse me for the ten or so seconds it took.~

Rubbing her face, she tried to clear her thoughts, lining all of her reasons
for both arguments in two neat piles in her mind.

~Alright, against first.~ She thought. ~One, I barely know the guy. Two, do
I even remember how to do it? Three, it seems kind of strange.~ Nodding, she
put those arguments in to one side. ~Alright, for it.~ Nodding, she grinned
slightly. ~One, he is cute. No doubting that. Two, he did save your ass from
a beating. Three, you told him you would, and when was the last time you
broke your word? Four, Christ, it's just a blowjob! It's not like your trying
to get a wedding ring from the guy! Quit being a baby and thank him!~

Sighing, she realized that the "For" beat the "Against" by one vote. Shaking
her head, she smiled softly, pushing herself off of the car. Looking at the
time, she realized she had just enough time to find his locker room before
the self imposed ten minute deadline was up.

~Well, hopefully he'll be a mite bit gentler than Christian.~ Trish thought,
almost retching at the memories of her and Christian's "Oral encounters." As
he had called them flooded into her head. ~Oral encounters my ass.~ She
thought with a snarl. ~Gag fucking is more like it. Asshole.~ Shaking her
head, Trish pushed the thoughts aside. ~This isn't about romance anyways.
This is a straight thank you blowjob. ~She thought. ~This isn't about finding
a boyfriend.~

Trish sighed at that last thought. After her experience with Christian, she
had sworn off dating fellow wrestlers, no matter how good looking or charming
they were. She wasn't looking to break her own rule with Carlito, merely bend
it to her current needs.

Moving down the hallway, Trish looked around, reading the name tags on the
locker room doors before stopping in front of one, reading "Carlito". Taking
a deep breath, she calmed her nerves, knocking on the door softly. Not
hearing anything from inside, she was about to give up and leave when the
door swung open. Standing on the other side of the door, Carlito smiled as
he saw her standing in front of him.

"Can I come in?" Trish asked with a smile.

Nodding, Carlito moved to the side, letting Trish in before letting the door
close behind her. Walking around to stand in front of her, Carlito put his
hands in the pockets of the beach shorts he had changed into. Realizing that
she hadn't changed, Trish pushed it aside, smiling as he stared at her.

"Alright, Carlito is here." He said, motioning to the locker room. "Do you
spit, or do you swallow?"

Looking up at him, Trish briefly considered yelling "Spit!" and running from
the room, but that urge quickly passed, knowing that he had helped her and
she had promised him an answer. Smiling at him, she turned towards the door,
turning the lock to ensure total privacy before turning back to him.

"Well, I could tell you." She said softly, smiling as she put her hands on
his chest, rubbing it seductively as she pushed him towards the couch on the
far side of the small room. When his legs hit it, he fell down, sitting down
as Trish quickly straddled him, getting into it. "But, I was hoping..." She
said, before batting her eyes, making him melt in her hands. "...If you
wouldn't mind, I could show you."

Nodding quickly, Carlito told her, "Showing Carlito would be cool!"

Leaning down, she kissed him softly, smiling as she slid out of his lap and
onto the floor in front of him. Kneeling down between his legs, she rubbed
his thighs, sliding her hands up under his shorts and snaking her hands
around to his cock. Looking up at him, she smiled.

"Your gonna need to loose the shorts." She said, smiling as he quickly lifted
his hips up, allowing her to pull his shorts and boxers down, yanking them
off of his legs and tossing them behind her. Grinning at the sight before
her, she reached up, taking his flaccid member into her warm hands, stroking
it softly.

Leaning down, she swatted at the soft flesh with her tongue, smiling as it
jumped slightly under her skillful touch. Looking up into his eyes, she
grinned as he drank in the sight, the dominate diva in the WWE kneeling
between his legs, stroking his member as it slowly grew in her hand.

Leaning back, she sat up, smiling at him as she hooked her fingers in the
glittery shoulder straps of her top, quickly realizing she hadn't changed
out of her ring outfit. Giggling at the dumbfounded look on his face, she
peeled the top down, releasing her large breasts from there spandex prison
and pushing the shirt down around her waist, making sure the view of her
spectacular breasts wasn't blocked in the slightest.

Reaching out and taking his member back into her hands, she stroked it
softly, smiling as Carlito's hands slowly advanced towards her chest.
Pushing her tits out slightly, Trish moaned as he cupped them, rolling her
nipples softly with his thumb and index finger.

"Do you like my titties, Carlito?" She asked softly, her hands now gliding
up and down his fully erect seven-inch shaft. "Do you like my big, fat,

"Oh, Carlito likes!" he said, cupping her soft boobs and squeezing them

"You gonna play with them?" She asked, brushing her thumb over the head of
his dick. "Are you gonna play with my big, fat titties while I suck your big
cock?" When he nodded, she smiled. "Yea, that's what I thought."

Brushing her long blonde hair out of her face, Trish dove down, taking the
tip of his hard cock into her mouth and sucking on it softly, making him moan
instantly. Popping up and down the first few inches out his rod, Trish sighed
softly as he continued to play with her large breasts, rolling her nipples
around gently as he caressed the fleshy mounds. Trish moaned in pleasure, his
soft touch a complete surprise to her as everyone else she had let near her
sensitive breasts had made her regret the decision with there rough handling
of them. But Carlito was surprisingly gentle, his thumb and index finger
stroking her hardened nipples, softly tugging them downwards as she continued
to give the top half of his cock a spit bath.

Sucking loudly, Trish glided her thick, pouty lips up and down Carlito's
shaft, her tongue slithering around and filling her mouth with the taste of
Carlito's manhood. She smiled to herself, quickly realizing that Carlito had
made good use of the ten minute window she had giving him and freshened up
some. Making a note to thank him for that at a later time, Trish slurped on
his head, her hand gliding up and down the top of his shaft. Hearing him moan
loudly, Trish was flush with pride, her once well-honed oral skills obviously
not suffering after years of neglect. Hearing him moan loudly, she almost
pouted as he withdrew his hands from her chest, leaning back on the couch and
taking in the fullness of her cock sucking. She wanted to tell him to get his
hands back on her tits immediately, but thought better of it, contenting
herself with the task of giving him the blowjob of his life.

Feeling his hand brush against her face, Trish looked up at him as he pushed
her blonde hair out of her face, allowing him to get an unobstructed view of
her lips sliding up and down his shaft. Hearing him groan loudly again,
Trish smiled. Deciding to show him what she could do, Trish stopped bobbing,
wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and looking up into his eyes.
Making sure he had giving her his full and undivided attention, Trish slowly
pushed her head down, stopping momentarily when his cock hit the back of her
throat. Taking a deep breath, she pushed down further, his cock hitting her
tonsils and making her gag slightly. Pushing she feeling aside, she forced
his cock deeper into her throat, her eyes watering as she fought back the
urge to gag on his cock. Drool was running out of her mouth and coating his
cock as she pushed down, her eyes still glued to his as she worked deeper and
deeper, until finally her lips were kissing the base of his seven-inch cock.

Groaning loudly, Carlito nodded at the display. "Oh god, Trish, you are so
hot." He said. "God, that is so cool."

Pulling her throat off of his shaft, Trish let it slide out of her mouth as
she greedily sucked in air. Grabbing his drool-slicked shaft, she glided her
hand from top to bottom, her drool making his rod slick and shiny. Sliding
his cock back into her mouth, she quickly pushed down again, her throat
accepting the thick cock quicker this time as she pushed back down to the
bottom. Pulling up, she slid his shaft out until just the tip was just inside
her mouth before dropping back down, his cock gliding into her throat almost
easily now as she continued to fight her gag reflex.

Pulling off of his cock with a smile, Trish stroked his member, pushing it
back and pushing his nuts out. "You like that, Carlito?" She asked. When he
nodded, she grinned. "Bet you never ever thought I could do that, did you?"

"Oh god Trish, you're so hot, I knew you could do anything." Carlito grunted,
"God, Trish, I don't care what that gutter tramp Melina said tonight, Carlito
still says you are the dominate diva in this business. Any woman who can give
Carlito a blowjob this good is number one in my books."

Smiling, she leaned down, dragging her tongue across the head of his cock as
she pulled the skin back, licking up the pre-come that was leaking out with
a hungry growl. Locking eyes with him again, she slid down his shaft, her
thick lips wrapping around his man root as she sucked on the vein. When she
reached the bottom, she giggled as she flicked out her tongue, swatting at
his balls as he jumped.

"Well, if you liked the show so far." Trish said, licking his nuts with long,
slow tongue strokes. "Then you're gonna love this, because, Carlito, you
ain't seen nothing yet."

Taking his nuts into her mouth, Trish sucked on them softly, smiling as he
groaned loudly, his legs squirming around as she fisted his cock while
suckling his heavy nut sack. As she rolled her nuts around in her mouth,
Trish smiled up at him, her view almost completely obstructed by her hand
and his cock, but she was still locked eye to eye with him, and that was
all that she was looking for. She could tell how she was doing thru his
eyes, gauging his reaction to let her know if she was going to fast or slow.
She wanted to make this last, wanted to draw out Carlito's, and to a lesser
extent, her own, pleasure for as long as she could. It had been years since
she last sucked a cock, and she was quickly remembering how much she had
enjoyed doing it. There was a certain rush that came with giving someone a
blowjob that sex just couldn't compare to. A certain feeling of power came
with it, and that was what Trish was getting off on.

Leaning forward, Carlito reached down. Trish eagerly pushed out her chest,
hoping he was returning to pay them a visit. But as his hands pushed past
her chest and down her body, Trish had a decision to make. As his hands
moved closer and closer to her core, Trish's mind raced, wondering if she
should drop her own self imposed restriction on dating wrestlers, or, at
the very least, suspending it for a night to let Carlito fuck her, or keep
her promise and rebuff him. Making her choice, Trish pulled off of his
balls, swatting his hands away playfully as she smiled at him.

"Don't get greedy." She told him with a grin. "Take what I give you.

Nodding, he told her, "I understand. Carlito is sorry."

Smiling, Trish returned to sucking his balls, his hands moving towards her
breasts hesitantly. Leaning back, she let his nuts fall out of her mouth as
she pushed her chest out, letting him know she was topless for a reason.
Taking her large breasts back into his hands, Carlito stroked them softly
as he moaned, Trish's magic hands working wonders as his cock oozed pre-come
in abundance.

Feeling her hand grow sticky from the oozing slickness from his cock, Trish
smiled as she formed a plan. She knew his leaking like that meant that he
was gonna be coming soon, and she had no intention of letting him go that
quickly. Leaning down, she cleaned his cock of pre-come one last time,
savoring the salty taste before letting go of it completely. Looking up at
him, she pushed his hands away again, giggling as he whined softly, his
favorite toys being ripped away from him.

Moving quickly, she hopped up into his lap, straddling his legs as she
pushed her tits into his face. Seeing his face light up, she moaned as he
immediately took advantage of the angle she had giving him and grabbed her
tits softly, taking her right nipple into his mouth and sucking on the hard
nub. Quickly taking a liking to Carlito's approach, Trish moaned loudly,
wrapping her arms around his head and holding him to her chest. Pulling his
head back gently, Trish leaned down, kissing him on the lips as he continued
to roll her nipples around.

"So you like em, huh?" She teased. "I know every guy in this place sits at
home and jerks off thinking about my big, fat tits. So how does it feel to
have me do the jerking while you get to play with them?"

"Oh, Trish, Carlito loves busty women." He groaned, Trish's head ducking down
and kissing his neck. "And you are the busty-ist woman in this place."

"So you like em?"

"Trish, Carlito loves your tits!" He said, rubbing her fleshy fun bags to
emphasize his point. "Good god girl, these things are awesome! So big, and
soft, and cool!"

"I'm so glad to hear that." Trish moaned, her back arching as Carlito
returned his mouth to worshiping her chest. "I love how you handle them. My
last boyfriend was so rough with them..."

"What idiot would treat these precious godsends roughly?" Carlito asked.


Looking up at her, he flicked his tongue out, batting her swollen nipple
and making her moan. "Christian? Christian Cage, the TNA chump?" When Trish
nodded, Carlito rubbed her nipples, making her groan. "Christian Cage is
lucky he jumped ship and ran to the minors, or Carlito would kick his ass!
Masterpieces like these shouldn't be handled roughly!"

"I'm glad we agree on that." Trish moaned with a smile.

"If Trish was Carlito's girlfriend, Carlito would treat them with respect."
He said, suckling her nipple softly, gently to prove his point. "Breasts like
these are gifts from the gods! And if any man mistreats breasts like this, he
deserves to be wrestling in the minor leagues!"

~A gift from the gods? More like a gift from a great plastic surgeon.~
Trish thought with a smile, moaning softly. As much as she agreed with
Carlito, and as much as she loved his handling of her breasts, she was
growing restless sitting in his lap getting her titties sucked as his
hard member poked invitingly into her plump backside. She wanted his
cock out from under her butt and back between her lips. Looking down as
he continued to worship her nipples, she grinned. ~He'd go all day if I
let him.~ She thought with a smile. Grinning as he gently attacked her
hardened nubs, she formed a plan, and quickly set it in motion.

"Carlito, could you do something for me?" She asked sweetly.

"Anything, Trish." He said. "Carlito will do anything for Trish."

"Well, right now, I wanted you to lick my titties." She said, taking her
finger and circling the inside of her breasts, motioning to the valley
created between them. "Right here. Get it nice and wet."

Nodding, Carlito stuck his tongue out, wetting it liberally before dragging
it across Trish's chest, going from nipple to nipple in one smooth stroke.
Ducking his head between her tits, he licked her with long, sloppy licks,
quickly coating her chest in his saliva. Looking up at her, he awaited
further instructions.

Leaning down and giving him a soft kiss, Trish slid out of his lap, kneeling
back down on the floor in front of him as she motioned for him to scoot his
hips forward. When he complied, his butt nearly hanging over the edge of the
couch, Trish moved into position, taking her tits in her hands and wrapping
them around his shaft, almost completely enveloping it in tit flesh. Hearing
him groan, she smiled at him.

"Since I'm not going to let you fuck me..." She started, smiling at him.
"...I figured, the least I could do is let you fuck my titties, seeing as
you seem to be somewhat fond of them."

"Somewhat fond?" Carlito asked. When she nodded, he shook his head. "Carlito
isn't "Somewhat fond" of Trish's boobs. Carlito loves Trish's big boobs!
Carlito would build a shrine to them if Trish wanted him to!"

Giggling, Trish shook her head. "How about you just fuck them?"

"That sounds cool." He said, reaching down and taking her nipples between his
thumb and index finger again, stroking them softly.

Moaning softly, Trish squeezed her breasts tight around his cock, pulling
them up and making him groan loudly as they slid effortlessly along his dick,
his spit working perfectly as lube. Looking down, Trish giggled as his cock
disappeared into her cleavage, swallowed up by her big tits only to reappear
again as she pulled them back down, stroking his cock with them.

Craning her neck down, Trish swiped at his cock head each time it became
exposed, greedily lapping up his pre-come as she pushed it out of his cock.
Bouncing up and down happily, Trish continued her torturous attack on his
cock, loving his groaning and moaning as she jerked her tits up and down
quickly. As she felt his hips start to push up to meet her, she grinned up
at him, locking eyes with her temporary lover as he groaned loudly.

"God, Trish, you are cool." He moaned, his pre-come starting to come out in
greater and greater amounts, adding to the lube he had put on her chest to
start and making a slick, sticky mess of her chest.

Swatting at his cock with her tongue, Trish tried in vain to collect all the
pre-come he was producing, his salty love nectar spurning her on and making
her go faster, her tits pushing tighter around his cock as he groaned out
again. As he let his head drop back and moaned loudly, Trish grinned from ear
to ear, loving his response, letting her know that she hadn't lost her god
given skills during her long layoff. As he looked back down, his hands
returned to her tits, tweaking her nipples again, slightly rougher this time,
letting her know that he was slowly being pushed over the edge.

Whining in disappointment, Trish let go of her breasts, letting them fall
away from his cock as he lost his grip on her nipples. Ducking down, she took
his cock back into her mouth, quickly savoring the overpowering taste of the
copious amount of slime pouring out of the piss hole of his cock. Feeling his
hands on her head, she looked up at him as he pushed her hair out of the way
again, watching intently as her lips glided up and down his slick shaft.

Hearing him groan loudly, Trish smiled. If she had learned nothing else from
Christian, one of the few times he had been somewhat nice to her had let her
know one thing. Her lips were build for sex. During one of there many "Oral
encounters" that she had been subjected to, Christian had told her, in a way
only he would think was considered sweet and caring, that she had "Nice,
thick, cock sucking lips.". She hadn't really paid any attention to the CLB,
but, as her lips glided up and down Carlito's large prick, she grinned,
realizing he was right, even if he didn't know how to get the most out of
her lips.

Watching Carlito's eyes narrow, Trish flicked out her tongue, whipping his
head and making him groan as more pre-come was forced into her vacuum like
mouth. Slurping loudly, Trish fisted his rod, groaning softly along with him
as he bucked slightly, his cock quickly reaching it's breaking point.

"Oh god, Trish, please, god, keep sucking!" He moaned, his chest heaving as
he stared down at the blonde diva lustfully.

Smiling to herself, Trish thought, ~Good manners will get you everywhere,
Carlito.~ Reaching her other hand between his legs, she smiled as his eyes
shot open as she cradled his balls in her hand, her thumb stroking them as
he bucked more.

"Trish, god, I'm gonna come!" He yelled, his head trying to snap back but his
neck refusing to answer the call, wanting to watch the beautiful Canadian
worship his pleasure stick.

Wrapping her lips tightly around his cock, she continued to bob up and down,
her tongue sliding over his head over and over again as her hands worked his
shaft and balls. As she pressed her tongue flat along cock head, she squealed
with glee as she felt semen force it's way around her tongue and into her
mouth. Picking up the pace, she jerked harder, Carlito's shouts of lust and
the burning look of desire in his eyes spurning her on. As another shot
poured into her mouth, Trish moaned softly, her humming sending vibrations
shooting thru his cock and forcing another load out. Savoring his salty
semen, Trish kept pumping, his cock still hard and her job not finished as
he pulsed again and again, forcing smaller and smaller ropes of come into
her mouth.

Letting his head drop back with a groan, Carlito let go of her hair, moaning
loudly as Trish continued to milk his wilting cock until it was a flaccid
piece of flesh in her hands. Sucking hard, she pulled her lips off of his rod
with a pop, making sure to not let any of his precious seed escape her warm

Looking down at her, Carlito smiled as he saw her face, her lips sealed tight
as she smiled at him. "Alright, Trish." He said, panting loudly. "Moment of
truth." Smiling, he waggled his eyebrows. "Do you spit, or do you swallow?"

Smiling at him, Trish swallowed his loudly, almost regretting she had to give
him an answer so quickly, wanting to savor the fruits of her labor longer. As
he grinned at her, she smiled.

"Did you really expect me to spit?" She asked playfully.

Shaking his head, Carlito told her, "No. You looked cool."

Giggling, Trish stood up, leaning down and giving him a peck on the lips,
moaning softly as he cupped her breasts again, his hands instantly drawn to
her hard nipples and giving them some attention. Pulling back, she grinned
at him.

"God, don't I wish I would have taken you up on your offer to oil me up at
the summer magazine shoot." She said with a giggle.

Nodding, he whined softly as she pulled her shirt back up, stuffing her large
chest into the tight spandex and taking away the view of a lifetime. Leaning
down, she kissed him again, accepting his offer of tongue. As she playfully
batted his with hers, she pulled away, smiling at him as she turned and
started towards the door.

Reaching the door, she stopped, turning and giving him a smile. "If I need
help oiling up sometime, are you game?"

"Of course." He said with a smile, his chest still heaving from the

Nodding, she asked, "And if I need back up again, are you gonna be there?"

Nodding, he grinned. "I got your back, Trish."

"Well, I'll be looking forward to that." She said with a grin. "I expect you
to let me thank you if you do, though."

Smiling, she unlocked the door, waving a goodbye as she slipped out the door,
hoping that Melina and Nitro wanted to start something next week and gave
Carlito another reason to rescue her.

Grinning, she moved down the hallway, moving towards the parking lot.

~And give me another reason to thank him.~ Trish thought with a giggle, her
mind trying to find a loophole in her "Never date wrestlers" policy in the
likely event she would have to thank him again. Smiling, she thought to
herself, ~Well, a thank you fuck wouldn't technically be dating, would it?~
Smiling to herself, she moved towards her car, hitting the door lock button
and climbing in, starting the ignition.

* * *

Leaning back on his couch, Carlito smiled, looking down at his limp cock,
which was still glistening with the saliva Trish had coated it in. Grinning,
he let his head fall back, closing his eyes at he replayed the Canadian
bombshells thank you in his mind. He had been so pissed when he saw Nitro
and Melina in the ring, and all he could think about was crippling Nitro and
taking his belt back.

But as Trish's thank you replayed over and over in her mind, he had to smile
as the thought of Nitro on the shelf wasn't so appealing now, as Nitro hurt
meant Trish wouldn't need his back up anymore, and that meant no more thank
you's from the former women's champion. Grinning, he leaned back on the
couch, thinking about next weeks Raw, and hoping that Nitro and Melina wanted
some revenge on Trish, and that he would have to intervene, thus earning
another thank you.

"Now that..." He said, smiling. "That would be cool."

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