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A Night At The Club
by Nami (

Characters: Stephanie-Jennifer-Triple H-Shawn Michaels-Kevin Nash-
Paul-Scott Hall.

It was a shiny day. Jennifer went out of her home to her job. She was a
waitress in a bar. She stepped inside and went to counter. She dropped the
car keys on the counter, made her presence felt by Paul. Paul was the owner
of the bar. He was a young intelligent man. He had lots of fantasies about
Jennifer ever since her employment to bar.

"Paul! I need to talk to you." Jennifer said and went in the kitchen.

"What baby." Paul came in kitchen too.

"Don't you ever call me baby again." Jenny said angrily. Then she started
to wear her work dress.

"Why you are so mad?" Paul said.

"Because I've been working here for 2 months and you didn't give me my
salary." She shouted.

"Easy! I will...don't shout. I will give you double." Paul said.

"So hurry up." Jennifer said with smirk.

"If you give me a night to bang you." Paul said and came closer.

Jennifer turned red and slapped him across the face.

"You better give me my salary tomorrow morning and if you don't, I will
file a lawsuit against your bar." Jennifer said and went to her job.

Paul was angry as a bull. He wanted to kill her with a knife but the
chef calmed him down. He sat and thought about what she did. His face was
burning cause she was a strong young girl and although she was 19 she was
a virgin.

The day passed by with them both looking evilly at each other. A guard
would join the bar in 11:00 pm every nights, because the bar had some
striptease for adults. Jennifer was a 2 jobber. She was the waitress from
morning to afternoon and after 11pm she was a dancer. After dancing for 3
long hours she went in the locker room and sat to take some rest. Strippers
all went as well as the guard. There was only Paul and Jennifer in the bar
and Paul decided to close the bar at 3 am. He picked his key and went to
door. Before reaching the door he heard a female voice.

"This is the place Trish told me about. She said it's so cool." the female

"Can I help you?" Paul said.

"We want to have some fun. Can we have a beer?" she said.

"I late and it's time to close." Paul said.

Meanwhile she saw a black haired man came to her. He was so big. Maybe
double his size. Then 3 blondes came out of her. Two of them were a big as
the first one but the last one was so large. He was at least 7 feet tall
with blonde hair and blue jeans and a shirt with a red wolf on it.

"Stephanie! What's wrong?" One of blondes said while he placed his
muscular arm on her shoulder.

"Nothing sir! You're welcome!" Paul said and opened the door.

All came in and sat next to the counter. Paul wasn't looking for any
trouble. He smiled and came next to the tall one.

"Excuse me! I wanna close the door if you don't mind. You will me my last
guys." Paul said.

"No problem, man!" the tall man said.

"Hey Yo! Come and give me some vodka." the black hair man said.

Paul quickly closed the door and jumped next to counter and gave him a
glass of vodka.

"This is the best Russian Vodka. Hope you like it." Paul said.

"I want champaign! And Kevin will drink champaign too. What you drink?"
the blonde said with a shirt of himself. He looked at the guy next to him. He
was kissing the girl.

"They want a beer." he said and picked up his cell phone.

"What is your job? If you don't mind?" Paul said.

"We are wrestlers. This is Scott and this is Kevin. I am Shawn and these
2 lovers are Hunter and Stephanie." he said.

"Hey Yo! I thought this place is cooler. You only have drinks?" the black
haired man said. Now Paul knew his name. He was Scott.

"You came too late! I have 9 strippers here. But I have a dancer yet to
leave." Paul said.

"Come on man. Bring her on stage." Kevin Nash said.

Paul smiled and jumped back. He knew wrestlers are rich and he can get
lots of money if he tried hard enough. He went into Jennifer's room. She had
on only panties. He looked at her body but the excitement didn't let his lust
burn. Jennifer quickly covered her breasts and went to corner of the room.

"What the fuck you want?" she said.

"You have to dance now!" he said so happy.

"No way! Its 3:15. The bar is closed." Jennifer said.

"There are a few rich men down there. If you do it I will give you your
salary tomorrow." Paul said and went out.

Jennifer sighed and started to wear her dancing dress again. Paul went
next to the counter, Hunter and Stephanie were still kissing. His hand was on
her breast under her blouse and made Paul hard. Shawn had gone to a gaming
area and was playing some fighting game. Nash was talking to his cell phone
in the corner of the bar. He had sat on a large table that had champaign on
it. Scott Hall had drunk 5 vodkas in Paul's absence. Jennifer stepped inside
and hit the music. Hunter and Stephanie broke their kiss and Shawn and Kevin
were looking at her.

"I wanna Dance for you!" Jennifer said with smile.

"Hurry up baby!" Shawn said from the game station.

Jennifer was 19 and so sexy. She had sexy green eyes which stole the heart
of Hunter even when he was next to his wife. Kevin and Shawn was so excited
at her, even from the end of the bar. As Stephanie was smiling she started to
dance. She was one hell of dancer. With long and clean legs and sexy thighs.
Her brown long hair was sending lust to all men except Scott Hall, who
couldn't see her even.

"You wanna shake your sexy ass for us? Ha!" Scott Hall shouted.

"Well not...." Jennifer wanted to deny but she got some excitement as
well. The claps and shouts and Paul's happy face really turned her on for
dancing. She was so hot and all loved her.

"Sweetheart! Why are you looking at her like that?" Steph said to Triple

"Nothing! She is just a good dancer." Triple H said.

"I am better." Steph said.

"So go and dance next to her." Triple H said with smile.

"Shut up. Not here! I will dance for you at home." Steph smiled back.

"No honey! I want you to dance on stage. Please!" Triple H said.

"I am not allowed." Steph said while he elbowed him to chest slowly.

"Hey! What is your name?" Triple H said to Paul.

"Paul." He answered.

"Does that stage belong to her?" Triple H said and pointed to Jennifer.

"Jennifer? No...You wanna dance ma'am?" Paul said to Steph.

"Looks like I have to do it for my baby." Steph smiled and kissed Triple

"Take off your blouse!" Triple H said.

"What the fuck? Your friends are here." Steph said in shock but she was
smiling yet.

"Scott is out, Kevin is talking and Shawn is playing. Go!" Triple H said.

Stephanie smiled and stood in front of him. Triple H helped her to take
off her blouse. She had a white and sexy bra. She smiled at Paul and kissed
Triple H again and went on stage.

"Turn up the volume! My baby wants to rock this stage." Triple H clapped
and yelled at Paul.

"Want some company?" Stephanie said to Jennifer.

"Sure!" Jennifer replied.

Stephanie and Jennifer truly rocked the club. Stephanie was as hot as her
but not for her husband but for Paul. Paul was so excited to see Stephanie
down there dancing. But he remembered that her boyfriend is the closest
person to him. Paul glanced at Triple H just to make sure he didn't see him
watching his girlfriend. He saw Triple H was staring at Jennifer not his

"Hey Hunter! Am I right?" Paul said leaned to counter.

"No! Call me Triple H!" Hunter said with smile and still kept watching

"Hey Triple H! Is that your girlfriend?" Paul asked with smile.

"No! She is my wife." Triple H said and drank his beer.

"Really? I think you like Jennifer." Paul said.

"Yes! She is pretty good." Triple H said.

"And she is so suitable for doggystyle." Paul said while he was staring at
Triple H for answer.

"You fucked her?" Triple H said and pointed at another beer.

"Yeah! Wanna try her?" Paul said.

"Can I?" Triple H said with smirk.

"Hell yeah but you should own her." Paul said.

"How much?" Triple H asked.

"$7000." Paul said carefully.

"Why she is so worthy?" Triple H asked.

"You have to find out..." Paul said but interrupted by Jennifer.

"I think that was enough." Jennifer said and wanted to leave.

"Come on Jenny! Triple H wants to see you more." Paul said.

"He should enjoy his sexy girl." Jennifer stopped and said. Then she left
to her locker room.

"Go and catch her...." Paul whisped in Triple H's ear.

"Take care of my wife. I don't want her to know." Triple H said and
swallowed the beer and picked 1 and left to back.

Triple H waited out of locker room and thought about what he wanted todo.
Then he went in, Jennifer was seat on the couch and looked at him.

"Can I help you? Mr Trip...I don't remember your name." Jennifer said and
took off her shoe.

"You are so sexy Jennifer." Triple H said.

"I know but what do you mean?" Jennifer said.

Her sexy long legs and hair were in his eyes. Her voice and her accent was
in his ear and her perfume's smell was in his nose.

"Why you are looking at me like that?" Jennifer said carefully and covered
her legs.

Triple H didn't say a word and smirked. That made her more scared. He
stepped forward and she got up. It was clear what Triple H wanted her for and
wanted to do with her. She always could defend herself against men but he
wasn't a regular man. He was so big and muscular that she was too scared to
fist her hand. He stepped closer and she stepped back.

"Okay! If you come any step closer I will scream!" Jennifer said.

"Go on! But you should keep them for later." Triple H said and stepped

"I will call your girlfriend." Jennifer said.

"And I will break your bones." Triple H said.

She was sweating and stepping back until she felt the wall stopped her.
She gasped and passed him to door. She was surprised why he didn't stop her,
But she saw Paul on the door way. She wanted him to help him but she knew
what is his prize if he do. She decided to pass him just like Triple H. But
before reaching the doorway, Paul closed the door and locked it.

"Fuck you Paul! Open the goddamn door." Jennifer screamed and knocked and
kicked at the door.

"Don't try that honey!" Triple H said.

Poor Jennifer forgot Triple H, With hearing his mean full voice fear
jumped in her heart and started to pump it hardly. She turned around and
looked in his eyes, She could scream but no one could hear it. Music was so
loud and screaming was something which could make him angry.

"Listen Mr! I am sorry.. Let go of me." She begged.

"After our personal conversation." He answered and stepped forward. She
stepped back and cried to bring mercy to his heart, which is not easy to do
on a wrestler. He was only one step away from raping Jennifer.

"I beggggg you." Jennifer explode with cry.

"Poor baby! I am not gonna hurt you." Triple H said and hugged her.

Jennifer scared more but she had no idea why she placed her arms on his
shoulder. She felt relax, She never felt so much peace before although she
hugged her rapist. She wanted to ask him again, may be he would let him go.
but Triple H interrupted her.

"Jennifer! Shhhh.... I am holding you and no one will rape you." Triple H
said with smile.

"You mean no one?" Jennifer asked like a 6 years old girl.

"No one, Not even me.." Triple H said and kissed her chin.

Love stocked to her heart by his kiss. She never liked a man before and
tried not to kiss any man. But she kissed him on lips. Triple H's smart plan
got the right of her and he insert his tongue in her mouth. At first she
tried to stop him, Not letting his tongue going in her mouth but his tongue
was so powerful. He pushed her tongue away and shoved his into her throat.
She gasped for breath and he hogged her tighter. He pushed her against the
wall placed his hand on her left breast. It was hot and fast pumping and
normal sized, She tried to put his hand away and finally could but she felt
his hand in her skirt.

"Fuckk..." Jennifer tried to push him away.

"What?" Triple H asked.

"I don't let you to fuck me!" Jennifer said.

"Fuck off. Bitch!" Triple H said angry and grabbed her by hair and forced
her face to wall. She tried hard to move but he kept her hair in that way.
She was elbowing him until he took her hands and placed them in front of her
self, Then like a boa he surrounded her by his hands. Now Jennifer's hands
were locked just like her head.

"Let go of me you asshole!" Jennifer screamed.

"Before that I should teach you to talk good with people.

Triple H released her hairs but his left hand held her tighter. Then she
felt his hand pushed her skirt up. Before she wanted to scream again she felt
burning in the ass with loud voice. It repeated again and again until she
realized he is spanking him. Pain was devastating and she couldn't handle it.
The she felt his hand in her blue thong. his 4 fingers was in the middle of
her ass chicks and slowly went down.

"You like it yeah?" Triple H said angry.

"Shut up asshole." Jennifer screamed.

That made him more angry and he shoved it down deep in her thong. The
place which he started to rub her asshole and pussy hole both. She moaned but
held herself, She kept fighting until his fingers opened her pussylips. His
middle finger was on the way to get in that She released one of her hands and
elbowed him to jaw.

"Fuck you bitch! I will make you pay for your life." He shouted to her

Triple H then throw her down on the floor. He went behind her and made her
on four. She realized she can not compete with a wrestler which is mad now.
His works were intense and she was careful that he didn't attack her. He
grabbed her hair and whisped in her ear.

"I wanted you to have a little pleasure but now I will give you all pain."
Triple H said.

Triple H ripped her skirt twisted. Then he ripped her thong off as well.
She screamed but he ripped her bra off as well. She was naked completely and
ready for The Game.

"Paul told me you are nice for Doggystyle." Triple H smirked.

"What? He never did." Jennifer screamed.

She felt another hard spank on her asschick which she thought steam would
get up of it. He spread her knees more open. She felt something wet added in
the middle of her legs. She checked, It was his saliva.

"No Mr! Don't do that... I should tell you that I am..." Jennifer said
with fear.

But it was too late and her words cut by her scream. She felt something
very thick went inside her. She couldn't stand it and kept gasping. Triple H
grabbed her thights and thrust his cock deeper inside her. It was the hardest
fuck in his life.

"Damn you are so tight." Triple H said and took out his cock.

"Please let me go! I am not a whore. I am.." Jennifer said but she felt
more saliva in her entrance way.

"Stop it.. I said I am.." Jennifer wanted to say but again screamed.

Triple H shoved half of his cock there. She tried to stop him but he
insert his thumb in her asshole. She screamed and let her muscles free. He
shoved his cock inside and started to pump her slowly.

"What? You are the president's daughter?" Triple H said.

Jennifer was in all kind of trouble. She grabbed his hands which were on
her thights. My be could stop him but he was so powerful.

"Jennifer! Damn I never saw a tight pussy like that." Triple H said.

"I am a virgin." Jennifer said and cried.

"Really?" Triple H said in shock.

"Let me go please." Jennifer cried.

"I love to do that favor for you." Triple H said.

"What?" She asked.

"To tore it off." Triple H said and shoved his cock back in there.

Jennifer couldn't scream, She found herself in pain and wetness. Although
she realized she like it but she knew she would start to bleed in any second.
His massive 11 inches cock was hammering at her hymen. His balls was spanking
her anus all the time. She was thinking how a man can be like him? How any
man can hammer a virgin pussy like that?

"Congregation Jenny! You are all woman now." Triple H said with smile.

"What do you mean?" She said.

At first Jennifer thought he was teasing her but after a few second she
felt burning inside. She screamed for his mercy to stop. With each thrust
pain went inside her heart. She couldn't take it anymore and put her head on
the floor and cried for stop.

"That was for you elbows...I mean all except one which you hit to my jaw."
Triple H said.

"And You will pay for that now." He said.

Jennifer was seeing her life in front of her. She had no chance and she
was feeling her blood dropping from her thights. He took out his cock and
shoved it so hard inside her bloody pussy. She screamed louder which only
Paul heard that. He turned the music louder and admired Steph's pretty
dancing. Jennifer's pussy was about to divided in 2 parts. He pounded her
worse and like he said he gave all kind of pain to her. Sure he was enjoying
this, Having a babe like Jennifer for fuck was something any man dreaming.
He continued his way until Jennifer couldn't see her front.

* * *

Stephanie was tired of dancing. She was dancing with close eyes, She was
hot and even didn't realize Jenniefer's going. She looked around of herself.
She saw Nash talking on phone and Shawn was playing another game. Scott's
head was down on the counter and Paul was clapping.

"Where is Hunter?" Steph asked him.

"You mean Triple H? He went to WC and said you should continue." Paul

"Ok! Change the music." Stephanie said.

As Stephanie was dancing she felt her ankles were touched. She saw Paul
was smiling at her so it wasn't him. She believed its Triple H, her husband
and kept dancing with close eyes. His hands went upper and passed her knees.
She liked it and continued, For a girl like Stephanie it wasn't bad to get
fucked in front of people. She was a right girl all over her life and
couldn't have any chance to be dirty. She liked Triple H just because he
always came with new things.

His hands went upper in her skirt and rubbed her panties. She felt hot
and got damp. He reached forward and pushed his head in her skirt and started
to lick her panties. Stephanie was enjoying her husband's action. He slowly
took out her panties and went behind her and licked her anus. Stephanie let
out a low moan and started to finger her pussy.

Paul looked at the action. He was hard as steel, He could see Stephanie's
little finger rubbing her wet pussy. He took out his cock and started to
hammer it. Steph could see his young and hard dick and got hotter. She had 2
fingers in her hot cunt when Paul went closer.

"Hey man! Can I help Stephanie." Paul said.

Stephanie's eye's got round with what he said. He must had a lot guts to
say that to Triple H. She didn't want him to go after Paul cause she was
enjoying his tongue. She expected reaction and she saw her husband's hand
pointed at Paul to come. She couldn't believe but he did, Paul came on stage
and took out Steph's bra.

He then started to suck at Stephanie's hot and hard nipple. Stephanie let
out a moan as Paul sat in front of her and pushed her hand away and licked
her cunt. Stephanie was in heaven when 2 tongues were in her. She pushed
Paul's head to her cunt and with another hand pushed Triple H's tongue in her
anus. Paul looked at him and bend down in front of Steph.

"Steph! Hunter want you to ride me." Paul said.

Stephanie smiled at Paul and slowly open her legs and sat on his waiting
cock. He was truly inside her. She started to back and forwarding her body
and moaning. After a few seconds Steph was hotter than all the times. She was
bouncing on his 8 inches prick. She felt her husband positioned on her back
and shoved his cock in her wet anus. She screamed loudly as they fucked her

"Stephanie! What the Fuck...." Nash said.

"Shut up! he let Paul." Stephanie screamed and moaned.

Her anus was wide open as the powerful cock pumped her ass hardly. She
felt orgasm built in her body and kept moving. Both men were far away to come
but she screamed and came. After that she had no willing to bounce. Shawn
Michaels got frustrated and went to the 3o.

"What the fuck you do." Shawn said.

"I don't know it was Hunter's dicition." Steph said. She felt Hunter's
beers on her ear. He was asleep on top of her.

"Paul! You asshole you knew and said nothing?" Shawn said.

"Sorry but I couldn't resist." Paul said.

"What is going on?" Steph said angry.

"Let me help him." Nash said and picked him from top of Stephanie.

"What the crap!!!!!???" Steph screamed.

Steph shocked to see who was fucking her and ordered her to fuck with
Paul. It wasn't her husband. It was SCOTT HALL. Steph lost her self and
jumped away from Paul and covered herself with her dress.

"What is going on? Where is Hunter?" She yelled.

"I dunno." Shawn said.

"Cut that crap off." She screamed and Paul jumped and turned the music

"Can anyone tell me where is Hunter?" She yelled and looked everywhere.

"You mean Triple H?" Paul said.

"Yeah! Whatever." She said.

"I don't know." Paul said. Nash and Shawn and Steph looked at her angry.

"Wait!" Steph said after she heard something from the lockeroom.

"What?" Shawn said.

"Nothing! You've better to help that drunk." Steph said and walked to

Steph had realized everything 50%. She wanted to make sure. She went to
doorway and put her ear on the door, She was right! It was moaning. She
slowly tried to open the door but it was locked. She unlocked it and jumped

"What the..." Steph yelled.

"Fuck..." Triple H said.

"Thank god you helped me Steph!" Jennifer said with smile.

"Wait asshole! You've better not moving." Steph said while Triple H wanted
to get up.

"Steph! I am sorry." Triple H said.

"Shut up Hunter." Jennifer said.

"What is your name baby?" Steph went in front of Jennifer.

"Jennifer!" She answered.

"Poor baby! I see you bleeding." Steph said staring at her thighs.

"Steph! He took my virginity. He cheated you." Jennifer said.

"He should! Because he are as hot as hell and force men to cheat their
wives." Steph shouted.

Jennifer's jaw dropped down. She couldn't believe what Steph said.

"What is your relations?" Jennifer said.

"He is my husband." Stephanie smiled at her then Triple H.

"She was damn tight. She was a virgin." Triple H said and wanted to get

"Wait Hunter! I want you to be in her. She is in pain and accept any
order." Steph smiled.

"You are crazy!" Jennifer screamed.

Stephanie pointed The Game with her eyebrow. Triple H smirked and thrust
his monster cock inside her, She screamed lowly.

"How old are you?" Steph said.

"19." Jennifer said with gasping.

"Good girl! Can you imagine to be mother?" Steph asked.

"What? What do you mean?" She said with fear.

"I mean the way Hunter excuse me..Triple H acted to you will make you a
mother." Steph said so slow to her ear.

"Did he come in me?" Jennifer whisped in Steph's ear with crying mode.

"Not yet but he will. What your family will do to you?" Steph continued.

"They will kill me. Please ask him to let me go." Jennifer begged.

"If you make me come, Then I will ask him to let you go." Steph said.

"No way! I am not a lesbian." Jennifer shouted.

With another point by Steph, Triple H hammered his member inside her
pussy. She gasped.

"If you don't! Then he will make you pregnant. Think about it." Steph said
and started to undress.

Stephanie smiled at her husband. She was as naked as Jennifer. She sat in
front of her and spread her legs. She smiled Jennifer, She had to do it. She
went closer and licked her pussylips. Steph moaned and kept them away with

"Lick inside." Steph gasped in pleasure.

Jennifer slowly licked her clit and insert her tongue in there. Steph
started to moan so early which Triple H wondered about it. Steph wanted more
and Jennifer was slow and couldn't blame her. It was her first sex with men
and woman and she had bleed badly in the hands of Triple H. Steph pointed at
Triple H again ^ he hammered her again.

"What....You promised me Steph." Jennifer shouted.

"I did. Listen! You will lick me and Triple H will fuck you, You have to
make me come so fast because he will fuck you until I come. Its better that I
come before he does." Steph said.

Tears came in Jennifer's brown sexy eyes. She felt him slowly started his
train in her. She had no time! He had fucked her for long and could come so
fast. She returned her tongue in Steph's womanhood and licked hew clit. Steph
soon started to shake in pleasure. Meanwhile She signed to her husband that
he fuck Jennifer slower.

Jennifer felt better than her moments ago. He was fucking her the way he
should. She licked Steph's pussy so fast and in Steph's eyes she turned to a
licking machine. Soon orgasm built in the Billion Dollar Princess's body and
made her shaking and moaning. Jennifer had gotten the rhythm and couldn't
stop her tongue. She started to like what was inside her pussy. His balls
rubbed her anus and made her more turned on.

"Keep going babyyy....I am Cummmimg..mmMMaaa." Steph screamed.

Jennifer stopped licking Steph's pussy and smiled at her. She wanted to
see her in lust. Steph was in hell and couldn't control herself. She reached
and started to finger herself. Jennifer moaned when he hammered her slowly.
She spread her legs a little more and let the better aXcess for The Game to
her pussy. Stephanie got jealus for first time in sex, She couldn't see a
girl moaning on her husband's cock.

"You supposed to lick me. Do it bitch or I tell him to bang you." Steph

Jennifer wanted Triple H only in that way and started to lick Steph once
more. Triple H had interested in Jennifer. She surrounded him badly and he
couldn't change his rhythm. Maybe he couldn't stop if Steph told him.
Jennifer was moaning in Steph's Pussy while Steph was moaning in heaven.

"Bitchh! Go on....Ohhh I I I I Ohhhh...." Steph screamed.

Steph's scream turned to low moan and died at end. She had came in
Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer licked he juicy pussy until it got clean. She
hadn't have any sex before but she watched many Porn movies before.

"Ok Hunter! You can let her go." Steph said.

"Nooooo...." Jennifer moaned.

"What? He would come in you." Steph said with wonder.

"Let him do! I like it Badddllyyy ..oHhh" Jennifer moaned.

Steph looked at her husband. Triple H was looking in her eyes but he
couldn't see anything. Jennifer's pussy made his Dick mad. He couldn't think
and stop as his bulls were spanking her anus slowly.

"Come on Hunter Harder." Jennifer moaned.

"You cant take it Jenny." Steph said in shock.

"Hunter I can! Bang my pussy how you were doing before. I wanna bleed
badly. Ohhh Goodd You are so Fucking Great....." She screamed.

"Steph! I cant ignore her." Triple H said.

Stephanie looked at how Triple H was fucking another girl. She was burning
for lust and jealous, She never could make her husband 100% horny but this 19
babe was doing it great. Now Jennifer's painful screams turned to loud moans
of pleasure. She was experiencing her first sex with a god like Triple H.

"Fuck me harder! I beg you to shove it deeper.....Ohhh My Gooddddd." She

Triple H's blonde long hairs mixed with her long brown hair when he pulled
her up. He grabbed her normal-sized breasts while he was thrusting his
jackhammer inside Jennifer's secret hole. She knew she was bleeding but she
had no pain. The pleasure had killed pressure and she was exploding so hard.
She screamed for his best thrust.

"Please!!! Deep Fucking me baby....Ahhhh" She screamed.

Triple H was on edge too, He knew he is near to explosion. His massive
cock was sending more lust in her hot and wet and bloody pussy. She grabbed
his hand and forced it to squeeze her breasts hard. After Triple H's best
thrust she explode with a loud scream. She came for the first time in her
life and it was very much. Stephanie shocked to see how much juice she had
under her hymen. She turned horny again and bend down under her husband's
cock and Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer was gasping for air, She never ever had
a feeling like that. Stephanie licked the floor and cleaned it then she
started to lick Jennifer's cock-filled pussy.

"MMMmmmmm..." Steph moaned.

Triple H's cock was the first thing which realized her juices's arrival.
Triple H was near to explode and it got worse when his balls smacking on her
wife's forehead. Stephanie's tongue got the taste of blood and juices and his

"Hunter! I came on your cock. You should do the same." Jennifer smirked.

Lovely, chaste and virgin Jennifer now turned to a nasty, bitch woman
which didn't care about anything else except the man's cum. Triple H was
free of everything, And nobody could stop him even Stephanie. He thrust his
cock deeper and deeper. His speed was in the highway, and he was faster and
stronger than ever before. After pumping her even harder than beginning, he
let his back free. He moaned like a lion when he felt cold on his back. He
was feeling something moving from her back to her balls. Stephanie started
to suck his big balls until he load lots of hot steamy cum in Jennifer's
pussy. She felt it's heat and opened her doorway more and accepted the man's
cum inside her pussy.

Cum was spilling from her pussy on Steph's neck and chin. Steph also felt
the heat and started to lick Jenny's hot pussy and took lots of cumm from
her. Triple H lied back and gasped for air. He had never sweat like that
before. Jennifer slowly closed her legs, Now she felt amazing pain. His cum
had a sound between her legs and made her wet enough. She lied on top of
Steph and licked her cummy neck. That was her first taste of cum and it was
so good for her.

"God made you 2 for eachother." Triple H smirked.

Girls both looked at him with smile. Two sexiest woman he had ever seen.
But door suddenly opened and came in Shawn and Kevin and Paul. They looked at
that lesbian action and got hard in a second. Triple H smiled at them while
he was still lying there. Jennifer was on top of Stephanie and looked at her
back over her shoulder.

"Wow!!! Party is not over yet." She said.

"Honey? I want you to open my virgin ass too." She continued.

"No way! He is my husband... Don't you ever called him HONEY." Steph said.

"Easy Steph! You fucked him 1000 times, You can play with one of them.
No....You can play with 2 of them Because I want one of them helping Hunter."
nasty Jennifer said.

"Good idea." Shawn said.

Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid started to take off his clothes. Kevin
Nash, Big Sexy looked at Stephanie with smile and started to follow HBK's
way. Paul was standing in the corner and waited to see what will come down
for him. Jennifer crawled to Triple H and kissed his chest. HBK looked at her
flesh and went to her. Stephanie realized that Triple H don't give any damn
if Nash's massive cock fuck his wife.

"Please...." Steph said to Big Sexy and asked him for a hand.

To Be Continue........

Note: Thanks to read my story...I decided to finish this story here because
it got long. If anybody want me to continue it can Email me demand that.


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