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A Newcummer
by Julio Cantu

Zeke was once a wannabe backyard wrestler before he entered the "Winner Gets
A WWE Contract" contest like Tough Enough, but more strict. It was for
backyard wrestlers, who wanted to be stars or die trying. He won the contest
and the contract. He trained very hard and very long. He wrestled in OVW for
a couple of months before debuting in the WWE. He walked into the huge arena,
and went to Mr. McMahon.

"Hello, Son. You must be Zeke, the new kid." said Vince.

"Yes, Sir." said Zeke.

"Well, it'll be great having you here in the WWE." said Vince.

"Thank you, Mr. McMahon. And who will my opponent be?" asked Zeke.

"Your opponent will be Maven." said Vince.

"Thank you, Mr. McMahon." said Zeke and left the office.

He walked down the hall and into the main lobby where he met Triple H, Randy
Orton, and Stone Cold.

"What's up, rookie?" asked Randy.

"Nothing. I'm just looking for the dressing rooms." said Zeke.

"They're down that hall and to your right, the first door to your left." said
Triple H.

"Thank you" said Zeke and went looking for them.

On his way he ran into Lita and Matt Hardy.

"Hi, you must be Zeke." said Matt.

"Yeah, it's me." said Zeke.

"Hey, your kind of cute." said Lita.

"Thanks." said Zeke.

"Lita, I have a match against Test, I'll see you later." said Matt and went
to the ring.

"Okay," said Lita.

"Excuse me, Lita. Can you tell me where the dressing rooms are?" asked Zeke.

"Come here, I'll show you." said Lita.

They walked down the hall way until they got to a door.

"They're in there." said Lita.

"Thank you." said Zeke.

He walked in and came to a door with his name on it. He walked in and went to
his lockers. He started changing. Then he heard the door open and saw Lita
walk in.

"Lita!! What are you doing?!" asked Zeke.

"Nothing. Since Matt is in the ring and I got turned on by you and I knew I
had to have you." said Lita.

"But...(Lita cuts him off with a kiss)''

They kissed and wrapped their tongues around each other as they traded
saliva. Then Lita started unbuckling his pants, got on her knees, pulled
his dick and started sucking on the head,and licking the balls. She sucked
him off harder and harder, faster and faster as she jerked him off and
played with his balls. Then,she stood up, took her pants off, pulled her
thong down and Zeke inserted it inside her. He pushed it on deeper and
deeper picking the pace and the speed.


"Yeah,baby...take this shit, bitch." said Zeke.

Lita as she came.

Then Zeke laid on the floor and Lita got on top of him and started riding

She grunted as she jumped up and down on top of Zeke's dick.

"OHHHH, SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!" screamed Zeke as he blew his load, deep
inside her as she spilled her load all over his dick.


Then they got cleaned up, dressed and left. Zeke won his match and Lita and
Matt broke up a week later, and Zeke and Lita were free to fuck whenever they


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