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A Doubly Successful Night
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On December 12, 1999 at the Armageddon Pay-Per-View, in the backstage area,
the WWF's new Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho, wearing bright blue
wrestling tights that have a yellow and black criss-crossing pattern running
down the sides of both pant legs, is shinning up the faceplate of his new
championship belt, "The first step of the Y2J plan is complete..." He says
as he starts to walk back to his locker room, but when he looks in front of
him, he sees Miss Kitty, the brand new Women's Champion, coming out from the
diva's locker room area, with her own championship draped over her arm.
"Well... well... well... if it ain't mini-Chyna..." Jericho laughs a bit as
he walks towards her.

The WWF Women's Champion and valet to Chyna, Miss Kitty, slowly turns to face
the new Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho. Miss Kitty, who showed her
chest off at the Pay Per View, smiles politely and laughs a little "Well...
well...well, if it isn't the man who lost to Chyna a few weeks ago." Miss
Kitty says with a smirk as she dressed in a black silk bathrobe and sporting
her medium-short black hair, as well. Miss Kitty places a hand on her hip as
holds her Championship belt against her shoulder with the other hand as she
watches Jericho take a step towards her.

Jericho laughs as he makes his way over to her, "That was then... and this is
now... tonight Chyna did not come close to cheating her way to a win over me,
the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla... or should I say the new Intercontinental
Champion..." Jericho holds up his championship belt as if running his victory
over Chyna into Miss Kitty's face.

Miss Kitty raises her eyebrow "Now Chris...I don't see what you have to
celebrate about." Miss Kitty says as she looks down the WWF Women's
Championship draped over her shoulder "I was successful tonight too..."
Miss Kitty then glances down at her slightly petite chest, covered by
the black bathrobe she's wearing "And...that's not the only thing I did
tonight, either." Miss Kitty adds in, referring to her showing the world
her wonderful tits.

Jericho smiles and looks down at Miss Kitty's bathrobe covered chest, "Yeah,
that's defiantly not all you did..." Jericho licks his lips a bit, "It was
quite a way to celebrate on the spot."

Miss Kitty smiles proudly "Well...I did keep my promise, and I always keep a
promise." Miss Kitty says before she looks at Jericho with a sly smirk "Did
you...happen to see my special celebration out there?"

Jericho grins, "Yeah I caught part of it... but I gotta admit it was rather
disappointing to see Sgt. Slaughter so quickly cover you so quickly..."

Miss Kitty frowns a bit "I know..." Miss Kitty's seductive, soft eyes slowly
lighten up as she gets an idea "Hey...since we both had a doubly successful
night...what if we got together and you know celebrated" Miss Kitty laughs
playfully as she pulls at the material of her black bathrobe "You
show me yours, I show you mine?" Miss Kitty suggest as she licks her soft

Jericho smirks, "That seems like a great idea..." Jericho licks slides his
tongue over his top lip as he looks down at the petite Women's Champion, "And
I'll be more than happy to show mine... when I see yours..."

Miss Kitty shakes her head with a cute smile "'s the other way show me yours...." Miss Kitty winks before turning around and
steps back to the door to the Women's Locker room. Miss Kitty gently pushes
the door open and holds the door open for Jericho "You first, sweetie..."

"All right..." Jericho laughs a bit as he walks into the Women's locker
room. He sets his championship title belt on top of a table that is sitting
up against one wall. He looks over his shoulder as Mss Kitty steps into the
locker room and closes the door behind her. "So... ready to see what I
got..." Jericho asks with a smirk as he places his hands on the waist band
of his wrestling tights.

Miss Kitty presses her soft lips together and smirks, she slowly nods her
head "Oh...I think I'm ready..." Miss Kitty says with a cute laugh as she
too sets her Championship belt down, but on the couch inside the locker
room instead, before she turns and gives her full attention to Chris

Jericho smirks and turns around completely, "Then prepare yourself for an
eyeful..." Jericho lowers his blue wrestling tights down his legs and steps
out of them. When he stands straight up, Miss Kitty can see that Jericho is
one of the few not to wear any type of under-garments underneath his
wrestling gear, and that his cock, even semi-hard is over ten inches long.

Miss Kitty licks her soft lips as she lowers her head gazing down at
Jericho's semi-hard cock. Miss Kitty's eyes lock on his cock as she takes
a step towards 'Y2J' himself, Chris Jericho. Miss Kitty slowly raises her
head up and smirks at Jericho "I see you're fully ready for action, that's
good..." Miss Kitty says with a playful laugh as she starts to slowly untie
the silk belt around her bathrobe.

Jericho smirks cockily at Miss Kitty as he places his hands on his hips,
"Kitty... Y2J is always ready for action..." Jericho says as he looks down
at her chest as she unties the silk belt, waiting to see the first glimpse
of Miss Kitty's wonderful tits.

Miss Kitty licks her lips as she removes the silk belt from around her petite
waist "And I bet you're a guy...who can go all night long." Miss Kitty smirks
and nods her head "Which is a very good thing..." Miss Kitty says as she lets
the silk belt drop down to the floor as she begins to open her black silk
bathrobe teasingly, slow.

Jericho licks his lips as his cock rises slowly to it's fullest size where
it's pointing right at Miss Kitty like a mighty spear. "There's no question
that your a chick that can go all night..." Jericho says as he flicks his
thumb against his chin with his eyes transfixed right on Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty smirks "Oh Chris, you have no idea how true you are..." Miss
Kitty laughs as she completely opens up her black silk bathrobe and proceeds
to remove the bathrobe from around her petite, gorgeous body. Miss Kitty
releases the bathrobe and the bathrobe falls onto the floor along with the
silk belt that was around her waist. The Mini-Chyna, Miss Kitty, now stands
in front of Jericho completely nude with her nice, round and petite tits and
her smooth, shaven clean pussy, not to mention her fabulous soft and tanned
skinned body.

Jericho slides his tongue slowly back and froth across his top lip as he
looks at Miss Kitty's outstandingly hot body. "Very sexy... you are indeed a
sexy beauty... while I am the original sexy beast..." Jericho's eyes wander
over every inch of Miss Kitty's body, although she can clearly tell he was
starring at her tits and pussy at one point or another.

Miss Kitty licks soft lips as she places her hands on her slender hips and
proceeds to approach Jericho "Well Chris, we both are winners...we both can
go all night..." Miss Kitty smirks as she flips her black hair back "I bet
you don't know that I have one heck of a mouth..."

Jericho laughs slightly as he shakes his head, "Nope I don't know that...
but if you're willing to prove that to be true... I can tell you how good
your mouth is..."

Miss Kitty licks her lips as she stands directly in front of Jericho. Miss
Kitty smirks as she locks her eyes with his eyes, placing her hands on his
waist "I'd be happy to prove it..." Miss Kitty says as she lowers herself
down onto her knees in front of Jericho, keeping her hands at his waist for
a moment before she lowers her hands and grips his cock gently with both
hands. The petite sex kitten, begins to slowly guide her hands up and down
Jericho's already hard cock.

Jericho moans softly as Miss Kitty strokes his shaft with tender care. He
places a hand on top of her head and starts to push his fingers though the
strands of Miss Kitty's black hair. "Mmmm... your hands sure get... a
positive review..." Jericho laughs a bit as he again licks his lips. Miss
Kitty laughs a little as she leans her head forward towards Jericho's cock
as she continues to stroke the bottom half of Jericho's shaft with her soft
hands. Within an instant, the sex kitten, opens her mouth and takes Jericho's
stiff, hard cock into her small and warm mouth. Miss Kitty gently presses
her soft lips around his cock as she starts to bob her head gently on his
cock, sucking him off as she strokes the lower portion of his cock at the
same time. "Mmmmm..." Jericho moans softly as he looks down at Miss Kitty
as she bobs her head on the top half of his cock. Jericho's body tenses up
slightly whenever she slightly squeezes the bottom half of his cock with
her soft hands. Jericho moves his hips forward to get a little more of his
shaft past her soft seductive lips.

Miss Kitty begins to tap her tongue against Jericho's cock shaft as she
starts to move her head quicker on his cock. She bobs her head up and down,
gradually increasing her speed of sucking as she moves her left hand down
to Jericho's ballsack. She cups his ballsack with her left hand and gently
squeezes his sack as she moves her head further down his shaft, taking his
cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth. "Ahhhh geez..." Jericho moans a bit
louder as he feels Miss Kitty's warm saliva start to trickle down his cock
towards the base where her right hand is still wrapped around his cock.
Jericho moves the hand he had on Miss Kitty's head to the back of her head
and lightly pushes her downward, "Mmmm, come on Kitty... show me what you

Miss Kitty manages to open her small mouth wider, taking Jericho's entire
hard cock into her warm, delicate mouth. The petite sex-craving kitten,
begins to quickly bob her head on the cock of Chris Jericho as she deep
throats his impressive tool. As Kitty deep throats his cock, she squeezes
his ballsack tighter with her left hand. "Oh yeah... now that's... a
highlight..." Jericho groans as he lifts his hand off of Kitty's head. The
new Intercontinental Champion is completely enjoying the hot blow job Miss
Kitty is giving him, and his moans of pleasure let her know how much he's
loving it.

Miss Kitty slowly drags her tongue up Jericho's shaft as she gradually lifts
her head up from his cock. Miss Kitty watches her warm saliva trickle down
his long shaft, before she looks up at him with a playful smirk "Hey Chris...
I got a great idea..."

Jericho looks down at Miss Kitty and smiles a bit, "And what is your... great
idea?" He asks as he flips his long hair back with his left hand.

Miss Kitty licks her lips as she looks up at Jericho with a sly smile
"Well..." She says as she turns around on her knees and bends over onto her
hands, getting down on all fours on the floor. Miss Kitty looks back at
Jericho "You...could do me...'kitty-style'..." She says with a cute, playful
laugh as she looks forward flipping her black hair back and shakes her cute,
round ass.

Jericho laughs a bit at Kitty's idea as he looks down at her cute round ass
as she shakes it back and forth. "That sounds like a good idea... because I
love to fuck a girl 'kitty-style'..." Jericho smiles as he kneel down behind
her and slightly smacks her right ass cheek with his right hand.

Miss Kitty licks her lips and lets out a soft moan "Mmmmmm..." She watches
Jericho as he grips his cock and slowly inserts himself into her wet, tight
pussy. "Ohhhh yeah..." Kitty moans as she feels Jericho's cock slide into
the wetness of her pussy.

Jericho licks his lips as he stops pushing into Kitty’s pussy when he's half
way inside of her. He releases his cock and places both of his hands on Miss
Kitty's slender hips and pulls her back the rest of his way. "Mmmm....
damn..." Jericho says as he feels how tight her pussy is around his shaft
before he starts to thrust in and out. Miss Kitty bites down on her bottom
lip as she feels Jericho thrust his impressive cock repeatedly into her warm,
wet and tight cunt. Kitty closes her eyes as she starts to push back against
Jericho's cock after every time he thrusts into her. The sound of Kitty's
back smacking against Jericho's waist is echoed throughout the Women's Locker
room. Jericho begins to pick up the pace of his thrusts after every few
minutes, resulting in his ballsack to swing back and forth like a pendulum.
Jericho closes his eyes as he slides his hands from Miss Kitty's waist up to
her lower back, letting her push back how she wants instead of him pulling
her back.

Miss Kitty grits her teeth as Jericho suddenly drills his entire cock into
her sweet, tight pussy "Mmmm ohhhh...fuck...Chris!" Kitty moans as she
responds by pushing herself back against Jericho's cock at a quicker, more
powerful rate after she plants her hands firmly on the floor.

Jericho lightly grinds his teeth together as he changes up the pace of his
own thrusts so that they are slower than what Miss Kitty wants, but they are
also twice as hard and sharp as they were before. "Uhhhh... you... sure...
love it... 'kitty-style'....mmmm fuck..." Jericho grunts as she looks back
at him over her right shoulder.

Miss Kitty grits her teeth "Mmm ohhh...I fucking love it...but you know
what's better.... fucking my ass 'kitty-style'..." She says with laughs as
she aggressively pushes back on his cock once again.

Jericho smirks, "I bet... you do..." Jericho comes to a complete stop before
he pulls his cock out of Miss Kitty's tight warm pussy. Using his left hand
to open up her ass-cheeks so he can push his thick hard cock into her tight
tiny asshole. Jericho has to put his hands back on her hips to hold Miss
Kitty still as he forces his entire shaft into her.

Miss Kitty tilts her head back and grits her teeth "Ohhhhh...fuck..."
Kitty groans as she feels Jericho gently work his cock deeper into her tight
asshole, using slow and gentle thrusts. Sweat starts to drip down Jericho's
face as he shows extreme restraint from speeding up his thrusts. Jericho
starts to pull Miss Kitty back towards him, making his cock enter her more
sharply as he drills her a bit harder. "Mmmmm.... ohhhhh Chris!" Miss Kitty
moans loudly as she begins to push herself back against Jericho's cock once
again as she reaches down, between her legs and begins to rub her pussy with
her left hand as she keeps her right hand planted firmly on the floor.

"Uhhhh... yeah.... you like... that... don't ya..." Jericho grunts as he sits
higher up on his knees to drive his cock into Miss Kitty's asshole from a
different angle. Throwing all of his 231 pounds behind every thrust, Jericho
repeatedly pumps the ass of the new Women's Champion with his shaft.

"Awwww...ohhhh...fuck me Chris! Oh yesss...fuck me!" Miss Kitty moans wildly
as her body jerks forward and then back due to Jericho's constant, powerful

Jericho smirks a bit as he starts to deliver more and more powerful,
unrelenting thrusts. With his hands firmly on her waist, Jericho yanks her
back at a quicker rate than he's fucking her. "Mmmm... fuck... I want that...
little kitty of yours one... more time..." Jericho says as he pulls out of
Miss Kitty's ass.

After continually rubbing her own pussy furiously, the sex kitten begins to
cum on her left fingertips "Ohhhhhh..." Miss Kitty coos as she feels her warm
cum against her fingers. Realizing that Miss Kitty just climaxed from how her
body quivers, Jericho grabs her waist and has her lay on her side. Jericho
lies down behind the petite beauty and lifts her right leg up so he can press
his cock against her pussy. As he re-enters her, Jericho's shaft glides
against the tips of Kitty's fingernails when she starts to weakly move her
hand away from her cunt. Miss Kitty closes her eyes as she sweat rolls off of
her petite body "Ohhhh...ohhhh Chris..." Kitty moans as the tired sex kitten
feels his thrusts increasing inside of her soaking wet, orgasimed pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah... this is how a night like this should end..." Jericho moans as
he drills Miss Kitty's cunt with steady thrusts as he presses sweat covered
chest against her back.

Miss Kitty grits her teeth as she rests her head back against Jericho's
shoulder as she feels his cock sprint furiously in and out of her pussy.
Kitty tiredly licks her lips "Ohhhh Chris...mmmm Chris..." Kitty moans.

"Uhhh... ohhh shit..." Jericho grunts as he starts to feel himself starting
to cum. Not wanting to blow his load inside of her, Jericho grips his cock
with his hand to pull it out of her cunt, and with in a few moments of the
tip escaping her pussy, Jericho starts to cum on Miss Kitty's left thigh.

Miss Kitty bites down on her bottom lip as she keeps her eyes closed "Mmm...
Chris.." Kitty moans as she tilts her head back and turns her head to kiss
Jericho on the lips. Jericho kisses Miss Kitty back, slipping his tongue
into her mouth as he uses his tip of his cock to spread the cum on her thigh
around in small circles.

Miss Kitty slowly breaks the kiss and opens her eyes as she looks back at
Jericho. She takes a deep breath "You know...Chris?"

"No... what?" Jericho asks with a smirk as he licks his lips.

"I think...we both had a successful night.." Miss Kitty smirks and licks her
lips "I think we had a doubly successful night sex!"


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