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A Daffney Encounter
by Informer

Two months ago I was ringside for Nitro just to check up on some friends
(Namely Tammy, Kimberly Tygress and Chae Whoo Hoo). The mixed tag match was
about two start coming out first was WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Candido
and WCW hotty Tammy Lynn Sytch wearing her usual black robe then she spotted
me and smiled as she blew me a kiss as the couple walked by and entered the
ring. Tammy disrobed herself and she was wearing a Hott Red Mini Top and
Black mini shorts. Tammy turned my way for a sign of approval from the crowd
and we gladly gave her one.

Then entered Crowbar and Daffney wearing their usual attire as she entered
the ring I noticed a fan cheering for her loudly. When I turned around and
looked at the fan I lost track of him through the crowd. Five minutes later,
I was shocked to find out that Daffney won the match and was crowned
Cruiserweight Champion (DAMN). So I decided to head to the back to comfort
Tammy at her time of drama. But, one of the security guards asked me to bring
the overzealous Fan to the back. So I went to retrieve the fan and it turned
out to be my old pal, Null.

Me: Hey Yo! Null What's up Kid.

Null: Hey Man! How's it going.

Me: Fucked. Now since my friends lost the Damn Match, Anyway I'm heading
backstage, wanna tag along!

Null: Sure Man! Let's go. We walked around backstage before I reached my

Me: Well, Null! This is Daffney's Locker Room so just knock on the door and
hopefully she will be alone. Later!

Null: Thanks Man.

Null took a deep breath before knocking on the door where a soft shrieky
voice was heard telling him to enter the room when Null opened the room, he
saw the new Cruiser Weight Champion wearing a black tanktop and tight black
jeans causing Null's cock to erect through his pants. Daffney noticed that
he was Hard so she smilied as she gave him a big hug so she could feel how
his cock felt on her cunt so she smiled and said.

Daffney: (smiling) Hi there I'm Daffney! So you must be the fan supporting
me during the match right! So what your name?

Daffney smiled as she had a seductive look in her eyes and a killer smile
as Null stared into her eyes before answering her.

Null: (nervous) Null.

Daffney: (smiling) Okay Null lets go over here so can tell me all about

Daffney smiled and grabbed his hand and lead him towards the couch before
sitting down she bended over to remove some of her things off the couch and
she stuck her nice ass in Null's face which caused him to lose control and
he rubbed Daffney's ass with his hand loving the way it feels causing her
to turn him and smiled wickedly before standing up and removed her clothes
and looking at her naked body made Null hornier as she smiled and got on her
knees unzipped his pants then pulled out his dick before she started to suck
Null's dick slowly to satisfy her Lucky Fan as she looked up to him and he
nodded in approval as she sucked his dick faster taking all 8 inches in with
no problem. Null looked down at Daffney as she skillfully suck his dick and
said to her.

Null (grunting): Get on all fours so I can fuck your pretty ass!

Daffney knew her fan wanted to fuck the hell out of her so she happily
got on all four's with her ASS sticking out and said to him.

Daffney (smiling): So This is what you wanted, huh! So come on Null fuck me

She motioned him to give it to her and he gladly did. Null grabbed her
hips, slapped her ass a few times before he increased his thrust speed and
fucked Daffney's ass like thier's know tommorrow. As Null countinued to ram
his dick up her tight ass harder with every thrust and continued to fuck her
ass with no remorse causing Daffney to scream her head off as her tits was
wagging back and forth before she looked back at him smiled and said.


Daffney let out an mindblown scream while Null continued to fuck her ass
until he grabbed Daffney's tits and squeezed them as hard as he could before
getting on the couch and watched Daffney ride his dick while he continue to
squeeze her tits causing her to scream before sliding over and he started
to fuck her ass sideways as Daffney wrapped her arm around his neck as he
continue to fuck her ass mericlessly before he rolled over again and he
removed his dick and placed it in Daffney's anus causing both of them to
scream loudly as he thrusted downward as hard as he can while grabbing her
tits before standing up grabbed her hips and fucked her tight ass with all
the strenght left causing Daffney to scream in pain.


Null: (grunting) Whoo, damn yeah, baby! Oh, yeah! I love fucking your tight
ass, baby! Oh, yeah.

Null was in heaven fucking his favorite chick's ass like there's know
tommorrow hearing her moans of pleaure caused him to continued his thrusts
slapping her ass with every thrust before he grabbed her TITS and squeezed
them causing both to cum all over each other before falling on top of her as
they layed their excausted on with the Null's DICK stuck straight up Daffney
ass. 10 minutes Daffney got up and sat next to the Dude while rubbing his
dick lightly and said to him.

Daffney: (smiling) MMM! Thanks, Null! That was fun! Did you enjoy youreself?

Null: (gasping) I Sure did. Now lets go hit the showers.

The satisfied duo went towards the showers together and started bathing
each other before Daffney got down on knees and gave Null's cock a breast
massage causing Null to grunt loudly before they ended up Fucking each other
again all night long.

The End

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