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A Dream Cum True
by Ryanman

Tommy Dreamer walked out of the men's locker room after Raw. He had just
fought RVD in a hardcore match for the WWE Intercontinental title belt, and
lost. He was near tears at the end of the match, not just because he had
crotched himself on a ladder; but because he had long dreamed of main
eventing at MSG in his hometown of New York. He had done just that, sure he
had lost, but he lost to Rob Van Dam, a competitor he had respected and liked
for quite some time. They had had their differences back in ECW but they had
patched things up to help invade the then WWF. He wished he could have won
the IC title, but Rob was on the rise and no matter how much Tommy got pushed
in the WWE he knew he wouldn't get that far before his retirement was due.

He was just leaving the locker room hallway when he heard a voice from
behind, "Hey Tommy." He turned to see his old ECW pals Buh-buh, RVD and
Spike; they were walking with Trish and Terri.

"Hey Buh-buh, whats up?"

"Tremendous match you and Rob put on."

"Yeah," Spike added, "Best hardcore match I've ever seen, in WWE."

"Thank guys, but most of that credit goes to Rob."

"That's cool, and I am the whole dam show. But you didn't exactly lay down
for me." Rob told his old friend, "We were just heading out on the town and
wanted to know if you'd join us?"

"Thanks guys, but no thanks." Tommy smiled, "But I'm sore and tired, I'm
just gonna head to my hotel room. But see you at the show tommorrow."

"Yeah," Buh-buh nodded, "Take care buddy." The five grapplers headed away
from Tommy and towards the parking lot.

Tommy finished double-checking his flight in the hall when he turned to the
sound of another voice, "Hey there." He turned to see ring announcer Lilian
Garcia looking extremely sexy in one of her tight dresses.

"Hey, Lilian, right?"

"Yeah, I saw your match tonight you were fantastic."

"Thanks, but, what are you doing here?"

"Isnít it obvious, Iím trying to seduce you."

"Sure...what?" Tommy said doing a double take.

"Seducing you." She said moving her face closer to his and cupping his groin
in one hand, "Feels like itís working."

"Like a charm babe, like a charm. Want to head over to my hotel room."

She giggled at his straight-forwardness, "No, I want you now." She grabbed
his hand and dragged him back to the menís locker room.

"Why do I get the feeling that youíre no stranger to this place?" Tommy

"Ah ah ah ah. Play nice or Iím leaving." She mocked him with a fake pout.

"You donít want it nice, you want it to the extreme, donít you bitch?" His
voice took a harder tone.

Lilian was surprised, but not necessarily disappointed with the edge in his
voice, "Yes," she replies, "I want it extreme."

He grinned, "Good." He undid his belt and pulled down his pants and sat on
a nearby bench, "Now get sucking."

She got down on her knees before him and moved her head towards his cock when
he stopped her. "Not yet," he reached down and ripped the top of her dress
apart letting her mid-sized tits spill out. "Now you can begin."

The sight of her heaving breasts started his cock rising; she placed the
head of his manhood in her soft warm mouth. Her tongue swirled around the
piss-hole as she moved one of her hands to fondle his testicles. She slowly
took his entire seven inches into her mouth and down her throat. She stared
up at him as she did so, the sight of her pretty face taking his man meat
in her mouth turning him on even more.

She removed all but the head of his penis from her mouth; one hand continued
working on his balls while the other moved to massage his shaft. She lightly
scraped her teeth across the head. She then began to move up and down his
shaft once more. Her head sped up itís pace, faster and faster as her tongue
skillfully manipulated his cock. He jerked slightly and she knew he was about
to blow. She pulled him out and let him spray all over her face and hair.

As he began to deflate, Lilian lay across the bench and Tommy licked her
firm tits. Sucking on the nipples like a newborn with itís mother. He moved
his hands down to her pussy; one manipulated her clit while the other began
probing her cunt lips. He moved his head to follow suite, his tongue massaged
her clit lightly as he spread her legs further than before.

He moved his tongue away, teasing Lilian slightly; he then moved it to her
tight opening and probed her snatch. He lapped away as she played with her
own tits, pinching her nipples roughly. Tommy moved his tongue back to her
clit, twisting it furiously sending chills down her spine as she came. Her
juices began seeping out and Tommy lapped them up like a dog at water.

She saw his cock was rising again, she lay him across the bench and climbed
up over him. She stroked his cock to its full size and slowly dropped her
body weight down on him, impaling herself on his spear. She moaned loudly
as he filled her up much fuller than she ever felt before. She slowly began
to move up and down on him gradually speeding up; he thrusted his hips to
match her rhythm.

"Oh, yeah Tommy," she screamed, "Fuck me, fuck my brains out!"

"Yeah, you slut," he replied, "You love my fat cock, donít you?"

"I love it Tommy, harder!"

He started thrusting harder and she moved faster to match him, "You love
being taken to the extreme, bitch?"

"I am your bitch," she groaned, "Iím your whore."

He moved his hands up to her bouncing tits and roughly massaged them,
pinching her nipples. The combined pleasure of his manhandling her tits
and his cock thrusting into her was too much, she shuddered and her cunt
contracted as she came. Tommy managed to hold on even though the feeling
his cock was sending to him was yelling at him to cum.

Lilian collapsed on top of him; he slipped and she saw he was still
rock-hard. She sat him up and got back on her knees on the floor, only
this time she pushed her tremendous tits together and trapped his dick
in between. She moved her body up and down fucking his cock with her
tits, allowing her tongue to toy with his head when it peeked through
her cleavage. The tight space of her breasts was too much for Dreamer
as he let his jizz fly spraying her body. She wiped off a sample of his
cum and licked it off her finger and left into the shower.

He lay back on the bench, satisfied and realized that another dream had
just cum true...

The End

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