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A Kiss My Foot Match Made In Heaven Part 2
by Tntrc Revillusion (

Lita celebrated a bit in the ring, posing on the turnbuckles now that her
womens' title was successfully retained. Trish rolled out of the ring, broke
up Stephanie and Stacy's slap fight and followed the two of them to the back.
Lita posed for the crowd and absorbed their cheers for a few moments before
she headed to the back herself... the ovation for Lita continued until she
was well behind the curtain. By the time Lita made her way back to the
women's dressing room, Trish and Stacy were already inside changing. Trish
called over to Stacy as Lita opened the door.

"How's your ankle, Stace?"

"Oh, much better," Stacy said with a wink at Trish.

"You're one to joke, Trish," Lita exclaimed. "You were the one who bit

"Oh, I'm sorry about that... I just don't know what to do when I have an
entire set of toes jammed into my mouth."

"I wouldn't mind showing you what to do... you know, for next time."

"I might have to take you up on that... but Lita, you seem to have a short
memory. Diving down from the top rope on top of me didn't feel that good."

"I know, I wasn't supposed to do that, and I'm sorry. I just get so
excited to be performing in front of all these people screaming my name...
sometimes I get a little overexuberant. Now that I think about it, that bite
wasn't so bad."

"What, you liked it?"

"Yeah, Trish, I kind of liked it."

"Hmmmm.... Lita, you twisted little thing, sit down and let me see what
kind of damage I did to those toes."

Without hesitation, Lita sat down next to Trish on the bench and extended
her right foot up, which Trish guided into her lap. As she poked at those
toes, Trish gently rubbed Lita's bare sole against her bare thighs. The bite
mark wasn't even really visible any more, but Trish doted on it anyway,
gently rubbing the area around the ball of her foot where Lita had been
bitten. Then, Trish raised Lita's foot up to her mouth and planted a big, wet
kiss behind her first two toes, right on what was left of the bite mark.

"There... all better."

"You really can work wonders, Trish. Maybe you should give this up and be
a massage therapist or something."

"Name me one massage therapist on TV, Lita."

"Good point. Thanks, Trish, but I have to run over and see how Matt and
Jeff are doing."

What an obvious lie, Trish thought as Lita tossed her womens' title belt
into her locker and walked out of the room. If she was going to see the
Hardyz, wouldn't she have put her shoes on? Where was Lita really going?

"Trish, you're going to take care of Lita, but you're going to forget
about me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Stacy... come over here and let me have a look at that
ankle," Trish said with a wink of her own. As instructed, Stacy sauntered
over with nary a limp, sat down next to Trish and placed her left foot in her
lap. Trish began working on her ankle, gently massaging it as Stacy sighed
and reclined on the bench. After a few minutes, Trish went past the ankle and
started gently rubbing her arch. Just a few moments later, as Trish's fingers
began sliding towards the ball of her foot, Stacy yanked her foot out of
Trish's lap.

"Thank you, Trish... that felt soooo good."

"But Stacy... I didn't get a chance to work on your toes."

"That's okay... they'll be fine."

"Are you sure? I wouldn't mind rubbing your toes for just a moment."

"No, you don't have to."

"Why not?"

"Don't bother, Trish... I just don't like anybody touching my toes."

"I'm not just anybody, Stacy... why are your toes untouchable?"

Meanwhile, Lita passed all the other locker rooms on her way down the
hall, stopping at the last one and walking in.

"Hi, Stephanie."

"Well, hello there Lita... loved the match. Very entertaining. Glad I was
a part of it. You know, everyone watching out there got to see your toes

"You know, I'm glad you introduced me to your pedicurist," Lita said to

"Worth the hundred bucks, wasn't it?"

"Yes, definitely. I never thought my toes could be so beautiful. And that
pink polish she found was something else. We must do that again, Steph."

"How about next Wednesday?"

"Sounds great... but you bring the wine next time."

"Can do."

Lita had noticed that there were several pairs of shoes lying next to the
couch in her dressing area, but Stephanie was still barefoot.

"C'mon Lita, let's go back down to the locker room and have a little talk
with Stacy and Trish."

Lita had no chance to agree... Steph bolted out of the chair and dragged
Lita down the hall and into the womens' locker room. As Steph threw open the
door, Trish was seated next to Stacy with her hand on Stacy's knee, trying to
convince her to let her give her toes just a little rub.

"Whoa... am I interrputing something here, Trish? Stacy?"

"No, everything's fine... Stacy here has some sort of hang-up about having
her toes rubbed, and I was trying to convince her that it would be okay for
me to work on them for just a minute."

"I hear you're quite the masseur, Trish," Stephanie said. "Maybe, you
should work your magic on me."

"Whatever you say, Steph, come on over."

Stephanie sat down on the bench next to Trish and placed her right foot in
her lap. Without a moment's hesitation, Trish began circling her thumbs
around Stephanie's arches, alternating between left and right.

"That's the bad thing about going barefoot around here," Trish said as she
kept working Stephanie's arches.

"What's that?"

"All the dirt on the floors... Steph, you would not believe how dirty your
feet are right now. Even deep into your arches here, there's this sawdust
stuff... what, Steph, did you step into a pile of it on your way in here?
Your arches are too high to just pick that stuff off the floor and cover

"What, Trish... you have some sort of hang-up on dirt? I thought you were
tough. Nothing wrong with a little dirt... it's only natural."

"It might be natural, Steph, but it's not enhancing the experience for
you... or for me."

"Oh, okay, Trish... whatever."

Stephanie got up, walked to the corner, grabbed a towel and ran it under
the faucet. Returning to her spot on the bench next to Trish, Stephanie
brought her kneed to her chest and began wiping all that dirt away, her soles
wiggling within inches of Trish's face as she did it.

"Here, Trish... happy now? So, what are the writers saying about a

"I don't even think they have one planned for tomorrow night," Lita said.
"You know, I've been having a little knee problem lately, and the creative
team has said that I was going to get a couple of weeks off to rest it."

"I think they'll have you win over Ivory tomorrow night," Stephanie said.
Truth was, she didn't really know.

"Another Ivory match? Those Right to Censor idiots stomping away on me
after the match? How do they think my knee got sore in the first place? Oh,
to hell with the writers... I'm in charge now," Lita said to the other three.
"We're going to decide right now who gets the rematch on Monday, and we're
going to do it my way. Follow me."

Lita led Trish, Stephanie and Stacy down two flights of stairs and through
the bowels of the arena to what looked like the boiler room. Lita threw the
door open, revealing a room with dim lighting and mats spread across the
floor. "All right girls, I'm making the decision of who faces me for the
title tomorrow night based on this little match. There will only be one way
to win, and that is to tickle the other girls into submission... Steph,
you're pretty familiar with that move, so it seems you have the edge...
Trish, Stacy, you'll have to pick this up quick to win. Once you submit,
you're out of here and I send you to the locker room. The last remaining
woman wins a title match against me tomorrow night. Wait until I give the
signal before you all start in on each other."

"Lita, what's gotten into you?," Stephanie asked to no avail. Lita just
stared at her, then she ordered Trish, Stacy and Stephanie move to the center
of the room and stand there with their backs to each other. "Okay... go."

Trish started to run for a corner, but Stacy whirled around and grabbed
her by the ankles, sweeping Trish's legs out from under her. While Trish
fell, Stacy began her assault on the insides of her ankles. Trish hit the mat
laughing and began to tear up as Stacy found a soft spot around the inside
bump of her ankles and worked it over and over. Stephanie slowly retreated
towards the wall, far away from Trish and Stacy, content with watching Stacy
go over the bumps of Trish's ankles over and over and over, with more
pressure and a little more ferocity in each pass as Stacy felt the adrenaline
rush through her body.

"It's only going to get worse, Trish... give it up! Give it-"

Well, it seemed that Stephanie had finally decided that she was ready to
involve herself in the match-up by grabbing Stacy's ankles and dragging her
fingernails across her dirty bare soles.

"That looks like fun, Stace... mind if I try?"

Steph put a vicious tickle on the bumps of Stacy's ankles, but she didn't
budge or so much as crack a smile.

"You're cold, Steph. That's not the spot."

While Stacy kept working the bumps of Trish's ankles, which were now
glowing red from the ever-increasing pressure, Stephanie furiously poked and
prodded at Stacy's feet, trying to find her weak spot. Steph tried her

"Still cold."

She moved on to her heels.

"Get out of the fridge, Steph."

Surely, the arches would be the spot to work over.

"Nope. That's not it either."

How about the ball of her foot?

"Stephanie, give it up, you'll never find-"

Stacy tried to keep a poker face and lead Stephanie to believe that there
were no ticklish spots on her feet, but her whole body shivered for just a
moment and she suddenly burst into peals of unbridled laughter as Stephanie
hit the tops of her big toes. Stacy was hoping Stephanie would think her toes
couldn't be ticklish if there were no other spots on her feet that were and
give up before she so much as breathed on any of her toes: long, slender,
straight and smooth, beautifully pedicured and jam-packed with sensitive
nerve endings.

"So that's why you wouldn't let me touch your toes," Trish exclaimed.

Stephanie's persistence had paid off, but she had made a little mistake.
Her position on the floor left her bare feet open to Trish's hands, and now
that Stacy was distracted with the work being done to her toes, Trish could
catch her breath and go after Stephanie. Trish grabbed Stephanie's ankles,
then thought back to that match Lita and Stephanie had a couple of months
ago... "What were those spots again? Oh, that's right... the ball of her left

Trish drove her fingers into the ball of Stephanie's left foot and
proceeded to put the most ferocious tickling possible on her.

"No, stop, Trish, please, stop," Stephanie tried to spit out in between
the shrieks of laughter. With Stephanie's assault eased, Stacy gathered
herself and went back to work on Trish. Rather than keep working the bumps of
her ankles, Stacy resolved to find another spot. It didn't take her long...
when Stacy ran a finger over the spot on her sole just behind her third toe,
she knew she had hit on another spot when Stephanie's shrieks suddenly eased.
About a second later, Trish's laughter started again. But, now that Stephanie
was relaxed and had the chance to catch her breath, she wriggled over towards
Stacy and, with outstretched arms, wrapped both hands around her ankles.
Stephanie couldn't let go, but how would she begin attacking Stacy's toes
again without a free hand? But there was a simple answer, of course... with
all the strength she could muster, Stephanie pulled Stacy towards her,
refusing to stop until her toes were in line with her mouth. Once Stacy was
in position, Stephanie's tounge began the assault, raking back and forth
against the bottoms of her toes, then in between each one. Stacy was panting,
her chest heaving for breath.

Tears streamed down her face, and she was sore all over from all the
laughing, but she couldn't stop laughing as Stephanie continued viciously
tickling her toes with her tounge. Still, Stacy summoned enough strength to
continue working on Trish, alternating between the bumps of her ankles and
the spots just behind her third toes. Trish felt like she was either going
to be forced to tap out to the tickling or embarrass herself when she lost
control and pissed all over herself, but she shrugged it off and kept going
at the ball of Stephanie's left foot with as much ferocity as possible.

Just five long minutes after the match started, it all became too much.
Trish submitted to Stacy's tickling, just as Stacy submitted to Stephanie's,
just as Stephanie submitted to Trish's. Lita, who was perfectly content to
just enjoy the show these three girls were putting on, just shook her head.
"Oh, for the love of... you girls... okay, we'll try this again, but it seems
you need a little more competition. I'll be back in a minute."

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