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Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and contains some suggestive
material. This is not for anyone under the age of 18 or offended by the

Pairing: Alissa Flash & Sarita

A Flash Of Dominance
by Number One

Only a couple of weeks have passed, but Sarita still cannot believe she has
hit the big time and is part of the TNA roster. She has competed for years in
her native Canada and in Mexico and now she has become an instant hit in the
U.S. with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The lovely, multi-cultural beauty
competed in a grueling but successful match against Alissa Flash a few weeks
ago, though if you ask her, she doesn't feel quite victorious. She still
carries memories of the post-match beat down delivered by her diabolical

Sarita was in the Knockouts locker room collecting her thoughts. She was
alone in the area -- not another soul around her. At least she thought so,
until she heard a familiar voice not too far from her.

"Hello, Sarita."

Sarita turned around to see Alissa Flash, the very Knockout who assaulted her
after their bout, walking slowly and steadily towards her. "Take it easy,
Sarita," she said to the terrified Knockout. "I come in peace. Actually, I
came to apologize."

Alissa's last statement stunned Sarita. "Apologize?" she asked in slight

"That's right," Alissa replied. "I shouldn't have snapped when I did. I am a
professional and I ahould have acted more sporting when you defeated me. I
didn't do so, and for that I am sorry." She extended her hand as a sporting
gesture, but it was that gesture that led to Sarita getting pummelled after
their match. Nevertheless, Sarita shook the hand of her fellow Knockout.

"Thank you, Alissa," she said.

"No problem," Alissa replied. "Actually, there's another reason why I came."
She motioned for Sarita to follow her outside the locker room.

"What is it?" Sarita asked as both ladies were now on their way out of the
Impact Zone and into the parking lot, to the very space where Alissa was

"I think the front tire on the driver's side is flat," said Alissa. "Could
you check it while I get the spare out of the trunk?"

Without reply, Sarita agreed to Alissa's small request.

Unbeknownst to Sarita, Alissa had something sinister planned for her. With a
demented expression on her face, she opened her trunk and pulled out a tire
iron. She walked slowly towards the unsuspecting Sarita, who was closely
inspecting the front tire.

"I don't see anything," said Sarita.

"Keep looking," said Alissa, who stared a hole in to Sarita. As soon as she
was close enough, Alissa struck Sarita on her head with her weapon of choice,
the tire iron. Grinning evilly at the unconscious bane of her existence,
Alissa opened the back door of her car and placed Sarita on the backseats.
"You know, I really am sorry," she said mockingly. "Sorry I didn't knock you
out much sooner." She closed the back door, entered her car and drove away
from the Impact Zone.

A little over a half hour after she was KO'd, Sarita finally awoke -- dazed
and confused. "What happened?" she asked. "Where the hell am I?" She
discovered another shocking revelation. "And why the hell am I nude?!"
Sarita's panic was interrupted by Alissa Flash walking towards her.

The smirking brunette had on a sexy leather outfit, with black armbands and
black leather stiletto boots. On both hands, she was clutching a long leather
belt. "Oh, Sarita," she said coyly, "you poor, pathetic little girl. Did you
really think I would just get over it as if nothing happened?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Sarita.

"Not all of this is your fault," said Alissa. "Part of the blame goes to TNA,
for hyping you up so much. For putting you out to be the next big thing in
the Knockouts Division." The diabolical Knockout grabbed Sarita by her throat
and actually lifted her up. "Do you have any idea who I am?!" she said. "I am
called the Future Legend for a goddamned reason! I am the most talented, the
most beautiful, and the most threatening entity in the Knockouts Division,
and I will now be overlooked by someone I can easily dominate!" Alissa
dropped Sarita down on the floor with a vengeance, causing the 5'6" beauty to
scream in pain and agony.

Alissa snickered wickedly at her suffering victim. "Cut out the act, Sarita,"
she said.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" screamed Sarita.

"Oh, come on!" said Alissa. "Tell me you haven't fantasized about this ever
since I beat your pretty little ass in the ring!"

"You're sick," said Sarita. "You're crazy. You need serious help." Alissa
picked Sarita up and forced her arms behind her back and held her in a
cuddling position. The domineering villainess caressed her body and touched,
but did not finger, her shaved pussy. "Deny it all you want, sweetie," said
Alissa, "but your pussy tells the whole story." She licked some of the sweet
liquids from her fingers and then clutched Sarita's arms harder. "Now,
Sarita," she began, "are you going to stop this little game of yours?"

"I haven't forgotten the beating you gave me," a distressed Sarita said,
"though I've tried my best. It has haunted me for weeks. It has kept me up
nights. You truly are a psychotic monster." The young Knockout calmed herself
down and tried not to break down. "And the only reason why those visions
haven't driven me crazy," she went on, "is that I was too busy pleasuring
myself." Sarita kissed the luscious lips of her beautiful tormentor and
turned and faced Alissa, caressing herself and smiling devilishly.

"I've been a bad girl, Alissa," Sarita said mischieviously. "I want you to
punish only you can."

Alissa chuckled fiendishly at the suddenly submissive Sarita. "Of course, my
pet," she said, "but not here. Upstairs."

"Upstairs?" asked Sarita, "You mean we're at your place?"

"Of course, silly," said Alissa. She grabbed her belt and whacked Sarita on
her back and then ordered, "Now, move." Sarita obediently followed Alissa
upstairs to the dominating brunette's bedroom, where their hedonistic act
would take place.

Once they entered, Alissa instantly shoved Sarita down on the floor, which
ignited an erotic fire inside of the multi-cultural vixen. "I love it when
you're rough," she said, licking her lips in a lustful manner.

"Silence!" shouted Alissa, while she whipped her willing sex slave with her
belt. "You are in my domain and you will obey my rules. And one of the rules
is you will not speak unless I tell you to. Understood?"

"Yes, Alissa," replied Sarita.

The evil Knockout whipped her once more on her back. "What was that?" she

"Yes, mistress," said Sarita.

"That's more like it," said Alissa, who began to disrobe. She gave Sarita two
more whacks with her belt before tossing it aside and heading towards her
dresser drawer. "Get on the bed, sweetheart," she said as she opened the top
middle drawer. She took out a six-inch dildo and retrieved her leather belt,
for future use. Sarita was lying on Alissa's bed in an innocent manner, which
didn't set so well for the dominating Knockout. She grabbed Sarita and
positioned her ass-backwards on the bed. "You will assume that position for
as long as I want you to." said Alissa. "Understood?"

"Yes, mistress," said Sarita.

"Good." said Alissa, who whacked her slave's cute ass with the belt, causing
a slight moan from Sarita. With a wicked smirk on her face, the raven-haired
vixen shoved the six-inch object right through her hole.

"OHH! OHH! OHHHH!!!" Sarita moaned as Alissa continued to dildo-fuck her
willing and horny lover. Though Sarita was enjoying her moment of passion,
Alissa enjoyed having her under her control. But Sarita's enjoyment was
killing Alissa's mood, and she removed the six-inch toy and put it away, but
not before licking Sarita's sexual fluids off of it first.

Sarita remained at her current position, despite a pause in sexual activity.
Alissa was searching her drawers again and quickly found what she was
seeking. It was another dildo, a nine-inch one this time. Alissa took the
appratus and gently stroked Sarita's beautiful booty with it. That alone
caused her to let out soft, orgasmic moans. "Mmmmmm," Sarita quietly bellowed
in ecstasy, right before Alissa shoved nearly the entire length of the object
right in her tight snatch.

"AAAAAUGH!!!" the submissive beauty screamed in agony as the entire nine
inches were penetrated inside of her by Alissa, who was just itching to
torment her. The nefarious bombshell dildo-fucked her harder and harder,
hoping for Sarita to reach her breaking point. However, as time flew by...


...and the penetration continued...

"OHHH!!! OHHHH!!!"

...Sarita's agony became instant pleasure.


Her orgasmic cries angered Alissa, who snatched the toy from whence it came.
She again licked her fluids and furiously tossed the object aside. "Alissa?"
a near exhausted Sarita said, "is something wrong?"

Alissa grabbed Sarita by her hair. "What did I tell you about speaking
without permission?!" she snarled.

"AHHH! I'm sorry, mistress!" Sarita yelled.

"Not yet, you aren't," Alissa muttered as she returned to her dresser drawer
yet again, searching frantically for the very thing that would cause her
lover great torment. She finally found it -- an object she ironically calls,
"Lucky 13," a leather strap-on that features a vibrating dildo exactly a foot
and an inch long. Alissa laughed evilly as she put the strap-on around her
waist and walked towards Sarita.

"You think you're so tough, sweetheart?" Alissa sneered. "You are nothing
more than a soft little girl. And after I make you scream and cry your
pathetic little heart out, you will fear and worship the prodigy known as
Alissa Flash." The villainous beauty stood right behind Sarita, still in her
position, and with full force, inserted the entire thirteen inches inside of
her victim's pussy. It wasn't even vibrating...yet..., but Sarita was already
bellowing in agony whilst being fucked by Alissa and her "Lucky 13."

"AAAAAGH!!! AAAAAUGH!!!" Sarita screamed loudly as Alissa continued her anal
torment. " more. Please, I'm begging you!" But her screams fell on
deaf ears and only urged Alissa to fuck her harder and harder.

"What's wrong, Sarita?" she said. "Am I hurting you?"

Too much in pain to verbally respond, Sarita faced Alissa and nodded. She
later said, "Well, if you think that was painful, wait 'til you feel what's
next, and set the object to vibrate." Now, along with the pain of having
over the length of a ruler being penetrated back and forth, Sarita was also
feeling the vibration. And the usually tough as nails Knockout was now crying

"STOP!!!" screamed Sarita, tears running down her face. "Please STOP!!!"
Alissa cackled maliciously at her tormented victim and continued the sexual
onslaught. She enjoyed it so much that she began to come.

"Yes, yes, oh YES!!!" she yelled orgasmically. Wanting to hear more anguish
from Sarita, she pulled her lover's dark locks as she was dildo-fucking her.
"Scream, you fucking bitch!" Alissa screamed venomously.

"AAAAGGHH!!!" shrieked Sarita loudly.

"Louder, you little slut!" snarled Alissa, while giving Sarita's hair a
harder tug. "LOUDER!"

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!" cried Sarita, still in tears.

"Yes," the evil Alissa said, "that's what I want to hear." She finally ended
her diabolical act of sexual deviance and gazed in sinister glee at her
handiwork. Sarita, a proud woman with a tough exterior, was now a woman in
excruciating pain and still sobbing profusely. Alissa stared longingly at
Sarita, showing little remorse as what she has done. "Come here," she
ordered, snapping her fingers while doing so. Without a response, Sarita
stopped crying long enough to rise up and slowly walk to her malevolent

"On your knees," said Alissa. Sarita did as she instructed and kneeled down.

"Now," said Alissa, "blow me, bitch."

Sarita did just that -- placing her lips on the dildo, which was covered with
her own juices, and gave Alissa a fake blowjob. Though it didn't seem fake to
her. Alissa was still overjoyed over the terment she caused that she became
overcome with arousal.

"Yes! YES!!!" screamed Alissa, cackling maniacally as Sarita continued to
pleasure her orally. She could only get a bit of that long apparatus in her
mouth, but Alissa did not care. The domineering beauty was relishing in the
erotic moment. "AHHHH!!! Ahhh! Enough!" Alissa shrieked, while pulling the
object out of Sarita's mouth. After taking off "Lucky 13," Alissa walked
towards Sarita, noticing that she was still hurting physically.

"Are you OK?" she asked, smirking evilly at her lover.

Sarita glared at her tormentor. "You are a monster," she said to Alissa.

"I don't deny that," Alissa replied. "But do you deny that you may have
possibly enjoyed all that sexual torment that I just laid on you?" Sarita got
on her feet and walked towards Alissa, still wearing that ominous stare. She
raised her hand as if to strike her, but instead of doing so, she pulled
Alissa's face close to hers, and kissed the wicked Knockout on her beautiful

"Not at all," was Sarita's soft response, and the two Knockouts locked lips a
second time.

The End

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