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A Natural Progression
by Mercury32

Part 1

Billy watched the match with a growing feeling of dread, that only increased
as Ivory joined her male counterpart at ringside. He didn't doubt that Chyna
could handle herself against Venis, he just didn't trust the rest of the

The sickening feeling grew stronger when he realised that Eddie was probably
lurking in the back, waiting for his chance to attack Chyna again. 6 against
1. Even DX, assholes that they had been - and still were - had better decency
than that... not much, but some. Within seconds, Billy was headed for the

It was just behind the curtain that he ran into some others. "What the hell
are you doing here Jericho?"

"Just looking out for a friend in need." Jericho smirked as the Kat came up.
"Message from Jesse. Heya Billy."

"Hey kitty cat. How ya been?" Billy grinned at the Kat. "Not bad at all. Just
looking out for Chy. You take care of her you got it?"

"Got it." he smiled back in a little confusion, as the Kat left. Why was it
his job? Jericho read the note out loud. "Chris - the scumbag's going to run
in. RTC will go in after the bell and beat on Chyna. X-Pac’s waiting in the
wings with them in case you run out to defend Chyna. None of them are
expecting Billy, so if he's not already with you, get his ass out there! The
kitten is going to talk to Taker, see what he'll do. Tell Billy to look after
our original green goddess. Best of luck man, wish I could help.- Jess."

"Why is everyone telling me to look out for Chyna?" Billy asked in confusion.
Jericho laughed as a familiar voice joined in. "You figure it out blondie."

"Oh that's harsh Hunter, really harsh." Billy replied sarcastically, mind
reeling. What the hell was Helmsley doing here? Hunter glared at him. "Look,
just treat her right ok? Or you're gonna be facing an angry mob and I'll be
leading them."

"Right Helmsley, whatever you say." Billy answered as he looked at Jericho
with raised eyebrows. Help! Chris took pity on him. "What the hell are you
doing here anyway?"

"I'm here to make sure that there's a fair contest." Hunter never took his
cold gaze off Billy. "What's the word from Jesse?"

"Rest of RTC, the scumbag plus the punk." Chris replied. Hunter swore. "I
guess that means I can't run out." He grabbed Billy by the front of his
shirt. "I said this to Angle regarding Steph, I'll say this to you about
Chyna. She's your responsibility, if anything happens to her, it your ass
that's gonna be held responsible."

"Lighten up Helmsley. Chyna's a big girl, she can handle herself." The
Undertaker joined the trio. He grinned at Billy. "Good to see you back man."

"Thanks Dead man." Billy replied. This was really getting weird. Taker and
Triple H glared at each other. "I've got it Helmsley. Now go back to the
little missus before Angle shows her exactly what's so good about being an
Olympic Hero."

Hunter stormed off, muttering under his breath. Billy threw his hands in the
air. "What the hell is going on?"

Jericho and the Undertaker laughed. "Chyna is adored around this place, you
know that."

"Yeah." Billy was still confused. Taker sighed. "Basically, after what Eddie
did to her, we're all looking out for her. Jesse keeps an eye on X-Pac and
RTC for us, everyone else just keeps their ears to the ground. Mick talked
Vince into making X-Pac feud with you *and* Jericho - basically Foley's the
most protective of Chyna. Kat runs messages around, she's the perfect cover.
I'm out here because I have a beef with Richards asking me to join them.
Plus, someone asked me to represent them because if they interfered it would
look to suspicious."

"Who?" asked Jericho in surprise. Taker smiled. "Kane."

Billy grinned back. "So what's Hunter's excuse?"


While this was going on in the back, Chyna was having trouble keeping her
mind on the match. She couldn't stop thinking about Billy. He'd come back
like a knight in shining armour when she'd needed someone to lean on.
Since his return, they'd spent most of their time together and Chyna was
remembering why she cared for Billy. That she cared about him had never been
an issue. The issue was how much.

"I'm gonna annihilate you." murmured Val. "When RTC and Eddie are done with
you, we'll get that blonde freak of yours."

"Leave him out of this." Chyna brought her knee up into Val's stomach. "It
has nothing to do with you."

Chyna threw herself into the match, but Val's threat had worried her. Would
they get Billy because of her? It had been done before - when she'd gone
Corporate, they'd agreed the best way to get Hunter to say "I quit" would be
to threaten her. It had worked perfectly too.

Val took advantage of Chyna's distraction to use the signal that meant 'Come
on out fellas.' Eddie came bolting out from the side and slid into the ring,
laying into Chyna. Billy came out, then X-pac and Jericho at the same time,
with the rest of RTC hot on their heels. Taker waited a few minutes before
coming out and attacking Richards. He held the head of RTC by the throat,
ready to chokeslam him. They all paused as the crowd cheered and they saw who
was coming down the ramp. Rocky?

Eddie took advantage of the distraction to throw Chyna into the steel steps.
Chyna whimpered in pain as Billy yelled out to her. He abandoned the attack
on X-Pac and slid out of the ring. Chyna struggled as Eddie lifted her over
his head and threw her onto the Spanish announcers table. Chyna was aware of
a searing pain and Billy shouting "Chyna! Oh shit!" before everything went

Part 2

"How are you feeling?" Billy's head snapped up at the cold voice of Triple H.
He looked away at the ice cold anger burning in Hunter's eyes. "I think I'm
going to be sick."

"Good." Hunter grabbed Billy by the hair and yanked his head up so they were
face to face. "I warned you. Better be a little more careful Billy G. After
all you never know what kinda accidents could injure you or place you in
hospital, hell, you may even be in the wrong place at the wrong time and wind
up dead. I'd really hate for that to happen you know. Just watch it."

"Settle down Helmsley." Rock came and stood next to Billy. "There were 5 of
us out there. Billy here was the furthermost away. Taker was closest. There
were 3 of us in between when it happened. You wanna blame someone? Blame
everyone. Or- " His voiced turned sarcastic " - You could actually blame

Hunter glared at the Rock. "Stay out of this. It's got nothing to do with

"I think it has. Chyna, a good friend of mine is hurt. You're threatening and
blaming another friend of mine for it. I can't help but notice that you're
yet to ask the docs about Chyna's condition, as soon as you arrived you were
straight into Billy's face. Get your act together Helmsley."

Triple H stormed off and Rock sat next to Billy. "You ok?"

"Sore, shaken and scared. How is she?" Billy's stomach was churning. Rock
patted him on the arm. "Concussion. That's all."

"You sure?" Billy stared at Rocky. "You're not joking?"

"I wouldn't lie about something like that. Especially not to someone who
cares about her so much."

There it was again. The observation that Billy cared for Chyna a lot. He
cared about her, always had and would for a long time. But how much as a lot?

* * *

"How are you feeling?" Billy asked with concern. He was sitting on the floor
next to the couch in Chyna’s hotel room. Chyna looked down at him from where
she was laying on the couch. "I feel great."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Chyna insisted with a smile. She reached down and ruffled his hair.
"It's sweet of you to worry about me like this."

"Oh, well, I, uh, y'know." He shrugged it off. "Fall back from the old days.
Old habits die hard, ya know?"

"Yeah. I know exactly what you mean. Even now, when I see one of the guys in
trouble, my instinct is to run out for a nut shot. Some more so than others."
She replied, sitting up on the couch and drawing her knees up under her chin.
Billy sat behind her as she continued talking. "I know it's stupid, but DX
was such a major part of my life for so long, that to have it suddenly taken
away from me it felt like a part of me had gone missing."

"What happened there?" Billy asked. "I mean on week it was you and I against
Jesse & X-Pac then suddenly you weren't there either any more. It was so
weird, especially after the DX reunion. It wasn't the same without you there.
If you don't mind me asking, why did you and Hunter split?"

"I wanted to be more independent. I didn't want to be at his side 24/7 I
thought it was about time he did things without me, especially since he was
so close to becoming champ. I also wanted to be taken seriously, not just as
Helmsley's body guard or girlfriend or whatever." Chyna informed Billy. She
leaned back against him, so her top half was draped across his legs.
Instinctively he put on arm around the back of her shoulders and the other
across her stomach with his hand resting on her hip. He thought back to the
DX reunion.

"Where's Chyna?" Jesse asked.

Hunter scowled. "Chyna's DX membership has been handed back in."

"Why?" Billy asked, surprised. X-Pac raised his eyebrows at Hunter. "Who's
idea was that?"

"Hers." Triple H replied curtly. "I believe her exact words were ‘I wanted
to be more independent. I think it's about time you did things without me,
especially since now. I also want to be taken seriously, not just as your
body guard or girlfriend or whatever... Any questions?"

"Yeah." Jesse asked. "Where is she? I'm gonna go change her mind."

"Listen to me. If Chy wants out of DX then she will be. Completely. No coming
down to ringside, no tag matches, no run ins. No contact at all. Do I make
myself clear?"

"Sieg Heil mien Fuhrer." X-Pac shouted, snapping off a salute. Jesse and
Billy looked at each other in confusion. "But - "

"No buts. It's her decision. Deal. Respect it." Hunter stalked off.

"Chy? Can I ask you something personal?" Billy asked nervously. Chyna
grinned. "Hunter gets 9 out of 10, I didn't sleep with Kane, Jericho gets 11
out of 10 and Eddie gets a five and that's being generous about it."

"Oh way too much information!" Billy shook his head. Chyna laughed.
"Seriously, what did you want to know?"

"Who'd you miss the most?"



"Oh yeah. You were my best friend. I mean you and Jesse were inseparable and
I with Hunter, but you and I were closer than any of the others." Chyna sat
up and positioned herself so that her arse was on the couch with her legs
draped over Billy's lap. She rested her head on his shoulder. "Did you miss

"More than I could ever express." Billy whispered huskily. Chyna looked up at
him. "Try."

Billy thought for a minute. There was only one way that he could think of to
let Chyna know how much he'd missed her and what she meant to him. But he
wasn't sure he could bring himself to do it. It would change everything and
not necessarily for the better. He looked down at Chyna. She was looking up
at him expectantly. So he did it. Billy leant down and kissed her.

Part 3

Chyna froze. This was a big surprise and not necessarily a bad one. She
surrendered to the gentle pressure of Billy's mouth against hers and returned
the kiss, one hand resting on his chest. Encouraged, Billy ran his hand
Chyna's legs, then up under her t-shirt.

They broke apart, gasping and looked at each other, stunned. Chyna laughed.

Billy grinned. "I'll second that emotion." he said softly.

Chyna's hand trailed suggestively down inside Billy's open shirt. "So now

"Well, you could run screaming, beat the shit out of me, or..." he struggled
to think as all the blood rushed from his brain downstairs. "Or you could

"Like that?" Chyna grinned." Billy closed his eyes in pleasure. "Oh hell
yeah. Don't stop."

By luck, Chyna had discovered Billy's most sensitive spot, just above his
hipbone. She kept rubbing it lightly as she positioned herself so she was
straddling his legs.

Billy grabbed Chyna and pulled her body hard against his. They kissed again,
hard and hungrily, Billy's tongue moving in a promise of things to come.

She slid Billy's shirt off his arms and lightly ran her hands over his torso.
Billy lifted Chyna's arms into the air and took off her t-shirt, before
bending his head and suckling on a hard nipple through the lacy bra. Chyna
whimpered and shifted forwards , bringing the obvious sign of Billy's arousal
into sharp contact with hers through the thin material of their jeans.

They both gasped in surprised. Billy wrapped his arms around Chyna's waist
as she tangled her fingers in his hair and pressed her hips against his. He
flicked open her bra and brought his hands up to cup her breasts.

"Hmmm..." Chyna sighed, head thrown back. "That feels so good."

Somehow they made it to the bed. Chyna watched as Billy took off his jeans
an boxer shorts. He climbed onto the bed, kissing her stomach before undoing
her jeans and raising Chyna's hips to slide them and her underpants off.

He lay next to Chyna, pulling her close. "You're sure?"

"Deadly certain." She replied, pulling him on top of her. They kissed as
Billy slowly entered Chyna. She moaned and smiled. "Oh yes."

"I'm not hurting you?" Billy worried.

Chyna laughed. "Hell no."

Billy began moving slowly, dropping his head to kiss her neck, then down to
the valley between her breasts. She cried out and arched against him.

"Slightly sensitive there baby?" Billy teased, moving faster. Chyna's
response was to scrape her nails over his hips. He gasped and moved faster.
They moved together in perfect unison, Chyna clinging to Billy as they both
raced towards the inevitable finish.

Chyna got there first, screaming Billy's name over and over and leaving deep
scratch marks along his back. This was all it took to drive Billy over the
edge as drove hard into Chyna, holding hre tight. Together they rode a wave
of passion so intense it threatened to engulf them completely...

It was some time later that Chyna broke the silence. "There's going to be
some very annoyed, angry and irritable people when this gets out. Mainly two
put of my three exes."

"I don't care." Billy said, running his fingers through her hair. "It'll be
worth it. I love you."


"I love you."

"Don't say that."

"Look, I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but that's the way I feel.
You obviously don't feel the same way that's fine. But I've loved you for a
long time, I just never knew it till now. We've been through a lot together,
please don't push me away. Just let me love you and live in the hope that
some day you might feel the same way."

"Billy, I do care about you. A lot. I can't tell you exactly how I feel
because I don't know how I feel right now. I can say this though - I care
about you as a lot more than a friend. I'm not going to push you away because
I need you in my life. I'm not in love with you, but I think I could fall,
very easily."

"He hurt you very deeply, didn't he?" Billy pulled Chyna closer protectively.
She buried her face in his shoulder. "They both did."

"I'll never hurt you like that." He vowed. Chyna ran her hand over his cheek.
"I know."

No further words were needed as they dozed peace fully, dreaming of the
future all it held for them.

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