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A Knockouts' Love Story
by RobBoss/Killing Boredom

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky walked into their hotel room after a TNA show and they were beat, all they wanted to do was go to sleep. Since they were such close friends they always shared the same bed most of the time and they weren't afraid to show some skin around each other.

After the door shut Angelina pulled down her skin tight black leather pants and threw them into the corner exposing her Powerpuff Girl underwear that were hugging her huge ass. Velvet couldn't help but look at Angelina's huge ass in those skin tight underwear. Velvet was in a daze, she never thought of Gail in a sexual way before but now she couldn't stop thinking about her in that way. Velvet jumped on the bed still fully dressed.

"Hey, get over here silly, we have another show tomorrow and we need all the sleep when can get." Velvet said to Angelina and Angelina just gave her a smile and jumped in bed next her. They ended in a spooning position with Angelina's ass backed up against Velvet's crotch.

Velvet wrapped her arm around Angelina for warmth and Angelina let out an ouch type of noise. "What's wrong girl, are you hurt? Can I do anything to help?" Velvet said that to Angelina in a soft and a loving tone of voice.

Angelina said "I got slammed pretty hard on my back and it still hurts a little but it's fine."

"Take your shirt off and let me massage your back, maybe it'll help a little with the pain."

Angelina heard those words from Velvet and she didn't think of it as anything sexual so she sat up and threw her white shirt off exposing her black bra. Velvet's eyes shot right to the top of Angelina's breast. Before Angelina noticed Velvet looking she turned Angelina over on her belly.

Velvet mounted Angelina's ass and started to rub her back slowly with her hands. She started at Angelina's shoulders and worked her hands up and down up and down and up and down again and every time she reached the bottom of her back she went back to Angelina's shoulders but once she got to the bottom of her back for the sixth or seventh time.

Angelina said "Keep on going it feels so good and you're so gentle."

Velvet moved her hands over Angelina's ass and Angelina let out a soft moan. Velvet kept rubbing Angelina's ass all over from right to left and from left to right and up and down and all around. Velvet noticed something every time she moved her hands down Angelina's ass really fast her panties came down a little exposing her ass crack just a little bit.

Velvet started moving her hands down really fast and Angelina's ass crack was becoming more exposed. She finally got Angelina's ass half way exposed and Velvet was amazed it was so pretty and tan. Without even thinking she stuck her tongue out and licked Angelina's ass cheeks all over. Angelina was letting out soft moans over and over again at this point.

Velvet started to lick Angelina's ass crack and Angelina bucked her hips back and her ass cheeks opened for a few seconds exposing her brown little rosebud. Velvet kept licking Angelina's ass all over and then Velvet stuck one hand into her blue jeans and rammed two fingers into her warm wet hairless pussy. Velvet was moaning softly at this time and so Angelina. Velvet flipped Angelina on her back and she yanked her underwear off exposing Angelina's hairless wet pussy. Velvet traced Angelina's slit with her free hand. Angelina was bucking her hips up and she was moaning loudly at this point. Velvet kept fingering herself but she needed more.

Velvet jumped up and she threw her yellow low cut tank top off exposing her red bra and she yanked her blue jeans down exposing her hairless pussy. Angelina's said "You don't wear underwear Velvet, how cute."

They both let out a laugh.

Velvet tore her bra off in a heartbeat exposing her C cup tits to Angelina, Angelina sat up on the edge of the bed and started to suck Velvet's nips, she sucked one for a few seconds and then sucked the other one for a few seconds and then back and forth, while she was doing this Velvet reached behind Angelina and undid her bra and threw it to the side exposing Angelina's D cup tits. They were now both fully nude and their pussies were both soaked. The started to kiss slowly and Velvet pushed Angelina onto the bed.

Angelina was on her back and Velvet go on top of her and they started humping their pussies were smashing together making a wet smacking sound. Their moans become louder and louder, Angelina managed to push Velvet off of her and Velvet landed on her belly with her ass in the air. Angelina got behind her and started to grind her pussy on Velvet's huge epic ass. The grind slowly turned into humping.

Both girls moaned loudly and they were about to cum. Angelina flipped Velvet on her back and they got into the 69 position. With Velvet on the bottom. They both started licking and sucking each other pussies over and over. Velvet was loving it she was getting her pussy licked by a babe and she had a face full of sweet pink wet pussy. Angelina was licking Velvet's pussy faster and faster and then she started to suck on Velvet's clit and when Velvet felt that she knew she wasn't gonna last long. Velvet stuck one finger into Angelina's anus and with her other hand she rammed 3 fingers into Angelina's pussy. At the same time they said "I'M CUMMING!!!"

At the same time their pussy exploded their pussy juices went everywhere. Wave and wave of pleasure washed over both of them. They both just collapsed, they were breathing heavily and Velvet said in a very low whisper. "I can't wait for next time."

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