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A Diva Pays Her Dues
by Jack Notgayda

Being a new WWE Diva, Jackie Gayda was still poor. Everything she had, she
sucked dick for. Her job, her hair dye, her breast implants, last nights
McDonald's, and her skimpy skirt that she was wearing. She didn't even have
a car. She had to take the bus to the airport. Since she was such a cocky
girl (no pun intended) she thought she could take care of herself. Jackie
didn't need to travel with anyone. Or so she thought, as she adjusted her
skirt once more. She wore this outfit during her WWE Heat match as RICO's
manager. It was an incredibly short micromini skirt, and a vee necked shirt
that left little to the imagination of onlookers. She stood at the bus stop
as she waited to make the dubious trip to the airport.

A young fan in his early 20s openly watched her, who was also waiting to get
on the bus. He smiled at her to show his interest. She looked away quickly,
hoping not to lead him on. The Diva adjusted her skirt to a lower position,
again; then sighed in relief as the bus showed up. She allowed the man to get
on the bus first, as she was wearing no panties under her skirt. She sat in
the middle of the bus since that area had few people, therefore less risk of
being seen showing her neatly trimmed beaver. She blushed at how she was
turned on by the thought of being seen in public like that.

She glanced at the seat across from hers and saw the man from the bus stop.
He was handsome, and under normal circumstances, Jackie would have flirted a
little bit with him. But with no panties on and his obvious attraction to her
bare thighs, which she tried to cover again, she merely smiled a tight smile.
It said, you might be looking now, but you won't get any of this. His smile
back to her was one of confidence. She was a WWE Diva, whether she deserved
the title or not, and no 'average guy' is going to be blessed by her
attention, she thought.

She looked him over as he did so to her. She noticed his full lips first.
Then his emerald green eyes in contrast to his olive toned skin. He seemed
to be approximately her age, around 32 (she lied, saying she was barely 21
on Tough Enough 2). She felt her nipple tighten under his scrutiny, and
inwardly cursed at this response, since it was pretty obvious that she was
becoming aroused. He grinned at her with a definite interest. She slightly
shook her head no. Finally, nearly dusk, she reached her bus stop. It seemed
like it had been hours, and minutes all at once, but the entire trip was
about 20 minutes from the bus stop. She carefully slid off the seat and made
her way to the front of the bus. Murmuring a thank you to the driver she
stepped onto the sidewalk.

She had always hated this part of her journey even during the best of times.
The alley near the airport was dark and sinister. She heaved a sigh and
started to walk slowly toward the darkness. About halfway there, just at the
entrance of the alley, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned and to her
surprise, saw the man from the bus. She quickened her pace as much as her
heart had quickened her pulse. Not caring that as she went faster, her skirt
rode up her bottom and showed off her heart shaped bottom. Jackie was almost
at a trot when she felt him grab her shoulder and spin her around. She tried
to scream but his hand covered both her mouth and her nose.

Soon her struggles slowed and stopped as she felt the blackness engulf her.
He heaved her over his shoulder fireman style and ran into the building, an
empty warehouse. He tossed her down onto the mattress and began to tie her
feet spread eagle style. He was admiring the view from that angle when he
noticed her beginning to wake up. The sick man took off Jackie Gayda's flip
flops, exposing her large manly feet. He noted that they were at least a
size 11 in woman's shoes. He took one by the heel and moved his nose close
to the underneath part of her fat toes and sniffed in deep. They stunk a
little. He planned on raping her harder now. Stinky feet = rape me hard, is
what he was thinking. He took the next ten minutes worshipping Jackie Gayda's
feet. Massaging her soles, caressing them, smelling them, licking and sucking
her toes and soles.

Every inch was covered. The man started to get distracted by Jackie moving
around, waking up. He quickly moved to her hands and had secured her wrist
before she realized what had happened.


Her panic took over and her survival instincts made her struggle. She was
like a wild woman. This struggling Diva was a sight to see. A celebrity, who
has contributed to many hard boners from millions of young horny wrestling
fans, was his for the taking. It wasn't the fact that he was going to fuck
Jackie Gayda hard. No. It was the fact that Jackie was stuck. Tied up.
Bonded. And she REALLY didn't want to be fucked. Jackie violently struggled
against her ties. Thrashing about, growling, slobbering, making mean faces.
Yet she wasn't even budging. This wild creature, also known as a Diva, wasn't
going anywhere at all. Jackie Gayda was no match for this man and soon gave
up the fight, realizing the inevitable. She was going to be raped. Sobbing
she pleaded with him.

"Please let me go (sob), I promise I won't tell anyone (sob) about this.
Mr Mcmahon is expecting me. He will come looking for me." She couldn't help
breaking down totally at that point. He had seemed to be made of stone, his
expression never wavering from a simple blank look.

He watched the Diva cry as he admired his handiwork, in her struggling, she
had also made the skirt rise to her waist, and her neatly trimmed pussy was
saying open to see, as well as a part of her belly, just above her pubic
hair. Her shirt, which housed a fake set of breasts, had also moved and
allowed him to peek at part of a nipple, just like on Raw a few weeks ago,
which he recorded and whacked off to quite often. She was also braless.

Whistling to himself, he picked up the knife, checked the blade, and then
kneeled next to her. She jumped at his touch and then saw the knife. She
froze. He chuckled and began his work. He sliced away her skirt. Next he
played with the blade barely touching her exposed skin to frighten her
even more. She froze completely, knowing that he could drive the knife
into her heart if he so chose. He slid the blade in between her breasts
and flicked it up. The shirt came away easily. He then cut off her shirt
from her arms and she lay before him, splayed and on display.

Her chilled nipples tightened in the cool air, and he was tempted to lick
them into the largest peaks she would ever see on her own chest. Instead,
he went to his stash of toys and picked out a few. He had plans for her.
She saw what he was doing and she cringed. She had never had a toy used on
her, and had no idea what it would be like. She had no idea what a few of
the items were that he carried over to the mattress and laid down carefully.

He picked the first item up and wrapped the elastic around her legs, the
positioned the butterfly on her clit. He then took a huge dildo/vibrator
and put a lot of lubricant on it. He then placed the tip of it at her
vaginal entrance, and slowly slid the head of it in. It was thick and long,
and it took some work to get it all the way into her pussy. He then took
the duct tape and taped it into place. Last he placed the nipple clamps on
her already extended nipples and tightened them until she gasped at the
pain. He attached the chain to link them. She was now ready.

First thing he did was to take a picture of her. Simply for blackmail
reasons, since Miss Jackie was so uptight about doing nudity (Note to all
celebrities, get naked, or else...). Next he turned on the vibrator inside
her tight pussy. After that, he stepped back to watch her fight with her
own body. She didn't want to be aroused, but she was. The vibrator made
sure of that. Crying, she moaned in pleasure. He pushed the button on the
remote control and the butterfly began to vibrate on her swollen nub. That
sent her over into her first orgasm of the evening.

Jackie writhed in pleasure/pain as her assailant pulled on her chain between
her breasts. Her already sore nipples were being pulled on, and the clamps
clamped tighter the harder he pulled. She had another orgasm. Lost in her
world of pleasure, she didn't see him take off his clothes. He called her

"Jackie Gayda, look at me. I have something for you."

He indicated his now naked cock. It had to be at least seven inches, and he
was still flaccid! His dick was simply laying on his thigh flopping around
as he moved. She had no idea how big he was, but was eternally grateful to
the large dildo stuck up in her crotch, because with that stretching her out,
she might not tear apart when he stuck it in her love hole.

"I need somewhere to put this, get it hard and ready for your lovely pussy.
Do you know where I can put it?"

"My mouth. Please put it in my mouth" Jackie begged. Hoping that he would
not want to put it in her virgin asshole.

"Are you sure you want this in your mouth?"


He knelt on her chest and as she felt yet another orgasm hit her, his soft
cock slid into her mouth. She closed her lips around him and began sucking
him for all she was worth. He still had the remote for the butterfly, and
he changed the speeds on it to keep her on edge before she would plummet
again into orgasmic oblivion.

Her moans deep in her throat were felt by his now hard cock, standing at its
full 11 inches. He didn't want to choke her to death, so he didn't put it all
the way in her throat, but he was far enough in to feel her throat muscles
constrict when she came.

He reached behind him and pulled off the clamps and she screamed in pain
as the blood flowed back into her abused nipples. As she screamed, he felt
himself cum into her mouth, gagging her. He refused to pull out. Either she
swallowed or she choked. She swallowed.

"Very nice, Jackie. But now that I am spent, I will need to be re-aroused
again, now how do you supposed we do that?"

"I can suck you until you are hard again." She meekly offered between coughs.

"Yes, or I could lick your pussy. Which would you prefer?"

"Lick my pussy until you feel you are hard enough, then fuck me until you
cum again!"

"I think I might do that, but to do so, I will have to remove the vibrators.
Do you want that? Or maybe leave in the huge one and merely lick your clit
until I get hard, then rip out the dildo and fuck you hard?"

Miss Jackie shuddered at both scenarios. Both would be almost unbearable for
her. He chose to leave in the dildo and took off her butterfly. This absence
of sensation from her clit was almost painful, until he began to suck and
lick her clit. He massaged her thighs as he did so and her body quivered in
yet another orgasm.

Jackie felt his thick cock growing as it brushed her leg while he was licking
her clit. She wanted him in her mouth again. She asked, and he complied.
Actually, she begged. In the sixty-nine position, she made her cum yet again
and she groaned around his cock, which slid further down her throat in this
position than sitting on her chest.

He ripped out the dildo and pulled out of her mouth as he finally took his
huge cock and speared her with it in one swift thrust. He felt himself hit
her cervix and kept pushing in. She screamed with the suddenness of his
actions as well as with the pain. He bit down hard on her nipples as he
thrust himself in and out of her poor pussy, stretched and abused, sore and
swollen. He banged her with all his might and she had to take it. His thrusts
were so hard that she felt the ropes around her ankles pulling her skin off
and her breasts bounced as if she were running with no bra.

Her thighs ached and her breasts hurt, her clit was so sensitive that she
came again from being pounded like she was. From there he pulled out as
Jackie gasped, knowing what was next. "Please dont! Not there!"

She cried as she felt pressure against her virgin anus. The man stopped.

"What Jackie? What is it?" he asked mocking her.

"Please not my butt. I've never done that before. It's too little.... my....
my butt hole is too little..."

The man moved face to face with her. His hot breath made Jackie squirm. He
talked right in her face in a menacing growl. "You know what Jackie.... all
you Divas are alike. You flaunt around, teasing men for months....YEARS!!
You never deliver the goods, and when you do, it's in some cartoonish Playboy
spread. There so much DAMN airbrushing that I feel like I'm whacking off to
a FUCKING painting."

Jackie shook in fear as the man continued.

"You FUCKING BITCH DIVAS are nothing but cock teases! Well now I finally
caught one of you. I'm not a bad guy. I'm a hero. I represent every male
that ever dreamed of being in the same room as a wrestling diva...."

Jackie felt the man's cock rise up again, this time lining up against her
flexing quivering butt hole. She was held still by his strong hands as he
rambled on.

"....and NOW, after decades of teasing men, a diva BEGS NOT to be fucked?!
Where's the pay off Miss Jackie? What do the fans get?! That's right....
NOTHING!!! Well not any more..... Guess what Jackie Gayda..... you are not
even pretty.... you look like a filthy fucking PORN STAR..... you don't
want fucked up your little butt?!?!!!! Well men don't want to be teased any
more......JACKIE!!! You look like SHIT.... You smell like SHIT..... and
just because you are a diva..... I'm GONNA BURY MY COCK IN YOUR SHIT!!!!"

With that, the man plunged forward all the way up Jackie Gayda's butt. She
moaned loudly, too drained to scream. In every position imagined, the man
pumped Miss Jackie's butt at every angle. Doggy, on her back, standing up,
upside-down, he made her ride him, he spooned her, and finally he pulled out
and came all over her fake tits.

Jackie collapsed in a puddle of sweat and cum. The man composed himself, got
up, and walked around the corner to the bus stop just in time to get picked
up. As he looked out the window at the sobbing Diva, trying to stand up, the
man sung, "You look sooooooooo good to me!"

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