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A Night With The Lass Kicker
by TheKyleBearr

Sometimes, I don't COMPLETELY hate working late. Being a bartender in Brooklyn means that a lot of famous people come in and out of here. I usually try to strike up a conversation with them, but as you can guess, it doesn't work.

I wipe down the counters right near closing time, I hear someone come in. I pay no attention to who it is as I continue wiping the counters.

"Hey, can you get me some beer please?" says the woman in front of me, with an Irish accent. I look up from the counters and can't believe my eyes.

"Becky Lynch? Oh my god uhh, yeah, I can!" I exclaim. Becky smiles as I rush to pour the Lass Kicker a drink.

"So.. you a fan of me?" Becky asks. I put her beer on the counter, and look at what she's wearing for a quick second. Becky's wearing a skin tight black dress, and matching heels.

"Yeah, I had a chance to watch your match against Charlotte. I was shocked when you lost." I say. I take this conversation me and Becky are engaged in as an excuse to look at her beautiful face and body.

"Yeah, I think a lot of people were." Becky says, before taking a drink of her beer. "So, you seem to know a bit about me. What about yourself?" she asks me.

"Ehh, there's not much to know about me. My name is ____, I work here every night, and I'm a big WWE fan." I say. I feel so awkward talking to one of the hottest women in the WWE, and just having a casual conversation.

"Oh, cool. Who's your favourite Superstar?" Becky asks me.

"Well... probably you." I say shyly. I see Becky smile, and she downs the rest of her beer.

"Aww, I like you." Becky says, continuing to smile. I giggle at her response. "Hey, uhh.. can I show you something outside real quick?" Becky asks. I nod.

Becky leads me through the bar, to the back door. We arrive in the fenced in backlot of the bar.

"So what did you want to sh-" I get cut off when Becky suddenly kisses me. "Umm.. wow.. that was.... great." I say, shyly.

"Thanks. You wanna take this party back to my hotel room?" Becky says, leaning closer to me.

"Fuck yeah!" I say, as she leads me to her black SUV. It's like the cars on ride along. I wonder if they just give these away to WWE Superstars for free.

* * *

Shortly after, we arrive at the hotel. Becky heads up to the 2nd floor, and leads me to her apartment. She unlocks the door, and we step inside. She tells me to lock it behind us, so I do.

As I turn around, Becky jumps into my arms, wraps her legs around me, and we begin to make out again. I carry Becky and place her on the foot of the bed.

Becky takes her heels off, and I begin to untie her dress. Becky slides the dress down her body, which is almost completely naked, save for her black panties.

I get on my knees at the foot of the bed, and slide Becky's panties down her thick thighs, and off her legs. Becky is now fully naked, and her beautiful pussy is exposed. I run my finger across Becky's pussy lips, before sliding two fingers in her clit. She moans in pleasure.

I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of the Irish Lass Kicker's cockpit, and she continues to scream in absolute pleasure.

"OH MY GOD!! DON'T STOP ____!! KEEP GOING!! YESS DADDY!" Becky screams. I plunge my fingers deeper into her cunt, my fingers now three knuckles deep.

"FUCK DADDY!! I'M GONNA CUM!!" Becky screams, I slide my fingers up wards, and fuck her hole with my tongue whilst continuing to finger fuck her tight pussy.

I feel a waterfall of Becky's jizz fall onto my tongue, as she continues to scream. I slide my fingers out of Becky's cunt, along with my tongue. I let Becky taste my fingers, and she sucks her own cum clean off my fingers.

"Oooh, fuck! Alright ____, it's... my turn.." Becky says, breathing heavily. Becky removes my shirt, and takes off my shoes, socks, and pants. Becky licks her lips before removing my boxers. My hard dick pops out of it's chamber and slaps Becky in the face.

"Shit, it's huge!" Becky exclaims. She starts stroking my eight inch, hard dick. Becky licks the tip of it, and starts to stroke it with both of her hands.

"Oh god.. keep going Becky... fuck.. I'm gonna cum soon!" I say. After hearing me, Becky plunges my dick into her mouth, and deepthroats all eight inches of my pussy pounder. Becky keeps sucking on my hard member, and I cum down her throat without warning. Becky removes my dick from her mouth, and a mix of cum and saliva drips down onto the hotel room carpet.

"Fuck, that was such a huge load!" Becky moans in pleasure. She heads to the nightstand, and looks in her wallet. She pulls out a condom, and places it on my penis.

I lift Becky up, and lay down. I place Becky's tight pussy onto my rock hard boner. She bounces up and down on my cock in the cowgirl position.

"OHH MY GOD!!! IT'S SO BIG! STRETCH MY TIGHT HOLE OUT!! YES DADDY!! FUCK ME HARDER ____!!!" Becky keeps moaning as I destroy her pussy with my large cock. Becky screams, and she keeps bouncing up and down. She bounces faster, and I feel her pussy tighten. She's about to cum.

Soon after, Becky coats the condom in her fluids, and continues to scream in pleasure. I pull out of Becky, and lay down. I take off the condom, and trick shot it into the garbage bin.

"Ohh no ____. We're not done yet daddy." Becky says. Becky turns around and lowers her fat ass onto my cock. My dick struggles to slide into her tight asshole, but I fit the whole thing in. Becky's mounting me in the reverse cowgirl position.

I grab onto each side of her sexy body, and bounce her up and down on my rock hard cock. I watch as Becky masturbates as I'm pounding her tight asshole. Becky moans and screams in pleasure. I can't tell if the moaning is from my large cock loosening her asshole, or Becky's lightspeed rubbing of her clitoris.

"FUCK!!! I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN!!" Becky screams.

"So am I!" I yell after her.

"CUM INTO MY TIGHT ASSHOLE ____!!" Becky screams so the whole block can hear us. I unleash a fat load of my semen into her asshole, and as I pull out, my splooge drips out of her asshole onto the bed.

"I loved that ____!" Becky says, as she lays next to me. I place my hand over her breasts, and we cuddle with each other to keep our bodies warm as we drift off to sleep.

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