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A Dream Cum True 4 Me
by Unknown

As a horny 18 year old student my dream is to fuck Stephanie McMahon.

The dream becomes reality...

As I was working at my weekend job at a nearby hotel, I stood at the counter
waiting to see anyone to their rooms when my boss asked me to get the keys to
room 118.

As I turned to where the keys were my boss made her way round. My boss is a
Canadian lass. I heard her speaking to somebody. When I turned back, I just
got a shot of her short skirt barely covering her ass

After this I ran over to the room where you can view the security cameras in
every room and hallway in the establishment. My attention was focused on the
room where a woman had her skirt up and her fingers in her clit.

I got down to the room munber of 118 funny enough. I raced up the stairs and
to the room where it was.


"Who is it?" replied a voice ever so sharp.

"Room service!" I said smuggly.

The door was pulled open from inside and to my amazement is was Stephanie
McMahon. I looked down at her skirt as it was ruffled up and I pushed her
back into her room as she waseven stunned she went right to the king size
bed. With and excited tone in her voice she said, "Want to get it on?"

I woundn't say 'no'.

As I loosened my trousers purposely for them to fall down soon. I jumped
next to Stephanie to unveal a hard-on. Steph seemed so happy, she went down
to my zipper and started to tease my cock head.

There was a knock at the doorat this point. Steph sprung to the bed and told
me to get in the toilet.

Steph regained her composure to answer the door and it was the manager. She
said sharply as she pushed her way in in the lovenest of Stephanie's, "Where
is my right hand man? He was last seen coming in here. Where is he?"

"I don't know. He left only seconds before you knocked," lying as good as she

At this time I had the door ajar to hear who it was at the door and just the
sound of my bosses vioce turned me on.

She walked in and started to undress down to her bra and thongs. She then
layed on the bed and told by boss to lick her out and make her cum. My boss
slid her tongue by the side of Stephanie's thong. She was moaning and
groaning as my boss was sliding his tongue ever closer to her soaked pussy.
She then removed her thong and bra and started to lick her juicy, moist
pussy. "Oh! Oh!" cried Stephanie as she came.

At this time my cock was harder than a brick, so on this I walked out of the
bathroom to shook my boss, who was working her magic between Steph's legs.
She said with a mouthful of Steph's cum as she swallowed it, "What are you
doing here? I thought you'd gone home for the day."

"No," I replied, "Steph asked me to do some work in there."

But Steph didn't care as she was getting over an orgasm, "Let him join in."

"Oh, absolutely," said my boss not knowing that I didn't know she was
bi-sexual. "We're up for any rigorous physical activity you want to put us
through. So what is it going to take to get your cock hard?"

Running to the bed I said, "To play with my cock head would get me turned

Steph put my boss on the bed and unfastened her tight g-string easily visible
under her black skirt. Stephanie removed her coat and began unbuttoning her
blouse. Pulling off my boss' pants, I lowered my mouth between her legs,
tonguing and munching her cunt through her leopard-print thong as she moaned
and ran her fingers through my hair.

Steph moved beside my boss and began to fondle her ample tits through the
shirt. Lifting my eyes (not my mouth, mind you), I could see that Steph was
almost completely naked except for her bra, no panties in sight as my boss
fondled Steph's sopping wet pussy. I stuck my cock in Steph's anal passage
in anad out like Steph's tongue.

We all came before my boss pulled away and said, "I have a hotel to run."

What I didn't know was my boss was ill and Trish Stratus took her place!
Not at all bad. I fucked Stephanie and Trish at once.

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