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A Is For Ass
by NotTooFugly


That was the sound his head made when it hit the concrete. He lay there,
twitching, as the blood pooled around his head. Randall looked down at his
fallen opponent, sucking on his scraped knuckles. Finally, certain the old
man was dead, he turned to his fellows.

"You see that? You see his blood!? I'm am in charge now, and you better
fuckin' remember it. There's gonna be a new order around here, and you're
gonna learn to do things MY way? Got it?"

The motley crew of leather clad bikers nodded their ascent. Randall glanced
around belligerently.

"Any questions?"

There were none. He waited a bit longer, to keep them on their toes, before
dismissing them with a wave. They all left, save the three who had been with
Randall his whole life. He trusted them implicitly. He looked at each one of
them, sharing without words. Then he smiled.

"Common boys, lets fucking celebrate!"

* * *

Randall leaned back contentedly, a whiskey close at hand should he desire
it. He had a pleasant buzz, but he wasn't nearly so plastered as most of the
other occupants of the establishment. Heavy metal blasted over the speakers
as various bikers shot pool and lounged around with their respective

The bar was a public establishment, but it was pretty much common knowledge
that the public was to stay out of it when Randy was in town. So Randy was
surprised when the door opened and a lone woman walked into his bar.

She was a petite blond, barely five feet tall, even with heels. She wore a
tight black skirt that extended to her knees. The fabric of her tight red
blouse stretched over her large breasts, which although she looked in her
forties were very high and firm. Her lips were shiny with lip gloss, and her
eyes were a deep blue. Conversation stopped as many of the other men stared,
partially because she wasn't supposed to be there, and partially because
they would've given anything to get their hands on her.

She walked towards him, hips swaying invitingly. Their eyes met for a moment,
and she gave him a smoldering smile. She took a seat next to him. He ignored
her. She sniffed loudly and ordered a drink. She drank it down quickly,
ordered another.

"I think it might be good idea if you were to leave."

"You know, that's no way to catch a girls attention," she replied. "What's
your name big boy?"

He looked at her sideways. "Randall."

She grinned. "My name's Terri."

"That's nice. Now get out of here, it's no place for a lady. You could be

" that sounds interesting. Would you be doing the hurting?" She
licked her lips, moving her hand from the counter to his thigh. "Lets say we
go somewhere private?"

Without looking at her he draped his heavy arm around her small shoulders and
pulled her in close.

"I don't waste my time with people like you. An old bitch like you couldn't
take me." He released her roughly, ignoring her once more. Terri was fuming.

"I'll show you different you arrogant bastard!", she stormed off, heading
towards the restroom. Randall leaned back on the bar once more, lifting his
drink up to admire it's amber beauty. He drank it down in one gulp, dropped
in back on the bar for the bartender to fill. And so it was done. He looked
around the bar, taking it in.

"This," he murmured to himself, "is my kingdom. And Randall my man, it's good
to be king."

* * *

Terri fumed in the bathroom. The nerve of that man. Well fuck him. Terri
was used to getting what she wanted, and despite how he'd angered her, she
desperately wanted Randall. Even the thought of him made her burn inside,
her stomach taking an unsettling tumble. Her nipples were erect, straining
against the fabric of her shirt almost painfully. She moaned silently.

"Fuckū", she murmured, unbuttoning her shirt. Sweat beaded on her
overheated flesh. She'd hadn't been so aroused in years. Her right hand
slipped underneath her blouse, lightly squeezing her large breast. She
gasped loudly as she felt a warm wetness in her pussy. She had nearly cum
with just a touch. What was this man doing to her?

Her nipples were shockingly sensitive, pebble hard against her fingers. The
soft flesh of her tit yielded under her hands as she squeezed it, then pulled
her shirt aside releasing her left breast from it's confines. She licked her
thumb, trailed the wet thumb over her breasts. She arched her neck, squirming
under her own ministrations.

She lifted her sweaty tit up and began flicking her nipple with her tongue,
licking her own tit, all the while thinking of Randall. Her free hand stole
between her creamy thighs, pulling her thong to the side to allow access to
her secret flesh. Still tonguing her breast, she ran her finger through the
light cinnamon hair of her cunt, spreading the juice that leaked from her
pussy around. She began pushing on her lips, slowly spreading them apart to
admit her finger.

She sat down in the stall upon the toilet. Her left leg was hooked up over
the paper dispenser, her right spread far to the other side. Her skirt had
ridden up to her ass, and it was wedged up in the middle by her furiously
working hand. Terri gasped tightly as her fingers penetrated her pussy. Her
juices were flowing already, and her pussy was incredibly sensitive as she
probed deep inside herself. She couldn't take much more.

"Unnnnh...", she moaned as her busy fingers found her clitoris, rubbing it
lightly. Normally it was too sensitive to touch, but Terri was more turned
on than she ever had been before. She rubbed it hard, whimpering in delicious
pain. It hurt, but she could feel pleasure roiling underneath it, in her
stomach and her nipples. She could feel herself cumming, her breath ragged
as she tried not to scream. Her free fingers in her mouth, she pounded into
her clit, hips shaking as her orgasm ripped through her body, pleasure
annihilating pain in a white flash.

She could feel her fingers and hand being inundated with juices, as her
climax began to subside. As good as it was though, it only left her
frustrated and wanting more.

"Randall...", she murmured.

* * *

Tommy lounged against the wall near the bathroom door, idly taking a drag
of his cigarette. He was still sober, surprisingly, and he felt the need to
remedy this little problem. Unfortunately, between the bar and himself was
Randall. Tommy had always been creeped out by the almost unnatural calm the
man possessed. Still, he seemed in a good mood tonight, and Tommy was sure
there wouldn't be any problems. He was about to stride over to the bar when
he heard a sound from the bathroom.

A rthymic thumping was mildly audible, as was what seemed to be someone
gasping. Was someone having a heart attack or something?, Tommy asked
himself. He pressed his ear to the door. It sounded like a woman, which
surprised Tommy. Somebody's chick? He couldn't recall anyone coming in,
but he hadn't been standing there that long. She seemed to be screaming,
as if through a gag. Tommy made a decision. He would save this woman.

His trembling hand found the doorknob, turning it slowly. He trembled
slightly. "1,2,3" he muttered to himself. He pushed the door open, bursting
in to confront a possible attacker. What he saw took his breath away. His
cigarette dropped from his slack jaw.

A beautiful blond woman lounged on the toilet seat with the door wide open.
Her legs were splayed and he could see the pink flesh of her cunt which
dripped juice into the bowl. One golden breast hung loosely from her shirt,
the nipple purple as if it has been pinched or bitten. The woman was absently
sucking on her fingers with a dreamy look on her face. Tommy's cock strained
against his suddenly too-tight jeans.

Her heavy-lidded eyes spread wide in shock and he could see her beginning
to try to cover herself. Shocked from his reverie he quickly turned away,
averting his eyes. Then he heard her sultry voice from behind him.

"Hey, don't be so quick big boy. I might have use for you."

He turned slowly. She had, he realized with a start, unbuttoned the rest of
her blouse, revealing her other equally large breast. She stood before him,
slightly intimidating despite her short stature. She beckoned him forward,
reaching up to run through his curly brown hair. She pulled him down
abruptly, lips parting as they pressed against his. Her tongue pushed into
his mouth, squirming and writhing against his before aggressively plunging
as far as it could reach. Her breasts squashed against his chest, her hips
grinding into his hard cock through his pants.

His mind seemed to catch fire with lust as he slammed her into the stall
wall, hastily unbuttoning his pants. He could feel her panting in his ear
as she tore at his shirt, pulling it up over his head and tossing it to the
ground. She raked her nails down his chest, provoking a grunt of pain from
Tommy. His pants dropped to the ground and he felt his cock spring erect
immediately. He felt her grab his shaft, jerking him busily. He groaned deep
as she stroked him.

"Fuck me, dammit." She bit his ear lobe, almost hard enough to draw blood.
Tommy pushed her into the wall, then guided his cock up into her cunt. He
gasped as her moist flesh wrapped around his cock. She ran her hands over
his face, then rested her hands on his shoulders. She pushed herself up,
jumping up to wrap her sweaty thighs around his waist. Tommy was startled
at how tight she gripped him, but he was too horny to think about it. He
held her tight against the wall, hands grabbing big handfuls of her steamy
cheeks, and began thrusting his hips against hers. He pounded into her
slick snatch, working deep inside her. He could feel her hips working as
she thrust in time with his pistoning rthym.

"Ohhhh...fuck...fuck me good you FUCK!", she spat, as he ravished her against
the wall. Her huge globes dangled in his face, his tongue pressed against
that salty skin. He was growing tired, sweating profusely as he bounced her
up again and again. Eventually he couldn't hold her up anymore and she began
sliding back down the wall, still impaled on his cock.

"It's okay baby," she told him, guiding Tommy towards the toilet. Tommy sat
down upon it, as she straddled him, feet on the ground as she sunk down on
him again. Tommy rested his hands on her hips, again tonguing her copious
breasts, suckling on the nipples. Then she began grinding on him, swiveling
her hips and abusing his penis. He groaned deep in his throat as she slowly
ground into him. Then she started riding him, trying to rip an orgasm out of
him. She half stood with each bounce, his hard shaft half-sliding out of her
pussy every time. He leaned back, mouth open as he groaned. His cock felt
like it was going to explode, but he gritted his teeth trying to withhold
the spray.

"Fuck...DON'T YOU FUCKIN' CUM YET YOU PUSSY!", she screamed, unmindful of
the clientele outside in the bar. She was practically jumping on him now,
their coupling generating a cacophony of wet slapping flesh. Terri yowled
as she rode out another orgasm, her inner muscles clenching against his
cock. Tommy couldn't hold it in anymore. His cock jumped once, twice then
shot thick wads of cum deep into her pussy, shaking his whole body as he
exploded. Terri didn't slow down one bit, bouncing on his cock long after
the spray had ended.

Tommy sagged back on the seat, exhausted beyond belief. He barely noticed
when the weight of her firm ass left his thighs as she dismounted. He felt
her kiss him lightly on the forehead as she left.

* * *

Randall slugged back another whiskey, bleary eyed. The rest of the bar was
dead silent, listening to the sounds of passion from the bathroom. Randall
himself was incredibly turned on. Who the hell could be in there? One thing
was for sure, he'd be having a taste of the lady that came out of that door.
He turned to the bartender once again, ordered yet another drink.

He accepted the drink, and leaned back to slug a shot down, and instead fell
from his stool, smacking into the ground with a heavy thud.

* * *

Terri strode from the bathroom, dripping sweat and reeking of sex. The entire
bar stared at her glistening skin, her erect nipples, the cunt-juice that
dripped down her leg. She smiled ravishingly, striding towards where Randall
lay unconscious. She had just the thing in mind to wake him. Then a burly
figure stepped in her way.

"Uh-uh miss, you can't approach the boos." But Terri would not be put off.
She shoved the big man into the wall, pressing against him. She deftly undid
his belt and dragged his pants to the floor, revealing a long and half hard
prick. He grasped her breast, squeezing it so hard it almost hurt. Instantly
she grasped it, feeling it harden in her grip. Her hand stroked him, giving
him a perfect hand-job. The blood rushed to his head, turning purple in
seconds. She knew he would cum quickly, so she jerked him as fast as she
could. He couldn't hold it, and his cum shot out in a thick stream to
splatter against her thigh. The big man sagged releasing her breast. She
strode towards Randall.

* * *

Randall, dragged himself back to lean against the bar, sitting on the floor.
He looked up to see a sweaty blond woman striding towards him, completely
naked. He gaped. The woman, who he sent away. He didn't have time to think

The woman stood in front of his face. She turned around, showing him her
tight golden buns. He began to speak, but she walked backwards, grinding her
ass into his face. His open mouth pushed against her skin, his tongue leaving
a wet trail as she swiveled her hips in his face. His head cracked back into
the bar as she stepped back, his nose pressed into her crack. Then she
stepped away, tossed something at his chest.

"Never fuck with Terri, unless we're actually gonna fuck!" She stamped out,
a wide aisle parting for her.

Randall gazed at her lithe form as she left, slightly dizzy with the
overpowering smell of her still on his face.

A woman with spirit.

He picked up the ball of paper at his feet.

An address.

Randall slowly grinned.

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