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A Mercury Fix-ation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the American West Arena where the SmackDown brand is holding the 2006
edition of the Judgment Day Pay-Per-View, Joey Mercury is pacing back and
forth in the backstage area in frustration because earlier in the night he
got kicked out of MNM by his manager Melina and his tag team partner Johnny
Nitro after he and Nitro lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to Paul London and
Brian Kendrick. Wearing black and red wrestling pants with brown fur covered
boots, Joey shakes his head in disbelief, "I don't fucking believe this..."
Joey says as he still can't believe what happened to him. Joey is so far
lost in his own thoughts, that he's completely unaware that Jillian Hall is
walking towards him on her way back to her locker room after her victory
over Joey's former manager Melina.

Jillian Hall, the former personal 'Fixer' of MNM and former Image Consultant
of John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, smiles proudly after defeating her former friend
and now bitter rival, Melina, in a clean fought match. Jillian tosses her
blonde hair back as she walks down the hallway towards her locker room
dressed in a sky blue top that reveals a great deal of her cleavage from her
large chest and a pair of sky blue, tight shorts. Jillian suddenly pauses
when she hears the frustrated Joey Mercury up a head. Jillian slowly
approaches her former client, she takes a deep breath before walking over to
him as she's a bit concerned "Ummm...Joey? Joey, everything alright?"

Joey snaps out his out thoughts when Jillian says his name, "Huh? Oh....
nothing is alright..." Joey says with a frustrated sigh, "I got fucking
kicked to the curb by Melina and Johnny tonight... after all I did for
them... I taught Johnny everything he knows... and helped make that bitch
a fucking name on SmackDown..."

Jillian slowly nods her head as she frowns a bit "I saw everything...but if
it makes you feel any better, I did beat that bitch's ass..." Jillian says
with a soft laugh as she steps closer to her former client, Joey Mercury.

Joey's mood appears to improve after what Jillian told him, "Good... she
deserves it... why didn't she kick Johnny out of the group after he got
pinned when we lost the Tag Title belts those times in past..." Joey shakes
his head, "Fuck I would love to figure out how to get back at those two..."

Jillian folds her arms together as she looks at Joey " you remember
months back, when I was Johnny and your's 'Fixer'..." Jillian looks down and
frowns a bit "Back when I had my...blemish..." Jillian says slightly

Joey thinks for a moment, "Yeah... I remember... you got us out of that funk
we were in after we lost too LOD at Great American Bash..." Joey says with a
smile, "You got us back on the right track."

Jillian nods her head with a smile "Yeah...and well since JBL fired me, I
have been looking for a some work..."

Joey smiles a bit a bit, "Well... I'm currently in a funk... and I could use
a good 'Fixer' to get me back on track..."

Jillian blushes a bit as she looks down "Well...I am free..." Jillian says as
she looks up with a sweet smile "I would mind fixing your image."

Joey slides a hand through his hair as he smiles, "Well... since... I need
'fixing'.... and you're free... how about we pair up..." Joey suggest
carefully as he takes a bit of a long look at Jillian's chest before looking
into her eyes.

Jillian raises eyebrow as she looks at Joey Mercury and slowly nods her head
"I think I may be able to do wonders for you..."

Joey licks his lips a bit as looks at Jillian Hall, "How about... we... go to
my locker room... ehhh shit... nevermind Johnny and Melina are going to be

Jillian bites down on her bottom lip "Well…since Melina is with Johnny and
Kristal's doing interviews, and I'm sure Sharmell is with Booker..." Jillian
pauses before smiling at Joey "The women's dressing room might be free..."

Jillian bites down on her bottom lip "Well…since Melina is with Johnny and
Kristal's doing interviews, and I'm sure Sharmell is with Booker..." Jillian
pauses before smiling at Joey "The women's dressing room might be free..."

"Really?" Joey smiles a bit, "Hopefully no will be there... so we... can talk
about 'fixing' me up..."

Jillian nods her head "Yeah...oh I already have some many ideas for you!"
Jillian says excitedly before turning away from Joey "Come on...follow me!"
Jillian says as she starts to progress down the hallway once again.

Joey starts to walk behind Jillian as they head to the women's dressing room,
"So what are some of those ideas you got for me?" Joey asks with a smile as
he starts working next to her.

Jillian smirks a bit "Well...what about a hard rocker gimmick..." Jillian
says as she glances at Joey Mercury.

Joey thinks, "A hard rocker gimmick... that's not a bad idea... it could be
cool... and attract babes..." Joey replies as he glances back at Jillian
Hall. Jillian smiles a bit as she reaches the women's dressing room and
gently pushes the door open, allowing Joey Mercury to enter before she does.

"Thanks Jillian..." Joey says as he walks into the women's dressing room
before Jillian. He steps into the middle of the room and looks around a bit,
and sees a couple of large comfortable couches, and a long table with some
food on it.

Jillian closes the door behind her and presses her lips together as she locks
her eyes on Joey's slightly sweaty, muscular body. Jillian slyly licks her
lips "Or maybe gimmick...where you're all naked...and

"Oh.. I think I like that kind of gimmick..." Joey says as he licks his lips
a bit, "Tell me more about it..." Joey says as he looks at the attractive
blond haired 'fixer'. "Cause I want to know... all about it..."

Jillian licks her lips and smirks as she places her hands on her slender hips
"You really want to know..." Jillian asks in a soft, seductive voice.

Joey nods his head as he smirks a bit, "Yeah... I really want to know... I
really need fixing... so I want to know all about it..." Joey says with a
confident tone in his voice.

Jillian presses her lips together as she flashes her delicate eyes lashes
"Well Joey…you can start by getting a bit comfortable.." Jillian says as she
places her soft hands gently on Joey's slightly sweaty, muscular chest.

"I think I can do that..." Joey says as he places his hand on the waist of
his pants and starts to lower them down. Joey smirks a bit as Jillian keeps
her soft hands on his chest and shoulders as he lowers his wrestling pants
down to his ankles, where he steps out of them. Now, Joey is just wearing a
black male-thong that is barely covering his bulging crotch, and his
wrestling boots.

Jillian licks her lips as she glances down at his bulging crotch "Mmmm...I
think I can fix your image real good.." Jillian says with a wink as she
removes her hands from his slightly sweaty chest.

"I hope you can... but first..." Joey smiles and licks his lips, "I think I
need to sit down and take off my boots first..." Joey says as he goes to one
of the couches and sits down. He lifts one leg at a time and pulls off his
wrestling boots.

Jillian folds her arms as she presses her lips together as she looks at the
former member of MNM. Jillian starts to slowly walk over to the couch "You
may want to...remove that too..." Jillian says as she motions with her left
hand towards his black male-thong.

"Oh yeah... that's a good idea..." Joey licks his lips as he remains sitting
on the couch, but he lowers his black male-thong, lowering it down his
muscular legs to his feet. He kicks them off and sits back on the couch, and
spreads his legs a bit, showing off an almost fully hard fourteen inch cock.

Jillian licks her lips as her eyes lock on Joey Mercury's almost full hard
cock. "Mmmmm...Joey...why the hell did Melina dump you?"

Joey shrugs a bit, "I don't know... she's strange... and likes guys who'll
bend over for her...." Joey says as he gets comfortable on the couch.

Jillian smirks "I don't mind bending over for you..." Jillian says with a
wink as she slowly lowers herself down in between Joey's legs onto her knees.

Joey grins as Jillian positions herself between his legs, "I can see that...
but since you're fixing me... it's a good thing...." Joey says as he puts
his hands flat down on the couch cushions. Jillian licks her lips as she
reaches forward and places both of her delicate, soft hands around Joey's
shaft and begins to slowly stroke her hands against his shaft.

Joey licks his lips and moans softly, "Mmm... you know Jillian... I really
love that you're going... to fix me up... cause you're so... hands on..."
Joey says as he leans back on the couch.

Jillian smiles "I do work best with my hands..." She replies as she lifts and
lowers her soft hands continually up and down Joey's hard shaft. Her smooth,
soft palms rub against the skin of his cock as she strokes the hot former MNM

"I... ohhh yeah... can tell..." Joey moans as he rubs his hands slowly back
and forth on the couch cushions as Jillian makes his cock harder than it
has ever been. Jillian bites down on her bottom lip as she holds his cock
straight up, sitting up more on her knees before lowering her head to Joey's
cock. Jillian opens her warm mouth and lowers her head down on his cock,
gently wrapping her soft lips against his shaft before the personal 'Fixer
of the WWE' begins to bob her head slowly on his cock, gradually picking up
speed as she traces her tongue around his shaft while sucking. Joey closes
his eyes a bit as Jillian bobs her head up and down on his large fat cock.
"Ohhh... god damn..." Joey moans as he slightly strokes Jillian's blond hair
with his left hand before pushing some of it back behind Jillian's left ear.

Jillian begins to lap her wet tongue around Joey's hard, thick shaft as she
presses her lips tighter around his cock, while she casually lowers herself
further down on his cock and takes more of his fat cock into her enjoyable
mouth. With Joey's cock deep inside of her mouth, the blonde-haired 'Fixer'
bobs her head quicker. Joey tilts his head back and leans it back against
the backrest of the couch. "Ahhh... shit... Jillian... ohhh mother fucker...
you're good... fuck you're great..." Joey moans as he starts to breath slow
and heavy, totally enjoying the incredible blow job he's receiving from the
hot blond beauty.

Jillian slowly lifts her head up from Joey's cock as his cock drips of her
warm, wet saliva. Jillian licks her lips " taste good.." Jillian
says before licking her teeth. The large-chested Jillian Hall then begins
to lift her sky blue top off, by raising her arms up to pull the top off of
her body to reveal her very large, nice and braless chest.

Joey opens his eyes and looks down at Jillian's hot, large beautiful tits,
"Oh fuck... those tits... are so fucking big... man... they are fucking
awesome..." Joey says as he leans forward to touch Jillian's chest. Jillian
smiles as she leans up more on her knees and scoots more in between Joey's
legs as she places both of her hands on top of his muscular legs. Joey licks
his lips as he leans forward more and he cups both of Jillian's large tits
with his hands. He squeezes her tits together, "Fuck... I could just play
with them for days... you got such great fucking tits..." Joey says,
repeating himself while showing how much he loves Jillian's large chest.

Jillian smiles as she slowly stands up, forcing Joey to remove his hands from
her large chest. Jillian presses her lips together "Can you help me?" Jillian
says as she points down to her tight, sky blue shorts.

Joey nods his head, "Yeah... yeah I can help you..." Joey licks his lips
and smiles up at her before he puts his hands on the waist band of Jillian's
tight, sky blue shorts. He slowly tugs them down from her hips and lowers
them all the way down Jillian's smooth legs.

Once Joey has Jillian's sky blue shorts down around her ankles he leans up
a bit and starts to bring down the matching sky blue panties. As he lowers
them down, Jillian's smooth, shaved wet pussy becomes exposed, and Joey
leans forward some and flicks his tongue against her pussy while pushing
her panties down to her ankles.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Joey" Jillian moans, slightly tilting her head back as she
remains standing. Hearing Jillian moan after he flicked his tongue against
her pussy, Joey is encouraged to do more. He reaches around behind her and
places both of his hands on Jillian's firm, slightly round butt cheeks and
begins to slowly flick his tongue back and forth across Jillian's pussy.
After a few moments, the former member of MNM slides his tongue into her
warm wet pussy, and proceeds to dart it in and out swiftly. Jillian's
bottom lip trembles as she closes her eyes, feeling his tongue circle
around inside of her warm pussy. Joey moves his head away from Jillian's
hot wet pussy and looks up at her, "Damn you're pussy tastes so fucking
good..." Joey says as he licks his lips a bit. Joey stands up from the
couch and places his hands on Jillian's large round tits, "Shit... you're
so fucking hot..." Joey says as he starts to position Jillian so he can get
her to lay on the large soft couch. Jillian presses her lips together as
she flips her soft, blonde hair back as she places a knee on the couch,
shifting over and then lays down on the leather couch.

Joey spreads Jillian's legs open so that her right leg hangs off the edge
of the soft leather couch, He knees on the couch in between her legs and
leans forward so that his slightly sweaty muscular body is hanging over
the beautiful 'Fixer'. "Ohh shit..." Joey says as he uses his left hand
to guide his fat fourteen-inch cock into Jillian's hot tight wet pussy.
Jillian gently grits her teeth together as she feels Joey's cock gently
ease into her tight pussy before the former MNM teammate begins to thrust
into her glorious pussy. Joey puts his right hand on top of Jillian's right
shoulder while laying his left on the backrest of the couch. The former WWE
Tag Team Champion then begins to thrust his mighty spear like cock in and
out of Jillian's fabulous pussy with long, gentle thrusts.

Jillian gently wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Joey's waist and begins
to grind her pussy against his cock as he thrusts his mighty cock into her
pussy. Jillian places her hands onto Joey's strong arms as he continues to
drive his cock deeply into her pussy "Ohhhh...ahhhh Joey...I can tell you
need this 'fix'," Jillian moans.

"You want.... it harder?" Joey asks with a grunt as he arches his back a
bit.. The former member of MNM slowly and steadily increases the momentum of
his thrusts. He lowers his head down to Jillian's tits and lightly pulls on
her stiff nipples with his teeth.

Jillian licks her lips as she starts to grind her pussy rougher against
Joey's hard cock "Mmmm...yessss...Harder!" She moans.

Joey continues to keep his bite lightly on Jillian's nipples as he drives his
large thick cock in and out of her hot tight pussy. He lifts his head up and
clenches his teeth, "Ahh... ohhh shit.... fuck..." Joey groans as he pumps
his cock swiftly and sharply in n and out of her pussy.

Jillian arches her back up slightly as she feels Joey's protruding cock ram
her tight, wet pussy "Awwww Joey..." Jillian moans as she begins to drip of

"Shit.... fuck Jillian... Oh I want... to fuck your... hot fixer body... from
behind..." Joey says as he reaches back with his left hand to rub Jillian's
smooth tanned left leg.

Jillian smiles "Mmmm...Joey… I said I didn't mind bending over for you..."

Joey licks his lips, "Yeah... I remember..." Joey says as he uses his strong
hand to unwrap Jillian's legs from around his waist. The three time WWE Tag
Team Champion pulls his long throbbing fourteen inch shaft out of Jillian's
hot gorgeous pussy and stands up from the couch. "I want you... to stand
up... and bend over for me Jillian...." Joey says with a big smile on his
face as he helps Jillian up from the couch.

Jillian licks her lips "Of course...anything for you Mr. Mercury..." Jillian
says with a sly, cute smile as she lifts herself off from laying on the
couch, tossing her blonde hair back as she stands up and turns around,
bending over as she slightly kneels on the cushions of the leather couch.

"Yeah... exactly how I want ya..." Joey licks his lips as he places his right
hand on Jillian's stunning ass while using his left hand to guide his thick
huge cock back into Jillian's warm wet cunt. Once his cock is back inside of
the Fixer's pussy, Joey puts his hands on Jillian's hips and begins pumping
his dick into her.

"Mmmmm..." Jillian groans as she feels Joey's cock slip into her warm pussy,
before the three time WWE Tag Team Champion begins to thrust his fourteen
inch cock in and out of wet, tight pussy. Joey grits his teeth as he rams his
cock into Jillian's hot cunt, He leans his body forward a bit so that his abs
are pressing down against Jillian's lower back and he wraps his arms around
her slender waist to pull her back against him. Jillian closes her eyes as
sweat drips down her stunning, tanned body "Ohhhh ahhh yess Joey..." Jillian
moans as she begins to push her rounded, firm ass back against Joey's waist
forcing his hard cock deeper into her pussy.

Joey tilts his head back as he groans following each of his thrusts that
result in his whole cock entering Jillian's pussy. "Ahhhh... ohhh fuck...
Jillian... you can FIX me... any time..." Joey moans as speeds up his
thrusts to fuck the blond hair fixer faster and harder. His ballsack swings
back and forth with his movements, and once in a while, his nuts smack
against Jillian's smooth tan skin.

"Mmmm...I enjoy...fixing you..." Jillian groans as she slams herself back
against his cock quickly, and her pussy erupts with warm cum.

Joey licks his lips and moans as he feels Jillian's pussy release her hot
juicy cum all over his cock as he continues to fuck the beautiful blond hair,
large chested diva. "Awww.... ohhh fuck... Damn... Jillian..." Joey grunts as
he pulls out of Jillian’s soaking wet pussy, "Turn around babe... let me see
those... awesome tits... one more time..." Joey grunts as he wraps his right
hand around his cock and starts to stroke his cock. Jillian licks her lips as
she slowly turns around the face Joey as sweat drips down her beautiful face.
The 'Fixer' presses her large tits together with her hands as she slowly
skins down her knees in front of Joey, while he quickly strokes his cock.
Joey licks his lips as he sees Jillian holding his large tits with her hands
while she kneels in front of him, "Ohhh shit... fuck..." Joey groans as he
starts to cum, and he aims his throbbing cock downward so that each stream
of his warm sticking white cum land s right Jillian's slightly sweaty large
wonderful chest.

"Mmmmm...Joey..." Jillian moans as she leans her head down slightly and
begins to lick his warm cum off of her large tits.

Joey licks his lips as he watches Jillian lick his cum off of her chest,
"Shit... that's so fucking hot..." Joey says with moans of his watches her.
Jillian slowly lifts her eyes as she gently flicks her tongue against her
own large tits getting the remaining drops of Joey's cum. "So... ummm...
what... other ideas... do you have to fix me up..." Joey asks as he continues
to look at Jillian's large tits before looking into her eyes.

Jillian presses her lips together as she glances up at Joey "Why don't you
give me some time to think...but until I'd like to have more meetings like

"Sounds... hot... great to me..." Joey says with a grin, "When's... our next

Jillian smirks and nods her head "Why don't you surprise me..."

Joey grins, "How about... right now... cause I need... a lot... of Fixing..."

Jillian licks her lips as she slowly stands "Ok...but I might need a shower

"Oh... I need to shower too... maybe... we can... discuss it in the
shower..." Joey says, licking his lips, "And... I wouldn't want to miss a
chance... in getting fixed some more..."

Jillian licks her lips "I'll show you the way..."


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