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Plot: After losing a fourth consecutive match in a row after failing to recently reclaim her Raw Womens' Title, a stressed out Sasha Banks makes her way backstge to the Women's Locker Room where she sees Raw's Newest Accquisition, Asuka packing away a massage table, causing her to ask Asuka about it, leading to a life changing moment for them both.

A Good Way To Relieve Stress
by Omegatwilight

"Ugh, for fuck sake, I can't keep losing like this. I'm better then this damnit!"

Frustrated beyond belief at yet another dissapointing loss, the Legit Boss Sasha Banks sighs to herself as she walks back through the curtain to the backstage area. She was having a bad time as of late and was seemingly unable to buy herself a win. She had no clue what was wrong with her, but she had hoped to break her losing ways tonight.

"Seriously, if I keep losing like this I'm going to be looked at like an afterthought. Nobody will take me any sort of serious anymore and they'll just treat me like a joke. Hell, they'll treat me like we treat Alicia."

Walking past some staff whilst walking through the long halls of the arena they were at for Raw that night, an annoyed, stressed out Sasha just couldn't seem to wrap her head around why she was suddenly losing. She was a good wrestler. She was a confident person. She knew she could get it done in the ring, yet for some reason, right now, she couldn't. She was doing so bad even her fans had started to mock her for it, causing her even more considerable stress.

"I know I can do better then this. I have to. I can't become the loser of the Raw Womens' Division. I can't become someone in the background. I need to win. I need to win."

As she turns a corner, she spots the womens' locker room and walks over to it, ready to get changed out of her ring gear, get in her regular clothes and leave for the night. There was no need for her to stick around after yet another embarrassing loss.

"Maybe I can cheer myself up and get room service at the hotel," Sasha says to herself as she opens the locker room door. Seeing, as she walks in and closes it, Raw's newest accquisition, the undefeated, unstoppable, dominant 'Empress of Tomorrow' Asuka, standing over and seemingly packing away what looked like a massaging table, causing sasha to be curious just why asuka of all people would have such a table out in the locker room.

"Hey, Asuka!"

"Ahh, Sasha. Hello, how are you?"

"Honestly, Asuka, I'm not feeling good at all. I'm feeling so stressed and upset right now. I can't seem to win at all. It sucks so bad."

"I see, I see."

Asuka stopped what she was doing, putting the massage table back down and leaving it unfolded. She then walked over to Sasha and hugged her, causing Sasha to give her a weak smile and hug The Empress back, despite being rivals in the ring. Sasha had developed a friendship with Asuka out of it, the two growing close.

"Thanks, Asuka, I needed that!"

"You're my friend. I'm here for you if you need me."

"I know, thanks."

As the two seperated, with Sasha feeling a bit better, but still majorly stressed, she felt like asking her friend about her table, and as Asuka went over to seemingly pack it back up into what looked like its bag she said, "Hey, Asuka, why do you have a massage table?"

"Oh, I give people massages. I learned how to do so a few years ago. I gave one to Mickie earlier. I just wiped down the table and was going to put it away."

'Asuka massaged people? Well, that was something interesting.' Sasha never knew, and to be quite honest, she felt like maybe right now asking Asuka for a massage was probably the best thing she could do. It might help her relax a bit more and get rid of her stress, if not all of it then most of it.

"Hmm, could you maybe give me a massage? It'd probably help me out big time with my stress."

"Oh, yes, good idea! Let me massage you. Massages are always a good way to relieve stress."

"Awesome, should I make sure that the door is locked? Don't want people walking in on us, do we?"

"We don't want that, no. Lock it please whilst I get some things out."

As Sasha locked the door and then checked to make sure it was locked, she turned around to see Asuka had gotten out a towel and had put a cushion on one side of the massage table with a hole in it. Presumably that was where Sasha was meant to rest her head whilst Asuka massaged her.

"I'm going to need you to get naked so I can massage you properly. I'll look away whilst you do if you're not comfortable with me watching."

"Oh, I'm ok with you watching! We're both women after all, and it's just us two in here."

"That's true, it is just us in here."

Sasha took off her ring gear, revealing her nice, big tits and ass, as well as her pussy. She stood there waiting for Asuka to tell her what to do next.

"Ok, please, lay on the table with your head in the cushion. Once you are on the table I will then start to massage you."

"Ok! Oh, hey, don't they usually use towels to cover up people when massaging them?"

"Its just us two in here, like you said, remember?"

"Oh yeah, that's right. My bad, sorry!"

Sasha got on the table and did as Asuka told her to do. She had never had a massage before, so this was a new experience to her. It didn't take long for Asuka to start to massage her, though, and she instantly felt good as soon as Asuka's skillful hands started massaging her shoulders. Sasha gently closed her eyes as Asuka manipulated and kneaded all the stress knots on her, causing her to feel gradually more and more relieved. Sasha felt a wave of happiness wash over her, causing her to almost melt into Asuka's skillful hands. It wasn't long until she was basically putty for The Empress.

"Mmm, wow, your really good at this."

"Thank you, I used to massage some friends of mine. They also enjoyed it, some even paid me."

"Oh, really? Well, that's a cool way to earn some extra money. Ahhh, oh, mmm!!!"

Sasha was really enjoying Asuka's massage. She wished she had known about this sooner. It felt really good, and maybe if she had known about this sooner, maybe she could've been having them often. Maybe they could be the thing that would help her win. After all not being stressed and being motivated to win after having a nice, relaxing massage might be the key to her finally being a winner again.

"Are you feeling relaxed yet?"

"Oh yes, mmmmm, very much so. I can feel the stress melting away. Ahhhh, oh, mmmm, ahhhh!"

"I'm going to start moving my hands lower to hit more stress knots."

"Ok, mmmm, go as low as you need to, mmmmm."

As Asuka's hands started to move down her body, sasha was feeling more and more relaxed and getting more and more into the massage. Soon she was so relaxed she didn't even realise that Asuka had actually stopped, and was in fact stripping, taking her clothes off to reveal her nude body, and had in fact got onto the table herself quietly, and was straddling Sasha in a rather intimate way.

"Sasha? Turn around, please."

"Ok, hang on."

Feeling very relaxed, Sasha turned around and as she did and she slowly opened her eyes. Asuka's lips touched hers and the two began making out with Sasha realising Asuka was also now nude and straddling her. However it didn't bother her in the slightest. It turned her on as the beautiful naked Empress lay there on top of her, making out with her, groping and playing with her tits and grinding with her. Sasha had never before had sex with another woman, but this was already feeling good.

"Mmmmm, mmmm mmm!" was all Sasha could really say as Asuka continued to have her way with the Legit Boss as their tongues dancing around one another

Sasha's nipples hardening at Asuka's touch turning them both on even more and causing Asuka to grind with Sasha a bit harder and faster making them both to not only get turned on more, but to also start getting wet. Sasha's hands also found themselves roaming to and groping, grabbing and squeezing Asuka's ass. Enjoying how it felt in her hands, Sasha was in sexual heaven right now. She had never felt this good before.

"Mmmm, are you, mmmm, enjoying your special massage?"

"Mmmm, oh yeah. I'm loving it, ahhhh, oh fuck!"

Asuka's mouth moved down to Sasha's breasts and began sucking on them going back and forth on them, causing Sasha even more pleasure and making them both even hornier as Sasha's lust for the woman fucking her grew. Asuka's own lust for Sasha was growing as they both got wetter as Asuka's grinding of their pussies grew quicker and harder. It was obvious she was trying to force Sasha over the edge into a sexual oblivion of which there was no escape. Asuka knew Sasha would belong to her soon enough. Sasha had a thing for Asians after all. Sure, she was married, but Asuka knew she could easily exploit Sasha and manipulate her into giving herself willingly to her. The Empress wanted her, and The Empress always gets what The Empress wants, marriage or not.

"Oh god, oh fuck, oh yes, yes, yes! Oh, god, so hard being quiet when you're sucking on, ahhhh, ohhhh, my tits and fucking me! Ahhhhh, oh god, mmmmm! Fuck me Asuka! Fuck me, oh yes! Oh god, yes!"

Sasha was losing herself in the sexual pleasure and lustful bliss of the erotic situation she had found herself in. She was finding herself closer and closer to the edge of no return. The Empress knew making Sasha climax would make Sasha belong to her. Sasha would be Asuka's lover, her obdient play thing. The Legit Boss and The Empress of Tomorrow would be WWE's lesbian power couple and nobody would stop them. And as the two grew as wet as they could be, Asuka sped up her sucking of Sasha's tits and grinding of their pussies causing the Legit Boss to go crashing over the edge. Asuka forcing a kiss on her to keep her from moaning too loudly, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention. They were after all still backstage at the arena.

"Mmmmm, oh, fuck! Oh, Asuka, that was amazing. Oh god, please, fuck me again. Please, I need it! I want it!"

"Only if you give yourself to me as my lover. Then I'll make you feel good every single day."

"Oh, I'm yours. I belong to you. I'll divorce my husband and give myself to you. Just, please, fuck me again. I'm so fucking horny right now."

"Oh, I know that you are. Let's make you even hornier."

Asuka got into a position to 69 with Sasha, who immediately began eating out Asuka's soaking wet, absolutely intoxicating pussy with Asuka doing the same to Sasha's. Both women were so horny that they couldn't control themselves hungrily devouring one another completely and utterly losing themselves as they caused climax after climax after climax with wave after wave after wave of pure sexual bliss rushing over both of them. Eventually, they both finally became exhausted. Asuka crawling back on top of Sasha, straddling her, she laid down, holding her head with one hand close to her own, then kissing her gently. Sasha responding in kind, the Legit Boss was spent, but was finally happy once again. No longer angry or stressed, her mind was clear for the first time in a long while.

"You belong to me now, Sasha. You are mine. I will make you feel good all the time. Together we will dominate the WWE."

"Yeah, we will, but I think maybe we should just rest here a bit, you know, before we do anything else. I'm worn out."

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Asuka, my love."

The new couple made out passionatly, their lives having forever changed. In the days, weeks and months that followed Sasha indeed divorced her husband and then her and Asuka publicly announced their relationship becoming WWE's first openly lesbian couple in the process.

For Asuka her life didn't really change that much apart from now having a lover, who she could have her way with whenever she wanted to, which was pretty much every single day, as The Empress always felt like having some fun.

For Sasha she found that being Asuka's lover was the best thing that could ever happen to her. Not only did she start winning matches again, but the amount of sex the two of them had made her the happiest woman alive. She never felt stressed, angry, anxious or anything of the sort ever again. Her life was finally where it always should've been and she had Asuka, her lover, to thank for that.

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