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This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or
people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any
feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u
liked, didn't like, my email is All characters storylines
situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really
happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't This was
a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller.

A First Cum Match
by ThePac

Trish and Lita's long-standing rivalry is still as fierce as ever as we head
towards the 2006 Royal Rumble. Both have been pissing each other off and
winding up everyone backstage so much so that on Raw, Mr. McMahon makes a
huge match for the Rumble. It will be Trish Vs Lita in the first ever First
Cum Match where the only way to win is to make your opponent cum. Trish's WWE
Women's title is also on the line making it a near winner takes all match as
both Divas admitted in interviews that they would be so embarrassed if their
worst enemy made them cum live on PPV. So the PPV rolls around and the crowd
are on the edge of their seats ready to see the two hottest Divas in the
company battle to make each other cum. Lita is out first, she walks out onto
the ramp a little embarrassed already as on a new rule for this match
was that both Divas must start the match in their underwear. So Lita walks
down the ramp in just a light green bra and thong showing off so much flesh
that cameras all over the arena flash to catch Lita in her panties. Not
normally the most self cautious Diva but in only her bra and thong she is
scared that something more will slip out. Even more scary for her is that she
and Trish were told that nudity is more encouraged that ever before in a
woman's match. Lita is stood in the centre of ring her legs crossed slightly
trying to hide the most intimate part of her panties while her arms are
crossed over her chest. Hearing the sexy giggle the fans cheer as their
favorite Diva makes her way to the ring holding the woman's title over her
head. Trish is dressed in a black teddy covering her big boobs but it's see
thought under her boobs showing off her toned mid section. As she hops onto
the ring apron, her teddy flips up slightly showing her tiny black panties
that barley covers her big ass to the awe struck crowd who has never see
Trish looking so sexy in a title match.

Both Divas stare each other down as the ref holds up the belt so the fans
know it's a championship match and he hands it to the timekeeper as the bell
rings the two Divas stand face to face. Lita wastes no time in stamping her
dominance on this match flicking her leg up hitting Trish in her crotch.
Trish groans in pain as she cradles her sore pussy until Lita takes a hold of
her long blonde hair and pulls her into a front face lock. Lita drops Trish
right on the top of her head in a painful DDT sending her bouncing across the
mat. Out of pure habit Lita rolls into a cover hooking Trish's leg before the
ref reminds her that she has to make Trish cum to win the match. Looking
upset at having to make her bitterest rival cum Lita moves herself in-between
Trish's legs pushing her face forward. Before she can get her face in Trish's
panties the blonde snaps her legs shut wrapping them around Lita's throat
choking the air out of her. Struggling to breathe Lita claws at Trish's dark
brown thighs trying to break the hold but Trish is determined to choke Lita
out cold for a quick and easy win. Thinking back to her wrestling training
Lita rolls across the mat forcing Trish to roll with her to keep the hold
locked on but during to rolling Lita is able to get her arms between Trish's
legs prizing the hold off her neck. Lita is free and she quickly rises to her
knees and jumps on top of Trish pinning her down to the mat then slapping her
right across the face. Trish's head snaps sideways from the force of the blow
as Lita sinks her nails into her hair trying to uproot all her beautiful
blonde locks. Pulling at her hair and also slamming the back of her head into
the canvas Lita seems to be in total control of this match up but Trish is
able to lift her back up from the mat pushing Lita forward and off her chest
making the red head do a forward roll to avoid smashing her face into the

Trish is also quick in getting back to her feet, which is lucky as the second
Lita is on her feet she turns and runs straight at Trish. Quickly Trish boots
an oncoming Lita right in the gut driving the air out of her and also forcing
her to bend over and Trish works fast slipping her hands inside the cups of
Lita's bra. In one powerful pull Trish tears off Lita's bra making her tanned
boobs drop out in front of the whole world bringing the fans to scream out
wild. Someone else screaming out wildly was Lita who looks down seeing her
tits out in the open makes her face go bright red and she quickly uses her
arms to cover her nipples. Trish loves watching Lita hide her topless self
and with Lita distracted she sneaks up behind Lita then grabs her at the
elbows pulling them away from her chest giving fans another look at her bare
boobs. Yelling Lita runs away into a corner covering up but Trish follows her
turning the scared red head around before delivering a knife edge chop right
to her exposed chest sending her fake boobs bouncing around. 3 more chops
have Lita rocking back in the corner but as soon as Trish goes to lick her
palm for another chop Lita quickly elbows Trish in the side of the head
sending her stumbling backwards. With one arm Lita covers her red and bruised
tits while she lines up Trish and when she turns around Lita levels her with
a big head butt sending her hair flying around. Trish falls to one knee
holding her forehead in pain as Lita leans over her grabbing the bottom of
her silk teddy and starts to pull it up Trish's body. She can feel herself
being stripped but that head butt has really hurt her so Trish is unable to
save her top. Lita pulls the rest of the teddy off Trish's head and
celebrates like she has already won the match waving the fabric over her

Getting to her feet Trish makes no attempt to hide her bare boobs allowing
the fans to get a look at her awesome tits and the crowd is just silent in
amazement. Her tits are near perfect no sag or surgery marks just two light
brown breasts topped off by her half inch nipples which are already rock
hard. Lita is looking around at the crowd who are all quiet as Trish is stood
behind her bouncing up and down in anticipation but is really jumping around
giving the crowd a real show with her naked tits. Spinning round Lita sees
the topless Trish and can't help but admire the Canadian's rack, which looks
so amazing coated in a light band of sweat and with the ring lights shining
on them. With Lita looking at her Trish takes her chance in slapping the
taste out of Lita's mouth swinging the red head a full 180. Lita falls
backwards into the ropes as Trish follows her giving her tits another hard
chop sending Lita's chest the same shade of red as her hair. Fighting back
Lita pushes Trish away before getting out of the ropes to go face-to-face and
tit-to-tit with her blonde rival. Both start pushing each other using their
tits to push each other back but before long this turns into a full-blown tit
battle. Smashing their tits together with their arms locked up Trish and Lita
stare at each other pushing themselves back and forth. The fans are watching
on their feet as two of the best racks in wrestling smash together hoping to
weaken or hurt the other. The silicone smashes against each other as both
girls fight to beat back their opponent using their own tits which are
covered in sweat and every time they smash together a huge wave of sweat
flies off their bodies.

To Lita's amazement Trish's boobs are hitting her harder and after all those
chops her boobs took they are staring to burn and hurt her more and more.
Gritting her teeth Lita tries to fight back but Trish's boobs are getting
stronger and hitting harder forcing Lita to give ground to the blonde. When
she looks down Lita sees her own boobs a bright shade of red with bruises
darkening the skin but when she looks at Trish's boobs they still look
perfect no marks or red spots. Trish feels Lita's grip slipping so she
crashes her breasts into the red heads chest hard while also pushing back
with her arms. The force of the blow knocks a weakened Lita over onto her
back and the second her spine hits the mat Trish jumps on top of her pinning
her arms under her strong legs. Dangling her boobs right above Lita's face
Trish waits for Lita to wake up from the blow and when she does Trish smiles
at her before lowers her tits around Lita's face. Lita cries out as Trish's
huge boobs cover her face blocking the air smothering her. Trish wraps her
arms behind Lita's head pushing her further into her sweating boobs draining
the air from Lita's lungs and making her thrash around desperate to get up.
Coughing and breathing heavy Lita knows that in a few seconds she will be
choked out and Trish will easily get the win so in a last gasp move Lita
cranes her neck upwards placing on of Trish's pink erect nipples in her
mouth. The crowd is amazed as they see Trish's eyes close and the Diva slowly
moaning but what they don't see is underneath Trish's boob smother Lita is
working like a mad woman licking and sucking on Trish's nipples hoping to
make Trish loosen her grip. Trish loves having her big boobs sucked and with
the touch of a woman's tongue licking her sensitive nipples Trish is in a
world of her own moaning at the soft sucks on her tit and the tongue bath to
her nipples is making Trish very wet. Before she knows what she is doing
Trish lets go of Lita's head and her right hand slides down her six-pack
until it disappears under her panties.

Lita feels that the pressure has been lifted so quickly she lifts her hips
and rolls a moaning Trish off her as she gasps and takes in a few lungfuls of
air. The noise level in the arena goes up a notch as Trish is rolled onto her
back she is still playing with herself so the fans get an amazing view of
their hero Trish Stratus masturbating in the center of the ring. Trish opens
one eye to see that she has her hand down her panties in the middle of a
match and worse is live on PPV but the second she takes her hand out of her
panties Lita jumps on top of her. Lita's thong covered ass sits down right on
Trish's boobs keeping her down on the ground as Lita regains control of this
match before looking down at Trish's panties which are soaked with her own
juices. No second is wasted as Lita pulls her dripping wet panties to one
side before shoving 3 fingers deep into Trish's pussy making the blonde cry
out in pleasure. The first though in Lita's mind is just how turned on Trish
got from her tit sucking as she can feel a near river of pre cum slide across
her fingers. Being no strange to making girls cum Lita cuts to the main arena
pumping her fingers in and out like a cock making sure to brush the most
sensitive areas of her opponents pussy making sure Trish really felt every
thrust. Trish's hips buck like mad half of her trying to fight off Lita but
the other half trying to force Lita's expert fingers deeper and deeper
towards her G spot the same case is with her hands. Some times she is trying
to push Lita's big ass off her chest while in the back of her mind she wants
to give that fine booty a rub feeling how soft Lita's skin is and how much
she wants Lita to rub her ass all over her chest. Her breathing is getting
faster and faster as sweat pours down her forehead Trish clamps her eyes shut
trying to hold out from cumming but Lita is hitting all the right spots and
Trish can't stop but moaning out like a bad porn star every time Lita thrusts
her fingers inside of her.

However Trish loves the Woman's title and she knows she must fight back and
save her title she also didn't want to cum in the center of the ring in front
of all these fans and a live PPV audience. She tries sinking her nails into
the small of Lita's back pairing the skin but all that does is fire Lita up
making her add a forth finger to her already soaking wet pussy nearly making
her cum from the first contact. Thinking fast Trish is just able to move her
right knee up cracking Lita right in the jaw knocking her right off the top
of Trish holding her jaw in pain. Before she can recover Trish spins around
and slams both feet right into Lita's ribs sending her rolling across the mat
giving Trish time to recover from one of the toughest and hottest submissions
she had ever been in. Recovering Trish pulls herself up to her feet trying to
control her breathing as the ref asks her if she came but the blonde shakes
her head and looks over at Lita. Still dazed from the shots to her head and
ribs Lita tries to clear her head as she uses the corner to lift herself up
but as she does Trish takes the chance in sneaking up behind her. With one
yank Trish pulls Lita's panties all the way down to her knees exposing her
big brown ass to millions of people and before Lita can stop her Trish
finishes to job of stripping Lita naked. The feisty red head has never been
so humiliated in her life lying buck naked in a wrestling ring in front of
thousands of people with her bitter rival standing over ready to add yet more
embarrassment to her already shameful night. Trish is waving the panties over
her head like a flag before throwing them to one very lucky fan in the stands
before looking down at Lita who is curled up in a ball covering up all her
most personal and intimate body parts.

Knelling down next to Lita Trish asks the cameraman to zoom in for a close up
of Lita's naked ass and when he does Trish licks her palm and delivers a hard
spank to her ass. Lita yells in pain as Trish starts spanking away on her big
ass and Lita is stuck about what to do she wants to fight back but is so
scared of exposing any more of herself in front of the world. Instead she
grabs hold of the bottom ring rope and starts to pull herself away from Trish
and hopefully out of the ring where she could make her escape. Lita is
halfway out of the ring when Trish grabs onto her ankles and starts pulled
the nude Diva backwards and towards the center of the ring. She is still
trying to cover up despite the fact she is on her stomach hiding her shaven
pussy from the cameras of the crowd. Trish stops pulling the sits down on the
back of Lita's calf's not only hurting her but keeping her stuck in the
center of the ring with no where to go. For the first time in this match
Trish is taking her time rubbing her hands all up Lita's smooth back and all
over her asscheeks before giving them a few more quick spanks. Lita is
swinging her arms behind her like wild trying to deflect the blows raining
down on her perfect ass but can't stop most of the blows and worst still she
can't pull herself forward to get out of Trish's grip. Looking out to the
fans Trish grins at them before lowering her face deep into the asscrack of
her arch rival before letting her long pink tongue softly slip inside of her.
Low and dull moaning at first but the more Trish rolls her tongue inside of
her ass giving Lita the best rimming she had ever been given. Taking her time
Trish makes sure every inch of Lita's asscrack is bathed with her tongue
making Lita shake with erotic pleasure underneath her as tears swell up in
her eyes as her moaning gets louder.

Using her hands to massage and then spread Lita's asscheeks Trish is able to
dive in deeper inside of her ass flicking the tip of her tongue against
Lita's sphincter. Lita cries out in orgasmic pleasure as she feels her own
juices leak out onto the mat and all over her own legs as Trish tongues away
at her asshole. Feeling her energy slowly being drained Lita tries to fight
back the light-headedness as she slowly slumps her head down to the mat as
she blacks out. Trish can feel Lita relax and stop fighting back so she
removes her tongue from Lita's crack and stands over her fallen foe poking
her with her big toe pushing Lita onto her back. Fans gasp as they see Lita
fully naked for the very first time staring in awe at the thin patch of brown
pubic hair barley covering her swelling pussy lips with her own juices
gleaming on her legs. Trish now again sits on top of Lita's thighs keeping
the near unconscious Diva grounded and also means she is so close to Lita's
already wet cunt. Leaning her neck down Trish's now infamous tongue slowly
laps away at the pre cum covering Lita's lower body before diving into her
pussy. Lita wakes up with a loud scream as she feels Trish's tongue deep
inside her pussy licking at all her most sensitive pleasure points bringing a
red flush to her face. With Trish's face damm near buried in her pussy Lita's
fighting attempts with her trying to push Trish's face away from her is not
working and is just making Trish more determined to make Lita cum. She is
able to lift her neck up pushing her tongue in deeper hitting Lita's G spot
making Lita howl and groan as she pre cums all over Trish's tongue spurring
the blonde on to lick harder and win the match.

Sweat is sticking Lita's long head hair to her forehead as her hands clasp
into fists as she tries to hold back her emotions while Trish sucks away at
her throbbing clit. Lita tries raising her hips to weaken Trish's hold but to
no avail so in a last ditch chance to get free rolls over dragging Trish with
her. Trish keeps her mouth clamped around Lita's pussy as both girls roll a
full 180 until Lita is now sitting on top of Trish and she knows that she is
now in real trouble. Lita smashes her right fist right into Trish's exposed
forehead bringing up a large red lump on her head and also means her tongue
slides out of her dripping wet cunt. Driving her knee into the side of
Trish's head Lita makes sure that Trish is hurt and dazed before moving down
Trish's body towards the blonde's panties. Grabbing the crotch part of the
panties Lita yanks ripping the material clean off showing off Trish's pussy
to the shocked and amazed audience. The first thing people notice is unlike
Lita Trish hasn't waxed in a while as her pussy is covered by a lot of brown
hair which is amazing to Lita who is running her long fingers though the mass
of pubic hair. In control Lita sucks on three fingers before pushing them
deep inside of Trish's soaking wet pussy making her wake up and yell as
foreign fingers invade her. Lita knows she won't have long before Trish
starts fighting back so is pumping her fingers in and out of her like a cock
hoping Trish will once again lose herself in the moment and cum.

Moving her hand quickly Lita listens to all of Trish's cries and moans as she
feels the blonde shaking around below her in pleasure. Trish is panting
harder and harder as Lita's fingers work over her pussy in double quick time
but on a rare moment when Trish opens her eyes she sees Lita's ass just above
her face. Her legs hurt from sitting down so Lita decided to lie down on top
of Trish giving her a better shot at Trish's pussy. Seeing her chance Trish
props herself up on her elbows and pushes her face right in-between Lita's
legs ramming her tongue deep inside of her pussy. Lita screams in surprise as
Trish attacks her already wet pussy tonguing her throbbing clit and Lita is
now joining in with the groaning and moaning. Both women are bucking their
hips trying so hard not to cum in front of the world but their resistance is
weak after such a long hard fought match that both know they are on the edge.
Trying every trick in the book Lita has quickly added a fourth finger to
Trish's pussy but she is struggling to keep up the lighting fast pace of
Trish's tongue which is sucking and licking every inch of her pussy making
the occasional slurping noise as she drinks all of Lita's leaking juices.
Finally Lita lets out a low groan followed by a high pitched yell as she cums
right down Trish's mouth and all over her pretty blonde face as she orgasms
for the enjoyment of thousands of paying customers. Tired out from that hot
tongue bath Lita falls off Trish to the mat where she just lies down totally
naked controlling her heavy breathing and wondering if she will ever live
down the shame of cumming to her own most hated rival. The ref calls for the
bell and asks for help from the back and two more officials run down to
ringside to help carry a worn out and naked Lita back to the locker room.

With Lita gone Trish sits up to a huge cheer from the crowd who are staring
at every inch of her perfect naked body. A towel is thrown to Trish to cover
up but the massive boos from the crowd when she covers up gives Trish a
naughty idea. She flashes a cheeky grin to the fans before asking for the
ring announcer to pass her the woman's title her woman's title having just
retained it. With her belt in her arms Trish sits down with her back to the
ring ropes with her legs pointing towards all the WWE cameras. Slowly she
pulls down the towel letting her big tits drop out again in front of the
screaming public who go even wilder in volume when the Canadian beauty starts
to spread her legs. Ripping off the rest of the towel Trish keeps stretching
her legs apart giving the cameras a very up close and personal close up of
her damp glistening pussy lips. Taking her time like any true tease she takes
each one of her fingers in her mouth slowly sucking them making sure all the
males in the crowd without hard on's now had one. Trish raised two fingers in
the air then pushes them inside her pussy making her fingertips brush hard
against her clit making her scream out like a Jenna Jameson rip off. Adding a
third finger Trish keeps the rhythm up cupping her breast with her other hand
flicking at her erect nipple remembering the feeling she had when Lita had
her tongue all over them. Camera's are flashing all over the place as Trish
self pleasures herself in front of the world and live on PPV and they world
watches enthralled as Trish's cries become louder and louder as she fingers
herself faster than Lita did. One massive scream far louder than her red
haired opponent Trish screams as her fingers become coated in her own cum as
well as the WWE ring which has a fair bit of Trish Stratus's juices staining
them that will become a great collector's item.

In his own private boardroom Vince McMahon zips off his pants while picking
up a tissue wiping away his own cum off the table only to stop to watch his
TV to see Trish wrapping the belt around her waist before leaving the ring.
He could not be happier his Divas had really gone all out for the first cum
match and the estimated buy rates for this PPV suggested to him that the fans
really loved the idea. So he would do what only Mr. McMahon would do he
would make sure every Diva wrestled a first cum match and he was sure it
would break all kinds of PPV records and make him a bucket load of money.
Vince sat back and grinned he now has a guaranteed money winner and a amazing
match type that no one else in the world has or will do, business was about
to pick up.

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