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Deal With The She-Devil
by Big Chief (

This story takes place at Madison Square Garden after a WWF house show in
the Kat's dressing room.

The Kat had just got out of the shower and was drying off her tight little
body, but even after she was completely dry she had a warm feeling all over
her body. Then all of a sudden she felt something running down her leg, so
she checked to see it wasn't water. It seemed the shower had made her a
little hot because what she thought was water was in fact her own juices.
With a happy smile she reached her hand down between her legs and confirmed
it when one of her fingers entered her soaked love hole.

"Well I guess I deserve a little tension release," she said to her self as
she sat in a chair and added a second finger to her pussy. She started to
work her fingers in out, with a moan escaping her mouth from time to time.
After a minute her thumb had grazed her clit and sent a jolt of pleasure
through out her body. She could feel she was coming close to cumming when
all of a sudden there was a knock on her door.

"Damn it! Who the hell could that be!?" So she got up drying off her
juices, put a towel on and went to answer the door. She opened the door to
she her archenemy Terri standing there.

"What the hell are you doing here you bitch?!!"

"No wait Kat, I'm not here to try and get in another fight with you. I'm
here because I want to try and bury the hatchet with you."

"What the hell are you talking about? What is this another one of your
plans like with the hair salon?"

"No, no I'm serious. I'm here to try and stop this whole feud between us.
I'm just so tired of the fighting."

"So how exactly do you want to try and burying the hatchet."

"I was thinking I could take you out to dinner and give you a gift back at
my hotel room."

"Well..... I guess. How will I get to the restaurant."

"Oh I can pick you up at seven o'clock. I'm just so happy that you're
giving me a chance." And with that Terri left with a big smile on her face.
Unfortunately for the Kat all she could think about was what Terri was up to
so she couldn't finish her "business".

* * *

The Kat was waiting in the lobby of her hotel for Terri and couldn't help
but wonder what the gift was going to be. She was wearing a pair of tight
jeans and a MCW t-shirt because Terri told her they were just going to a cafe
restaurant. To her word Terri came through the hotel door at seven o'clock
wearing a pair of jeans, WWF Attitude T-shirt and an unbuttoned over shirt.

"Hey Kat are you ready to go?"

"Yeah I guess."

She got up and followed Terri out to a waiting limo and got in. They
drove for about three or four minutes until they came to a stop in front of
a nice looking cafe. This looks like a nice place, she thought as she got
out of the limo. Kat was very pleased to find out Terri booked them a table
in the cafe so they could watch the sun set while they ate dinner. Through
most of their meal Terri was apologizing for all the bad things she had done
through out the year. After about an hour the two finished and back into the
limo and were on their way down to Terri's hotel.

* * *

On the elevator ride up to Terri's room The Kat kept thinking what could
Terri's surprise possibly be. Seconds later the doors opened and Terri led
the Kat down the hall to her room. They got to Terri's room at the end of
the hall and she opened it up letting the Kat in. Terri then walked in
closing the door behind her and threw the key onto the table.

"Why don't you go into the bedroom and see your surprise. I'll be there
in a minute."

All of a sudden a wave of excitement came over the Kat as she walked over
to the closed bedroom door. Before she opened the doors she looked over to
she Terri walking into the bathroom. She swung open the two massive doors
and stood in shock. Lying completely nude on the queen size bed was the
women's champion Lita.

"Terri thought that you could use a little release so she asked me to give
that release." said Lita with her legs spread open to show her neatly shaved
pussy. Soon the shocked looked was replaced with a big smile as she walked
over to the bed. She knelt down at the end of the bed in between Lita's legs
and put her hands on the redhead's thighs. Kat flashed Lita another smile
before she lowered her head to her tight pink pussy. She stuck her tongue
and started to lick Lita's slit from top to bottom.

"Oh god that feels good! Lick my pussy you little kitten!"

Lita was enjoying the assault the Kat was unleashing on her wet pussy and
the Kat was loving how sweat the redhead's pussy tasted. The Kat stuck her
tongue into the pussy in front of her and fucked her like it was a little
cock. All of a sudden The Kat felt her pants being pulled down and turned
around to see a nude Terri tugging on them. She got to her feet not once
standing upright or taking her mouth away from Lita's pussy and allowed Terri
to take off her pants. She then knelt back down to the floor and heard Terri
talk over the loud moaning.

"Now let me give you the other part of your surprise."

After she said this the Kat felt what seemed to be a dick sliding into her
pussy, which had to be a strap on dildo courtesy of Terri. She slowly inched
the rubber cock into the woman's pussy so she could get used to the size and
after a few stokes started to speed up the pace. The Kat was now in heaven,
with a tasty pussy at her mouth and a big plastic cock slamming her pussy.
The Kat was able to hold out for about 5 minutes until she felt the familiar
warmth start to form in her pussy and spread through out her body. She began
to buck her hips and moaned into Lita's pussy. The feeling of the Kat
moaning into her cunt was too much as she screamed out in orgasm pulling her
head farther into her crotch. With the Kat shaking her hips the harness of
the strap-on rubbed over Terri's cunt causing her to cum as well. The three
women moaned for what had to be minutes and all laid out onto the bed.

After a few minutes the Kat sat up and said, "God Terri, I don't know why
we never tried to make up before this. I just got one question for you Lita,
why did you agree to do this."

"Hell when Terri told me you would be eating me out I just couldn't pass
that up."

"Well I'm sure as hell glad that you agreed. I've never tasted any one
who was so sweet."

The three women laughed at the comment before getting up and going into
the bathroom to take a hot shower with each other.

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