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A Gym Session To Remember
by JustThatGuy

Nikki looks down at her watch as she walks into the gym & spa resort in Memphis ahead of her title defense at fast lane. "9:45PM" the watch reads. Nikki makes her way to the female locker room, "Where is everyone?" She thinks to herself as she looks around the changing area. Nikki quickly gets changed into her gym gear and checks herself out in a mirror that is close by. She slowly turns to the side and smacks her ass hard "Work it Nikki" She thinks to herself as she walks to the door to begin her workout.

After grabbing a bottle of water from a vending machine, Nikki opens the door to the cardio room to start her late night gym session. What she saw, disappoint her a little. A pale girl was using one of the treadmills in the room.

"Great, fucking perfect" Nikki thought to herself. Paige seemed to be in a world of her own on the treadmill, so Nikki tried to sneak by her but catching a glimpse of the little English divas ass as she jiggled it while working out.

"Not bad" she mutters to herself, she could feel a twinge in her pussy.

"OH HEYYY!!!" Paige shouted out. Nikki put a fake smile on as she said hello to Paige.

"I thought I had this place to myself. What are you doing here?" Nikki questioned.

"Just getting a few last minute training sessions in before I take that title, bitch," Paige laughed and winked as she stopped her workout and wiped the machine down.

Nikki got onto the treadmill and something terrible dawned on her. "Fuck, I forgot my sports bra. My tits will bounce all over the place," She thought to herself as she looked down and surveyed her tits, and her problem.

Thankfully for Nikki, Paige moved to another machine, directly behind Nikki. "Perfect view of that sexy sexy ass," Paige thought to herself as Nikki stuck her earphones in and begun to run on the machine at a high pace. Her tits instantly bounced up and down like crazy. Paige was having the view of her life. Watching the ass of the divas champ bouncing was driving her wild. He panties were now overrun with wetness. She needed to do something about this and quick.

"Hey, Nikki. Can you hear me?" She questioned, hoping Nikki wouldn't answer. No answer, silence.

"Perfect, time to let out some stress" Paige said as she pulled her shorts and black panties down to reveal her hair covered cunt. She started to tease her clit with her index finger as she cupped her tits with her free hand. A few moans escape her mouth as she slid a finger deep into her cunt. "Fuck yes Nikki, move that ass" She shouted as she finger fucked her cunt. She tilted her head back and close her eyes. Her heart stopped when she looked up... Nikki was standing there... looking at her.

"Nikki!! I can explain... I think... I-" She was cut off by Nikki as she picked up the wet panties of Paige and sniffed them. The sell of her pussy drove Nikki's pussy wild.

"Shut up you dirty little English slut." Nikki said as she tossed the panties to the floor and pulled her own shorts off.

"Come over here and eat this pussy," Paige did not need a second invitation as she rushed over and kneeled over at the sight of Nikki's smooth pussy. She begun to lap up the wetness between the pussy lips. Loud moans came from Nikki as she was in heaven being eaten out. She pushed the head of Paige closer to her cunt so she could get deeper with her tongue.

"Fuck yes Paige, eat that cunt like your fucking life depends on it, Oh god... fuck... I going to cum" Nikki pushed Paige's head back and begun to squirt into hr mouth. She buckled from the orgasm and fell to the floor. She tried to catch her breath as Paige lay beside her.

"Time for you to make this cunt squirt," Paige shouted. She grabbed the hand of Nikki and placed it on her cunt. Nikki begun to rub the clit of Paige as she sucked on her nipples. Paige got closer and closer to an orgasm and begun to moan loudly.

"Cum for me, Paige," Nikki ordered, within seconds, Paige erupted in and orgasm.

"Oh god, that was amazing," they both said as they stood and made there was to the shower area..

"Hey girls, good workout?" Brie asked as she sat in the locker area. Nikki looked to Paige.

"It was one to remember."

They both laughed...

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