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A Free Woman
by Punisher924 (

Karen looked down at the tan line on her ring finger. She was divorced -
again. She rubbed at the pale flesh, a little self conscious of it and
everything it meant. She had failed again. She walked down the hallway of the
mall, her high heels clicking loudly on the tacky colored tile.

She was a beautiful, passionate woman - but she had a problem with her
temper. With jealousy. With sharing her lovers with their careers. She needed
attention from them, and too often she was at home, alone, waiting for a

She used to have a lot of wild times when she was stripping, her nights were
never boring. They certainly weren't ever lonely. Then again, she had free
time now to do whatever she wanted. That was a plus, and it made her smile.
She paused in front of Victoria's Secret, cooly entering the store in search
of some new sexy under things. She picked out a white baby doll nightie with
matching white lace panties.

She went in the back to change in the dressing room - unashamed of stepping
out of the room and toward the rarely used three paneled mirror to examine
herself. The short baby doll in it's sheer material came right bellow her
ass, making her long legs longer - especially with her high heels on. The
clingy material showed off her large breasts, her nipples barely visible in
the light material. She looked good, she looked sexy. Yet she had no one to
wear it for. The thought made her pout as she played with her long dark hair
- admiring herself in the mirror for just a bit longer.

Velvet wandered around Victoria Secret, in need of some new lingerie. She was
a sexy, fiery woman with a fierce temper. And many men couldn't handle that.
Probably why she batted for the other team.

She smirked and saw the perfect outfit. Her next lay in bed, whoever that
might be, would love it. She grabbed the lingerie and went into the dressing
room, changing into the garments that hugged her in all the right places,
especially her perfect rear end.

She stepped out of the dressing room, loving how she received stares of
jealously. She rolled eyes though, when she realized every mirror was taken.
She smirked when she saw Karen in one of the mirrors. She pushed her out of
the way.

"Move it Karen, wouldn't wanna break the mirror, now would we?" She smirked.
Though she couldn't help but check Karen out in her sexy, tight fitting
materials. Even if the woman was a bitch, she was gorgeous.

"Witty girl." Karen snarked and put her hands on her hips after stumbling to
the side. She brought her hips to the side, knocking into Velvet on purpose
to through her coworker off balance in return. "You only wish you could be a
refined and classy as me. Keep dreaming honey." She reached back and adjusted
her panties. They fit fine, but they were the boy short kind - and she wasn't
enjoying the way they kept rolling up.

"Nice outfit by the way. Fits you well." She nodded in appraisal. The younger
woman must be up to something - no one bought that type of lingerie unless
they had someone good on the line. "Hot date tonight or something?" She
asked, not that interested, but hell. She had no friends backstage, and now
no husband. Maybe she should at least try to be friendly with someone for the
remainder of her contract.

Velvet stumbled a bit but caught her balance. But she sucked it up and
shrugged it off. She had no desire to fight in a shopping mall. "Thanks. You
don't look to bad yourself." She said politely, going to the mirror that
opened up right next to the on Karen was using. She checked herself out. She
liked it, but the garter was too loose.

"And I don't have a date... but I wanna be ready in case I do pick up
someone." She said as he adjusted her garter. Might as well be nice to the
other woman. She had been alone lately since Angelina pretty much became
Winter's pet. She sighed. She was not going to think of her best friend now.
She was moving on.

"Mmmhmmm. I hear you. That's what this is for." She ran her hands over the
thin white material. She did like it, she did feel good while wearing it. It
made her feel like a princess. She beamed in pride. "I don't have a date
either. That's why I like having a husband. You don't have to worry about
finding a date. Except I can't ever seem to keep one around." She smirked a
little. "I'm too much woman for one man to handle." She huffed and looked
over to Velvet again.

It was a long shot, but she really did hate being alone for too long. Maybe
Velvet wouldn't mind scouting out a bar together. "Maybe we'll have better
luck together. A new bar opened up the other night called Taboo. Did you want
to go?"

Velvet pursed her lips before shrugging and nodding. "Sure, why not." She
said with a slight smile. Velvet hated going scouting for a good lay alone.
She always went with Angelina... or she and her blond partner ended up in bed
together. But Karen didn't seem the type to bat for the other team. Velvet
checked herself out one last time before deciding she would buy her little

She glanced at Karen. "Looks good on you. You should buy it." She said,
slightly checking Karen out. She looked good. She'd like to rip the outfit
off her. But she refrained. She had much more control than that.

"Really?" She grinned at Velvet. "I thought it was pretty too. A great way to
start off a new life." She fluffed her dark hair and looked back to Velvet
again. She fidgeted a little, not used to saying too many nice things often.
"Thanks for agreeing to go out with me. I don't have many female friends
anymore and I didn't know where to really go - My divorce finalized today
so..." She trailed off, not wanting to think about it too much. "Even though
we ended on a really high note, it's still... I really do appreciate you
agreeing to go." She shook her head and cautiously reached out to hug Velvet
- it was awkward, but it did feel good on some level to hug another person.

Velvet was a little surprised at the compliment. Karen never said nice
things... ever. Nonetheless, she returned the hug in a way to make it less
awkward. "No problem Karen. I don't have too many girl friends either since
Angelina went all drugged-zombie on me." She chuckled and fluffed her own
hair. "Hey, you wanna go get new outfits for tonight? There's a Versace store
on the top floor." She said with a smile.

"Oh of course. It's a new bar! We need to get new stuff to match." She
nodded. "Errr... Velvet, listen. I know I'm normally a huge bitch." She began
slowly. "And this is probably going to sound really mean but... If your
skinny bitch friend wants to hang out with a gloomy goth psychopath? Then
that's her obvious malfunction. Winter's a freak with some weirdo complex
so... whatever. You don't need that in your life. What if she tried to drag
you in too? Then you'd both be drugged out zombies." She made a mock pity
face. "So you're better off. I'll get changed and meet you out in the front
of the store!" She said in a much more cheerful tone and made her way back
toward her change room.

Velvet blinked before chuckling and shaking her head. Karen had a point. But
the day Winter drugged Velvet and made her a zombie is the day pigs flew out
of her ass. And that, obviously, was not going to happen. Ever. She got
changed out of her outfit, purchased the lingerie before heading tot he store
and waited for Karen. Angie was her best friend... but Velvet was done
worrying about it anymore. It was exhausting really, and a waste of her time.
She had better things to do. Plus... it seemed she made a new friend anyway.

Karen paid for the outfit she tried on, leaving the store feeling better than
when she had come in. It was amazing what having a friend could do for one's
spirits - and it had been a very long time since she had a female friend. Her
last one was when she was stripping, and that was ages ago.

She found it easier to have guy friends, so that's what she stuck to. But
Velvet was different. She was bitchy too, it helped make this friendship
work. Once they were in the Versace store, she paused. "What type of a look
are we going for? I want a 'I'm a sexy, recently free woman' look. But I
don't want that to translate into 'I'm desperate please pay attention to me'
look." She pouted at the thought and went over to look at some dresses. She
pulled out a form fitting spaghetti strap dress with a sweetheart neckline.
"What do you think? Desperate or sexy free woman?"

Velvet tapped her chin. "I always thought spaghetti straps said 'I'm
inexperienced'." She said and pulled out a fitted, dark red, strapless dress
with a lace design going up one of the sides. She smiled and held it up to
Karen. "This says 'Bitches, I'm sexier than you, and boys you better work to
get into these panties, and the work will pay off'." She said with a smirk.

She had always id this with Angelina, but admittedly, shopping with Karen was
a lot more fun. Angie had been very bossy about what to wear and what Velvet
should wear. Karen's bitchiness matched her own, and she guessed that's why
they were getting along so well.

"Oo! I like that better than desperate. I'm experienced." She purred and held
the dress up against herself - looking at it in the mirror. Yes, yes this
would do nicely. She turned back to look at the dress Velvet picked out.

"Yeah! You're damn right that's what it says." She nodded and looked it over
in appraisal. "And you have the breasts to pull it off. Way too many women
try to put themselves in a strapless dress and it's just embarrassing for
them!" She said smugly. "But yes, you need to get that dress. It's beautiful!
We are going to have such a good time at this bar tonight. Every guy in the
place is going to be all over us."

Velvet smiled and nodded. Oh, I know. And I don't understand why women wear
dresses they can't fill. And stuffing is just embarrassing when the tissues
start to fall out." She snickered as she looking over her strapless, tight
dark blue dress. Yes, it was perfect. "Lets go try them on." She said,
pulling Karen over to the dressing rooms. "After this, we need shoes. There's
a Jimmy Choo boutique right next to this store." She said with a smile.
Velvet loved shoes. She had probably hundred of pairs in her closet.

"Okay!" Velvet didn't even need to ask. She went with the other woman and got
into a change room, stripping out of her clothing and into her new dress. She
loved red. It was her color, true and true. She loved the way it felt and the
way it looked on her - especially how the gentle curve of the neckline
heightened her cleavage. She stepped out of the change room and into the
three mirrored area. "Vel! Are you almost done? I got mine on." She admired
herself in it some more, grinning at her reflection.

Velvet walked out. Blue was definitely her color. She only wore pink because
of her in-ring persona. But if she could, she'd wear dark, She grinned and
squealed as she saw Karen. "Oh my god, you look so sexy! Guys will be
drooling like mindless dogs when they look at you." She said with a smile
before admiring her own reflection in the mirror. The short dress hugged her
in all the right places. She just needed a pair of black pumps to complete
the outfit.

Karen beamed at the praise and looked herself over one last time in the
mirror. "I know, right? I'll have to beat them off with a stick!" She smirked
and looked at Velvet. She nodded slowly. "Ohhh damn, Velvet. Blue is totally
your color. It looks so good on you! You should wear it more often." She
purred and smoothed out her dress. "Come on, let's go pay for these gorgeous
gowns and get ourselves some new shoes."

Velvet smiled and nodded. "Let's go." She said. She went back into the
fitting room, and changed back into her cloths before walking with Karen to
the register. She had no clue what kind of night they were going to have
together. But she knew it would be different, and probably better, than her
nights with Angelina. They paid and went over to the shoe store, browsing
through the designer collection. She smiled as she saw the perfect black
heels with metallic studs on them. Some metallic colored jewelry and the
whole outfit would tie together.

Karen went over to pick out a pair of black pumps with leather ties that went
up to her mid calf. She loved those most of all; they made her legs look
longer than they already did.

"Okay Vel." She paid for her shoes and added them to her bag. "I think I'm
all set for tonight." She grinned at the thought - it had been forever since
she had gone to a bar as a single woman. "Want to meet at Taboo at nine? I'll
be waiting for you at the bar. Sound good?"

Velvet smiled and nodded. "Sounds perfect. See you then." She said. "Ciao!"
She called before heading off towards the exit. She hadn't gone out since The
Beautiful People had broken up. But she was over it now. She had a new
friend, and she didn't need Love anymore. She headed back to her hotel room
to take a shower and get ready. God knows Velvet took hours to get ready, so
she might as well start now.

Karen walked over to the bar that night, dressed in her sexy red dress and
black leather pumps. She felt like a million bucks as she walked down into
the trendy bar. She sat down, putting her clutch on the bar as she checked
the time. It was just about nine - Velvet should be coming any moment.

She blinked - noticing that there were an awful lot of women here for a bar
this size. "Is it ladies night!" She hollered to the bartender.

"Honey, EVERY night is ladies night!"

Karen blinked at the bartender, shrugging. That was one way of getting in new
customers. She glanced at the clock again as the bartender brought Karen over
a drink. "Who is this from?!"

"Woman at the end of the bar!" The bartender pointed her out.

Karen blinked again. A woman bought her a drink? She smirked - she must be so
hot she's turning women gay. She smiled politely at the other woman and
started to drink.

Velvet walked into the bar. And she immediately recognized it. She had to
hide a laugh. Karen had no idea where she was. She went over to over and sat
at the bar next to Karen. "Drinking already without me, huh?" She chuckled
over the music. She set her clutch in her lap and ordered a Martini.

Karen would figure it out eventually... maybe. Velvet mentally shrugged it
off. She'd tell Karen if the girl didn't figure it out herself, though it was
pretty obvious what kind of bar this was.

As more and more women walked in and began to dance together, it began to
dawn on her. As more women began to send them drinks, it dawned on her
quicker. She drank the third one down and sighed.

"Oh damn. I'm an idiot." She smacked her forehead. "I'm sorry Vel." She
pouted, a bit of a slur to her voice. "I guess we won't be bringin' home any
men tonight but... at least we're the hottest women here." She teased and
looked at the woman beside her. "Come on Vel- let's go dance. It's still a
bar, they have a great bartender, and the music's good." She picked up her
clutch and got down from the stool.

Velvet nodded, also very drunk. "Damn straight we're the hottest here..." She
slurred and pulled Karen to the dance floor, the two women dancing, or it
would b considered grinding, together. Velvet had no problems being at a gay
bar, being bisexual herself. And Karen was damn hot and was enjoying dancing
with her. Other woman stared at them hungrily, and she loved it. They were
jealous. Good.

Karen never really did much with another woman before, she thought about it
now and then and what it would be like. She was mostly with men, but she
wouldn't be on the dance floor with Velvet if she had a problem with it.
Velvet was gorgeous, she was fun, and she was just as bitchy as Karen was.
She felt comfortable around her.

She slid her arms around Velvet's waist, bringing their hips together. "I'm
havin' a good time." Karen slurred and moved her body against the other
woman. "You're really fun, Vel." she purred and slid her hands down from her
waist and over her ass.

"An' you have a really nice ass." She teased, kissing Velvet's cheek. "Sorry
- just lettin' people know you're with me."

Velvet smirked, giving Karen's ass a forceful squeeze. "Right back at cha'."
She purred, pulling Karen impossibly closer. "You really are a good time..."

Being with Karen was a lot better than any women Velvet had been with. Karen
matched up to Velvet. It was like Karen was her perfect match. They had same
level of aggression and bossiness, yet willing to do good for the people who
deserved it. Karen was gorgeous, and Velvet wanted her. Now.

Karen grinned at the grope to her ass. She relished in the closeness they
shared, and brought their lips together in a kiss. She tasted the alcohol on
Velvet's breath - they were both so drunk. It was a good thing she lived down
the street. She moaned into their kiss, letting her hands drift slowly up
Velvet's sides, and gently over the front over her sleeveless dress. Her
breasts felt so soft and warm under her hands as she explored the front of
her dress.

Velvet moaned into the kiss, slowly slipping her tongue past those soft lips
and explores the wonders of Karen's mouth. Her hands ran up Karen's smooth
back, thanking god she went with strapless so she could keel the soft skin.
And the warmth and feel of Karen pressed against it her... it turned her on.
She gently nipped at Karen's bottom lip. "Let's get outta here. No way are
these bitches getting a free show..." She breathed in the other's woman's

Karen shivered at the warm hands on her back. They felt so good, so soft. She
licked her lips after the kiss, still tasting Velvet on them. "Mmm. Mmmokay.
I live down the street." She murmured into the other woman's ear. She took
the other woman's hand, leading her back to her place. She fumbled endlessly
with the keys, finally sliding it into the lock to get the door open.

"Damn! Finally!" She muttered and pushed the door in, stumbling into the
house. She looked over to Velvet, licking her lips. "Come on, sexy. Living
room..?" She purred and slowly headed off into the other room, swaying her
hips as she went.

Velvet stumbled in after Karen, trying to regain her equilibrium as she
walked. "Hmm..." Velvet slurred, tapping her chin with her index finger. She
cocked her head to the side, eyeing Karen up and down as she wondered which
position would be kinkiest. "Let's do it on the table." She smirked as she
eyed the coffee table.

She moved forward and kissed Karen again, her hands cupping the other woman's
breasts and gently squeezing them. She loved the feel of Karen, and loved how
her lips tasted. Angelina Love was the furthest thing from her mind for the
first time since they had parted. She was solely focused on Karen right now,
and what she'd look like without any cloths on. Time to find out.

"Strip." Velvet breath in her ear.

"The table?" Karen looked down at it. She had her coffee on that table every
morning. But having a kinky memory attached to it didn't seem like a bad
idea. She smirked and nodded, kissing Velvet back, enjoying the soft feel of
her lips and how they were taking her away from her failed marriages, from
her personal problems.

She gave a soft squeak when Velvet squeezed her breasts - the sensation
making her feel hot. She nodded and gently pushed Velvet back so she could
get up. Being an ex stripper did have its advantages. She moved slow -
sliding the straps of her dress down her shoulders, removing her arms from
the loops. Reaching back she un zipped it, peeling it down over her large,
soft breasts, still barely concealed in her strapless bra. The dress pooled
around her feet as she stepped out of it, barely stumbling in her drunkeness.
She sat down on the table straddling it, running her hands over her own
breasts coyly before unsnapping her bra - letting that fall to the ground.

She shivered a bit, feeling naughty sitting on her coffee table topless in
front of another woman. She paused before reaching down to grab the ends of
her panties, sliding the lacy garment down her long legs, keeping them as
closed as possible for the moment. Once they were down on the ground with her
other clothes, she slowly parted her legs, showing herself off to Velvet. She
ran a finger down her slit and smirked. "What do you think, Vel?"

Velvet had never been so turned on her life. Her body reacted as she watched
Karen strip. Slowly revealing that soft, smooth skin. She bit her lip. There
was nothing more entertaining or sexier than watching this woman undress her
body. Her own little private show. And Velvet loved it. It made her hot in a
way no man or woman ever made her before. She moved forward and kneeled in
front of Karen, her finger's dancing up the smooth, creamy thigh. "I think...
I am loving what I see." She purred, nipping at Karen's ear.

"It'll be hard to top that, but I can try." Velvet smirked and stood up. She
kicked off her heels and reached in back slowly unzipping her fitted dress.

She slid the dress down her smooth body, revealing her gorgeous physique inch
by slow, aching inch, the dress falling in a pile at her feet. Velvet flipped
her hair a little and slowly undid her bra, holding it to her breasts for a
few seconds before letting it drop next to the dress. As for underwear?
Well... she didn't wear any.

The touch on her thigh was so gentle, so soft - she never felt like anything
like that before with a man. She blinked when Velvet pulled away, she was
really enjoying her heat. "Mmmm." She let her eyes roam over her body, eying
her soft curves. Velvet was beautiful - she had lucked out in finding her.
Karen got off the coffee table, heading over to kiss the other woman.

She pressed their bodies together, her breasts pressed up against Velvet's.
She ran her hands down Velvet's back, over her ass, and down her thighs -
touching, wanting to get used to the feel of soft, firm flesh rather than
hard, heavy muscles. It was intoxicating in its difference.

"Vel... never was with another woman before." She murmured against her lips.

Velvet moaned softly into the kiss, her hands running over Karen's perfectly
curved body. She'd never been with a woman who could match up to Karen. She
had a feeling that once she was with Karen, no one else could compare. She
pulled away, smirking slightly.

"You'll love it." She whispered and gently kissed Karen's neck, enjoying how
the warm skin felt under her soft lips. She could almost feel the racing
pulse from the gentle touches and kisses. She gently laid Karen on the coffee
table and settled in between her legs, gently kissing up her thigh towards
her awaiting valley. She knew this would be the bests ex either of them had
ever had.

Karen nodded at Velvet's promise. She sat back on the table, spreading her
legs again for the other woman. Her heart was pounding hard and fast - unsure
of what to do other than to let Velvet take control. She planned on paying
her back later, when she knew what to do. She had an idea, but she didn't
want to make a fool out of herself either. She squirmed at the small kisses,
they made her ache for more.

She was growing more aroused - unsure of everything, and that in it of its
self was a turn on. She watched with wide eyes, Velvet's breath on her making
her sigh. "Oh Vel- I'm already loving it." She licked her lips, playing with
the strands of Velvet's soft blonde hair.

Velvet smirked, looking up at Karen before dipping in and gently rubbing her
tongue up Karen's slit. She flicked her tongue a few times, loving the taste
of Karen. So warm, and so sweet. It drives Velvet crazy, and she wanted more.
Her hands went up, caressing Karen's soft thighs as she pushed her tongue

She was a pro, and knew what she was doing. And she would make Karen's first
time unforgettable. And she'd make sure Karen never forgot who made her feel
like this. Velvet gently massaged Karen's thighs as she worked. She went
slow, making it sensual. She wanted to make Karen feel good, make her feel
pleasure in a way no one ever had given her.

Karen sat up, bracing herself up on her forearms to watch Velvet work. Her
legs quivered like crazy as her tongue was driving her up the wall. "Vel!"
She gasped out, her hips lifting a bit off the table. "Oh god, Vel!" She bit
her lip, moaning and grabbing her breasts - rubbing, rolling and pinching her
nipples to add to her pleasure. Jeff always went down on her, but there was
something so erotic about another woman doing it.

"Mmmm." She licked her lips, keeping her legs spread wide. "You're so good,

Velvet smirked before sleeping her tongue deep into Karen's warm, wet heat.
She gently squeezed Karen's thighs as she flicked her tongue in and out. She
loved the sounds that the other woman made. The movements she made as Velvet
pleasured her. Velvet loved it. She reached down, rubbing herself as she
pleasured Karen, going deeper and deeper.

To Be Continued???

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