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A Kodak Moment
by Formerly Ty

Lita and Tori were scheduled to take photos after one another at the Divas
in Hedonism beach in Jamaica. They both were in the hotel checking out
bikini's and different styles.

"Hey, Amy, what do you think about this one?" asked Tori.

"Nope, not for me but maybe for you," said Lita.

"How about this?" said Tori. Tori showed a yellow tube top with yellow
tight short shorts.

"I love it!!!" said Lita enthusiastically.

"Great now we can pick out mine," said Tori as Lita tried on the sexiest
outfit she ever saw.

"I like this, what do yu think, Amy," asked Tori.

"Girl, that's mine I love it!!!!!!" said Lita.

"Nuh uhn," said Tori, "This is mine." said Tori.

"But I want it, I'll flip you for it." said Lita.

"Okay" agreed Tori. Lita took out a quarter from her purse and threw it
in the air and it came down.

"Okay, this time, call it in the air." said Lita sarcastically.

She threw it in the air, "HEADS!!!" yelled Tori. It came into Lita's hand
she flipped it over on her backhand and revealed it as heads!!

"NOOOOO!!" cried Lita as Tori danced around. Lita wanted to hit Tori in
the face so bad. Now they both put on their outfits and went to the beach.
Before the photgraphers came, they talked about various stuff since they had
been friends since Lita came into the WWF.

"I wanted to wear that so bad," said Lita.

"Sorry, but you look great in that outfit, you're legs, you're breasts
all fit it," said Tori as she looker her sexy friend up and down, all around.

"Thanks, you know I love you," said Lita as a friend.

"I love you too, Amy" responded Tori to her friend. Tori and Lita started
to feel on each others thighs. Soon Lita took it to the limit as she took
Tori's hand and forced her to rub her pussy.

"A-Amy, we shouldn't!" said Tori hesitantly.

"It's okay, all you have to do is lay back and I'll do the rest, plus
we're friends we should explore each other more," said Lita. Lita got close
to Tori's plump lips and started to kiss them gently.

"Mmmmmmmm, you're right, Amy" moaned Tori. Lita took off Tori's clothes
slowly as they kissed in passion. They soon fell on the sand and kissed each
others hard nipples.

"I want you in me, Amy" said Tori in a low voice. Lita went down on Tori
as she still had her yellow outfit on.

"You want it, you got it baby" said Lita. She started to French kiss
Tori's pussy lips and pinched her own yellow nipples.

"Yeah baby eat my pussy," moaned Tori lying on the sand naked in esctasy
as Lita ate her pussy extremly slow. Lita wanted to take Tori to a higher
level as she started to finger Tori.

"Ohhhhhh yessss, Amy" moaned Tori. Lita took all five fingers and balled
them up and started to fist Tori's clit which was getting bigger and bigger
every minute the massive invader was inside her blackhole.

Lita's fake cock took Tori away as she kept puncturing her huge hole.

"OHHHHHH YESSSS, AMY" Tori's screaming echoed through out the deserted
beach as birds flew over to see what was going on. Lita took out her fist and
started to taste Tori's clit, munching down on her like a Philly Cheese
steak (which was her favorite).

"OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS" screamed Tori. She lifted her backside up to give her
lesbian virgnity to her friend.

"YESSSSSSSS IT FEELS GRRRRREAT!!!!" screamed Tori as she splashed on
Lita's yellow outfit.

"Damn! What are we gonna do?" said Lita with woman orgasm all over her

"We have to take it to the cleaners, but we don't have time so we have to
share my outfit" said Tori. Lita put a towel around her. When the
phtographers came, they didn't realize anything. The friends had to change
after each others shoot into the same outfit.

They took photos in different places so no one would notice, but the WWF
fans did. This is how these two friends pulled off their same outfit gig.
Lita had to eventually take more photos in her yellow outfit after it came
out of the cleaners.

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