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AJ Revealed to the World
by Arcanine878

AJ just woke up next to her husband, as she finished a long, relaxing sleep. "Good morning, Phil." she said with a perk.

"Good morning babe." CM Punk said.

AJ hopped out of bed wearing her short shorts pajamas and a tank top, and walked downstairs to make herself a strawberry banana smoothie. She put all the ingredients into the blender, and mixed it to perfection while cutting a slice of bagel. She sat down at her table, as she turned on her TV to the news. Nothing good popped up on the screen. AJ Opened her phone up and went onto twitter. She had all the usual tweets in her mention feed, ranging from "Omg AJ is my inspiration!" to "I'd fuck AJ's ass in a heartbeat." and all the dirt-sheets claiming she will bring back Punk to the WWE. She continued scrolling, and a particular tweet caught her eye. One she has never seen before on her feed.

AJ laughed reading at this tweet. "All my photos I've ever had are already online, and the hottest ones are basically my ass in all my matches." she thought to herself. She decided to message the person, and see what little game he or she had to offer.

AJ put her phone down. "Like I really would pose nude for someone I don't know..."

As she put her phone down, another mention on her phone. She checked it.

She opened the image up, and to her surprise, a picture exposing her breast were released.

AJ was in complete shock. She doesn't remember taking a photo like that, but she knows that is her. She starts panicking. She looked at the tweet again, and it started getting mass numbers of retweets and favorites. Slowly, the world is seeing the tits of AJ Lee. She has to stop this person, before he or she releases any more pictures that they might have of AJ. AJ picked up her phone and messaged the person back.

"I'm sick of your games. Who the hell are you, and why are you leaking these pics."

"Oh, you know me. You know me very well."

"Come on. Be an adult here and just tell me who you are. Stop spreading this shit around before I get the police to take down your account."

"Haha..Like taking down my account is going to work. I'm pretty sure thousands of people has saved the pic already. My phones blowing up from all the re-tweets and favorites im getting right now."

AJ was pissed. She was determined to get the pictures down, but it's already too late.

"I think it's time I release some more pictures." AJLee_Stalker581 replied.

"No...please don't." AJ pleaded. "What do I have to do to get you to stop? I don't want any more pictures of me like that online..."

"Well, seeing as the next Friday night SmackDown is in Long Island, I say we meet up at your hotel.

"Fine. Have it your way...I'm staying at the Holiday in on the 5th floor. Room 341. You better be there tomorrow."

"Oh, you will definitely see me there."

AJ threw her phone at the couch, and stormed off angrily as she went to go prepare for SmackDown.

As AJ arrived in Long Island, she went straight to the hotel. She didn't want to waste any more time before another nude of her got out. She went through the hotel doors, up the elevator, and straight down the halls. "It's time to end this once in for all." she said to herself. As she turned the corner to her room, no one was there. She sighed, as she took out her key and went into her room. She set her bags down and opened up her laptop. All of a sudden, a knock came at her door. She got up and marched right too the door. She swung it wide open, and to her surprise, Paige was standing right in-front of her.

"Hey AJ! How are ya?" Paige cheerfully, as she skipped into the room and made herself comfortable on AJ's couch.

"Well, I wasn't expecting you here, but I'm waiting for someone else to come over." AJ said with a confused look.

"No AJ. You're not expecting anyone else here. You're expecting me."

"Excuse me?"

Paige got up, went over to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle.

"Come on AJ, dont play dumb with me right now. Who else would get the pictures besides your old best friend Paige."
she said, as she took a sip of water. "It's quite funny how out of all people, you weren't expecting me..."

"WAIT HOLD UP JUST A MINUTE! You leaked the pictures? How did you even get those pictures?!"

"You remember when we were hotel room mates a couple weeks back? And we bought some special liquor to celebrate your PPV win. You got so drunk you ended up sending me pictures of you nude in your room of the hotel. They were quite nice. I loved how you spread your pussy up close."

"Paige...why didn't you tell me you had these photos."

"'re beautiful. If I told you, you would of blown up in front of me."

"Well you didn't have to leak a photo on twitter! I mean come on Paige!"

"You know AJ, I don't like your tone right now. You've been pushing me around, and now it's my turn. If you don't want any more photos leaked, you're going to do as I say."

"Yea right Paige. Like I'd do whatever you say." AJ went straight for Paige's phone, as Paige ducked behind AJ and pinned her against the wall.

"You know I like it when you're aggressive like that." Paige smirked, as she started rubbing AJs ass.

"Mmm AJ. It's nice to actually feel your ass and squish it when we aren't in a match." she said, as she rubbed AJ's ass and gave it a hard spank.

"Ow!" AJ said as she was slapped against the wall.

"I'm a fuck you like the crazy little slut you are AJ." Paige said. AJ turned around as she looked Paige in the eye.

"Crazy you say? No one gives a good fucking like me." AJ said, as she ran to Paige and started making out. They were flicking tongues against eachother, as AJ hopped and wrapped her legs around Paige's waist. Paige held her ass up, and went straight for the bedroom while they were intensely making out. They broke through the door, and Paige dropped AJ right on the bed as they continued making out, twisting heads. Paige went down on AJs neck and started kissing it and sucking it, giving her a hickey. AJ moaned in pleasure. AJ took off her shirt and threw it on the ground. Paige unhooked her bra and started sucking on AJ's round nipples. She licked it in circles and bit on it a little bit. "Mmmm." she moaned, as Paige went for the other tit and did the same thing.

Paige got on her knees and pulled AJs pants down.

"Dang AJ, you're panties are getting a little wet." she said, as she pulled down her pants and saw AJs tight pink pussy. Paige slid her finger up and down AJ's pussy, and slipped it in. She felt AJ's warm, wet pussy. She slipped another finger in and AJ moaned louder.

"Yes Paige..Fuck me." she said as she looked at Paige biting her lips. Paige slipped her finger out, sucked on it, and slipped it down her own panties and rubbed her pussy with the finger she fucked AJ with. AJ rubbed her own pussy, watching Paige fuck herself.

"Mm you like this AJ?" Paige moaned. She then spread AJ's legs wide open, and went straight in for her pussy. She licked her walls around and flicked her clit with her tongue. AJ was so wet that Paige had to stop and spit on AJ's pussy every once in a while just to continue eating her pussy meat. She sucked and tugged on her pussy lips. AJ kept moving her body, so Paige had to hold her legs down to get her to be still, but the more she held AJ down, the more AJ just wanted to move.

Paige took off all her clothes and got on top of AJ, as they started to 69. AJ took control this time, as she was kissing and sucking on Paige's pussy.

"Gosh Paige, you're pussy is so tight I'm surprised I can fit my tongue in there." she said, as she was spreading Paige's pussy and sticking her tongue straight in the hole making Paige wet. As she was eating out Paige, she clenched onto Paige's round ass, holding her pussy down for AJ's eager tongue as she goes around Paige's pussy. Paige starts moaning louder and louder and AJ sucks all the juice out of Paige's clit and spits it right back in.

Both ladies get up on the bed and start to scissor each other, rubbing their pussies in circles around each other.

"Oh yes, fuck me right here AJ." Paige moaned. As AJ started grinding harder, and started sucking on her tits and moaning louder. They scissored each others pussies like there was no tomorrow.

"MMmm Paige! Ohh Paige! Fuck my wet pussy good Paige!" AJ moaned, as her pussy started cumming into Paige's pussy. Her body twisted as she cummed, but she didn't stop until Paige finally cummed into her pussy. As there muscles softened, they laid on the bed next to each other, fingering each others pussies and feeling the mixed cum. AJ and Paige then continued to make out, but this time more slowly and elegantly.

"'re not going to upload any more pictures, right Paige-darling?"

"Mmm....sure AJ, as long as you fuck me every once in awhile."

"Deal." AJ said, as they continued making out in the middle of the bed.

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