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A Kiss My Foot Match Made In Heaven Part 3
by Tntrc Revillusion (

Lita threw the door open and headed back upstairs, locking the door behind

Trish, Stacy and Stephanie were still lying on the mats, panting and
heaving, gasping and fighting for breath after a three-way tickling assault
that lasted less than five minutes in actuality, but seemed to last an

"Stephanie, what in the hell has gotten into your little friend?," Stacy
exclaimed in between pants.

"Yeah, Steph," Trish chimed in, "what is up with Lita? Is this what you
and her were talking about last night? You and Lita are up there in your
room, sipping on some zinfandel and figuring out ways to make us suffer,
aren't you?"

"No, guys, it's not like that," Stephanie claimed. "We were just up there
getting pedicures, talking girl talk... and it was cabernet, not zinfandel."

"Oh, ex-cuse me," said Trish as she looked down at her ankles, "but Lita
must be sadistic to watch us torture each other... just look at these red
spots on my ankles."

"I don't know what's gotten into Lita," Stephanie said in an exasperated
tone. "It was kind of like she just snapped up there. We sit around chatting
away all the time, and I never even thought she had this kind of side to her.
Sometimes, she grabs my ankles and starts tickling that spot on the ball of
my foot just to get a little rise out of me, but she never does it for long,
and she always lets me reach over and tag her arches for a moment or two. She
always squeals for me to stop after a few seconds, and I do."

"Sure, this was just for Lita's own pleasure, Steph," Stacy said, "but it
didn't seem that way, with you going after my toes with so much intensity...
then you just started licking away at them."

"I was kind of putting on a show, Stacy, rolling with the punches,"
Stephanie said as she pulled her left foot up to her knee and gingerly pawed
at her big toe. "Stacy, I might have been a bit less vigorous licking at your
toes if Trish wasn't raking the ball of my foot so hard. I started licking at
your toes in the hopes that you would give up and maybe the assault on the
ball of my foot would stop. I kind of like a little tickle there, but it
makes my big toe really hurt to do it for too long."

"Well, Steph, I'd like to feel sorry for your one toe, but all ten of mine
are sore right now," Stacy said as she reached for her toes. She set her
fingers on them with the thought of rubbing them a bit, but jerked her
fingers back when the nerves in her toes came alive and sent a shockwave of
pain up her legs. "Too much tickling hurts my toes, too."

"Do you hear that? Someone's coming," Stephanie warns the blondes. The
girls all turn suddenly quiet. Sure enough, the key turns in the door, it
opens and Lita re-enters the room. "Okay, girls, I figured you'd need some
water after all that tickling, so drink up." She tosses a water bottle to
Stephanie, Trish and Stacy, and all three rip the caps off and down it
quickly. "We'll start this again in about two minutes, but with these two
added in." In walks Terri, playing her horny little she-devil bit for all
it's worth, and Torrie Wilson. Both Terri and Torrie slid their boots off
and tossed them into the corner before stepping onto the mat.

"Lita, please don't make us go through that again," Stephanie begged her

"You know that too much tickling makes my toe hurt and-"

"SILENCE!" As Lita screamed, all five women jumped back and cowered. "I
said I was in control here, and dammit, Stephanie, I AM! This is my show, and
you will be a part of it! Now, Stephanie, are you going to get up and
participate, or do I need to make you?"

Stephanie, her head hanging low and perhaps even the beginning of a tear
creeping into the corner of her eye, stood, squinting as her left big toe
touched the mat. Lita whipped her head over and glared at Stacy and Trish,
both of whom shot to their feet, a little scared of what might happen to them
if they didn't. Lita had all five women stand with their backs to each other,
then gave the signal to begin. Almost simultaneously, Trish, Stacy and
Stephanie dropped to their knees, still exhausted from the previous tickling.
Terri and Torrie both turned and stared each other down. Torrie quickly and
decisively shoved Terri to the mat, but as she bent over to taunt Terri, she
pushed her head back. Torrie stumbled a couple of steps back, then Terri
swiped her bare heel across Torrie's crotch, which brought her to the mat.
Terri grabbed Torrie's ankles with the tightest grip she could muster and was
all set to start the tickling when she noticed that Torrie was already
shaking with laughter. Unknowingly, Terri had stumbled upon Torrie's
sensitive spot just by grabbing her ankles. Never one to more than she had to
in order to get the job done, Terri simply kept her grip on Torrie's ankles,
shifting her hands every now and then to keep Torrie's giggling from slowing.
While Terri worked on Torrie, Lita approached Trish, Stacy and Stephanie, who
had crawled to the edge of the mat and sat against the wall, still waiting
for their second wind.

"What are the three of you doing? There's a match going on here."

"Lita," Stephanie pleaded, "give us a break. We're all very tired. Trish's
ankles are sore from all that tickling, Stacy's toes are aching, and my big
toe is really hurting. We need more than a couple of minutes to rest."

"I'll hear none of this! I want you three to get on the mat and go after
each other, just like you were a few minutes ago... or else! The three of you
don't want to find out how vengeful I can be when my wishes are ignored."

Stephanie, Trish and Stacy crawled back onto the mat, re-formed their
triangle and, as ordered, began the tickling again. This time, the results
were much different. Trish applied a much gentler tickling to the ball of
Stephanie's left foot, but Steph didn't last ten seconds before tapping out.

Before Lita could even say anything, Trish stopped the tickling and
Stephanie simply rose to her feet and walked off the mat, keeping her left
foot off the floor as much as possible. Lita walked over to talk to
Stephanie, but while her back was turned, Trish had brought Stacy's feet to
her mouth, popped her left big toe in and sucked away for a moment, then
switched to the right. Before Trish could go back to the left, Stacy began
furiously pounding the mat.

"Okay, Stacy and Stephanie, you're both out. Take care, you two."

Stacy and Stephanie said nothing in return as both hobbled out of the
room, leaving Lita to oversee Terri, Torrie and Trish.

Trish moved towards Torrie and Terri, but didn't really involve herself in
the action, content with letting Terri dominate the Torrie with a simple grip
on the ankles. Trish watched Terri work on Torrie for a few moments, then
tired of that and crawled behind Terri for a different perspective. Terri
kept working on Torrie's ankles, but her focus shifted for a second,
wondering just what Trish was doing behind her. A few moments later, Trish
moved around and poked her head over Terri's shoulder. Terri's concentration
broke for a second, which was all the time Torrie needed to counter. She
whipped her left leg over, breaking Terri's grip in the process, and ran her
bare heel across her crotch a few times. Terri's eyes bugged out, then she
fell limp to the mat.

"Now's our chance! Trish, help me flip her over!"

The two women teamed to roll Terri over. While Torrie threw herself onto
Terri's back in an effort to keep her pinned face flat on the mat, Trish lept
at Terri's bare feet and started working a tickle deep into her arches... but
there was no response from Terri.

"Trish... what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to put a tickle on Terri."

"That's not how you do it with her, Trish... Terri won't respond to that.
You can tickle her feet all day, and you'll be more exhausted from it than
she will. Just because we have ticklish spots on our feet doesn't mean that
everyone does. Terri has no ticklish spots on her feet... no, you'll have to
work somewhere else."

"You know this from experience, Torrie?"

"Well... let's just say I became aware of this information. Terri's feet
aren't ticklish at all... but the backs of her legs are. I'd like you to team
up with me on this one, Trish... you get one leg, I'll get the other, and
Terri will be done in no time flat."

Trish just shrugged and started in on Terri's left leg, working a gentle,
teasing tickle across the back of her knee and then drifting down towards her
foot. Torrie just smirked and started on Terri's right leg, beginning just
above the ankle and working up the calf, shooting past the knee up her thigh
while Trish kept her hands on Terri's left calf, still fairly close to the
ankle. Terri only chuckled a bit to start, but started giggling when Torrie
reached the back of her knee, then progressed to laughter that grew stronger
and less controllable as Torrie worked her way up her leg.

"C'mon, Trish... get into it," Torrie exhorted as she slipped her hands
just underneath Terri's skirt and worked her upper thigh. Terri was laughing
uncontrollably at that point, unable to even attempt to beg Torrie to stop in
between laughs, clawing at the mat in an attempt to withstand the assault.
Trish hesitantly worked her tickling fingertips back up Terri's left leg,
slowly up the calf until she was back at the knee. Trish lingered at the
knee, looking nervously at her hands as they poised to venture up the back of
Terri's left thigh, then she looked over towards Torrie. She was maintaining
a solid tickle on Terri's upper thigh, just underneath her skirt, but she was
looking right at Trish, beaming a sly smile and gently nodding her head.

"Go for it, Trish... just go for it," Torrie whispered just over Terri's
shrieks of laughter.

Nervously, Trish worked her way up Terri's thigh, taking it very slowly,
one inch at a time, until Trish's fingers finally reached the edge of Terri's
skirt. While Terri was reduced to tears from the tickling, soaking the mat
with them as she kept laughing without end, Torrie broke one hand away from
tickling to lift Terri's skirt up a bit over the left thigh. With great
hesitation, Trish worked her fingers just underneath the skirt. When she did,
though, her left hand bumped the hand Torrie was using to hold the skirt up.
Trish's right hand slipped from the tickling and slid right into Terri's
crotch, her fingertips sliding across the impossibly thin layer of fabric
that made up the front of her panties for just a split-second before Trish
jerked her hand back. At the same time, Trish stopped with the tickling as
well as her eyes grew wide with surprise, shocked by what Trish had done,
whatever it was. Terri's laughing stopped at that moment, as her eyes snapped
shut and she started moaning uncontrollably. Torrie and Trish had already
stopped the tickling, but Terri kept moaning as her body started shaking.
Trish backpedaled into the corner, fearful of what was happening to Terri,
and fearful of what she just did to her as well. Torrie jumped to her feet,
wondering what was going on... was this an act, or was she having a seizure,
or what? For about fifteen seconds, Terri just kept shaking, her arms and
legs thrashing in time with each moan and wail. Just as Lita started to think
that Terri was having a seizure and she should call for help, the shaking
stopped, the moaning stopped, the thrashing stopped, and Terri rose to her
knees, her breasts bouncing up and down as she breathed in and out deeply in
a search for air, the front of her dress and the mat beneath her soaked.

"O-kay... Terri, um... you're, uh, out," Lita said as she helped Terri to
her feet, then wrapped a towel around her drenched dress as she led her out
the door. "Okay, Torrie, Trish, I guess you won..."

Trish rebutted "No, I think Terri won!" The three laughed as they helped
Terri out of the room and back upstairs.

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