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A Couple's Saga: Chyna & Triple H Part 1
by Human Suplex Machine

The main reason Chyna was not wrestling right now was so she could look
after her long time boyfriend Triple HHH. Triple HHH was having back problems
so after Hell In A Cell took some time off. The RTC piledrivering Chyna was a
way for her to look after Triple HHH.

It was late one afternoon and Chyna was in her house cleaning up. Triple
HHH was upstairs in bed as he had to stay on his back to let it heal. Chyna
was in a particulary horny mood. Due to Triple HHHs injury she hadn't felt a
dick in her for weeks. The last time she had seen Hunter's cock was when she
jacked him off a couple of weeks ago in his hospital bed when he had some
scans done.

She began to feel her huge breasts through her t-shirt and tweaked at her
hard nipples just thinking about it. Her hand began to wander over her flat
stomach towards her wet pussy. She slipped a finger through her black lace
panties and began to rub her clit. She moaned and inserted two fingers into
her pussy. As she fingered herself she used her other hand to play with her
breasts. She inserted a third finger into herself and gave out another long
moan, but it wasnt enough she needed a cock.

"I'll just go check on Hunter..." she said smiling and went upstairs.

She peered into the bedroom to see Hunter asleep. Normally, she would have
left him but she was hungry for cock. Chyna crept over to the bed and pulled
back the covers.

Triple HHH was only wearing boxer shorts. Chyna removed all her clothes
except for her panties. She then began to massage HHHs cock through his boxer
shorts. She couldn't wait any longer and took his boxers off releasing his
cock. She took his semi-erect cock in her hand and began to lick his shaft
until she reached his purple head which was oozing precum. She licked it up
and began to take his cock in her hot, wet mouth inch by inch until she
deepthroated him. Chyna's head began to bob up and down on HHHs cock.

At the same time HHH began to wake up from this great feeling. He looked
down to see Chyna sucking him off and smiled.

"Hey sexy!" he said staring at Chyna.

Chyna looked up, but kept sucking, and gave a smile at HHH. She reached
up and began to play withs his balls which made HHH moan.

"Yes...ah...keep going...thats amazing..."

Chyna began to pick up speed and sucked harder. HHH placed both his hands
on the back of her head and moaned even louder.

"Shit yes...thats it...suck faster...IM CUMMMINNNN!!!!!!"

With that he blew his load down Chyna's throat without her spilling a

"I think its you that is that damn good, Chyna!" said HHH, who was out of

"The game's not over yet..." said Chyna, who stood up and took off her
panties to reveal her clean shaven, dripping wet pussy to HHH.

Triple HHH's cock got instantly hard again. Chyna climbed over HHH's cock
and lowered herself onto it. HHH watched as his cock dissappeared into
Chyna's cunt.

Chyna began to rock on HHH's dick. It had been so long since she had a
good fuck she began to have orgasam after orgasam.


It wasn't long before HHH felt his balls tighten.


Triple HHH grabbed Chynas massive boobs as he filled her pussy up with a
load of his cum. Chyna got off his softening dick and soon both fell asleep
in each others arms.

part 2 of "a couple saga" coming soon

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