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A Mother, A Daughter & A Valet
by The Ultimate Dog (

It was not long after they had gone to war in the ring, infront of a rapid
audience hungry for the sight of there beautiful white female flesh which
they would get as the match was scheduled as a bra and panties match with the
winner being the one that could strip her opponent of her top and bottom

During which, after an opening spear by Trish onto Stephanie, Stephanie
would strip Trish of her leather pants on the way to victory courtesy of
Vince's interference for which Stephanie would take full advantage of and
slap Trish on the backside which she came to realise that she was enjoying
so she slaped her a few more times just for the enjoyment of it.

Afterwhich, after being the last two left in the woman's locker room,
Trish can't help but notice herself stairing out of the corner of her eye at
Steph as she ran the soap over her beautiful red tits as the water cascaded
down her body as trish realised that she was feeling a slight tingling down
below however she ignores her rush of blood and finishes up her shower while
Steph continues to enjoy hers however as Trish leaves, Steph watches as she
can't help but wonder what Trish's ass must tatse like as she to feel's a
stirring down below.

Finally Stephanie finishes her shower and makes her way into the locker
room where trish is towelling herself of as she rubs the the towel up and
down her right leg as her vagina and ass capture the attention of a now quiet
horny Stephanie.

"Nice ass you hve there," says Stephanie, still driping from water with a
gleam in her eye.

"Thank you," replies Trish who can't help but notice as the water drips
from Stephanie's tits, "Did you enjoy spanking it?"

"Very much," responds Sephanie.

"Well I am glad I could please you," says Trish as she now slowly towels
of while Stephenie barely dries herself of at all.

"Well it was my pleasure to spank you," replies Stephanie as she turns her
back to dry her legs allowing for Trish to look upon her ass which she does
forcing her to take a big swallow due to her arousal as Stephenie turn's her
head to witness the lust in Trish's eye's before making her way over to her.

"But I have to say," says Stephanie as she reaches out and grab's Trish's
ass cheek, while standing face to face with her, "That as much as I enjoyed
spanking it, I would love even more to lick it," as Trish puts her arm on to
Stephanie's shoulder before she pull's Stephanie in for a passionate almost
violent kiss which is so forceful that Trish is driven back ito the locker
with her head and back colliding with a thud that echoed through out the room
which intensifies the tongue wrestling.

As they allow for there hand's to explore each other's bodies but before
the can go any further, Stephanie's mother and WWF CEO Linda walks in on
proceedings wearing her usual business suit and while Stephanie is busy
kissing Trish on her shoulder and neck, Trish notices Linda and panicks,
"Steph, Stephanie!"


"Your mother's here," answers Trish as she tries to push Stephanie away.

"Oh, hi mum, how are you?" says Steph casually as though it's no big deal
before returning her attention to Trish's neck much to the concern of Trish.

"Stephanie," yells out a deeply worried Trish.

"What is going on here?" asks a seemingly angry Linda.

"Nothing," replies Trish, "Stop it Steph."

"What," asks Steph who is clearly not in a talking mood.

"Your mother"

"Oh I see" says Stephanie who then grab's Trish by the arm and begins to
drag her towards her mother.

"Stephanie, let me go, Stephanie let me go, damn it."

"Oh would you just stop it!"

"Stephanie no," replies a strugglinig trish however Stephanie has got her
way and has now positioned trish in front of Linda as Steph wraps her arms
tightly around the waist of a now very upset Trish.

"I'm sorry," says Trish as she tries to fight of Stephanie.

"For what," replies linda as she undoes her jacker before stepping forward
and running her finger's through Trish's hair and on to her cheeks as Trish
stands there stunned as Stephanie moves her hands down toward's Trishes hot

"We all have a need for the occasional taste of someones cunt on our
lips." says Linda before leaning in and kissing Trish allowing for Stephanie
to move her hand's around on to her mothers back to her mother's bra which
she removes leaving Linda topless leading to an instant moment of
gratification for Linda as her naked Breast's come in contact with Trish's
as Trish finally surrenders and stick's her tongue in to Linda's mouth as
Stephanie makes her way down Trish's back to her tail bone which she begin's
to lick while moving her hand's up and down Trish's leg's before Linda
begin's to make her way down Trish's body,First stoping of to taste Trish's
right nipple which is already rock hard before Stephanie makes her way around
to join her mother by taking Trish's other erect nipple in to her mother as
she begins sucking on it for all she is worth as Trish groans in pleasure.

"Oh please ladies, don't stop, suck me nipples, bite my nipples, oh please
bite my nipples," and with that, Linda and Stephanie attempt to rip Trish's
nipples from of her body causing Trish to lean her head back in a mixture of
ecstacy and pain before they stop and begin to lick there way up her chest
toward her mouth where Linda once again find's Trish's tongue however,
Sephanie, not wanting to be left out of proceedings, places as much of her
tongue as she can between the intertwined tongue's of Trish and her mother.

However it would not belong before Trish would stare in shock at the two
McMahon women as the begin to french kiss each other passionately allowing
for there hand's to explored each other's bodies, none the less, while
surprised at the event's taking place right infront of her eye's, Trish also
find's herself becoming wetter at this most unusual scene lading to her
lowering her hands to her crotch where she begings to rub her swallon clit
before drinking in her own juices.

Not long after, she drop's to her knee's while continuing to play with
herself and maoning happily as Linda and Stephanie continue to explore each
other's mouths while there own boxes start dripping with wetness from there
arousal which Trish notices as she turn's her sttention to Linda's silk
smooth leg where she begin's to lick upwards towards Linda's dripping hot
cunt, lapping up her juices along the way which captures Stephanie's

"Mmm, I see that you have got a taste of my mother's cunt," says Stephanie
before dropping to her knee's to begin work oh her mother's other leg.

"Yes, and it taste's incredible" replies Trish.

"I know."

"Then why don't you both enjoy the whole thing," says Linda as she removes
her skirt to reveal no underwear and a soacking wet and shaved vagina.

"No undwear I see today," says Stephanie.

"Well i was hoping"replies Linda as she throw's her head back as Sephanie
is first to find her mother's sex hole before being joined by Trish as they
both begin to go to work over Linda's shaved hair free vagina as Linda places
her hands on top of theier heads and forces them to stick there tongues in

"Oh god that's incredible, two tongue's working over me at once, oh that's
just beautiful." groans Linda before taking a step to her left, moving
herself in between her daughter and her employee allowing Stephanie perfect
access to her mother's hole as Trish begins to lick up and down Linda's crack
whil wacking her ass cheek's with her hand's causing an arousing echo through
out the locker room as stephanie now buries herself deep into her mother slit
before Trish start's to tongue Linda's anus causing Linda to moan out loudly.

"Oh my god, oh my god, I'm going to come all over your face, oh that's it,
that's oh please, oh god, that's it, make me come on your, make me come all
over it, oh my god, I'm coming, I can feel it, oh god, oh god, Oh jesus
that's it" says Linda as Stephanie takes in as much of her mother's juices as
possible as trish pull's away and lies back on the floor to begin fingering
herself while Linda bring's her daugher to her feet and places her mouth to
her's as she begins to taste her own juices before Trish interupt's there
bliss and asks.

"What about me, i mean to be double teamed on by the two McMahon women,"
which bring's a smile from Mother and daughter as they look down upon Trish
with her fingers in her hairy soaking mound.

"Roll over on your side," order's Stephanie.

"What ever you say Stephanie," responds Trish as she rolls over and awaits
her night of sexual pleasure.

Moment's later, Stephanie is on the floor and crawling her way up toward's
Trish's firm white ass while Linda takes up position at Trish's hole as Trish
begins to tweak her own niples in anticipation as Linda and Steph look at
each other they rub their hands all over Trish's ass and vagina.

"So are you ready for this my dear," asks Linda of Trish.

"More then you can imagine," replies Trish.

"Because you see Trish, we want to hurt you" says Stephanie as Linda
begins to go to work on Trish's snatch.

"Then hurt me bad," responds Trish as Stephanie dives in to the crack of
her ass bringing a loud moan from Trish as she continues to play with her
nipples as Steph and Linda intertwine there leg's through the open legs of

"Oh god, oh my lord, oh" moans Trish.

"So does she taste as good as she looks," asks Stephanie of her mother.

"Yes" replies Linda as they go back to work.

"Oh please stop talking and just fuck me," says Trish which causes both
Linda and Stephanie to cease thier licking and to look up at Trish.

"Was that an order," inquires Stephanie.

"Because we dont respond well to orders," says Linda which brings a
worried look from Trish deeply concerned about the fact that she may have
blown her opportunity of a lifetime however she need not fear as as Linda
flips herself around to where she she is now sitting down directly on top of
Trish's breast's, squashing them down with all her weight to the point of
causing great pain to trish who cries out.

"Oh Jesus," as Linda pulls her leg's up toward's trish's face, spreading
them wide to expose her already lubricated ass which stephanie has already
position herself in front of, "Are you ready" asks Linda.

"For what," asks a now very much in pain Trish.

"For me to give you the ultimate ass stretching," answers Stephanie as
she now runs her middle finger with it's sharp nail up and down Trish's
crack with great force, cutting in to her and bringing yelps of pain from
the blond vixen as Linda smiles down at her daughter as her own pussy start's
to get wet again as does trish's who can feel Linda's juices running down her

"Oh please Stephanie, just do it please, stick your finger in my ass,"
pleads trish.

"And once again you order us around," replies Lina angrily.

"Then maybe we should do what she asks," says Stephenie.

"Then go right ahead my dear," responds Linda and with that, Stephanie
takes her middle finger with it's sharp nail and begins to penetrate Trish,
slowly, allowing for her finger nail to cut away at Trish's anal passage
causing considerable pain to Trish as Linda encourages her daughter.

"That's it baby, That's it, make the fucking tramp scream," and she does.

"Oh please Stephanie, please stick your finger up my ass," which only
makes Stephanie more intent in her action so she brings her forefinger into
play and then with one hard thrust, jam's both straight in to Trish's ass
causing a scream of incredible pain and amazingly, an instant orgasm as Trish
begin's to flow like a firehose which Linda could not only see but feel as
Trish's body convulsed beneath her before leaning down to lap up Trish's
juices greedily, joining an already drinking Stephanie which only lead's to
Stephanie continuing her work on Trish's ass. As she continues to jam her
finger's deep inside of trish causing Trish to cum over and over again before
she finally has no more to give as Stephanie and her mother kiss with the
taste of Trish on both there lips before they begin to lick clean the
fingers, fresh from Trish's anus clean.

"Now I need my cunt fucked," says Stephanie with a look of hunger in her
eyes and with that, she get's up and moves over to Trish who is licking her
lips in anticipation and before long, Stephanie sit's down on Trish's face
with an instant groan of pleasure over coming her as Trish begins to flick
her tongue over Stephanie's clit while linda stick's her ass up towards her
daughter's face as she goes back to work on the sticky wet cunt of Trish
giving Stephanie perfect access to both her mother's ass which she begins to
lick and her cunt which she begins to finger as Stephanie begins to grind her
hip's around leading to Trish sticking a finger straight up and into
Stephanie's hole while using her other hand to grab on to stephanie's tit's
for which she has been waiting to work over since the shower that started all
of this and as she touches her breast's, with nipples as hard as diamonds,
Trish again explodes causing all three to moan as they quicken up the pace,
as Stephanie takes her whole fist and stuff's it up her mother's cunt while
driving another finger into her mother's ass.

"Oh my god Stephanie, that's it you little whore, fuck your mother and
fuck her hard," screams out linda as all three moan and explode one final
time with Trish having her first ever taste of Stephanie before they all
collapse and lay side by side together.

"Wow, we gotta do that again sometime," says Stephanie as they all laugh.

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