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A Not So Spooky Tale
by 1GB

Running from a haunted house Renee Young, wearing a white gown thought she was being followed a group of wicked men who plan to ravish her as sacrifice.

"Nooo..." Renee was almost in tears,"Why me...?"

The damsel was hopeful to escape this hellhole and go home. She even didn't remember how she got here, but it did involve his boyfriend Dean in some way. And Roman. The former shield members had a long feud with the Wyatt Family. As her breaths grew heavy, her energy to walk drained and fell to the dirty, leafy ground.

This cult group consists of three imposing behemoths sporting large beareds in ratty clothes, while their leader, the most feared, held a lantern and wore a fedora and had a look similar to Waylon Mercy.

Bray, Luke, Eric and Braun surround the helpless blond. The leader puts down his lantern and kneels to her, caressing the right side of her face.

"No need to fear sweet one. This will do anything but hurt..." Bray laughs hysterically as Harper, Rowan and Strowmano each tugged her expensive gown off her body.

* * *

"Mmm not the fabric...that cost me--!" Renee suddenly woke up to see a poorly dressed ghost in the locker room.

"Ooooohhh..." The ghost attemped to scare her, but wasn't amused. "You know what, That's it!"

"And out you go."

The ghost stormed out of the room. By the time it left, her main man Dean Ambrose came to check up on her.

"Hey look it's Boo the Annoying Ghost." Dean chuckled as he sat beside Renee in black shirt with jeans and a leather jacket.

"About tme you showed up," Renee licked her lips, "Because I picked out a costume for this week's Smackdown!"

"Oh boy."

As Dean sat down, the announcer left to switch out her off duty clothing. Out came a neon green dress that sported fairy-like wings on the back. She put on the material quickly and dashed out in front of the Lunatic Fringe.

"So you're supposed to be...TINKLEBELL." Dean pointed.

Renee grabbed a magazine, playfully hit his head and smirked. "That's Tinkerbell to you mister! By the way, no dress up?"

"Nah, I'm fine just the way I am."

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

Just when things were heat up for this couple, Dean saw the peeping tom of a ghost at the opened door. Grabbing the same magazine, he rushed to the intruder, scaring him off. He closed and locked the door and tossed the item aside and made way to Renee, who went all fours on a small couch.

"Now where were we?" He licked his lips with anitcipation.

Renee gives a sly smirk undoing his jeans, letting that beast out. The gorgeous Canadian announcer was no stranger to US based superstars, being the charmer that she is. Her small, smooth lips brushed through Deans thickness with ease. With her delicate hands pushed down the rest of Ambrose's jeans, she remained on his toned waist pushing her mouth further, taking every dose of his cock.

"Gosh you're such a tease," Dean sighed grabbed a handful of her hair, lightly thrusting in his girl's mouth. Renee kept up the pace and let her tongue touch the bottom of his length. Dean groaned slighly and continued fucking the diva's mouth, until he reached a point where he wants it somplace else.

"Maybe we should finish this before the show starts, I think I've made you hard enough." Renee catched her breath, while removing her panties.

Dean took off his leather jacket, grabbed the pixie for the night and lowered her onto his hard thickness wasting little time. Renee let out her moans of pleasure bouncing up and down along with her petite tits. Dean licked his lips once more and grabbed her cute ass.

"Ahh!" The beautiful blond gasped as she felt his fingers touch the entrance of her backside.

"Scared ya huh?" Dean pushed one finger in.

"No way it's just that-" Renee was then cut off when two fingers were heading inside her tightest area. She could help but squeal,"Oh my god!"

While their status as a couple went nowhere on screen, the Anerican-Canadian duo would rather keep their life private. Not unless you're a sly ghost, who haven't given up on creeping nearly every superstar and diva that crosses his path.

"Mmmm fuck!" Renee moans loudly as she and Dean equally have control of their bodies. The lunatic fringe does what he does best, roughly pushing his cock inside her wet pussy while getting her off by fucking her ass with a couple fingers.

"Ahhh fuck babe!" The walls of her pussy tightened around his thick cock, but the sweat coated couple's quickie came to a sudden end when...


That one ghost popped up from the side of the couch casing both to jolt back to the other end. They screamed in unison at the same time climaxed together and looked back. Enraged, Dean tackled the white sheeted man throwing out several blows to make sure he never bother anyone again. Fully satisfied, he went and put his remaining clothes on and took off without consoling Renee. He comes back however promising more later tonight after the main event.


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