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A Hart In The Club
by Arcanin878

"I'll take another frozen margarita." I told the bartender. The bartender blended the ingredients all together, and slid the drink towards me. "Thanks." I said happily. I drank some of it up, and let out a sigh relief. The music throughout this club was echoing in and out of my ears, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their lives. I looked at the dance floor, and stared at every women dancing their ass off. "Orlando has a lot of fine looking women today." I think to myself. I look at the door, and a bunch of cameramen with top notch video cameras came rushing in. I looked closer at the video cameras, and noticed a logo was printed onto it. 'Total Divas", it read. "No way. I must be drunk right now." I think to myself. I see the entire cast walk in. Brie, Nikki, Summer, Eva, Naomi, Cameron, and Natalya. They all look like they wanna get drunk and dance tonight. "Its a Friday night, lets see what I can do." I tell myself.

I drank up the last bit of the frozen margarita and inspected all the divas actions. Brie already began to enter Brie Mode, and Nikki was holding a drink in one hand, and her iPhone to record Brie for blackmail in the other. Cameron and Naomi seemed to be arguing over nonsense, and Summer and Eva were talking shit about every girl in the club. Natalya was all alone on an empty table, trying to keep sober since she was the DD. I went over to Nattie to try to flirt with her. "Hey gorgeous, why are you all alone while you friends are having a blast?" I tell her.

"Get off dude. I have a husband. I'm not trying to pick up any horny men tonight."

"Nattie come on. You're not even getting any camera time. All the cameras are pointed at Brie right now. You have some freedom right now. Do something fun." I grabbed her soft hands, and led her to the bar. She seemed like she didn't want to be with me, or here for that matter, but she did want to have fun.

"I can't drink tonight." she says.

"Come on...just have a mojito at least." I say as I try to convince her. "Bartender, hit me up with two mojitos, and put a little bit more rum in it while you're at it." I command, as I wink at Nattie.

Nattie blushed a little bit, but she was still hesitant. The bartender came back with the drink and handed it to Nattie.

"Cheers!" I yell out.

"Cheers." she follows. We click glasses and start to drink. "Wow...this is really good!" Natalya says, as she continues to drink.

"Yeah, the bartender here is chill. He usually hits me up with all the drinks. What's even better is he gives me the employees discount on the drinks, so they are way cheaper than what everyone else pays."

"Really? Hell, lets get another drink then." Nattie happily says. She looks at the drinks menu and orders a mud slide next.

I continue to watch her drink and drink all night. Eventually, one of her favorite songs starts playing, and she drags me to the dance floor. We start dancing closely, and I grab her from behind and rub my dick against her ass. She's pushing her ass closer and closer to me, and I make sure she knows me and my cock is here. She turns around and holds me around my neck. We slowly start making out in the middle of the floor. I look around and see that everyone on the dance floor is cutting off the camera man, so they can't get any of this on film.

Eventually, we stop making out, and she wipes her lips. "I've never passionately made out with a man in a long time like that." she says happily.

"TJ doesn't do this kind of stuff with you?" I curiously reply.

"Nope. He stays indoors with the cats. He never wants to do anything fun with me like go out in a club or have sex when I need it."

"Sounds like you need a real man Nattie." I reply, as I lean in for some more tongue action.

"Mmm...I know..." she says with a moaning tone. "Here, lets get some privacy and go back to my house. TJ is back in Calgary, so it'll just be us two."

We make our way off the dance floor, avoiding all the cameras, and quickly hop in her car and drive back to her house. We enter inside and turn on the lights. Nattie lights some candles and tells me to wait on the couch. I sit down on the couch, wondering what shes doing. I think to myself, "I'm about to fuck Natalya. A Hart! I just gotta be careful and hope somehow, the other divas weren't watching it. But if they did, then it looks like I'm going to be a star on Total Divas."

Nattie walks out wearing a sexy outfit.

She stands over me and bends over, showing off her tits right in-front of my face. and slowly takes off my jeans, and already i'm really hard. "Oh, TJ never got this hard for me." she said, as she began to grab my dick and stroke it with both hands. Nattie had a lot of sexual frustration to get out, and she sure is letting me have it tonight. She's moving her hands like shes never moved it before, alternating between speeds and movements. Every once in awhile, she'd spread my legs apart and start sucking on my dick. Her nice and juicy lips covered my entire dick, and she managed to get all of my cock in her mouth. She quickly let it out as some of her spit went flying around my dick. She then continued to stroke it with her hands, going a little bit faster with the spit all around my cock.

"It's nice to know that I can give a hand-job to someone and last a long time." Nattie laughs, while continuing. She stops and takes off her cloths, and gets on top of my lap. She grabs a cowboy hat from the table and puts it on her head. I put my cock in her vagina, and I could feel the warm, yet wet pussy. It felt incredible. She started bouncing up and down, and I could hear her ass slap against my body. "Oh yes...oh yes...fuck me on this couch cowboy." she moans at me. I squeeze her ass harder and harder, spreading the cheeks as she pounds my cock. I slip a finger into her tight asshole, and she lets out an even louder moan. "MMMmm yes! Yes!" she yells. I slip my finger out and she hops off my dick and leans over the coffee table in front of the couch. I stoke my cock a little and stick it in her ass and start thrusting. My balls slap against her, and loud thuds are heard as I rear her into the table. Her ass is jiggling from every thrust I make. I give her a slap and she starts giggling.

"Nattie, I always knew you were a horny good girl." I tell her as I continue to ram her ass. "You just need a good fucking, that's all."

I stop slamming her ass and we end up on the floor with me on top. I move my dick in and out of her drenched pussy. You could hear the "splat, splat, splat" in her wet pussy as I continue the motion. Her tits are bouncing in circles. She then flips me over onto the ground and we start to 69. She's blowing my cock upside down while I make circles around her clit with my tongue. Her pussy tastes so sweet, and I'm eating her pussy harder and harder. She stops blowing me and moans hard, as I'm working her pussy like TJ never has before.

"Ugh....ugh baby I'm about to cum!" she moans, as I feel it all drip into my mouth.

I continue to eat her out, and her body is left for me to control as she cant seem to control herself. She gets on her knees and I stand up, as she begins to once more suck my cock. She's sucking harder and faster now, working my cock to cum. She inches deeper and deeper down my cock, and eventually I cum in her mouth. She lets go of my cock, and some of the cum drips down from her lips and onto her tits. She starts rubbing it into her skin.

"Damn that was the best sex I ever had." she says. "You know, I think its time I start something new, and leave TJ behind, for you."

I happily agree with her, and we start making out again and I'm rubbing her nipples. Natalya Neidhart, is now my girlfriend, and were gonna have sex anywhere she wants now.

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