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AJ Gets What's Coming
by Arcanine878

AJ sat in her Holiday Inn hotel room in Seattle, Washington, in her typical "Love Bites" shirt and panties. She plopped down on the bed, and opened up her laptop right in front of her. She read the reviews of the past Monday Night Raw's divas segment. She looked on, as she read nothing but Total Divas tweets and mentions. She was disgusted, seeing as these "wanna-be actors" she so-calls-them stealing her spotlight. She stopped fustling over these thoughts, and took a deep breath.

"I really need to let out my stress. Having Phil not on the road with her has made her more and more sex deprived.

"I guess since Phil isn't available to make me cum, I should make myself cum."

She typed in the PornHub address and went straight to her favorite video of Dani Daniels taking a long dick, reminding her of herself and Phil. As Dani began to suck her dick, AJ slipped off her underwear and started rubbing her pussy lips together. She let out soft moans, as the instant sensations she received felt so good.

She continued massaging her pussy. As soon as Dani began to take her dick, AJ began to insert a finger in slowly.

Her moans got louder and louder. She decided to slip another finger inside herself. She thrusted faster and faster, as her pussy soaked up.

"Ohhh....fuck yes! Fuuuck!" She moaned.

AJ was deep into the video, mesmerized by the porno. Suddenly, her door flung wide open. AJ jumped on her bed, and her fingers went flying out of her pussy, taking a bit of the fluids out of her. "Oh dammit!" She yelled. She turned her attention to the open door.

"What the hell are you doing in MY hotel room?" AJ asked angrily.

The person at the door was none other than Nikki Bella, naked in the middle of the door frame.

Nikki Bella had no reply. She stood there, glaring at AJ. Nikki shouted back at the front door and said, "Yup, shes in here girls!"

AJ backed up against her bed frame, preparing herself for whatever is happening. Nikki walked into AJ's bedroom with a smirk on her face. Following behind her was her sister Brie, Natalya, and Summer Rae.

"Ohh...I know the real reason why you all are here. You all are jealous. You all are jealous due to the fact that I am the divas champion, and none of you ever will be!" AJ said, as she held her title close to her chest."

"Oh shut the hell up AJ." Nattie said, as she walked over to AJ and snagged the title out of her hands. AJ tried to get up and reach for her possession, but Eva and Brie held her back against the wall.

"Oh AJ, all you would have to do is surrender that Divas title over to me, or one of my other lovely ladies, and admit that the "Total Divas" run the Divas division." Nikki said.

"Like you think I will EVER say that to you pathetic divas."

"Heh...suit yourself. Nattie, get the handcuffs." Nikki demanded. Nattie passed the title onto Nikki Bella, as she wrapped it around her waist.

"It looks good on me, don't ya say AJ?"

AJ tried fighting and struggling to get free from Eva and Brie, but the more she struggled, the less energy she had. Nattie came back. and sat ontop of AJs leg to keep her still. She handed one handcuff to Brie. Brie cuffed AJ's wrist to the bed frame. She handed one to Eva, and she did the same.

It was hopeless. AJ wasn't going anywhere. "You sure you don't want to just give up now?" Eva asked.

"Even if I did give up, it sure as hell wouldn't go to you Eva. You can barely even wrestle."

Eva looked at Nikki with a face of disgust, thought about what she said, and laughed a bit. "Suit yourself then.", she replied.

Nattie ripped off AJ's shirt, letting her breasts hang down. Nattie groped and squeezed AJ's tits hard as Brie spat on each nipple. Nattie rubbed the spit in, as it made AJs nipples extra hard, glistening in the light. She tried getting the Divas to stop, but they just kept going. Eva squeezed AJs cheeks in her hands and started making out with her. AJ tried resisting, but Eva managed to get her tongue in her mouth. She twisted heads with AJ as they made out. Eva then plucked her lips off AJ and began going down her neck. The feeling was too much for AJ to try to hold back. All though she hated being hostage, the feeling did feel some-what good to her. Nattie and Brie began sucking on AJs tits. AJ started moaning a little bit, as Nattie chewed a bit on her right nipple.

" stop." Aj asked.

"Whats the matter AJ? You know you love this. We aren't this sexy on the show for no reason." Nikki said.

AJ's nipples were beyond hard. Her skin began to turn red as embarrassment and pleasure filled her pores.

"Ease up ladies." Nikki commanded, and they all did as so. Nikki took off her belt and handed it back to Nattie. Nikki hopped on top of the bed, and seductively crawled towards AJ. AJ started kicking at Nikki. Nikki commanded her fellow ladies to spread AJ's legs and hold them down. They did so, and Nikki stared at her target, AJ's tight pink pussy, deciding how to attack. She patted her pussy a bit, feeling how wet it was.

"Wow...for someone who hates sure are really wet for us." Nikki said. She licked her palm and began rubbing it against AJ.

"Nikki, before you begin, just know...Kharma's a bitch." AJ said with a smile. Nikki immediately went full in with her tongue. She thrusted her whole tongue in as deep as she could. AJ's pussy was so tight that Nikki's tongue was hard to move as she got deeper. AJ moaned, as Nikki was slurping AJ's pussy, sucking it to death. AJ wiggled around a lot as ecstasy filled her up.

"Mm..Nikki..." she moaned. Brie slapped AJ's tit as she began talking again. AJ's tit jiggled up and down from the slap and turned red. AJ let out a huge moan with each slap, which made Brie just want to slap it more and more.

Nikki got up, and wiped her mouth. "Are you ready to surrender to us?" Nikki asked.
AJ took a few breaths out loud, and looked up with fire in her eyes. "I'm still never giving up my title."

"Alright then. Bring out Plan B." Nikki said. Eva walked out the room for a quick while. While she was gone, Brie slapped AJs tit again, as she let out a few more moans. Eva came back into the room, and following behind her was the new addition to the cast, Paige, carrying a large purple strap on.

"Surprised to see me, honey?" Paige said.

"How do you want her?" Nikki asked,

"I want her nice ass." Paige demanded. Nattie and Brie removed the handcuffs from the bed frame, as Aj fell forward on the bed. The two divas then dragged AJ by the arms to the other side of the bed, cuffing her to the bottom of the bed. Paige hopped on the bed behind her, forced her legs wide, and lifted her butt up.

"Oh AJ, I've always wanted to do this to you. You could be one of us, a Total Diva, just like me!" Paige said, as she lubed up her strap on. AJ was too tired to reply.

Paige carefully stuck her strap-on in AJ's ass, and squeezed her body as she slid her dildo in deeper and deeper, sliding half out quickly and repeating the process. AJ moaned as Paige was raming her against the bed.

"C'mon AJ, just give up!" Paige said, as she slid the strap on out of her ass and inserted it behind her pussy.

"Cum to me AJ, cum to me!" Paige screamed, as she thrusted rapidly. AJ went a little bit forward as she was being fucked by Paige. Nikki held AJ's head up and planted a kiss as she said, "C'mon AJ. Give in!"

It took awhile to get AJ to give up, but eventually she did, as she cummed all over Paige's strap on, dripping onto the bed.

Eva and Brie released the handcuffs and AJ planted her body into the bed, defeated and humiliated. Nikki threw the Divas title on top her shoulder, and each diva single-filed right out of the room. AJ tried getting up, but had no energy left in her.

"Oh AJ. Maybe next time, you will learn your lesson." Paige said.

"Yup. Never mess with us Total Divas." Nikki said.

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