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A Lesson In Respect
by Punisher924

Madison Rayne walked into the knockout's locker room covered in sweat, too
exhausted from her match with Angelina Love to even get changed. She sat down
on the uncomfortable wooden bench, wearing her purple wrestling tights,
resting for a few minutes before forcing herself to stand up and open her

She got out her iPod and stuck the headphones in her ears, playing something
loud and fast to get her motivated enough to change and go home. She didn't
hear Angelina walk in behind her.

Angelina Love stood in the doorway, and stared across the room at Madison,
who had her back turned away from the door to grab her things out of her
locker. Her eyes rested on Madison's tight bubble butt, packed into her tight
wrestling attire, and begging to be fucked. Angelina locked the door behind

Angelina Love had never felt attracted to Madison Rayne, but their intense
promo, and the match that followed, had put the idea in her head and now it
wouldn't go away - she wanted to teach Madison some `respect.' Angelina had
watched Madison cockily parade around the locker room for months, and had
resented her attitude, which was one of the reasons she'd asked to fight her
tonight. But after so much torturous contact in the ring, Angelina's opinion
had changed. She still wanted to get her hands on Madison, but for a very
different reason.

She walked up behind Madison, and wrapped her soft arms around her. Madison
turned around, shocked, and, ripping the headphones out of her ears, asked
Angelina what the hell she was doing.

Angelina Love didn't respond, instead staring lustfully with her beautiful
blue-green eyes at Madison Rayne. They told her all she needed to know. She
turned around again, and put her iPod back in her locker.

Angelina moved her hands lower, wrapping her arms tightly around Madison's
waist. She lent forward and, turned on by the smell of Madison and the
contact of their skin, began to push her body into Madison's, her now aching
pussy teasing Madison's ass as she started grinding into her.

Angelina Love was now fully aroused and oozing precum. She started kissing
Madison on the neck, tasting her sweat on her lips and getting even hornier
because of it. She began thrusting her hips, pushing her pussy firmly up
against Madison's tight ass.

She whispered into Madison's ear, "I'm oozing here, Madison. I'm ready to go.
Let me fuck your tight ass."

Madison Rayne turned around, and stared at Angelina, confused. "Angelina, I
don't know how to tell you this, but...I'm always the top. Always. I've never
bottomed yet, and I don't intend to. I'm too dominate for that."

Angelina Love smiled. "I won the match, but that was only the start. Tonight,
you truly learn about respect. Now I think you need to start..." - Angelina
paused and went to her bag pulling out her infamous strap-on - " showing
respect to the Champ."

Angelina put her hands on Madison's shoulders and forced her to kneel. She
pulled off her tight ring shorts and, pulling them down with her panties in
one smooth motion, letting her wet pussy free. It was already dripping and
ready to be devoured into a tight little mouth. Precum was oozing from the
pussy lips.

"Lick the precum off, Madison."

Madison leant forwards and hurriedly obeyed, taking her moth onto the swollen
pussy lips and sucking on it, letting her tongue linger. She swallowed, and
looked up at Angelina.

"What's next?"

"Next, you show me the respect I deserve, by bending over and letting me fuck
your tight little ass."

"Angelina seriously? Can't I just eat you out?"

Angelina Love looked at her. "You can do what you're fucking told. And show
me some respect. You don't get to use my first name. You call me Love, you
little bitch."

Madison Rayne realized this could be fun. She gave up resisting, noticing
that the obvious wet spot in her attire would soon give away how much she
wanted this. She stood up and pulled her top and shorts off, revealing her
ample breasts and soaking wet cunt, just like Angelina's, swollen with
excitement. Madison reached down, scooped the precum from her vagina, and
licked it off her finger. She looked at Angelina, who was trying not to show
how turned on she was by what Madison had just done.

"Where should we do it, Love?"

This made Angelina smile. "Get your ass in that shower cubicle, girl. March
your sexy naked ass over there." She watched Madison cross the locker room,
her eyes fixed on the tight bubble butt which tensed as she walked. Angelina
immediately placed the strap-on around her waist and followed.

When they were both in cubicle, Angelina grabbed Madison by the neck from
behind, and pushed her up against the wall. She ordered her to bend over
against the wall and watched, transfixed, as she stuck her hot ass out
towards her.

Grabbing the bottle of lube that she had seen in Madison's locker, Angelina
squirted some into her hand, lubed up her fingers, then roughly thrust her
middle finger into Madison's tight hole, amazed at just how tight a virgin
hole could be. After loosening Madison enough, she used the lube still on her
fingers to wet her strap-on, then thrust it forcefully into Madison's tight
hole, hearing her scream as she did so.

Madison could not believe how far inside her Angelina could reach. All 10
inches were inside her tight hole, and the mixture of pleasure and pain was
too intense to decipher, or to stop. She couldn't think clearly, but knew she
wanted Angelina to keep going.

"That feels so fucking good, Love. Please, keep going. Plunge your massive
thick fake dick into my tight virgin hole." Madison knew that this would get
Angelina even more horny, and she was right.

Angelina Love picked up the pace, ramming all 10 inches in and then pulling
them out with thrusts of her strong hips. She had her hands on Madison's
waist, and pulled her in with each thrust, pulling her juicy ass further down
the dildo each time.

Angelina kept thrusting, working up a sweat and watching Madison do the same.
She stared at Madison's tanned back as she thrusted, and felt her strong
tight stomach as her hands gripped Madison's waist. She was the best bottom
Angelina had ever had, but Angelina would never tell her that.

Angelina was moaning from the friction of the strap-on against her own twat,
as was Madison, but neither cared who heard, the pleasure was so intense. The
sound of their moans was accompanied only by the squelching sound of
Angelina's lubed dildo sliding in and out of Madison, and the sound of her
thighs slapping against Madison's tight ass each time she thrust in.

Angelina grabbed a handful of Madison's dyed blonde hair and pulled her head
back. "Tell me how much you're loving this," said Angelina, purposefully
increasing the speed of her fucking to make this even harder for Madison.

"I love my hole being packed full of your fake meat, Love. Your fake dick is
a fucking beast, I....aaaaaaahhhhh....oh fuck Angelina....Love....I'm
definitely a fucking bottom for you."

Angelina let go of Madison's hair and moved her hands down Madison's back,
grabbing her juicy ass and pulling her cheeks wider apart, wanting to get as
far into Madison as she could. She was working up a sweat, and her whole body
was turning red. This was Angelina's favorite kind of workout, and she was
about to finish it.

She closed her eyes and pulled out of Madison's hole just in time to push the
strap-on a little to the side to finger herself to cum while squeezing her
strap-one so the fake cum would splatter on Madison's tight bubble butt.
Streams of fake's white cum flowed over the curves of Madison's amazing ass,
as Angelina shouted out fuck in her high, feminine tone, her hips bucking as
her fingers pumped into her own pussy and giving herself an intense orgasm.

Angelina Love, exhausted, fell forward, leaning on Madison, their sweaty
bodies rubbing against one another. Angelina could feel her hot cum sticking
on her thighs. She didn't care. She was in ecstasy. She had found the perfect

Angelina pulled herself off of Madison Rayne and sat down to the floor, the
cool white tiles feeling good against her hot and sweaty skin.

Angelina was slumped against the wall, exhausted, her eyes closed. She could
hear Madison moaning and breathing deeply, but didn't have the energy to open
her eyes and survey the scene.

She felt something wet drip onto her chest, but assuming it was from the
shower head, or a drop of sweat from her forehead, she thought nothing of it.
But with her eyes closed, her sense of smell was enhanced. She could strongly
smell Madison - it was the same scent that had turned her on so much in the

She opened her eyes to see Madison standing over her, her face red and
sweaty, her right hand furiously fingering her own pussy. Suddenly, Madison
grabbed Angelina by the head and forced her face into her twat. Angelina took
the cue and replaced Madison's fingers with her tongue quickly finding her
clit and sucking hard.

"Oh fuck Angelina, FUCK FUCK FUCK!"

A jet of hot cum sprayed out of her pussy, most of which flowed into Angelina
hungry mouth but some dripping onto Angelina's chest and running down over
her defined abs. Spurt after spurt shot out into Angelina's awaiting mouth,
each feeling pleasantly warm and tasty as she swallowed every last drop.
Angelina kept licking until she had completely cleaned up all of her cum even
though she couldn't stop even if she wanted as Madison had almost a death
grip on the previously dominant blondes head. Madison finally let go of
Angelina's head, and slumped down next to her.

Angelina looked at Madison. "What the fuck was that? Where was the respect in

Madison stared back, and grinned. "I let you be the first girl to fuck me.
You shot your fake load all over my ass after pumping your fake dick into it.
You gotta give me something, Angelina."

Angelina looked down at her chest, and smiled. She scooped some up with her
index finger, then brought it up to her mouth and sucked it off her finger.
She looked at Madison.

"I think I still taught you a lesson. And let's just say...that was my reward
for it," said Angelina Love, scooping more of Madison's hot cum up.

Madison Rayne stood up and walked off to change. "Plenty more where that came


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