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A Night You Can Bank On
by RecklessAllStar

"Oh this girl!" Sasha shouted agrilly looking at the TV in the backroom. Her blood boiled seeing that big assed, too happy, bitch. After losing her baby, she was very proud of Bayley and also very angry. She only had it for a short time and now it was her time to get what was hers. He turned the TV off and walked out to see her friend and congratulate her on the win over Emma. Sasha always put a fake smile on around Bayley and nothing was gonna change that.

"Congrats girl, you beat another small time diva. How about you let "The Boss" get another shot at that title?" She put her hands on her hips and looked the Latina dead in her eyes.

"Sorry Sasha, but you lost and the only way to get another shot in to get to the top or you could always go suck our GMs dick."

Bayley laughed at her and walked in the locker room. She set her title down and got changed into pants and a tank top. Sasha started to get worried, she didn't want to waste her time beating diva after diva, and sucking Regal's cock was never gonna happen. She sighed as she looked the Women's champion. Her eyes traced her beautiful body when it landed on the Latina's ass.

Sasha licked her lips and she finally got an idea on how to get this bitch to get her a title shot. She would have to get in with her and then hit her with her idea. The Boss walked next to Bayley.

"Hey, I would like to take you to dinner. I want to truly congratulate you on your win and I think it would be good for the both of us." She smiled and it looked almost sincere.....almost.

Bayley shrugged, "Sure, if you're paying." She laughed and grabbed her stuff. The two walked out and hailed a cab and got in.

"So what's for dinner?" Bayley asked as she settled in and chilled in the backseat. Sasha wanted to make this perfect for her plan, so first she had to get Bayley to her home and then it would begin.

"I was thinking I could maybe make you dinner. It's been awhile since you've been to my place, so it would be nice." The fat ass diva nodded and Sasha told the cab driver where to go. It didn't take long and before she knew it, they were at Sasha's front door.

She unlocked the door then walked in and tossed her keys on the counted.

"You can toss you stuff anywhere you want." Bayley walked in and tossed her stuff in the corner and took a seat on the bosses couch.

"What are you gonna make love?" She asked as she turned on the TV and turned some Total Diva reruns.

"Hmmm..." Sasha took a look in her fully stocked fridge.

"How about spaghetti?" Bayley nodded at the option. Sasha got out the ingredients and the pots she needed. She went to work on the food. Only 20 minutes later and the dish was ready. She went over and gave a plate and fork to Bayley.

"Here you go." Sasha smiled and sat down next to her.

"Thank you." Bayley took some of the spaghetti and ate it.

"This is sooo good." Sasha nodded at the comment and ate with her.

Hours later, the two were still having girl talk and Sasha was slowly moving closer to the champion, which Bayley didn't notice.

"That's funny." Sasha gave a fake laugh and then moved her hand onto Bayley's leg. She was enjoying the company of Sasha and it made it better that they were such close friends. Bayley moved her hands to Sasha's leg and the two moved them ever so closer almost face to face. What was Bayley about to do?! She wasn't into girls, but now the situation just seemed right to kiss her friend. The two locked lips quickly and passionately. It was odd that these two had finally kissed and it felt more right then ever.

Sasha held onto her tightly as they made it. Bayley wrapped her legs around the boss and had a death grip like vice around her. Soon the kissing was interuppted with the use of their tongues clashing into one another. Bayley could feel her panties getting soaked and she knew that Sasha was feeling the same thing. Bayley pushed the diva and off and removed her own top as Sasha did the same.

"Fuck your mouth is soooooo good. I think I need more." The Latina was very much in heat and need a sweet release from this brown beauty.

"How about we make this little lesbian endeavor a little more exciting?" Bayley nodded at the diva.

"Alright, If you make me cum first, then I won't go after your title again, but if I make you cum first, I get a shot." The champion was more then confident in her pussy licking skill that she didn't have to worry.

"You're on."

"You should bank on me winning." Sasha taunted her.

The two stripped down and immediately went to work on feeling each other up. Sasha started on Bayley's perky tits, feeling them, pinching her nipples, and slightly kissing them. It made the Latina weak at knees, but she couldn't give in yet. Bayley worked Sasha neck, kissing it and biting on it playfully making the boss fall on the floor. This was her chance. Bayley went down and rolled Sasha up so her pussy and ass were in the air. She started to eat Sasha's pussy, going deep enough with her tongue to make her moan. Sasha was helpless in this position and she knew a lot more of this and the title would be gone. She moaned loudly.

"OH FUCK, LICK THAT PUSSY!" She screamed as Bayley at her out. Somehow Sasha rolled out of Bayley's graps and moved to diva down to the floor and on her stomach. Sasha's hands went to work rubbing and fingering the Latina.

"Look at that wonderful ass." She slaps it as Bayley lets out a loud moan.

"DO IT AGAIN!!!" She shouted at her and Sasha did was she was told.

Sasha was very sneaky in her plot. She grabbed the dildo she had hidden. Without any warning, she slammed it deep in her tight asshole.

"MMMMMMMM!" Bayley was gonna cum, meaning she had to give Sasha a title shot. She wasn't gonna do that. Bayley powered out of this submission and held the boss down as she took the dildo out of her ass and licked it a bit before stuffing it into Sasha's tight pussy.

"MMMMMMMNNOOO!" Sasha was on the verge on cumming, letting Bayley beat her again. Bayley went on and kept pouding her tight pussy as she went down and licked it.

"Make me cum bae!" Sasha had lost and it never felt any better. Bayley pulled the dildo out and threw it.

"Let's cum together." The Latina smiled before she put her pussy on The Bosses. Their combined wetness made it so easy for them to scissor.

"You fuck so good Sash." He took Sasha closer as they kissed again and scissored even faster.

"I know Bae." It was just about over for them both as they both came in a blissful state.

"OHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD! I'M CUMMMMING!!" Sasha screamed as did Bayley. Once the two calmed down and got cleaned up and redessed they discussed the bet.

"So, we both came at the same time. What do we do?" Bayley asked.

"I'll just have to work on getting that title from you." Sasha answered.

"Try your hardest." Bayley loved this competitive side to Sash.

"You can bank on that bae bae." They both laughed and fell asleep in each others arms.

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