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A Night with the Divas
by JCP

Stephanie McMahon: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. What you are about to
read is full of sex, sex and more sex than meets the eye. We begin the story
with a man by the name of Joe Cool who was sitting in a bar in Los Angeles,
California wearing a pair of blue jeans, cowboy boots and a brown dress
shirt. The Bartender noticed Joe Cool and immediatly approached him.

Bartender: What will it be Sir?

Joe Cool: Let me have a shot of Jack Daniels Whiskey and a dash of Coke.

Bartender: One Jack and Coke coming up.

The Bartender walks away from Joe Cool and goes to the otherside of the bar
to get him what he ordered. He looks around the place where he sees almost
an empty place. Three guys shooting pool, four others were hanging around
watching a boring football game and one girl was over by the jukebox playing
some stupid ass country song.

Suddenly the bartender re-emerges with a shotglass in hand as he sets it down
in front of him, he then walks off. Joe Cool takes the shotglass and takes a
sip of the Whiskey and Coke and he liked it so much that he drank the whole
thing. Joe Cool was satisfied from the drink.

Joe Cool:Hey Bartender another Jack Daniel's Whiskey and Coke please.

Bartender:Coming right up.

Suddenly we catch a glimpse of a red-headed goddess wearing a leather
mini-skirt along with a leather jacket unzipped revealing a fishnet top and
a black bra and she has a pair of leather boots to go with the outfit. Within
seconds the woman reaches the table where Joe Cool is sitting and places her
right hand over JC's shoulder, asking him if she would sit next to him. "Mind
if it sit down."

He looks up only to find Lita standing before him. "Oh No not at all have a
seat." Joe Cool replied.

Lita pulls up a chair and sits close to Mister Cool.

Lita: My god I haven't seen you in two years. How's it going?

Joe Cool: It's been good. And you?

Lita: I'm better than I've ever been since coming back from a broken fucking

Joe Cool: I know a broken fucking neck takes years off your career.

Lita: Ain't that the truth. I've been working my ass off for weeks since my
return. This is the first time since rehab that I've gotten time off.

Joe Cool: I'm that way myself. I work at this shitty Lawn Maintenance place
in Florida and boy those people are either drug addicts or ex-convicts.

Lita: I say quit that place and find another job that isn't so shitty.

Joe Cool: Oh I will once I go back I'm quitting that place and get me a job
where there are no ex-cons or drug addicts. You know you look great tonight.

Lita: Thank You so do you.

Joe Cool: Thanks.

Lita: So you're here alone?

Joe Cool: Yeah. Are you?

Lita: Yeah Matt had to go to Germany to do a tour with the SMACKDOWN brand
and he won't be back for about a week. All the other divas are probably
hanging around doing girls stuff. I just thought I'd get away from all that.

The bartender returns with a shotglass of whiskey.

Bartender: Here you go.

Joe Cool: Thanks. Uh What's your first name? (Acting like he don't know)

Lita: Amy.

Joe Cool: Hey Bartender how about giving something for my friend Amy will ya?

Bartender: Okay what wil it be Amy?

Lita: Tequilla for me.

Bartender: One Tequilla for Miss Xtreme coming right up.

Lita: Thanks John.

As John the bartender leaves,Joe Cool had a puzzled look on his face.

Joe Cool: John?

Lita: Don't worry. I know the owners real well. All of them who work here
are my friends and all my drinks are on the house, I can go anywhere in this
place that I want to go at anytime.

Joe Cool: Sounds good to you huh?

Lita: Yeah it does. You know, I've been thinking about you alot lately.

Joe Cool: Oh you have? Well I got news for you I've been thinking about you
for three damn years and those were the best three years of my life. But I
gotta ask you straight up Amy. How does Matt feel about this?

Lita: What? Hey listen he ain't here but I am. But I tell you between me and
you he don't care about shit like that. So can we please let that go for now?

Joe Cool: Alright with me.

Moments later John returned with the drinks and placed them down in front of

John: Here you go a tequilla for you Miss Dumas and another whiskey shotglass
for you uh what's your name?

Joe Cool: Joe Cool.

John: Okay If there's anything else you need just wave me down and I'll get
you whatever it is you want.

Lita:Thanks but this is okay for now John. Thanks.

An hour later and a number of shotglasses of whiskey later Joe Cool and Lita
talk about certain things,the bar gets crowded in a hurry.

Joe Cool: So Amy how much time do you have off?

Lita: All This Week.

Joe Cool: Two weeks for me.

Lita: That's real good for you ain't it?

Joe Cool: It sure is.

JC downs the rest of his shotglass of whiskey while Lita curls part of her
hair with her index finger about to ask him something.

Lita: So Joe what are your for the rest of tonight?

Joe Cool: I have none.

Lita: Me neither. This place is getting noisy, let's go somewhere where it's
nice and quiet.

Joe Cool: Okay I'll follow you.

Lita and JC get up as they make their way through the crowded bar. Lita leads
JC down a lit hallway with yellow walls. She takes him to the end of the hall
to a door which says "Owner's Office." Lita takes her hand and gently turns
the doorknob which was open and slowly opens it once it was all the way open
Lita and Joe Cool enter,then Lita closed the door behind them,as she finds a
light switch which turns on the lights in the office. It's a good-sized room
with a wooden desk, a computer a laptop a couch which turns into a bed, an
entertainment center across the room with TV, VCR and DVD player along with
a stereo system.

Joe Cool: Wow What a remarkable set up they got here. HELL when I build a
dream house I'm gonna make my den look just like this.

Lita: Yeah. They let me and my friend Trish Stratus have free use of this
place anytime when we're in town.

Joe Cool: Can't beat that. It's quiet Lita too quiet I can hardly hear

Lita: When I don't wanna be around loud noise this is where I'm comfortable,
and if I wanna drink all I have to do is call John and he'll come over here
with whatever drink Trish or I order.

Joe Cool: Those guys here really like you.

Lita walks over to him as they stare at each other with their lust-filled

Lita: And another reason why I like this room is because I have my own
privacy which means if I wanna do it with Matt it's okay,because we fuck
all night everytime we're here in L.A.

Joe Cool: Makes sense to me.

Lita leans in as she kisses Joe Cool. Their tongues were wrestling with
each other for a few moments before she breaks the kiss.

Lita: I'm gonna give you what you want. She says while unbuttoning his brown
dress shirt.

Lita: And I'm gonna take whatever it is you can give me. Se says while she
takes off her black leather jacket.

Lita runs her hands along the buttons on Joe's shirt and unbuttons them one
by one until she reaches his jeans,she grabs a hold of the shirt snd pulls it
out of his jeans, then finished unbuttonight the last three buttons on his
shirt before she opens the unbuttoned dress shirt and gently slides her
fingernails up and down his bare chest.

Lita: Oh my god. You're beautiful.

Joe Cool sheds from his unbuttoned shirt as he places his hands to Lita's
fish net top and pulls it up over her head and off of her revealing her black
push up bra. He stares at the bra for a few seconds before turning her around
and unhooking the back of her bra. Joe Cool caresses her back for a few
seconds before plcing his hands on the straps of her unhooked bra and let it
down slowly. He turns her around again as he sees her tits jiggling from side
to side. He licks his lips in excitment as he slid his hand on Lita's right
breast and softly kisses it,letting outa soft moan. He then moves his lips
around her entire right tit kissing it all over making Lita moan more in
enjoyment. He then slowly removes his hand from her right breast and cups it
in her left one kissing every inch of her left breast as he did with the
right one.

Then Lita places her right hand on Joe's left shoulder and lightly rubs it
as she let out more moans of pleasure,few seconds later Joe Cool got done
kissing every inch of Lita's left tit he runs his tongue along her left
nipple tickling it,he does the same to the right one as he moves his tongue
all around her right nipple making it hard. Suddenly they heard footsteps
across the hall as somebody is coming. They noticed it as Lita grabbed her
jacket and Joe Cool grabbed his shirt and just as they were about to put
their stuff on. Trish Stratus enters the room wearing a tight jeans
mini-skirt a tight black tanktop and a pair of boots to match her skirt.

Trish Stratus:Oh don't bother putting your clothes back on I'm here to make
it a threesome.

Lita: Damn Trish.

Trish: Sorry. I'll come back tomorrow night.

Joe Cool: Oh No. You say a threesome? You'll get a threesome.

Lita: Wait a minute. What are you doing here Trish?

Trish: John told me that you would be down here so I thought I'd see what
you were doing. What who were you doing it with?

Lita: Whatever you do Trish you shut your mouth about this to everybody.

Trish: My mouth is shut. So how about a threesome?

Lita: Well It's Alright with me if it's alright with Joe Cool.

Joe Cool: Fine with me. You two can double my pleasure anytime. By the way
Trish you look HOT tonight.

Trish: Thank You Joe. Say I haven't seen you in weeks how's it going?

Joe Cool: It'll be great once I leave Florida and move to here in Los

Trish: I've been busy the last few weeks of my life. It's about time I took
it easy.

She said looking mighty awesome in that outfit she had on.

Joe Cool: Well let the games begin let's fuck.

Lita pushes Trish against the wall as they exchange a passionate french kiss
to one another. Joe Cool turned the couch into a bed once he does that he
sits on the bed and takes of his cowboy boots. He then sees Lita trapping
Trish in the corner still french kissing. JC slowly placed his hands around
Lita's waist and then grabs the zipper of Lita's leather skirt and unzips it
and pulls down her skirt revealing a sexy black thong. JC got down on his
knees and started kissing her buns all over. Trish manages to squeeze in and
kiss Lita's breasts making her moan a little louder than before.

JC came out of her butt for air and said "If I had to choose who's the best
looking woman in WWE wether it's Amy or Trish I would decline my vote. Both
of you are hot to look at." He goes back to burying his face into Lita's
thong clad ass. Lita's moans started getting louder each time he licked her
firm butt,and Trish licking her tits all over.

Trish somehow managed to escape fom the corner as she took Joe by his hand
and planted him on the bed as she got on top of him,taking off her top
revealing nothing but her bare boobs.

Trish: Come on baby give me what you got.

Joe sat up and began to kiss Trish's right breasts, licking her right breasts
and sucking on her right nipple. Once he got done with her right nipple he
did the same to her left nipple. Trish let's out a soft moan in pleasure from
JC's assault on her breasts.

Trish: AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Don't stop!

Lita then got around the bed still with her thong on and her high heel boots
she dropped the thong and was about to do the same with her boots but JC
stopped her from doing so.

Joe Cool: Oh No No No Don't take them off. Don't Take Them Off. I like them
better on you and on Trish.

Trish got off Joe Cool as she drops her jeans-skirt to the floor along with
her thong.

Trish: Hey Amy It's about time we take off his jeans right?

Lita: Right.

Joe Cool gets up as he un buckles his belt while Trish unbuttons him and Lita
unzips him as the two Divas pull down his jeand right to his knees revealing
his boxers in which Joe Cool dropped down along with his jeans and as soon as
he got his jeans off Trish licked her lips after seeing his 9 3/4" dick and
she began to suck on his rod. She stroked it a few times before putting his
cock back into her mouth. Lita shoved him down on the bed as he placed his
head towards her. Lita then drops her pussy on his face, burying it.

Lita: Eat My pussy Joe. She moaned in anticipation.

Joe Cool licks Lita's pussy,while Trish kept on sucking his dick. Joe Cool
slid his left hand on Lita's right thigh and pressed on it forcing him to
take more of Lita's pussy in his mouth. He then took his right hand and ran
his fingers through Trish's long locks and pushed the back of her head
forcing her to take more of his dick in her mouth. Lita was moaning real
loud and breathing heavily from Mr. Cool's pussy eating, that she got off
of him as she began to rub her clit with her fingers as hard and as fast as
she could go.

Joe Cool: Give it to me. Gimme all of it in my mouth.

Lita kept on rubbing her pussy making it wet so the juices can flow out and
into his mouth.

Lita (groaning): OOOOOOOOOH GOOOOOOD. UUUUUUUUUH I'm gonna drop it on you.

Joe Cool: Gimme all of it. Lita knelt down as all the juices from her pussy
came pouring out of her and into Joe Cool's mouth.

Lita: Oooooh that was awesome.

Joe Cool (moaning): MMMMMMMMMMM OOOOH Trish keep on sucking baby.

Trish did watever JC commanded she kept on sucking his cock that his balls
hit her chin with every thrust. Joe Cool felt it so hard that he was about
to cum.


When the time was right his dick let out a huge amount of cum flowing from
his dick to Trish's mouth and down her throat. Trish then cucked off the
remains of cum that he had left on his dick.

Lita: Oh Joe you are good.

Joe Cool: You had an orgy from my tongue. I got one from Trish sucking on
my cock and now it's Trish's turn.

Trish got on all fours on the bed as Lita got down from under her putting
her hand in her pussy, while Joe Cool stroked the shaft of his cock before
he would fuck Trish up the ass. Once it was hard enough he takes the tip of
his cock and slowly put it in Trish's ass hole. Then the shaft of his dick
went in roughly as Trish moaned in pleasure. His dick went into Trish's ass
smoothly after that. He began so violently slam Trish up the ass. His dick
slammed into Trish's ass and up her joints. Lita on the other hand continued
to fingerfuck Trish's pussy.

"OH MY GOD. UUUUUUUH UUUUUUUUH OOOOOOOOH." Trish moaned with pleasure. "FUCK
ME HARDER." She commanded to JC. So JC continued to buttfuck Trish with
vicious intentions until she had a two orgasms one from Lita's fingerfuck
and one from Joe's dick stright up her Canadian ass. But still Joe Cool was
not finished until he would cum on her. Which he did, when he came he let
the cum flow through her butthole forcing another orgasm penetrating inside
of her. Trish and Joe Cool afterwards fell down on the bed tired from the

Lita took advantage as she grabbed his cock and placed her tits in between
as she moved up and down, up and down on his cock. She started out slowly,
but once it got slippery from the previous cum, she started titfucking his
dick rapidly Joe Cool moaned in pleasure from Lita's tit fucking, that his
dick had an orgasm which made his dick spasmed forcing another load of cum
to squirt out of his dick and into Lita's mouth. She took it all in her
mouth before swallowing it and whatever was left she sucked the remains of
the cum off him. Once she pulled his dick out of her mouth she collapsed on
the bed with Trish.

Trish (dead tired): Oh God Amy we oughta do that again.

Lita (dead tired herself): You name the time and place. I'll be there.

Joe Cool (about to fall asleep): Same here. Now come in my arms and let's

Trish got on his right side and Lita got on his left as they both went under
the covers and fell asleep with Joe Cool. The scene fades to black when the
three fall asleep in the Owner's Office.

Stephanie McMahon: And that's the end of our story oh but don't worry there
will be a sequel within about the next year. Good night.


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