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A Diva On The Rise
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the May 29, 2006 edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Champion John Cena,
dressed in his black jean shorts and sneakers, is sitting in his locker room,
relaxing after making Johnny Nitro tap out to the STF-U in a non-title match
earlier in the night. John says as he sits back on a couch, smiling for his
success during Raw, when there's a knock on the locker room door, "Come on
in... I'm still decent..."

The door to John Cena's locker room slowly pushes open and in walks the
manager and girlfriend of Johnny Nitro, the manipulative and conniving
Melina. Melina places her hands on her rounded hips as she smirks at the
WWE Champion, John Cena. "Well...well...well if it isn't the WWE Champion,
John Cena...the star of RAW!" Melina says as she pressed in a short black
frilled skirt and a light pink top that fits tightly around her large chest.

John raises an eyebrow as looks at Melina as she closes the locker room door
by kicking it with her foot. "Oh hey Melina, what's up? Enjoying RAW so far?
I know your boy Johnny Nitro hates it..." John says with a bit of a laugh.

Melina laughs a bit "Oh're so funny..." Melina says as the
conniving Diva begins to flirt with the WWE Champion. Melina glances down at
her red painted fingernails and checks them out as she begins talk again "You
know why I came to RAW, don't you?"

John puts his hands behind his head and acts like his thinking for a moment,
"Well... yeah... you got fired by T-Lo over on SmackDown last week at
Judgment Day..."

Melina grits her teeth slightly as she narrows her eyes at John into a glare
before she shakes her head "No! That's wasn't the reason!" Melina replies
with an attitude before rolling her eyes.

"It's not...." John laughs a bit, "Oh wait... I know... the other divas
couldn't stand you, so you're here to make friends..." John replies as he
jokes about Melina's reputation for being difficult to get along with.

"No!" Melina snaps again before pointing at herself "It's because me, Melina,
am the most dominate Diva in the WWE! Those Divas on SmackDown like Jillian
and Kristal, please they deserve to be on low-rate show!" Melina says as she
locks her eyes on John Cena "I'm a Diva on the rise! I deserve to be here on

John shakes his head as he brings his hands from behind his head, "Everyone
is on the Rise... so welcome to RAW... and hope you have success.... now...
what are you doing here in my locker room?" John asks as he casually checks
Melina out as any man would.

Melina smirks "Well you're top guy here, aren't you?" Melina asks with a sly

"That's me... I'm the big dog around... and I'm the champ too...." John
replies with smiles, "Why do you ask? You got some big plans or something?"

Melina licks her lips as she takes a good glance with the WWE Champion, John
Cena "Oh...I got big plans, because I'm bigger and better then those skanks
like Torrie and Candice, and I am much better then Trish Stratus! She's past
her's time of the most dominate Diva in the WWE to take over!"
Melina says with a slight amount of arrogance in her voice.

John laughs, "Damn... you think very high of yourself don't you...." John
says as he gets up from the couch, "But I don't know... Torrie and Candice
a very hot... and Trish ain't past her prime..."

Melina grits her teeth and points at herself once again "RAW will be all
about ME, MELINA!" Melina then pauses and smirks mischievously "And you're
gonna help me!"

John Cena looks at Melina and then laughs, "Boy you really are tripping...
but I'm gonna bite... just why am I going to help you?" John asks as he folds
his arms over his bare muscular chest.

Melina licks her lips "Well see I'm not only the dominate Diva
around here in the ring, but me...Melina, I am the dominate Diva in the bed!"
Melina says as she grits her teeth together and steps towards John.

John looks at Melina with a bit of an amused look on his handsome face,
"Okay... then... well... I've certainly been around the block a few times...
and I could... see if you're... as good as you think you are..." John says as
he looks at Melina as she steps towards him again.

Melina smirks and nods her head as she folds her arms over her large chest
"Oh...I am good!" Melina says as she slightly grits her teeth "And I'll show
you!" Melina says as she steps right in front of John and places her hands
down against the belt around John's black jean shorts and begins to unbuckle
his belt, before pulling it through the loops around his waist.

"I'll be the judge of that...." John says as he puts his hands on Melina's
waist and lifts up her tight fitting light pink top up. When Melina drops his
belt on the floor, she raises her arms up so that the WWE Champion can lift
her top up off of her body. John drops Melina's light pink top down on to the
floor near his belt and takes a look at the diva's large firm braless tits.
"Now those are pretty big headlights...." John says with his usual boyish

Melina smirks "They're the best, aren't they!" Melina says in a dominating
tone before she lowers herself down on to her knees in front of John Cena and
reaches up as she begins to unbutton and unzip his black jean shorts.

"Yeah.... they are some of the best tits I've seen... but you can still look
good and suck badly when it comes to being in bed..." John says as Melina
begins to pull down his black jean shorts down from his waist to his feet.
John steps out of him before the Dominating Diva tugs down his black and
white boxer shorts. Melina grits her teeth as she looks up at John with a
slightly sly smirk, the self-proclaimed most dominate WWE Diva, lowers John's
white and black boxer shorts off of his waist and pulls them down his legs.
Once Melina gets his white and black boxer shorts down to his feet, the WWE
Champion steps out of them, now completely naked except for his sneakers.
John puts his hands on his waist and smirks a bit as his thick fourteen inch
shaft hangs between his legs, "So... what do you think?"

Melina licks her lips "I love it..." Melina says as she reaches forward and
grips John's cock with her hands and pulls his cock towards her mouth. As the
most dominate Diva in the WWE begins to stroke his shaft, she leans her head
forward and presses the tip of her dominating tongue against the head of
John's cock and begins to circle her tongue.

John moans a bit as Melina skillfully whips her tongue around the thick head
of his impressive cock. "I can that you do.... whew... man... nice tongue
work..." John says as he his licks his lips slightly as he watches Melina
coat her saliva over his shaft with her tongue. Melina whips and lashes her
tongue against the head of his cock before she opens her warm, dominating
mouth and lowers her head on his cock and begins to bob her head on John's
cock as she sucks him off. The WWE Champion has to spread his feet further
apart and place both his hands on top of the sexy new RAW Diva's head so he
can keep his balance. "Ohhhh shit... damn you're good...." John moans as
Melina bobs her head swiftly on his shaft. The West Newbury, MA native feels
almost all of his cock past Melina's lips as she devours his meat.

Melina moans softly against his cock as she starts bob her head quicker, up
and down, on his cock as she laps her tongue and her warm saliva around his
cock while sucking his cock at a tremendous, dominating ability. John pushes
his fingers through Melina's hair and lightly grabs hold of her hair as well,
"Ahhh fuck.... god damn... you've had a lot of practice...." John says as
he begins thrusting his pelvis forward in reaction to how hard Melina is
sucking his cock. The WWE Champion grits his teeth a little as he feels that
Melina has the ability to pull his large thick shaft right off of his body
just with her mouth. Melina gradually tightens her lips around his shaft as
she starts to suck harder while lowering her head further down on John's cock
as her warm saliva sprays against his cock.

"Ohhhh.... Christ.... ok... you... can suck a dick with the best of them....
probably better than most divas..." John says as Melina moves a bit closer to
him so that her tits are pressing against his strong legs. Now that she's
closer, John notices Melina is now deep throating all of his fourteen-inch
cock. Melina closes her eyes as she bobs her head swiftly on his cock while
she deep throats his massive fourteen inch cock without a problem. "Awwww
damn.... fuck... okay... okay... you're the fucking best... at sucking
cock... you can... stop now..." John laughs as he lets out a loud moan of

Melina lifts her eyes up and smirks around John's cock as she starts to
slowly lift her head up, as she does so her teeth gently rake against the
skin of his cock. John grits his teeth as Melina's teeth grind against the
upper and bottom sides of his cock before she let's the WWE Champion's
saliva dripping cock fall from her mouth, "Owww... fuck..." John groans as
he wasn't prepared for what the dominating WWE Diva did.

Melina smirks as she raises her eyebrow "I told you I was the best!" Melina
says with arrogance as she stands up.

"Yeah... yeah...." John says, "But... let's see what else you can... so...
get that skirt off..." John replies as he licks his lips and looks at Melina.

Melina smirks and raises her eyebrow "Boy…aren't you pushy.." Melina says
with a sly laugh as she starts to push her short black frilled skirt off of
her hips and down her smooth legs.

John laughs slightly, "Well I am the Champ... the top guy here... and I want
to see how you stack up stack up against the other divas...." John says as he
watches Melina lower her black frilled skirt all the way down to her feet.
"Damn.... no panties? You came prepared...." John smirks a little.

Melina smirks and nods her head "I did..." Melina laughs as she sits back on
the leather couch in John's locker room and spreads her legs a part showing
off her smoothly shaven, hot and wet pussy.

John licks his lips as he looks at Melina's pussy, "That's a hot looking
pussy you got Melina..." John says as he steps back towards the couch and
sits down on the couch.

Melina smiles "You really think so, John..." Melina says with a sly smirk as
she raises her eyebrow "Why don't you do something about it!"

John grins, "I think I will...." John says as he turns on the couch and makes
Melina lay back on the couch completely with her head resting on an right arm
rest. John kneels on the left end on the couch and spreads Melina's smooth
legs so he can slide his cock into the diva's hot wet pussy.

Melina groans as she wraps her smooth legs around John's waist as she starts
to the push herself against his cock as he thrusts into her tight pussy "Mmmm
ohhhh John!"

John puts his hands flat on the couch as he pumps his cock in and out of
Melina's hot wet pussy. "Uhhh fuck... damn... you've got a snapper..." John
grunts as he feels how tight Melina's pussy feels as he drills her.

Melina grits her teeth "Ohh yeah...that's the best pussy isn't it!?" Melina
yells as she starts to grind her pussy against his cock.

John smirks, "Yeah... it's a great fucking pussy...." John says as he puts
his hands on Melina's hip and helps the hot diva by pulling her towards him.
John continues to rock his hips back and forth, driving his long thick
fourteen inch shaft deeper and sharper into Melina's sweet wet cunt with
every thrust he makes.

Melina arches her back yet and lets out a primal scream "Ahhhhhhhhh fuck
yess!" Melina moans as she starts to sweat mildly before she slams herself
against John's cock.

John cringes a bit after hearing Melina's scream at close range, "Fuck...
you're a real screamer...." John says as some sweat drips from John's
forehead down onto Melina's hot body. The WWE Champion leans forward
completely so that his muscular upper body his hanging over Melina's, and
from his new position, John can drive his cock harder into her pussy.

Melina places her hands on John's strong arms and digs her fingernails into
John's arms "Ohhhhh fuck yesss...ohhhh I'm the most...dominate...shit....

John grits his teeth as Melina claws her fingernails into the skin of his
thick arms, "Awhhhh damn... if you're dominate... how come you're on the
bottom...." John laughs before he leans back and pulls Melina up with him.
The powerful charismatic and talented WWE Champion sits up on the couch
and now Melina is sitting on top of cock. Melina grits her teeth as she
places her dominating hands firmly against John's muscular chest and
begins to fuck her body back and forth on his cock as the self-proclaimed
most dominate WWE Diva slams herself powerfully down on his cock as she

John keeps his hands on Melina's waist, but the hot stud does not help
Melina as she bounces up and down on his fat cock. "Ohhh shit... now... I
see.... you love.... being on top...." John moans as the dominating WWE
Diva rocks back and forth on his shaft, pressing her large tits against
his chest every time she comes down as hard possibly on his dick.

Melina grits her teeth as she pulls on her soft, wavy hair "Ohhhhh you like
that don't you?" Melina moans as she grinds her pussy down against his cock,
while sweet drips off of her tan skinned body.

John nods his head as begins pushing his cock up into Melina's cunt, "Yeah...
oh shit... you really know how to fuck... definitely better than Torrie and
Candice...." John replies as he moves his hands from Melina's waist and puts
them on her shoulders while he likes Melina rock and bounce on his large dick
however she wants. Melina tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she
slams down harder on John's cock and her tight, dominating pussy erupts with
cum. John tilts his head back against the couch as Melina's warm cum flows
out of her hot soaking pussy and onto his crotch. "Ahhhh fuck yeah..." John
moans as Melina's body jerks back and forth as her climax shoots through her

Melina's teeth clatter against each other as her juices drains of her warm
pussy "Ohhhhhh fuck!"

John smirks as he feels and sees Melina starting to relax following the
completion of her orgasm. "Ahhh shit... Melina, I'm gonna bust soon... better
get off before I blow..." John groans as Melina grinds herself against his

Melina grits her teeth as she shakes her head "Ohhh no...I don't go down for

"Your... lost...." John grunts as he leans his head back and closes his eyes.
"Mmmmm...." John moans loudly as he starts to cum inside of Melina's hot
soaking pussy as she continues to grind against him. John thrusts his cock as
deep as he can up into Melina's cunt after each burst of his spunk that
shoots from his dick.

Melina licks her lips "Mmmmm...I am dominate!"

John smirks, "Fuck... damn... you're a great fuck..." John says after he
finishes unloading his cum in Melina's hot pussy.

Melina smirks mischievously "Am I the top Diva on RAW?"

John smirks and licks his lips, "Well... with... a little work... you can be
the top diva on RAW...."

Melina narrows her eyes as she lifts herself off of the WWE Champion "What!?"

John licks his lips, "Don't get me wrong, you're great... but... Trish is the
top diva in the entire WWE... and you're just not in her league..."

Melina grits her teeth as she shakes her head "I did that...for nothing!"

"I wouldn't say that... you at least know you're a diva on the rise... since
you're already better than the ones on SmackDown... and almost everyone on
RAW...." John replies.

"No! No! I am the top DIVA!" Melina yells "And I'll prove it everybody! the most DOMINATE...DIVA!"


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