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A Dose of Mattitude
by Big Chief (austin2090

Stephanie McMahon should have been on top of the world. Smackdown! was doing
great in the ratings, Eric Bischoff was on the verge of being fired as RAW
general manager, and she finally brought back Hollywood Hulk Hogan to TV.
However there was something that was really bothering her: a lacko f sex.
Ever since her divorcee from Triple H she had done without sex. Sure she had
masturbated, but that wasn't enough to quench her sexual thirst. Some days
she regretted ruining her relationship with the Game, not because she loved
him, but because he knew how to fuck her good. Well enough was enough, she
needed to get laid, and if that meant using someone on her roster, then so
be it.

Not wanting to just grab a random superstar, she would review the stars on
her roster andt hen pick the lucky one that would be with her. As she thought
out her plan she wished Trish was on Smackdown!, remembering the amazing
threesomes they had with Hunter. Trish really knew how to use her tongue
and it was a shame Steph wouldn't be able to experience it again. Since
tonight was just a house show and she didn't need to appear for the crowd,
she decided to look through some tapes of thelast two weeks of Smackdown!

* * *

The fireworks were going off as Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People"
played overthe arena's sound system. For the fans in the arena, tonight would
just be another of wrestling and entertainment, but for Stephanie it was the
night she would finally decide who would help her to relieve her special
"itch." She narrowed the list to four different wrestlers; Billy Kidman,
Edge, Matt Hardy, and Shannon Moore.

Upon looking at her list she saw two names she could eliminate right off the
bat. First went Kidman because she was in a relationship with Torrie Wilson,
and the last thing she needed was to have another diva pissed off at her.
Next went Shannon Moore due to the fact that she just thought that he looked
too much like a woman, and even though she went both ways it would just be
too weird for her. Now she stared at the two names, trying to figure which
superstar to pick. After a few minutes of thinking, she thought of a perfect
way to decide who to pick. She would put the two in a match tonight and who
ever won the match would receive her special reward. She then had a cameraman
come to her office so she could announce to the fans the newest addition to
tonight's card. After the Chavo Guerrero/John Cena match was thrown out for
interference from bothsides, Michael Cole said Smackdown! General Manager
Stephanie McMahon has anannouncement about tonight's event.

"As always I plan to give you, the Smackdown! fans, the best wrestling show
on TV and to guarantee that I have added two matches to tonight's card.
First Matt Hardy, Version 1 will be taking on Edge, and in the main event
WWE Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle will defend his title against The
Undertaker. And if Team Angle gets involved, Kurt will be stripped of the
WWE Title and I will award it to The Undertaker. Thank you and enjoy the

"And we're out, Ms. McMahon." Said the cameraman.

"Ok thanks, I'll let you know if I need you guys again tonight."

As the cameraman and sound guy left Stephanie was thinking about her
announcement. Ratings wise the Taker v.s. Angle titlematch would be the
night's biggest match, but for her, of course, it would beEdge v.s. Matt

As theHardy/Edge match became closer to starting Stephanie called in Fit
Finely and informed him to tell who ever won the match to report to her
office right after. Once she heard their match was up next she turned on
the TV in her office, so she could see who the lucky guy would be. As
Edge made his way to thering Stephanie knew she couldn't wait until the
match was over so she stood up, undid the dress pants she had on and
quickly yanked them and her thong to herankles, kicking them under her

With her hairless pussy now exposed to the open air, she sat down at her
chair behind the desk, ready to watch the match. As the match began to start
she began to gently rub her tight wet pussy. As the match progressed the pace
of her fingers began to increase causing her to emit light moans. Only a
minute in and she was already cumming, giving her a slight bit of relief.
Once she came down from her climax she looked to the screen, seeing Matt
Hardy's hand being raised in victory. She then grabbed a towel and wiped her
hand free of her juices and then gave her pussy a quick wipe to her wet pussy
as well. She then decided to stay bottomless, but stay sitting behind her
desk so only her white blouse and business jacket could be viewed. Moments
later she hear a knock at the door, "Come onin," the door then opened and a
sweaty Matt Hardy, accompanied by Shannon Moore entered.

"Fit told me you wanted to see me?"

"Yes Matt, I did and just you so Shannon you can leave now." With that a
confused Shannon left as Matt closed the door, entering further into the

"Please Matt, sit down." She said pointing to the chair in front of her desk.

"So what did you want to see me for, Stephanie?"

"Well them atch you just had with Edge was made for a reason," at that second
she thought if she took Matt here in her office then there would be a good
risk of being caught. Even though she loved sex with the excitement it
wouldn't be good for her reputation if they were caught.

"Since you won the match you will be getting an increase in you salary along
with an extra incentive. Unfortunately, I forgot it inmy suite back at the
hotel, so after everything is wrapped up here stop by so Ican give it to
you." And she gave him a piece of paper with her room number on it.

"Um, ok, is that it?"

"Yes, I guess I could have had Fit to tell you that, but I just wanted to
tell youin person. I will see you later tonight Matt."

Matt thengot up from his seat and left her office, closing the door behind
him. As soon as Matt was gone Stephanie pushed her chair back and looked
down at her exposed pussy. As she expected it was once again wet, just from
thinking about what she had in store for Matt later. Since she postponed her
encounter with Matt for later, Stephanie put her pants back on, deciding to
leave her panties off.

* * *

Stephanie'slimo pulled up to the front of the hotel around 10:30. Once the
driver opened her door she stepped out and entered the large building. As
she passed through the lobby she noticed some of the guys in the area
checking her out, most likely due to the fact that they knew who she was.
As just entered the elevator, she became excited, realizing that it was
getting closer to her encounter with Matt Hardy.

Once shegot to her room she decided that she would change her outfit for
Matt's arrival. As she walked into the suite's large bedroom she took off
her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse. Once she got the buttons undone
it joined her jacket on the floor, and left her large round chest in only a
lacy white bra that strained to keep them holstered. Then with one quick
motion she moved her right hand to her back and unclasped the bra, letting
it fall to the floor exposing her round perfect tits. Finally she took down
her pants leaving her completely naked.

Once she put her clothes into one of her bags she went into the adjoining
bathroom. Before she did anything else she looked ather nude form in the
bathroom's full-length mirror. She loved the way her body looked, with her
flat stomach andtight round butt. She had been workingout a lot recently,
but from the outfits she wore on TV it still appeared as if she was chubby.
Finally she broke away from the mirror and decided she would just wear a
bathrobe, kind of likegift-wrap for Matt's special "gift." Before grabbing
the robe she put her hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in the way later

Just as she finished tying her robe close, a loud knock came from the door.
As she made her way to the door, she could feel herself getting wet with
anticipation, again. As she opened the door she was greeted by Matt, who was
wearing a pair of boots, jeans, and his Version 1.0 t-shirt..

"Ah Matt, come in."

"Um Steph, did I catch you at a bad time?" he asked pointing at the robe she
was wearing.

"Oh, no, I had taken a shower before and decided to stay in the robe. Please
make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink?"

"Not really Stephanie, I just want to get this extra incentive you were
talking about andget back to my room."

"Straight to the point, I like that quality in a person. Well, the incentive
I mentioned involves you helping me out with a little problem I have."

"Wait aminute, my reward for beating Edge is to help YOU? I can't believe I
wasted my time with this," and with that he gotup to leave the room.

"Wait Matt. Aren't you a little bit curious about what it is I wanted your
help with?"

"Fine, just tell me what it is so I can say no again and leave."

"Well, what I wanted you to do was, as you like to say, give me an injection
of Mattitude," and with that she undid her robe and let it fall to the floor,
leaving her completely nude in front of the stunned Hardy.

"So do you still say no, Matt?" After a few moments of speechlessness he
managed to form some words.

"Wait a minute Steph, you're joking right? I mean you can't be serious."

"Oh Matt, when it comes to sex I never joke. I haven't been fucked since I
broke up with Hunter and I can't stand it anymore. I need a dick inside me
and by winning that match tonight you became to lucky owner of that dick."
As she answered him, Matt started to process it all in his head. If anyone
found out about this and it got back to Vince, then he could be screwed.
Another thing he had to consider was Lita. Even though they were now on
different shows he still loved her and he didn't know how she'd react if
she found out about this too. However she was his boss and by doing it he
could really help out his career, not to mention that it was a while since
hetoo was laid.

"Ok Steph, if you are serious I guess I can help you out with your little
problem." he replied with a smirk coming across his face.

"Well, you can start out by coming over here and eating my tight wet pussy,"
she said, now sitting in one of the room's plush armchairs. As Matt began to
walk towards her she stopped him, "Hold on Matty boy. I want you to get on
your hands and knees and crawl over to me," she said with her famous wicked
smile now across her face. Deciding that it would be smart to comply with her
requests, he go to his hands and knees and began crawling across the carpeted
floor. Once he was within a tongue's distance of her slit he stopped, "Well,
what are you waiting for Matt, work your magic," she said looking down with
the grin still across her face.

Matt waited for a second to take a whiff of the sweet scent before he dove
his tongue intoher wet pussy. Not yet expecting him to penetrated her in any
way yet, Stephanie let out a yelp that was part surpriseand part pleasure. As
he began to move his tongue in and out he brought his right hand under his
chin and inserted two fingers under his tongue. As Matt went to work she
grabbed two handfuls of his hair, loving the way his tongue and fingers felt
against the sensitive flesh of her inner walls. It didn't take too much of
this action for her to cock her head back, close her eyes and begin moaning,

"Oooooohhhhhhyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaa!!!!!! That ffeeeeeelllllsssss
sssssoooooogggggoooooodddddd!!!!!! Fuck me with your tongue and finger!
Yyyyyeeeeeaaaaa!!!!!Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Fuck me hard baby!!"

Obeying his boss's command, Matt increased his motions, moving his finger and
tongue in and out even faster. With in a matter of minutes he heard her utter
the magic words.

"Oh god Matt I'm cumming!" As soon as she made that announcement her already
tight pussy clamped down on Matt. With her moans becoming music to Matt's
ears, his tongue got the taste of her sweet nectar as her girlie cum escaped
her pussy.

"Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! It feels soooooooo
fucking goooooooddddddddd!!!!!! That's it Matty, suck up my girlie cum,

Through her orgasm Matt continued to work her pussy, wanting to make sure
he delivered as much pleasure as he could. After close to two minutes Matt
noticed her moans decreasing, so in turn he decreased his motions, figuring
her climax was ending. As her heartbeat began to lower back down, Stephanie
looked down at Matt who was looking up to return the gaze.

"Oh my god Matt, that was absolutely amazing. My dip shit of an ex-husband
could never do anything that good with his tongue."

"Well, I do what I can," he replied with a smile.

"Now I want you to stand up. I mean it would just be wrong for me to have you
do what you just did and not return the favor."

Again Matt did as Stephanie said, standing up in front of her so her face was
now at zipper level. As she started undoinghis jeans to "unleash the beast"
he pulled off his Version 1 t-shirt and threw it to the floor. Once she got
his pants open, Stephanie took a deep breath and yanked them and his boxers
to the floor. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw his half harden dick
ready for her mouth. By her guess he had to be around 8 inches, much better
then Hunter's.

"Well Matt,looks like you beat The Game in the size department too." She said
looking up, while wrapping her left hand around his dick. He just smiled back
as she began to gently stroke him in her small hand. After only a few seconds
his dick grew inher hand causing her smile to grow even bigger. She then gave
it a few more strokes before wrapping her plump lips around the swollen head.
To tease him a bit she began to flick her tongue across the spot on his cock
where the headmet with the shaft. The simple motionsent shivers up his spine,
as he closed his eyes and let out a groan.

When she felt his hands begin to touch her head she knew he wanted more and
decided togive it to him. Moving her head forward, slowly, taking his cock
farther into her mouth she moved her tongue around the underside of it (she
actually took pride in the fact that no matter what the size, she could deep
throat a guy without gagging once). While still moving her tongue she began
tomove her head back, leaving a trail of saliva on his dick. When she had
just the head in her mouth again she began to suck and then pulled back,
creating a popping sound.

After giving the head a few more licks, she wrapped her right hand around the
base ofhis shaft and again took his cock in her mouth. Unlike before, as soon
as her lips wrapped around his dick she began to bob her head. As her head
moved, Matt now grabbed two handfuls of her brown hair. As she was blowing
him she moved her hand asif it was glued to her lips, basically giving him a
blowjob and hand job at the same time. If this wasn't enough pleasure,
Stephanie brought her free left hand up to his sack and began to message it
very gently, making sure not to hurt him. Matt just couldn't believe he was
getting such pleasure from hisown boss, and knew he wouldn't be able last
much longer. Moment after the thought passed through hishead, he began to get
that familiar feeling.

"Oh god Steph, I'm gonna fucking cum!"

Upon hearing him, Steph sped up her motions and seconds later Matt let loose.
She always loved the taste of cum, whether it be from man or woman, and right
now Matt was giving her a feast with stream upon stream hitting the back of
her throat. As his orgasm began to subside Stephanie was still lightly
blowing him, trying to milk every last drop from him. When he finally came
down from his climax he looked down at a smiling Stephanie.

"God Stephanie, that was so amazing. I haven't had a blowjob that great since
before Amy injured her neck."

"Well, if you think that was good just wait." She then got to her feet and
ran to the room's bedroom. Matt then got his pants off from around his ankles
and followed her. When Matt entered the room, Stephanie had him sit on the
edge of the bed and stood in front of him. Matt started to nibble on her
right nipple, but was quickly stopped. Before he could ask why she stopped
him he was pushed onto his back on the bed. Still not saying a word she
climbed up on Matt and positioned her dripping pussy over his rigid cock. To
help her out Matt took a hand and held his dick straight up as she slowly
impaled herself on it.

With every inch that entered her body, Stephanie let out a low whimper.
Once she had his entire length buried inside her she stood still a moment,
savoringthe feeling of being completely penetrated. Her stillness lasted
only a second, as she felt Matt's hands grab ontoher hips. With her knees
firmly planted on either side of his body, she began to slowly gyrate her
hips, causing hiscock to slightly move in and out of her pussy. The feeling
of this motion brought slight moans from her, as every nowand then his cock
rubbed against her clit just the right way. Despite the pleasure the motion
gave her, itwas a little uncomfortable for her so she switched to bouncing
her body up and down on his dick.

As she bounced on his cock, her giant round breasts bounced around, just
inviting Matt's hands. His hands quickly left her hips and found their new
home on her bouncing breasts. With his hands holding her globes her nipples
became trapped in between his thumbs and index fingers. With Matt now
pinching her nipples as she bounced on his cock, Stephanie began to moan.

"Oh yeah Matt, that feels so good! Your big hard cock feels so fucking good
in my tight wet pussy! Fuuuucccckkkkyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!! Yeah pinch my
fucking nipples! Yeeeeaaahhh that's it baby, aaaahhhhhH!!!!" The dirty
talking of Stephanie drove Matt crazy and he decided he was going to take
control now. Talking his hands from her chest, he wrapped his arms around
her waist and lifted the two of them up with hisdick still inside her. A
surprised Steph just wrapped her arms around his neck, having an idea of
what he planned to do. Now on his feet Matt did a 180 and lowered the two
of them back to the bed with himself now on top.

With his feet now firmly planted on the floor Matt began to pump into her.
As the Hardy Boy pounded into her, Stephanie wrapped her legs around his
moving waist, encouraging him on. Every thrust that he made into her body
her moans increased from the pleasure it gave her.

"Oooohhhh yyyyeeeeaaahhhhhh!!!! That's it you fucking stud! Slam my pussy
with that big fucking cock! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Come on Matt make me fucking

As he continued to drive into her, he broke the embrace of Stephanie's legs
from around his waist and with his hands moved them up towards her head.
This change in her positioned increased the pleasure even more. Seconds after
doing this Stephanie's body began to shake and Matt knew exactly what was
about to happen.


As her orgasm ripped through her body, her pussy clamped down on Matt's
cock like a sexual vise as it tried to milk his cock of the young McMahon's
favorite liquid. It didn't take long for Matt toget the familiar feeling
again, "Oh God Steph, I'm going to cum!"

"Cum inside me Matt!! Fill me with that hot sticky jizz!" she replied while
pinching her nipples as she reveled in orgasmic bliss. Following her demand,
Matt beganto blow stream after stream of his "love juice" into his boss's
quivering pussy. When she had milked him of hislast drop he pulled out and
fell next to her on the bed. He then looked over as she was coming down from
her climax, covered in sweat with a smile on her face. When she regained her
senses she sat up and looked down at Matt's shrinking cock. She then got down
on the floor in front of him, "Here letme clean that up for you." When he
lifted his head to see what she meant she engulfed his cock yet again. As she
"smoked the old meat cigar" she was treated not only by the taste of his cum,
but by her own juices as well. During her clean up effort she was surprised
to feel his cock come to life yet again while in her mouth. Moving his cock
from her mouth she looked uptowards Matt who was now looking back down with
another smile on his face.

"Damn Matt, you really don't go down easy do you. Well, I've got one more
present that I think might take care of you. Get behind me."

As Matt gotto his feet and walked behind her she rested her arms on the bed
while still onher knees. With out being told what todo Matt got on his knees
behind her and had the head of his cock pressed against her slit, about to
enter when she looked back over her shoulder, "Hold onMatt. You obviously
don't get what exactly I want. You've already worked my pussy tonight, I want
that big fellow to go in my ass. After all I think you earned it."

With an even bigger smile now on his face, Matt moved his cock from her
pussy to her tight asshole. When he started to push his hips forward he was
actually shocked to find out how tight she really was back there. Not wanting
to hurt her, he very slowly inched his way in, letting her backdoor get
accustomed to his size. The moans that now came from Stephanie's mouth had a
bit of pain in it as Matt was the biggest man she'd ever had in her ass. Once
he was fully inside her he stopped and let Stephanie get used to having him
fill up her ass. When he heard her say go on he began to retract his dick.

When just the head was left in herass he pushed back in, still moving slowly.
He kept his motion up, gradually picking up some speed, until his dick was
like a piston moving in and out. With the pain now a distant memory,
Stephanie was moaning in pleasure again, as her hands had a death grip on the
bed's sheets.


With the extreme tightness of Stephanie's ass, Matt was already cum for the
third, and final time of the night. Without a second thought he gave one last
thrust and began to fill her ass with his white goo that she loved so much.
The cum blasting into her asshole triggered yet another orgasm for her,

As hefilled her up, he gripped onto her ass cheeks so he didn't fall back
from the light-headed feeling. Once the last drop shot into her ass he pulled
out and climbed up onto the bed, exhausted. When Stephanie came down from her
final orgasm she saw Matt on the bed and climbed up next to him and put her
hand on his bare chest.

"Oh god Matt, that was amazing. I haven't been fucked like that in such a
long time."

"You were great too, Steph. That definitely made winning that match worth

"Well, if you decide to stay the night, you may get an even bigger reward,"
she said witha smile remembering that she scheduled for Dawn Marie to show up
tomorrow morning for a little wake up call.

"I think I'm going to get cleaned up. If you want you can help clean me up."
She added with a smile before getting off the bed and walking towards the
bathroom. As Matt watched her ass sway from side to side another smile came
to his face. Getting up to follow her knew there would be a lot more fun in
the weeks to cum.

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