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A Knockout Surprise
by Arcanine878

Around New Years, I never really go to any parties. It's not that I don't like to party, it's just that I don't really believe in the hype of the New Year. But this year was for sure going to be unlike the others. I got a text from my old friend in high school, Taryn Terrel. She's living the life with the Pro Wrestling world, and I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting that life. We used to be best friends, but over the years, we've talked less and less due to her getting more and more TV time(not that that's a bad thing, she is super gorgeous after all.). Anyways, I was surprised to read the text, as it seemed like she was coming back to her home in L.A, California. She said, "Hey there. I know we haven't talked in forever, but I really miss you. I want you to come to my party around 2 o'clock. Make sure you bring your swimsuit and a towel, cause it's a California-Winter themed party. Hope to see you there :) ". I couldn't walk away from this invite, so I decided to start getting ready and prepare for the party.

I finally arrived to her beautiful home, and already I could hear music pounding from the outside. I parked my car across the street and walked on over to the house. The door was already unlocked, and as I walked through I could see tons of people, and many wrestlers and divas both current from TNA and WWE. Everybody seemed to be having a blast, chatting and laughing and playing beer pong. I couldn't find Taryn in the room, so I walked over to Kelly Kelly who was wearing one of her signature tight bikinis showing off her cleavage.

"Hey Kelly, any idea where Taryn is?"

"Oh she's outback near the pool." She said with a smile. I thanked her before weaving my way through the groups of people. I walked through the backdoor and there were even more people out here, but instantly I spotted the beautiful Taryn Terrel, wearing a black bikini that complemented her assets.

She instantly made eye contact with me and dropped hat she was doing to run over to me.

"Oh my god! I haven't seen you in forever!" She said, giving me a big hug, pressing herself into me. I hugged her back feeling great that I showed up.

"Haha I know. How have you been?" I asked her.

"Ugh, busy. Being TNA Knockouts Champion means more work time. It's just exhausting! But I'm glad I finally made some time to relax, and to see you again!"

"Yea, we really need to connect together again. This separation is not gonna work out for me, haha."

"Yea..but anyways, treat yourself at h-"

SPLASH! All of a sudden, one of the TNA wrestlers did a huge canon ball into the pool, soaking me and Taryn. Taryn looked shocked as her whole body got wet.

"What the hell! Oh my god can you please hand me a towel?" She asked shivering. I grabbed a towel, and as I handed it to her, I pushed her in with the towel. Everybody stopped and stared as they saw the party host submerge underwater. As she swam back to the surface, everybody laughed their ass off. Taryn looked at my with an eyebrow raised. "You're lucky I haven't seen you in forever." She said with a laugh before helping herself out the pool.

* * *

Hours passed, and it was night time. Everybody left Taryn's house except for Kelly Kelly and myself. We all relaxed in the hot tub, soaking our bodies in the warm water and starring up at the stars.

"Damn Taryn, is this hot tub gonna get any warmer? I feel like I'm sitting in hell right now." Kelly Kelly said laughing.

"Hey, if you don't like it, you can change it yourself. I'm comfortable, and so is my friend over here." Taryn replied, keeping her eyes close to remain relaxed.

"There's no way I'm getting up from my relaxation."

"If you're not gonna get out, just take your clothes off. It's just us three in the Jacuzzi. We all wouldn't mind." Taryn suggested. Kelly Kelly thought about it, and simply said "Why the hell not?". She slowly moved over to me, asking for my assistance on helping her take her top off. She sat on top of my thighs and lifted her hair to reveal her bikini top strings. I pulled one end, and her top fell to the water.

She covered her breasts as she walked back to her spot to take off her underwear. She slid them off under the water, and her bottoms floated straight up. She grabbed both pieces of clothing and flung them over to the side.

"Alright, I can't be the only girl naked in this tub. Take them off Taryn."

"If it will quit your complaining." Taryn said. She stood up and stripped down and tossed her clothes on top of Kelly's.

"Alright, you can't just slide away quietly over there and have us take our clothes off in front of you." Taryn said.

"Yea, you gotta take those shorts off too!" Kelly agreed. I thought about it for a minute, but decided that theres a ton of bubbles around me so they couldn't even see my dick. I took off my shorts underneath the water and quickly disposed them to the side before sinking back into my seat. We all sat there in the warm water, nude, for some more relaxing moments.

"So, since I don't know you that much stranger, what's up with you? Are you dating anyone?"

"Me? Nope. Just got out of a relationship right after Christmas. Turned out that bitch only wanted presents, and I learned the hard way."

"Are you serious?" Kelly said staring at me. "See, this is why I feel bad for guys. Some girls pull that shit on them, and it just makes everything worst."

"Yea, but you know what? A lot of other guys know that she's just that type of bitch, and I'm glad we broke up before I would of potentially bought a ring."

"You're right on that, but you don't feel any sorrow?" Taryn asked.

"Eh, not much I guess. There's always more fish in the sea."

"Hey Taryn, we need some food out here. Can you bring us some cheese and crackers?" Kelly asked, as we were all sorta getting hungry anyways.

"Ugh..fine. But only cause I just bought some bomb crackers from the store yesterday. I think I hid them from Drew in my room.". Taryn got up as all the ater rushed down her soft body and dripped back into the hot tub.

"Oh, and you should also bring out some ham too!" Kelly yelled as Taryn was half way to the door.

"Whatever." Taryn said as she went to go prepare the snacks.

There were a couple more silent moments as the hot tub kept soaking our skins. Kelly Kelly decided to break the silence by asking me a question.

"You sure you don't feel a little bit bad about you're whole break up? Cause you know, I could definitely make that up for you.". She walked over from her side of the hot tub and sat on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. We got close together, pressing against one another before she slowly began to kiss my lips. I held her up as we kissed more, rubbing each others bodies in our palms. She leaned in more and more to get better taste of my tongue. I made my way down her neck, giving her small hickies and hearing her moan from her sweet spots on her neck. I rubbed her right boob as I sucked on the left side of her neck, and she absolutely loved it.

Kelly grinded herself on top of my dick before I grabbed it and stuck it in her sweet pussy hole. She backed down on it slowly, feeling its bumps and ridges before making a smooth come back. We grasped each other as she slowly slid back and forth, fucking my cock. Her tight pink pussy gripped my cock like a child with a balloon string.

"Ohh, fuck.." She moaned as her ass came crashing down on my thighs. She positioned herself straight up as I held her waist and moved my cock a little to help get her pie to cream.

"Mmm..ughh yes." I moaned as I moved my hands up her body to rub her wet nipples. She began to lean against me again, taking my cock deeper and deeper inside her.

"Oh fuck me, yes!" She moaned louder, as she began slapping my cock against her pussy walls faster.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck yes!" She moaned.

Suddenly, Taryn walked out the door holding in the plate of snacks. "Alright, so I didn't find the ham, but I got the cheese and cra- oh my fucking god Kelly I told you not to fuck the guest! Especially this one! You knew I was saving him for later!" She said, dropping the snacks and running over. "Get off of him Kelly!" She demanded.

"Damn Taryn, you were right about him. He fucks good, and I mean GOOD! Ugh fuckk!" Kelly said while moaning. She looked at Taryn as she moaned, pissing her off even more.

"Well if you're not gonna hop off his dick, looks like I gotta hop on him too." Taryn said. She made me lean back more against the hot tub, and she positioned my head in between her legs. I moved my hands from Kelly to help stable Taryn, as I quickly began to eat her velvet-like pussy out.

I swirled my tongue in figure-8's, overlapping myself in her pussy. The deeper my tongue got, the sweet her pussy tasted. I tugged around her clit a bit, as she began moaning my name.

"Ohh fuck me." Taryn moaned. "Fuck my pussy faster!" She pleaded, trying to cum before her best friend does. I swirled my tongue faster for her, slapping against her wet-walls, while still trying to maintain a constant speed on fucking Kelly Kelly. Both former divas moaned as worked their pussies out. I sucked harder on Taryn's muffin, sucking out all the juices and making her pussy dry before getting it soaked again.

"Oh fuck yes!" Taryn moaned as she felt the sweet sensations emit from down below. Kelly Kelly began to fuck faster than ever on my cock, slamming down and trying to out-do Taryn.

"Oh fuck my pussy's so sore!" Kelly said, as she took my hard cock in deeper and deeper.

"You know Kelly, I have a way we can settle this. How about we both get in doggy on top of each other, and he fucks us in our ass. Who ever he cums to first is who he gets to sleep with for the night."

"Look's like your sleeping alone tonight Taryn." Kelly Kelly said, as both women got up and out of the hot tub. We made our way inside back the living room and layed out tons of blankets. Both Divas got in doggy style, Taryn on top of Kelly, eagerly awaiting my load.

I grabbed my cock and began to stick it in the former extreme expose girl first.

She instantly moaned and had a smirk on her face. "Mmm, what I say Taryn?" She moaned, as I fucked her pussy slowly.

"Oh shut up Kelly." Taryn said, trying to hide the fact that she really wanted me first. I steadily fucked Kelly's tight ass as she bobbed forward with each pounding I gave her.

"Mmm, fuck yes. Give your cum to me." Kelly pleaded as she moved along with my cock. I slid out my cock out of Kelly's ass and slowly inserted it into Taryn's ass.

I went slow and slow, going as far as I could. As I quickly slid it back out, Taryn let out a small moan. "More baby. Fuck my ass out!". I slid my cock in quicker this time, adjusting to Taryn's fresh ass. She loved my cock as it went in her. I gripped her ass and moved it with my cock, pounding her ass as it turned red by the minute. "Fuck me! Ohh fuck!" She moaned. I slid my cock back out of Taryn's and palced it back into Kelly's. She smiled and moaned as I fucked her faster. I then quickly slid it back out and into Taryns. I leaned over and gripped Taryn's tits in both hands, keeping her still as I fucked her ass severely. We both moaned loudly, and it was finally time to choose which diva to cum too. I switched back and forth untill finally, I let out some cum in Taryns sweet ass hole.

"Yes! That's what you get for stealing my boy!" Taryn said, yelling in joy. I slid my cock out of her and placed it inside Kelly, finishing off the second half of the load into her petite ass.

"Look's like he's cumming to two blondes now." Kelly said with excitement.

I slid my cock out of her and layed back on the couch. "Well, since I cummed inside both of you ladies, look's like everybody wins. We all get to sleep together.

"Sounds excellent. Good thing Drew isn't here, cause this bed's gonna get shaky tonight." Taryn said. We all walked upstairs, admiring each other before going at it again to end the night.

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