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A Day To Remember Part 1
by Tcg46

You can't believe it! You're finally on your way to the place you've always dreamed of! The WWE Performance Centre! Granted, it wasn't the perfect circumstances, you would have much preferred it to be a tryout rather that a university trip but it's better than not going at all, right?

You've been studying drama whilst also doing amateur wrestling in your spare time so this was the perfect trip. You get to learn about the drama side of things by listening to promos, and where is better to learn more about wrestling than the WWE? You might be able to talk to a few of your favourite superstars, such as Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Cesaro. If you're lucky Nikki Bella might be there! You're hoping to see her more than anyone else as you've had a crush on her for years, you know if you ever met her you probably wouldn't even be able to form a sentence let alone flirt with her but it's nice to dream!

Suddenly the coach grinds to a bolt which snaps you out of you daydream, you see your wrestling coach, John, stand up and call out names...

John: Ok, so the first group is going with Mr. Bloom here to the main performance centre and will be watching superstars cutting promos and training in wrestling technique. The second group will be going with me to the gym and looking at the equipment, we have been given permission to use the equipment, but it's very expensive stuff... so don't be dicking around with equipment unless you want to pay for breaking it. Let's go!

You are in the first group, so you follow Matt Bloom as closely as possible to the point it might be kinda creepy but you don't care, you're living it right now. You get to the main ring in the middle of the performance centre and there he is, AJ Styles!! Working on his wrestling ability with Finn Balor, wait, FINN'S HERE TOO!?!? This is the best day of you're life, you're currently watching your idols practicing and putting on a show for you 10 feet away from where you're stood, this is a dream come true. But that had nothing on what came next.

AJ: These guys the amateur wrestlers Matt?

Matt: Yup, just got here about 15 minutes ago.

AJ: What do you say we show them what WWE wrestling is all about?

Matt: Yeah, like any of them want to get in the ring with one of the most hard hitting superst-

Before Matt could finish his sentence, you're already in the ring.

AJ: You were saying?

AJ turns to you and shakes your hand.

AJ: So, what's your name?

You: My name is _____, Sir.

AJ: Sir?

He says with a smirk.

AJ: Just call me AJ.

You: Ok AJ, we gonna fight now?

AJ: I like you already! Let's get going then!

Matt rings the bell and you show AJ what you've got, you're at the top of all your classes but you wouldn't consider yourself anywhere near WWE standard. You have a good 10 minute match and show some impressive ability.

AJ: You have some serious talent kid, I hope I'll see you again in the future!

You: Thank you sir... I mean AJ.

AJ laughs and shakes your hand before giving you a prop mic.

AJ: You ever cut a promo?

You: Does being in front of a mirror count?

AJ: Haha! No then, it's real simple, just think about who you want to call out, think about what's holding them back, what their weaknesses are, and exploit them.

You: I'll give it a go.

You cut a surprisingly good heel promo, calling out Finn Balor, who is still at ringside, everyone applauds and you see Matt whisper something in AJ's ear before AJ runs off down a corridor. Just as you get out of the ring Matt and Finn walk up to you.

Matt: That was a decent promo for your first attempt.

Finn: Yeah, not many people have that much confidence when it's their hundred and first time up there but you crushed it!

You: Thank you guys! I do drama too so I think that might have helped.

Matt: Whatever it is, keep doing it, I'm impressed. Anyway it's time to swap over with your coach and go to the gym, have fun!

As you turn around you feel something hit you right on the chin, you're dazed you a few seconds before you look down and see Nikki Bella sat on the floor rubbing her head, wait, did you just head butt Nikki Bella!?

Nikki: what the fuck! Don't you watch where you're going!?

You: Oh my god, I'm so sorry here let me help you up!

You wrap one arm around her waist as she wraps her arm around your neck for leverage, you pick her up and she looks into your eyes. Then you feel your dick twitch which distracts you a bit.

Nikki: Sorry, I thought you were someone else, are you knew here?

You: I'm actually here on a trip with my university.

Nikki: Shit sorry, how old are you?

You: Just turned 22 last month.

Nikki: Oh wow, come on let's get you to the doc, looks like I caught you pretty bad haha!

You: Sure, you're not charging me for the private tour though are you?

Nikki: Hahaha! No, this was my fault anyway, I'll give you a free pass this once.

You walk down the corridor past the gym where you see a couple of you friends, your best friend Lewis notices you with her and freaks until you mime at him the shut the fuck up!

You pass a door on your right, she opens it and walks in, you follow her in as you think she know where she's going, she closes the door behind you and locks the door before turning on the lights to show you are in a decent sized empty room, nothing's in here but an old desk and a filing cabinet.

You: This ain't a doctors.

Nikki: Shut up and come here.

She grabs you by the shirt and pulls herself into you locking lips in a long passionate kiss, before breaking it up and looking into your eyes.

Nikki: Better?

You: Better.

You lean in again and kiss her again, this time she opens her mouth a bit and before you know it your tongues are in a battle for supremacy wrestling back and forth whilst your lips and locked in a heavier kiss than the first. Each second that goes by you crave each other my until Nikki's hand slowly takes your shirt off, revealing your well defined 6 pack, and kisses down your body leading toward the top of your tracksuit bottoms. She tugs at the waist band whilst looking you in the eye.

Nikki: You ready?

You: Hell yeah.

She pulls your pants down to reveal you 9 inch, girthy cock. Her eyes open wide in astonishment as she didn't expect you to be this big, but you can tell she wants it from how much her mouth is watering. She lifts you cock up and Licks all the way from your heavy, cum filled balls, to you long, thick shaft, all the way up to the head of your huge cock before shoving half of it in your mouth straight away, you're surprised as most of the girls in university could never even come close to taking half of your cock but here is the woman of your dreams sucking on you dick. Bobbing her head faster and faster until she can't go anymore. She lies on her back on the desk with her head handing over the side.

Nikki: Fuck my face baby, come on.

You don't need a second invitation you walk right up to her and shove as much of your cock down her theist as you can, but she's still about 2 or 3 inches away from the base of your cock. You thrust you dick into her mouth faster and faster drilling away into her face, saliva flying everywhere as Nikki tries to take it all. You notice her shorts have gotten wetter so you slide your hand down her body and underneath her shorts, you her s loud moan as you start to play with her clit, rubbing it whilst you fuck the former divas champ's face.

She pushes on your thighs so you pull out and she tries to catch her breath for almost a minute, she eventually takes of her training bra to show off her huge fake tits and her shorts to show her clean shaven pussy before lying back onto the table and spreading her legs.

Nikki: Fuck me... hard.

You grab her legs and throw them over your shoulders and line your cock with her pussy, you rub it against her clit a few times before you start to push it inside her slowly. All of a sudden she lets out a loud moan again.

Nikki: AAAAHHHHHHH FUCK! You're fucking huge... but I told you to fuck me hard!

With that you shove the rest of your cock inside her which drives her crazy, you fuck her with all your strength and she can barely contain herself.

Nikki: FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! COME ON FUCK ME BABY! I want you so bad right now! Fuck me like the slut I am! I'm your personal fuck toy, now show me what you've got!

Her dirty talking somehow makes you find the strength to go even harder, almost fucking Nikki's brains out.


That sends you over the edge and as her pussy tightens on your cock and her body starts to shake, you can tell you're both cumming together, you let out a loud, primal grunt before filling Nikki up with your cum. You kiss for a moment before pulling out and letting your cum ooze out of her pussy onto the floor.

Nikki: Wow, that was amazing!

You: You're telling me, shit!

Nikki: We are so doing this again.

You: Agreed.

With that you both get dressed again before she goes off on her own and you go and join you group again.

Part 2?

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