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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

A Horny Little Secret
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As a match between Brie Bella and Natalya takes place in the ring, the WWE's
resident leprechaun Hornswoggle is napping underneath the ring. Hornswoggle,
wearing his green pants, white shirt and green jacket, turns on ground
despite the slamming taking place in the ring. However when the ring apron is
lifted up, the light from the arena shines on his face, waking him up.
Hornswoggle sits up and rubs his eyes to see Brie Bella coming under the ring
just as someone else is crawling out to the arena floor. "Wha?" Hornswoggle
says in confusion.

The sweet and cutely adorable Rookie Diva, Brie Bella, dressed in a pair of
tight fitting black wrestling pants and a black top, instantly pauses as she
comes face to face, eyes locking with Hornswoggle after crawling underneath
the ring during a sanctioned Divas match.

Hornswoggle looks at Brie and points at her, "Hey!" Hornswoggle says before
pointing all over the area under the ring and then at himself, "Mine!"

Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip and her eyes widen nervously at
Hornswoggle's outburst, afraid that her cover might be blown. "No! No!
Shhhhhhh!" Brie says as she quickly cups her left hand against Hornswoggle's
small mouth.

"MMMM!" Hornswoggle yells into Brie's left hand as she cover his mouth.
Hornswoggle then reaches forward to push Brie out from his space by putting
his small hands on Brie's perfectly round chest that is covered by her black

Brie laughs as she stumbles back slightly underneath the ring after
Hornswoggle pushed her away and caused her to remove her left hand from his
mouth "Hey there...look cutie, you aren't going to tell anyone about me being
under here, right?" Brie asks with a sweet smile as she sits cross-legged
underneath the ring.

Hornswoggle tilts his head as he looks at Brie, "Ummmm...." Hornswoggle says
as he looks at Brie's chest while at the same time looking as if he's making
a decision.

Brie presses her soft, adorable lips together as she cutely looks at the
short-standing, cute leprechaun of the WWE. "Oh come'll be our little
secret..." Brie says in a soft, soothing voice as she leans forward, placing
her hands onto Hornswoggle's green jacket and pulls him close to her before
lightly kissing his left cheek with her soft, moist lips.

"Hmmm... okay!" Hornswoggle says after Brie kisses his cheek. The blond
haired resident leprechaun of the WWE then turn his head slightly so that he
kisses Brie fully on the lips, which catches Brie by surprise.

"MMMMMM!" Brie Bella moans against Hornswoggle's lips as he happily the
mischievous, rookie SmackDown Diva. Brie lightly pushes Hornswoggle away from
her and laughs "Whoa...easy there little guy..."

"Haha!" Hornswoggle laughs as he moves quickly towards Brie as he puts his
small hands on Brie's top to lift it up.

Brie Bella laughs a bit as she raises her arms while Hornswoggle removes her
black top from her gorgeous, adorable upper body to expose her firm and perky
tits. "Oh...I see what I'll have to do to make sure you don't tell anyone..."

"Haha!" Hornswoggle nods his head and laughs as he places his hands on Brie's
firm, perky tits. The adorable four-foot four-inch tall leprechaun leans his
head forward and starts to suck on Brie's right tit.

Brie Bella bites down on her bottom lip and tilts her head back as she feels
Hornswoggle eagerly sucking and lightly biting on her perky, juicy and fully
erected nipples "Ohhhh...mmmm!"

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Hornswoggle moans as he goes back and forth between Brie's
tits, sucking on them while at the same time feeling them up with his small

Brie licks her teeth as she moves her hands and places them against his small
waist, as she starts to lower his green pants "Ohhhh mmm...that feels so good

"Mmmm! Haha!" Hornswoggle laughs as he lifts his blond haired head up from
Brie's tits as she pushes down his green pants to free his impressive eight
inch cock.

Brie Bella sweetly smiles and she mischievously lowers her eyes as she sits
on her knees and leans forward to place her soft, soothing hands around his
impressive-sized, hardening cock. "Mmmm...what should I do with this..." Brie
cutely teases as she strokes her hands on his shaft.

"Suck! Haha!" Hornswoggle eagerly replies as Brie Bella moves her soft hands
up and down on his fully hardened cock.

Brie presses her soft, moist lips together and cutely smiles "Mmm...I think I
can do that..." Brie replies with a sweet laugh as she lowers her head,
parting her lips as she takes the top of Hornswoggle's cock into her nicely
wet, warm mouth.

"Ahhh!" Hornswoggle moans as Brie starts to bob her head up and down on his
cock. Hornswoggle places his small hands on Brie's head as she takes his cock
fairly deep in her mouth.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Brie softly moans as she presses her moist lips around his
cock and lifts her beautiful, sweet eyes to lock them with Hornswoggle as she
eagerly and smoothly bob her head at a quickening pace of his cock. Brie
gently pats her wet tongue against the underside of his shaft while she sucks

"Ohhhh! Ahhh!" Hornswoggle smiles and licks his lips as he starts to move his
hips back and forth in order to thrust his cock in and out of Brie's mouth as
she sucks it.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Brie Bella moans as she closes her eyes and presses her lips
tighter around his shaft, as he pushes his cock eagerly into her wet mouth.

"Ahhh... ahhhh!" Hornswoggle moans as he fucks Brie Bella's mouth as she
eagerly sucks his cock. Hornswoggle then pulls his cock out of Brie mouth and
starts to pulls off her black pants.

Brie cutely laughs as Hornswoggle tugs down her black pants from her curved
waist and down her smooth, gorgeous legs to expose her perfectly shaved
pussy. " want to fuck me, don't you?" Brie says with a cute laugh

"Yeah! Haha!" Hornswoggle nods his head as he finishes pulling off Brie's
black pants. Hornswoggle moves between Brie's legs so that he can push his
eight inch cock into Brie's wet, tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Brie moans, pressing her lips together, as she leans her head back
and places her hands behind her onto the cold floor underneath the ring while
Hornswoggle starts to thrust his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhh! Awww!" Hornswoggle moans as he quickly pumps his cock into Brie's
pussy as he fucks her underneath the ring. Hornswoggle puts his hands on
Brie's firm tits and plays with them as he drills her pussy.

Brie bites down on her bottom lip as she lightly presses her thighs against
his small waist as he eagerly and deeply drives his cock into her tight
pussy. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah...mmmm"

"Ahhhh! Awww! Ohhh yeah!" Hornswoggle moans as he quickens the pace of his
thrusts as he fucks Brie's pussy. Hornswoggle moves his hands all over Brie's
tits as she pushes herself against him.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah Horny!" Brie Bella moans as she leans back further, almost
laying on the cold floor underneath the ring as she lightly grinds her pussy
against his eagerly thrusting shaft.

"Ahhhh! Ahhh! Haha!" Hornswoggle grunts as he deeply pumps his impressive
eight inch cock into Brie Bella's pussy. As Brie pushes herself towards him,
she accidentally forces Hornswoggle's cock out of her pussy, but the adorable
four-foot four-inch tall Superstar just rams his cock back into her.

Brie licks her pouty, sweet lips as she arches her adorably toned and curved
body, feeling Hornswoggle's cock rapidly pounding into her wet cunt. "Ohhhhh!
Ohhhhh shit Horny!"

Brie removes her legs from Hornswoggle's small waist, which allows him to
pull out, "Ass! Haha!" Hornswoggle says mischievously as he grins.

Brie Bella laughs and blushes "Aww, you're a naughty little guy..." Brie says
as she turns over onto her stomach before she lifts herself perfectly onto
her hands and knees, sticking her adorable and juicy ass into the air.

"Haha!" Hornswoggle laughs as he puts his hands on Brie's ass cheeks. He
spreads them apart and then pushes his impressive eight inch cock into her
tight asshole with a firm thrust.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh shit Horny!" Brie moans and grits her teeth as her body rocks
forward from Hornswoggle's eager, firm thrust into her tight ass.

"Ahhh! Awww!" Hornswoggle grunts as he pumps his cock in and out of Brie's
ass as she pushes back towards him. Brie glances over her shoulder and cutely
smiles at Hornswoggle as she lightly pushes her ass back against his toned
waist as she feels his thrusts increasing as he fuck her ass.

"Ahhh! Haha!" Hornswoggle moans as he squeezes Brie's ass with his small
hands as he rams his cock deeply into her asshole.

Brie smoothly grinds her rounded, juicy ass against Hornswoggle's cock as he
feels his cock quickly thrusting into her. "Mmmm...yeah, you like that

"Yeah! Yeah! Ahhhh!" Hornswoggle nods his head as he continues to pound
Brie's juicy ass with his throbbing cock. When Brie tightens her ass on his
cock, Hornswoggle starts to cum inside of her asshole.

Brie licks her soft lips and tilts her head back as she feels his warm cum
filling her asshole. "Ohhhh Horny..."

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahh..." Hornswoggle breathes deeply as he pulls his cum
spent cock out of Brie's asshole.

Brie Bella smiles as she turns on her knees to face Hornswoggle. "Now little
guy...we have a secret now, right?"

"Yeah! Haha!" Hornswoggle nods his head.

Brie nods her head and winks at Hornswoggle "Cool..."


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