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A Night At XPW
by Foley Fan

Former WCW star Tylene Buck walked up to the door of her hotel room. It
had been about a month since she had debuted in XPW, and the work was very
hard. Rob Black's wife Lizzy Borden was making her life a hell. Tonight she
joined the XPW champ Sabu in a mixed tag match against Lizzy and Black Army
member the Messiah. Tylene was still in her outfit, which consisted of
spandex shorts and a bikini top that covered only her nipples. She unlocked
the hotel door and walked in, only to be grabbed by a pair of powerful arms.

"What the hell?"

Tylene looked around to see Rob Black, The Messiah, Juventud Guerrera, and
a cameraman. She then looked back to that it was Kronus who was holding her.
The Cameraman had a camera focused on her.

"What's going on?" asked Tylene.

"It's very simple Tylene," said Black "You see, Lizzy isn't very
appreciative of you coming to XPW and challenging her authority."

"But I-"

Black slapped her across the face. "SHUT UP! I'm talking now. Lizzy isn't
very happy and she wants you to pay. And it's a rule in XPW that what Lizzy
wants Lizzy gets. So the boys have been given the assignment of making a new
video for my porn company. The star of this video is you. Boys, she's all

Kronus forced Tylene to her knees. Messiah and Juvi took off their pants,
letting their cocks free. Messiah was the first to walk over to Tylene and
shoved his cock into her throat. Knowing that they'd probably break her arms
if she refused, Tylene started to suck on Messiah's 8-inch prick. Tylene had
a lot of experience in the oral arts and had no problem sucking the "Son of
God's" prick.

"Very good, his holliness is proud of you." said Messiah.

Juvi gave the Messiah a "what is this guy's problem" look. He just shook
his head and got behind Tylene. With one swift motion, her tore off her
shorts and slammed his 7-inch cock into Tylene's buttery asscheeks. As he
entered her, Tylene's eyes widened. As much as she didn't want this, it was
starting to feel kind of good. She got onto all fours so Juvi had better
access to her anus. Within a few minutes, Messiah and Juvi had a rhythm
going. Both cocks were see-sawing into the sexy bitch before them.

"Be sure to get a close up of her sucking Messiah's cock." Black told the

Juvi slapped Tylene on the ass as he drilled into her. Messiah had a firm
grip on her silky blonde hair, forcing her mouth harder onto his cock. Tylene
tightly wrapped her lips around his cock, ensuring him that she wouldn't miss
a bit of his cock. Finally, Messiah's cock erupted cum down her throat.
Tylene tried to get it all in her mouth, but Messiah pulled his shaft out of
her mouth, letting cum fly all over her face and tits. When Messiah was done,
Tylene tried to lick as much of the cum off her face as possible.

"Hey Rob, I think the bitch is liking this." said Messiah with a laugh.

Black just grinned as Juvi started to cum as well. Both latino and blonde
were moaning up a storm.

"Oh baby, here it comes!! Get ready, get ready to take the Juice's juice
in your pretty ass!!!"

Juvi popped his wad inside Tylene's ass. Both let out a loud groan as they
orgasmed simultaneously. As Juvi slid out, he could see some of his cum
running down her thigh.

"Who's next?" asked Tylene.

"I am."

Tylene turned around to see Kronus standing naked with a 14-inch long cock
standing at attention between his legs. It was at least 3-inches wide. Tylene
was scared, she never took a cock that size before, nor did she want to now.
She tried to bolt for the door, but Juvi and Messiah grabbed her. With a
smile on his face, Kronus started to knead her big tits. His palms roughly
felt her up.

"Nice rack honey. Fake, but damn nice."

Kronus laid down on the hotel bed and motioned for Messiah and Juvi to lay
her on him. The two soldiers lowered Tylene down onto Kronus's huge cock.
Tylene let out yelp with every inch that was put in her. When 10 inches was
inside her, Messiah and Juvi began to slam her up and down on Kronus's cock.
Tylene was screaming at the top of her lungs, her pussy was being stretched
to the limit.

"God damn, she is a tight slut." groaned Kronus.

Messiah and Juvi kept on slamming her down until finally she took the
whole thing into her cunt. After ten minutes of constant fucking, Tylene had
nearly screamed herself hoarse. The Army kept forcing her on Kronus's cock
until Kronus finally came. His cock was like a floodgate, cum just kept
pouring out of him. Tylene couldn't take it all and it was running out of
her. When Kronus was done the army laid her on the bed, drenched in jism.

"All right guys, let's get back to the office. This video is gonna be a
best seller." said Black.

The Army left a violated Tylene crying on the bed, swearing that Black and
his tramp of a wife would pay for this.


Several blocks away, Homeless Jimmy was digging through garbage cans. It
was a nightly custom of his to go through dumpsters to find weapons for his
matches. Tonight was a slow night, all he found was a burnt out toaster oven
and a cookie sheet.

"I swear, recycling is gonna be the end of me." he muttered to himself.

Jimmy was about to head to the next alley when he heard a girl crying by
a dumpster. He walked over to see Jessica Darlin curled up with her face in
her knees. She had on her typical flannel top and daisy dukes. Jimmy's first
reaction was to run, this may be trick by "White Trash" Johnny Webb. But
Jimmy saw that Jessica's tears were for real.

"Jessica, what's wrong?"

"Jimmy, is that you?" asked Jessica.

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"Johnny. He got drunk, like normal, and started hittin' me. Said that I
was the reason he hasn't got a title shot yet. So he threw me outta the hotel
room and told me to never come back."

"Well, you can come back to my place if you like."

Jessica thanked Jimmy and followed him back to his place. It turned out
that Jimmy's place was nothing more than the basement of an abandoned
building. Jimmy set up two worn out mattresses by the heater.

"Here you go, enjoy. There's a few ding-dong snacks in the crate in the
corner if your hungry." he told Jessica.

"Thanks Jimmy, this really means a lot to me." The young girl blushed.
"Jimmy, I'd like to thank you for showing me the kindness that you have."

"You don't need to do that Jessica."

Jessica slid off her flannel top, letting her beautiful c-cup breasts
free. The two orbs were topped with nipples the size of half-dollars. She
then slid off her daisy dukes, exposed her neatly trimmed bush. The blonde
stood before Jimmy completely naked. The homeless one's mouth was watering.
Jessica pinched her nipples seductively.

"I insist Jimmy. Let me thank you."

She walked over to Jimmy and gave him a passionate kiss. Her tongue
invaded his mouth, causing Jimmy to moan. Jimmy's hands moved all over
Jessica, enjoying the feel of her soft smooth skin. He playfully pinched her
buttocks, causing Jessica to squeal. She broke the kiss and told Jimmy to
strip. Jimmy proceeded to do so. When he was done, his 8-inch cock was at
full mast.

"Hmmmm, not bad." whispered Jessica and she gave his shaft a stroke.

Jessica forced Jimmy to lay down on one of the mattresses and straddled
his groin. She slammed down on Jimmy's cock, taking almost all of it in at
once. The petite beauty then began a steady fucking motion. She rode Jimmy
like an expert, taking all of his cock into her snatch.

"Ohhhh Jessica that feels great." groaned Jimmy in bliss.

Jessica was happy Jimmy was enjoying himself. He was actually a better
fuck than White Trash was. She kept on riding him for all she was worth.
Jimmy was occasionally suck on her tits when they were near his face.

"Jimmy this is soooo good. I LOVE fucking you!!!"

"Th-thanks Jessica! But the pleasure is all mine!"

For nearly twenty minutes Jessica rode and fucked Jimmy. She brought him
close to the edge, then backed off; she wanted to give Jimmy as much pleasure
as possible. Eventually, Jimmy was ready to cum.

"Oh Jessica, this is it!!! I'm gonna-gonna- ooohHHHH GGAAWWWDDD!!!"

With a shout, Jimmy shot his manseed into Jessica's warm cunt, filling her
belly. Jessica groaned in mutual orgasm, her juices coating Jimmy's cock.
Afterwards, Jessica bent down and licked her juices off his cock.

"Was it good?" she asked with a grin.

"Yeah. Now you lay down."

"What? Jimmy, what're yo-"

Jimmy threw Jessica down on the mattress. She saw his head dive between
her thighs and suddenly she was overcome with pleasure. Jimmy started to eat
her out. Jessica never experienced this before, Jimmy's tongue felt like it
was two feet long. His tongue probed her cunt, causing her to get wet all
over again.

"Oh dear GOD Jimmy that feels good!!! Don't stop!! PLEASE don't stop!!!"

Jimmy smiled to himself as he ate out the blonde beauty. Soon Jessica
came, her pussy coating his face in girl cum. While she was getting her
breath back, Jimmy snuggled up to Jessica, especially her tits.

"Thank you." he said.

Jessica smiled at the man she just fucked. She then kissed Jimmy full on
the mouth, tasting her own cum. This was the start of a beautiful friendship.

* * *

Back at the XPW Arena, Kid Kaos was drying off after a shower. Everyone
else left hours ago, but he stayed to work out in the weight room a bit. He
just put on a pair of boxers when he saw newcomer Veronica Cain standing in
the doorway. She was dressed in a short leather skirt, white blouse, and
six-inch heels. Kaos tried not to sport an erection.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he asked.

"Nice boxers." she said with a lick of her lips. "Actually, I come here on
business. As you know, I'm looking to manage the next XPW champion. I saw
your match tonight against Damien 666. You're good, maybe the best. I want to
be your manager."

Kaos thought it over for a second. Veronica was fairly new to XPW and he
didn't know that much about her. For all her knew, she was working for Black
and was trying to set him up.

"No thanks, I don't need a manager."

"Are you sure? I offer my clients special 'benefits' that other managers

Veronica unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her bra-covered tits. She then
slid the bra off, showing off her decent tits. They weren't the best, but
they were nice. Seeing that she had his interest, Veronica slid off her skirt
as well. She was not dressed in only a pair of white panties and high heels.

"Interested now?"

She got down on her knees in front of Kaos and fished his 7-inch cock out
of his shorts. She swirled her tongue around the shaft, then took it in her
mouth. Kaos groaned in pleasure as she suckled on his cock. Her left hand
reached out and cupped his well-sized balls, stroking them. Kaos grabbed the
back of Veroncia's head and forced her mouth onto his cock.

"That's it you little bitch, suck me hard."

Veronica loved it when men talked dirty to her. She did as she was told
and went at Kaos's cock like a hoover, sucking with all her strength. Men
loved to be sucked and she knew how to do it well. She had to have a cock in
her mouth every night.

Kaos was really enjoying this, Veronica's lips felt very good wrapped
around his manhood. He slammed his cock into her mouth. When she began to
deep throat him, Kaos felt like he was going to cum immediately, but wanted
something more before that. He slid his cock out of her mouth. Veronica
looked at him like he was crazy.

"Turn around and get on all fours." he said.

With a smile, Veronica did so. Kid Kaos then started to fuck her
doggystyle. His cock slammed into her with all his might, making Veronica
moan like the bitch in heat that she really was.

"Oh damn it's good!! Keep going, fuck me with that tool of yours!!"

After several minutes, Kaos bottomed out and was furiously giving it to
her. He couldn't hold out any longer and came inside the blonde bitch before
him. Veronica groaned as he came. When they were done, Veronica turned

"So, you need a manager now?"

"Yeah, I do. Now be a good bitch-slut and suck me clean."

With a smile on her face, Veronica started to clean off her clients cock.

* * *

Lizzy Borden was on top of the world. Her rich hubby and the Army were off
making that Major Gunns bitch pay for insulting her. She'd regret coming to
California for a long time. Particularly after Kronus was done with her.
Unknown to Rob, Lizzy fucked Kronus many times. She just loved his big cock.
As Lizzy unlocked the door to her large apartment, she felt a pair of large
hands grab her.

"What the fuck?"

The lights turned on and Lizzy's eyes went wide with fear. Before her
stood Kristi Myst, Supreme, Jasmin St. Clair, and holding her was Big Dick
Dudley. All people that she pissed off in the past.

"Hello Lizzy, nice to see you again." said Kristi.

"What's going on here? How did you assholes get in here?"

Jasmin backhanded Lizzy across the face. "Shut up you slut! You're going
to finally get what's coming to you!!"

"Dick, cuff her to the pole." ordered Kristi.

Big Dick took Lizzy over to the stripper pole she had installed in the
room. He held her arms behind her back while Jasmin handcuffed her to the
pole. Lizzy knew what they were going to do. Kristi had a big smile on her

"Ok boys, you go first and us girls will start in soon."

Big Dick and Supreme stripped down. Lizzy was in awe of what she saw.
Supreme had a fairly thick 10-inch cock, but Big Dick was 4-inches thick and
18-inches long.

"Now you know why I'm called Big Dick." said the Dudley with a grin.

Supreme tore off Lizzy's top and skirt, leaving her naked. He palmed her
large DD's, pinching the large nipples. Then he forced all of his cock into
her cunt with one viscous slam.

"GGGAAAHHHH!!!" screamed Lizzy.

Supreme waited for Big Dick to get behind their captive and forced half of
his mammoth tool into her nicely shaped ass. Lizzy's eyes went wide as she
was impaled by the two large cocks. The two men then began to see-saw in and
out of her. Lizzy's orifices were stretched to the limit by the large organs
pumping into her.

"Please no! Don't d-oh god!-don't do this!" whimpered Lizzy.

The two large men smiled and jackhammered her harder, making her bawl.
Lizzy was used to being the dominant player in sex, this was degrading for
her. Bid Dick slapped her on her firm buttocks with each thrust of his
mammoth cock. With each smack, Lizzy's ass became redder and redder. Supreme
took one of her large jugs in his mouth and sucked on them. Lizzy had to
admit that he was good.

"He's very good at that." Kristi said to Jasmin.

"I'll bet."

Jasmin, being the nympho that she was, started to stroke the crotch of
Kristi's dress. Between Lizzy's rape and Jasmin's hand, Kristi was starting
to get wet. Her juices began to soak her thong panties. Jasmin saw this and
knew that Kristi needed relief. She got to her knees in front of Kristi. She
pulled Kristi's panties down around her ankles and began to lick her shaven

"Mmmm, that feels great Jasmin." moaned Kristi.

Kristi slipped her dress over her head, exposing the rest of her naked
body. Her tits were so firm that she didn't need a bra. She caressed her
hardening nipples. Jasmin was licking up every drop of Kristi's juice and
loving it. Supreme kissed Lizzy on the lips, knowing that she would hate it.
She did. Lizzy recoiled in disgust as Supreme slipped his tongue in her
mouth. Big Dick loved watching Lizzy squirm and slammed her again with his
large tool. He finally bottomed out and was fiercely slam-fucking her welting
ass. Lizzy was crying now, the tears pouring down her face.

"Here it comes you stuck-up bitch!! Bet Robbie never gave it to you this
good, huh? Oh fuck yeah!! Get ready whore, 'cause you're gonna take it!! Take
it all!!!"

With that, Big Dick shot off a wad of jism into Lizzy's ass. Within
minutes, Supreme shot his load into he cunny as well. Lizzy hated to admit
it, but it felt good. Rob never satisfied her, that's why she was fucking the
entire Army behind his back. But Dick and Supreme double penetrating her felt
to damn good!

"Damn she was tight." said Supreme.

"Really? She was fairly loose in the back." said Dick.

"Go figure. Anyway, I need to get cleaned off."

Supreme unlocked Lizzy from the pole. Lizzy dropped to the floor, cum
dripping out of her ass and pussy. She got to her knees when she saw
Supreme's cock pointing at her face.

"Suck it you bitch!" ordered Supreme.

Lizzy knew not to piss these guys off. She took the first four inches of
Supreme's cock in her mouth and began to give him her best blowjob. Her
tongue gently caressed his thick mushroom head, licking his piss slit. She
took his cock out for a second and spit on it, enabling her to give him a
very wet hummer. Supreme grabbed her by the back of her head to guide her.

"Yeah, that's the stuff." he moaned.

Nearby, Kristi was lying on the floor with her legs spread wide apart.
Between them was Jasmin. Jasmin had eaten out many women in her life and knew
how to please her fellow woman. Kristi was cumming like a faucet.

"Ohhhh Jasmin that feels so good! Eat me, oh god YES eat me!!"

Kristi had a tremendous orgasm. Jasmin's face was covered in juice, she
tried to lick as much off as possible.

"Damn I never get tired of that." she said to herself.

Kristi smiled in the afterglow. She then saw Lizzy's hoovering Supreme's
cock. The boss's wife was on her hands and knees, just where Kristi wanted
her. She reached for her purse and pulled out a 14-inch long ribbed two-way
dildo. The fastened one end onto her, letting the long phallus hang out her

"How do I look?" she asked Jasmin.

"Very fuckable." said the brunette sexily.

Kristi smiled sexily, then walked over to Lizzy. She took her time
admiring Lizzy's generous assflesh. Her ass really was a treasure to behold,
although it was a bit rough from Big Dick's earlier assault. Given time,
Lizzy would get used to his tool, like Kristi did. Kristi dismissed the
thought, it was time to have some fun.

"Get ready Lizzy."

Lizzy didn't notice Kristi until just then, when Kristi began fucking her
cunt with her strap-on. She groaned in pain, her pussy was her tightest hole.
Kristi and Supreme smiled to each other when they heard the groan of pain
coming from their blonde fucktoy.

"What's the matter Lizzy? I thought a slut like you would be pretty used
to this." said Kristi.

Kristi slammed the full 14 inches into Lizzy, taking long, hard strokes as
she went. Supreme had Lizzy by the hair, forcing her to suck him off. By now
he was really fucking her face hard.

'Damn she has nice lips.' thought the Human Horror Film.

After ten minutes, Supreme was ready to cum. He had Jasmin sucking his
balls as Lizzy sucked him off. Jasmin didn't really care about Borden, she
just wanted in on the sex.

"Here it comes honey! "grunted Supreme.

Lizzy hated to admit it, but she was looking forward to drinking Supreme's
cum. Just as he was about to cum though, he pulled his cock out of her mouth.
Globs of his baby batter splashed Lizzy in the face, totally drenching her.
Lizzy tried to get as much in her mouth as she could, but there was just so
damn much of it. When he was done, Supreme had Jasmin lick him clean.

"Yeah, I love porno chicks." sighed Supreme happily.

Immediately after Supreme came, Kristi and Lizzy both erupted. Their
juices flowed onto bother ends of the strap-on. Their bodies shook with

"UUUUGGHHHH YEEAHHH!!!" shouted Kristi.

Kristi had came so hard that she hit the floor. Lizzy was also on the
floor, crying.

"What's the matter with you, slut?" asked Big Dick, "Feel sorry that a
bunch of people below you just gave you the fucking of a lifetime?"

Lizzy looked up at Big Dick. She crawled over towards him and began to
stoke his crotch.

"P-please, fuck me again."

Big Dick just laughed. He walked over and helped Kirsti to her feet.
"You're right, she's a bigger whore than McMahon's daughter."

Kristi blew Lizzy a kiss as her and Big Dick left, Supreme right behind

"See ya Monday, Lizzy." he said with a smile.

Lizzy noticed Jasmin getting something from a coffee table in the corner
of the room. It was a video camera. The porn star waved at the sobbing

"Rob's competition will love this." she said.

Lizzy just curled up on the floor and cried bittersweet tears. Although
she was raped, humiliated, and caught on tape, Big Dick was right. It was the
best fuck she ever had.

The End?

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