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A Gift For You
by sonya_deville & WWE Fics (urfave)

Natalya and Charlotte were both knocked out cold as the Riott Squad now moved on to Carmella and Tamina. The bell had already rung on a double count out, and Becky Lynch just watched. She was your best friend, but when Ruby gave her a sly smile, she knew what to do. Holding Carmella by the arms, Becky took a deep breath and kicked your best friend multiple times in the gut.

When the Riott Squad was done, all four of the women walked back into the locker room. Becky didn't want to talk until she were out of the arena, and they were noticing it. Although, Ruby wasn't going to bring it up until they were all in her car.

* * *

"Becky, what's wrong?" Ruby asked, as if the events that went down never happened. She was in the backseat with her, because it was Sarah's turn to drive. When you didn't answer, she placed a gentle hand on her thigh. "Is it because you turned on your friends for us?"

Becky didn't want to lie to her, but she certainly didn't want to tell her the truth. Just by the look on her face, Ruby figured it out. The relationship Becky was having with the members of Riott Squad wasn't normal, but Becky had to wonder if it was actually worth it.

"Princess, you did such a good job. We're proud of you," Sarah chimed in. When Becky tensed up from the praise, Ruby noticed.

"You know, I think our Princess has a thing for being praised?" she stated, and Becky turned her head to face the window. She didn't want Ruby to see that their words were turning her into wet mess.

"I think we should reward her for being a really good girl." Liv smiled, turning to look at both Ruby and Becky.

* * *

Back their hotel room, Ruby instructed Becky to lay down on her bed. She did as she was told, but had no idea what they had in mind. Closing her eyes, Becky focused on what she were going to say on Smackdown. The thoughts running through her head were cut short when she felt soft hands on your cheek.

"You're beautiful,Becky," Ruby said in your ear, still caressing your cheek. "Keep your eyes closed and undress for us, Princess."

Becky sat up when Ruby's hands were off of her, and began to take off her clothes. Struggling to keep her eyes closed, it took Becky longer to take everything off.

"You're such a good girl, tonight, tell us what you want," Ruby said, and Becky could hear clothes hitting the floor.

"P-please, touch me." Becky whined, expecting a response.

"Oh," Becky gasped when her legs were pushed open.

Becky weren't sure which one of the three women were now between her legs. She wanted to open her eyes, but knew if she did, she'd be punished. Rubbing their fingers through the soaked curls between her legs, Becky knew exactly who it was now.

"Please don't tease me, Liv. Please!" Becky begged.

"Wow, she actually knew it was me. Such a beautiful, good girl. Tell me Becky, would you like my fingers. Or would you like my tongue?" she whispered, moving her hands to her thighs.

"F-fingers, please?" Becky moaned, instantly realizing she opened her eyes.

"Ruby, she disobeyed. She opened her eyes," Sarah informed her.

Becky flinched at the feeling of Liv's finger teasing her entrance, and that put a smile on Ruby's face. "It's alright, our Princess was so good for us today. I think she can look at us tonight."

"T-thank you, Ruby!" Becky moaned as Liv pushed her finger in, followed by a second one.

"Our good girl is so wet and tight, Ruby." Liv moaned, picking up the pace of her fingers.

Sitting behind Becky Lynch in a position where she was now between her legs, Ruby placed a gentle kiss against her neck. Becky tried her best to keep her moans quiet, and she as doing a great job.

"I'm going to--" Becky was cut off with a harsh slap to her clit. Liv was more the aggressive dom between Ruby, Sarah, and herself. The first time Becky subbed for them, she quickly found out why Ruby called her "My Firecracker".

"You might have been a good girl tonight, Princess, but I tell you when to come. Understand?" she asked, biting your right inner thigh.

"I-I understand, Liv." Becky moaned as Ruby's hands slid down to fondle your breasts.

"Good girl, Becky. You're so good for us, it makes us all happy," Ruby moaned in her ear, now focusing on her nipples. The pleasure that Ruby was giving her was beginning to double when Liv began to fuck her wet cunt again. Sliding her fingers in and out of Becky at a fast pace, Liv refused to break eye contact.

"Sarah, go get the other part of her gift. You can use it on her tonight, she'll love it," Ruby smiled.

"Please, Liv. I need to cum." Becky begged, and Liv went faster.

"Come for us, Princess. You deserve it, cum," Liv said.
With a pinch to her nipples from Ruby, Becky came hard against Liv's fingers. Wrapping her hand around her throat, Ruby knew Becky came harder with being choked. She wanted her orgasm to draw out, because Sarah still had to set up the second part of her gift.

"Are you ready for part two, baby girl?" Sarah asked, walking back into the room.

Sarah didn't have anything in her hands, but Becky figured it out when she looked at her waist.

"What position would you like? You can choose tonight," she smiled, gripping the shaft of the dildo in front of her.

Becky Lynch had so many positions she wanted to do, but their patience was running thin. "Can we do missionary tonight?" she asked shyly, and Sarah smiled.

"That's fine, I can go deeper in that position." she smiled.

Ruby and Liv moved so Becky could lay on her back, and she waited for more instructions.

"Liv's going to sit on your face first while Sarah fucks you. Would you like that, Princess?" Ruby asked as Sarah got between her legs.

"Please?" Becky moaned as the tip of the strapon rubbed against her clit.

Liv climbed on top of her, and slowly lowered herself onto her face. She was soaked, and Becky loved how she tasted. Focusing on her pleasure as Sarah began to slide into her gently.

"Mm, she's such a good pussy eater. Such a good girl, Becky!" she moaned.

Sarah was completely inside of Becky, but patiently waiting until she was ready for her to start moving. Taking a few minutes to find a way to get Liv closer, Becky gave Sarah a thumbs up.

Slowly moving her hips, Sarah gripped onto her thighs. "Fuck her hard Sarah, oh fuck!" Liv moaned, grinding her pussy against Becky's face.

Picking up her pace, Becky did her best to stay in rhythm with her tongue. It was Becky's job to please Liv no matter what was happening. Sucking on her clit, she could feel herself grow closer to another orgasm.

"Ruby, please kiss me," Liv begged, and Ruby did what Liv wanted. Her moans were now muffled by Ruby, and Becky wanted to work faster. "I'm coming!"

As Liv came, Ruby began playing with Becky's breasts. She knew she needed to ask for permission before cuming, it was beginning to be harder to form thoughts. When Liv got off of her, she leaned down to kiss Becky.

"Come for us, Princess. Be a good girl and come!" Liv moaned in between kissing Becky. With those words, she came hard against Sarah's strapon.

"Thank you,thank you for allow--" Becky was cut off by Ruby covering her mouth with her hand.

"Shut up, Princess. Now, you're going to make me come, understood?" Ruby asked, and Sarah flipped you over.

On all fours now, Becky watched as Ruby laid down on her back. She were expecting Sarah to fuck her again, but was shocked when she felt a tongue against her ass.

"Wha-what?" Becky panicked a bit, but Ruby sat up a little bit.

"Becky, don't worry, she's only doing that. We know you don't like penetration there. Are you okay with using her tongue, baby? If not, Liv will stop." Ruby assured her, caressing Becky's cheek.

"It-it feels good. Was just surprised!" Becky moaned, and Ruby kissed her forehead.

The thing Becky noticed was that she never kissed her on the lips, and a part of her wanted her to. Becky knew how Ruby was with Liv, and how she was with her. She wasn't jealous at all, but she was falling for her harder than she expected.

Leaning down and placing a kiss against Ruby's clit, and her reaction wasn't what she expected. Grabbing a fist full of her hair, she pushed Becky's face into her cunt. She hadn't been that rough with her all night, so it cut her off guard. When Becky gained composure, she began to fuck her with her tongue steadily.

"Fuck, that's it," she moaned, not letting her grip on her hair go. "Liv, come kiss me. I want Sarah to finger our Princess."

Sarah did as she was instructed to, so did Liv. Looking up and seeing the two of them kissing made Becky even more determined. Fucking Ruby with her tongue as Sarah's fingers rubbed her clit.

Ruby came with a scream, holding onto her hair tighter than before. "That's it, Princess. Such a good girl!" she breathed, finally releasing the vise grip on her hair. Sarah had stopped rubbing her clit, and Ruby got up.

"You did so good, Princess. On Smackdown and here tonight. Remember, if you win your next match next week, you'll get a present. You'll also be able to pleasure Sarah. Get changed, and hurry back to your room," she instructed, and Becky's heart broke. "Wouldn't want your former friends to see you."

Becky faked a smile, "Yeah, you're right."

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