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A Friend In Need
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Another RAW is war had ended only this time Lilian was pleased with what
had happened in her favourite segment Test and Stacy and Austin segment.
Austin and Stunnered Test and Stacy had laughed but then Austin stunnered
Stacy because she wouldn't share a beer with him. Lilian hated the way Test
treated a beautiful woman like Stacy she knew she deserved better the fans
knew it hell Stacy and Test knew it but unfortunatly due to an agreement in
the Scott Steiner vs Test match which Test won thanks to an accident by
Stacy Test still "owned" her or at least "owned" her services. An test had
got her to do some pretty sick things dance provocitavly for his buddies
backstage etc. Lilian wished somebody would stand up to him in real life
the same way Austin had on tv.

Lilian was walking backstage, when she heard some rather heated shouting
comming from a room down the hall. She peeked in to see Test towering over
a whimpering Stacy, covering her face in fear.

"You think's it's been funny, Austin picking on me? I saw the video, you
didn't seem to mind when he stunnered me!"

Stacy was about to speak up, but Test cut her off quickly.

"Shut up! You filthy little nothing, why do I even bother with you? If you
thought what you've been getting has been bad..."

Lilian had seen enough; Stacy was her friend, and she simply would not allow
Test to berate her like that.

"HEY!" shouted a feminie voice from behind Test's massive frame. He whirled
about suprised to see a scowling Lilian Garcia before him.

Lilian then forced the door open unafarid for the entire world to see the
confrontation that was about to take place between her and Test.

"Why don't you pick on somebody your own size."

Test just looked at Lilian. "Beat it bitch or your next."

"Oh yeah Test?" Lilian asked not backing down despite inside her guts where
twisting in knots due to her nervousness. "You hit me and I'll hit you with
a lawsuit ya see Test you don't own me like ya do Stacy and in point of fact
you don't even own stacy you just get her services which doesn't entitle you
to treat her like shit."

"I'm warning you Garcia get out of here before i-"

"Before you what hit me....Do it. Ball your fist up pull it back and hit
me!" Lilian dared.

"You asked for it." Test responded and in one fluid motion his hand came
across knocking Lilian onto her ass Test then turned his back on Lilian and
faced Stacy Lilian's blood bloiled over.

"SON OF A BITCH!" She cried as she got to one knee low blowed test and
without a momment's hesitation grabbed Stacy's hand and pulled her out of
the corner out of the locker room and began running for the nearest exit
to the building.

All the way the sprinted, down the corridor they could still hear Test's
screams and curses. Lilian fumbled about in her purse for her keys, before
finding them. She unlocked her passenger side door first, and commanded
Stacy to get in. Stacy obviously did as she was told. Lilian then got on
her side and sped away. After getting on the road, Lilian ordered Stacy.

"You know what his car looks like, check if he's following us."

Stacy glanced behind her, and found no trace of Test's car. "No, I think
we're all clear."

After a few momment's silence stacy then asked

"Why did you do that?...Back there why did you stick up for me?"

Lilian looked at Stacy who was glad and relifed to be away from Test but
still a little shook up and shocked. "Your a mate of mine and no man puts
his hands on a mate of mine."

"He could of hurt you."

"Nah he couldn't of." Lilian said confidently.

"How can you be so sure."

"Because what he did after he slapped me." Lilian told Stacy.

"If he'd of wanted to hurt me Stacy he would of continued his attack but he
didn't he turned his attention back to you which means the only reason he
slapped me in the first place was to show off infront of his mates." Lilian

"Heh, just like men to show off by hitting women."

Lilian laughed, as did Stacy. It was the first time she'd laughed in a long

"So...what happens now?" asked Stacy.

Lilian hadn't thought of that yet. "Well, I'm not taking you back to your
hotel. Test knows where that is, and it's not going to be safe to drop you
off there."

Stacy shrugged her shoulders. "That's okay, I'll just buy a diff.."

"Nonsense," interrupted Lilian. "You can stay with me tonight. It's been a
long time since we got to chat like we used to."

Stacy smiled happily, as this was the first girls night out she was going to
have for a very long time.

"How's your face?" Stacy then asked in a conserned tone of voice.

"Feeling like Mike Tyson's just given me a love tap." Lilian remarked.

"I'm sorry." Stacy said.

"Not your fault Stacy anyway i got my own back."

Stacy giggled uncontrolably. "Yeah ya did I've never heard a grown man moan
and groan and curse that much in my entire life."

Lilian smiled as she then parked her car into the hotel car park she was
staying in luckiy the staff of the WWE stayed a a diffrent hotel to the WWE
superstars and divas which ment Test wouldn't be able to find them. Lilian
then got out walked around and helped Stacy out of her side of the car and
then they walked into the hotel room side by side Lilian stopped off at the
receptionist to give them a description of Test just incase he got lucky and
told them to tell him that neither Stacy Keibler nor Lilian Garcia stayed
at the hotel. Then her and Stacy got into the lift and headed up to Lilian's

The two entered the room.

"Make yourself at home," invited the Latina.

Stacy did so, kicking her shoes off and sitting on the comfortable bed.
Lilian was busy at work in the kitchen; all Stacy could hear was a lot of
clinking and liquid pouring. She came shortly into the bedroom with a tray.
On it rested two shotglasses, filled with Tequila, and a bottle of the
substance between them. Stacy frowned. "No thanks, I don't drink."

Lilian sighed at Stacy, "Hon, when's the last time you've felt happy and

Stacy, suprised by the question, tried to answer it, but couldn't for quite
a few seconds.

"Exactly," said Lilian.

"Just drink, you'll feel better about your problems, I promise."

Stacy sighed heavily she doubted she could feel much worse despite how
greatful she was she knew when Test got a hold of her he would humiliate and
embaress her even further but untill he did find her she decided to let her
hair down and have fun with her friend so she took one of the shot glasses in
her hand as did Lilian.

"What shall we drink to?" Lilian asked.

"To low blows and thank god for giving men balls in which to hit." Stacy
suggested Lilian smiled as they clinked glasses

"Cheers!" Lilian said as the two then downed they're shots.

Lilian, used to the Mexican liquor, shook her head and gritted her teeth
momentarily before sighing and smiling happily. Stacy, on the other hand,
was choking down the drink, and coughing rather violently. Lilian knew
she'd be fine, she was just a light drinker. As such, it was hard
containing her laughter.

"Heheh, shut up!" teased Stacy as she recovered.

"We'll get you trained yet," joked Lilian as she poured her another shot.

Stacy took the shot and after a momment's hesistation downed the drink
and did what Lilian did gritted her teeth and then sighed she was quickly
getting used to the drink Stacy then began coughing uncontrobally maybe not
as quickly as she would of liked.

About 30 minutes later, both women were feeling awfully happy about things,
and Stacy was now downing shots like a pro. Lilian was initiating a
conversation that was quickly taking a turn to the raunchy side.

"Okay okay, but seriously, about 7 or 8 million people watch you. How do you
manage to be comfortable showing your body like that on national TV?" Stacy
laughed louder than normal.

"Are you kidding? I don't even think about that. I get paid lotsa money to
do what can't disappoint my fans. Besides," she stood up,
"Look at this body, why wouldn't I mind showing it off?!"

"Well......hic pardon me.....I prefer to show my body off wearing clothes if
Vince payed.....hic....payed me more i might consider becoming a more Debra
or Terri like ring announcer now and then." Lilian said half joking.

"I think alot of guys would pay to see that and maybe even some women."
Lilian just laughed.

"Yeah but then with all the money comming in Vince would try and get me to
do PB like Sable Chyna and Torrie i may show parts of my body on tv if payed
enough but.....hic I'd never go full o'naturel." Lilian said.

"Why not?" Stacy asked. "Embarrassed or something, look at that!" Stacy
clumsily fumbled with Lilian's shirt, pulling it up just beneath her
breasts, revealing the Latina's flat stomach. "Why wouldn't you wanna
show that and more to people."

Lilian avoided the question. "Yeah...hic...well what about you? I don't
see you stripping down in front of photographers."

Stacy in her drunken stupor seemed to take it as a challenge, and pulled
down her pin stripe pants, revealing a teeny white thong. "See, that's
pretty close, I could do it if I want."

Lilian laughed out loud. "I bet you couldn't!"

Stacy, challenged again, fired back. "Okay, I tell you what. I'll take off
a piece of clothing. And for every one I do, you have to. If one person
chickens out, they have to do whatever the other says!"

"Ok then." Lilian said.

"Well I've taken off a peice of my clothing so now you."

Stacy said Lilian took her top off revealing a set of nice boobs held in a
nice rosey red bra. Stacy then took off her top to reveal a set of small but
just as nice boobs being held in by no bra Lilian then responded by taking
down her skirt Stacy knowing she was now in thong and that was the last thing
to go took a deep breath before saying, "Ok Lilian what do you want me to
do?" her way of saying that Lilian had won the game.

"That's what you get for not wearing all your undies. Truth be told, I
probably wouldn't have gone topless. Oh well, I win! Now...what can I do
with you."

Lilian thought long, longer than she needed in order to tease Stacy, who was
growing visibly anxious. "I want you to kiss me. Kiss me and enjoy it."

Stacy's eyes widened, "WHAT?!"

Lilian shushed her. "Oh come on, how much pleasure do you get from Test?"

Stacy's eyes shifted.


"Honestly....none. All I do any more is blow him. It's awful."

Lilian rolled her eyes.

"Well I haven't had any action in almost a year. This travel schedule doesn't
leave any time for a relationship. We could both use some physicality in our
lives. Now I won, keep your word, and kiss me. Not just a little peck; I want
a long sensual kiss."

Stacy was nervous but she was a woman of her word she slowly walked
unsteadily over to Lilian she started by linking hands and Lilian placed
Stacy's hands around her back and linking them together Lilian then done
the same.

"Now close your eyes." Lilian instructed having secretly watched some lesbian
movies while masturbating alone Stacy did as she was told and Lilian then
moved herself forward and the two friends lips met and almost as soon as they
did neither woman wanted them to part.

Stacy, still hesitant, puckered like she was kissing a close friend. Lilian's
lips felt so soft, so warm though, that she soon relaxed, and engaged in a
full kiss. The passion was electric. Then a new sensation emerged: Lilian's
tongue snaked out of her mouth and lightly grazed Stacy's upper lip, as if
asking for permission. Stacy pulled back and took a breath. Then she lunged
again, mouth wide open. It was an invitation for both women, and they wasted
no time in passionately French kissing.

Lilian was the dirst to make the next move forcing Stacy all the way back
until she fell onto the bed with Lilian on top of her she then made the
second move and began to massage and fondle Stacy;s pertite breasts making
the nipples go hard and she continued to do this while not once breaking the
passionate embrace they where in.

Lilian got so hot as she could feel the vibrations from Stacy's lips and
tongue as she moaned in her mouth, urging her to play with her breasts all
the more. From the side of her mouth, Stacy manaaged to let the word.
"Harder" escape. Lilian, suprised, but willing, obliged, and moved her
hands even faster and with more force, pratically squashing Stacy's breasts.

Stacy moaned into Lilian's mouth loving the roughness of another woman in a
weird way it was alot more gentle than a man could ever be and at the same
time still as rough as a man Lilian finally broke the kiss and moved her head
down to a breast and began licking the nipple while her hands worked on the
other breast. "Oh God, yeah...."

Lilian happily suckled like a child on Stacy's perky breasts. Her nipples at
full attention, and Lilian's knowledge of Stacy liking it rough, she took the
liberty to nibble on her stiffened nipples.

"Oh!" she said with suprise. The next "Oh!" however was much more a thing
of ecstacy and hunger for more pleasure. Something Lilian delivered in

Lilian's nibbles became slowly harder and more frequent untill she figured
enough was enough and kept the biting/nibbling at the level of pain she
figured was sifficant and not going too far over board meanwhile while one
hand remained on the right breast the left hand had moved down to Stacy's
now wet thong and slipped it's way inside and was now fingering Stacy slowly
and gently at first but slowly becoming more forcefully the way Stacy liked

Stacy's breathing became heavy, as her hands ran through her hair, and her
moans went up an octive. Lilian had to contemplate something in her mind. She
couldn't tell which Stacy liked more: her nipple play, or her fingering. She
couldn't be in two places at once. Finally she received her answer, as she
pumped her finger as fast as she could and Stacy moaned, "Fuuuuuuuck meeee!"

That was all the indication Lilian needed. She then removed herself from
Stacy's breast and put her full attention to her pussy.

She pulled Stacy's thong down around her ankles and went to work with both
hands she had four fingers (two from each hand) burried in Stacy's pussy she
was focused and driven to make Stacy cum as hard and as fast and as deep as
she could she loved the moans the pleasure Stacy was reciving and the
pleasure Lilian was giving her she then found stacy's clit she then removed
her fingers and let her tonge do the rest of the work.

Rather than the slow, sensuous manner in which most lesbians eat each other,
Lilian flicked her tongue with such velocity that the waves of pleasure that
shot through her body seemed to overlap onto one another. Her own hands
followed her saliva-rich breasts as her head shook back and forth, trying to
prolong her orgasm. But the stimulation of her clit was just too much.


As her back arched and she came violently all over her Latina lover's face.

Lilian licked Stacy clean before using her hands to wipe her face and lick
the remains of the long legged blondes exposion off of her face and hands
Lilian then crawled back up onto of Stacy as the two slowly and gently this
time began kissing gently and softly instead of the intense way they're love
making had begun.

The taller Stacy rolled over as to embrace Lilian from behind as they layed
down. She happily kissed her neck nice and slow. Happily taking her time with
her body. Lilian seemed to be the exact opposite of Stacy. She was in Heaven
when Stacy went nice and slow on her. Her sighs were short and excited.

"Oh, Stacy..." she whispered.

Stacy done everything she could from the position she was in she started by
kissing and snuzzling and licking the back and side of Lilian's ear she then
took the edge of it in her mouth and bit on it and nibbled on it softly she
then moved down to Lilian's neck where she nibbled and licked and kissed the
soft skin loving the feel of Lilian's skin she then started using her hands
while continuing her tounge and mouth assult on Lilian's neck and she started
to gently softly and above all else slowly massage Lilian's nipples and
breasts with her hands.

Rather than going straight for Lilian's nipples, Stacy toyed with her lover,
running her hands just above and below her most sensative area, making her
moans crescendo when it seemed that she was about to receive it, but come
down from her high soon after. Finally, Stacy was done beating around the
bush. Continuing to suck Lilian's neck, causing a hickey to take form, she
began rubbing Lilian's all ready hardened right nipple. Her moans were full
of happiness, finally getting what she had begged for.

Stacy since Lilian was so into slow and steady winning the race Stacy decided
on another tactic that would hopefully equally get her ne lovers juices going
and she began to talk senusiously dirty talk as she slowly began to be more
and more thourgher with the nipples and breasts she was massaging caressing
as well as the neck she was sucking and kissing and licking Stacy while still
taking care of Lilian's ear and neck moved her hands down to Lilian's pussy
but before she started using her hands she decided to get Lilian so worked up
verbally she'd be begging Stacy to touch her down there.

"Can't you feel my hand near your most intimate area, Lilian," Stacy
questioned as one hand was placed under her thong, the other on her breast,
and her tongue making slow strokes up Lilian's neck.


"Don't you wish I was rubbing you down there?"

"Oh God yes," she obediently replied.

"Beg me, Lilian. Tell me how much you want my long, sensative fingers to
slowly, delicately probe the most pleasurable part of your body. To have my
fingers so deep inside of you, feel the blood rush through your body..."

Lilian couldn't stand it any more. Rather than continuing the dirty talk,
her own lust got to her.


"With pleasure Lilian."

Stacy said with a nip at Lilian's neck before slowly sliding a delicate
finger of her's into Lilian's pussy and slowly start to work her magic as
her finger got wet a sign of Lilian's enjoyment Stacy put another finger
then another untill 3 of her fingers where all working together in Lilian's

Feeling she knew just what Lilian liked, she pushed into her slowly, as deep
as she could, until all three fingers disappeared. Normally, she'd only go
knuckle deep as fast as possible, but she took her sweet time with Lilian's
body. She was most appreciative, and gyrated her hips slowly in rhythm with
Stacy's fingers. Her moans were slow and deep, emulating the entire

"I'm gonna cum Stacy." Lilian warned in a soft voice not wanting to spoil
the mood.

"Yeah?" Stacy asked going back to the dirty chat

"Uh" Lilian said through gritted teeth "I can feel it building." she then

"Well don't hold it in Lilian cum for me." Stacy said rubbing her fingers
against the roof of Lilian's pussy making sure she felt it but Lilian did
hold it off at least untill Stacy came into contact with Lilian's clit but
before Stacy could have her fun it was with one touch that Lilian exploded.

Lilian shut her eyes tight as she could and her whole body stiffened as her
juices openly flowed onto Stacy's long fingers. Her breath was short and
steady, and she moaned suprisingly softly for the rush of pleasure that just
ran through her. When she had given all she had to give, both women could
tell. Stacy withdrew from her as Lilian's body collapsed on the bed, defeated
and exhausted.

Stacy liked some of her fingers clean and those she didn't lick clean Lilian
did they then cuddled and kissed and fondled each other untill sleep finally
caught up with them and they layed there Lilian ontop of stacy but laying
onto of Stacy with her back to her and Stacy laying on the bed both as nude
as the day they where born neither of them knowing weather this night was
just a one off or if it was something more and neither of them really caring
they had shared something special together and that was all they cared about
as they dreamed.

The End

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