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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and
there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

A Phenomenal Visit
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On October 11, 2015 and after wrestling her final match before reporting for her new job with the WWE, Dark Angel aka Sarah Stock, is in the backstage area of Tokyo's Korakuen Hall, dressed in a faded gray top that reveals her sports bra underneath, and black pants as she is approached by AJ Styles, wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and ball cap. "So you sold out..." AJ says, drawing Sarah's attention towards him.

"Sold out? Hardly... I'm just taking an opportunity to move up in the business..." Sarah says with a grin.

"You could just wrestle here in Japan..." AJ begins to say.

"Yeah that may be fine for you... but with Del Rey working for the WWE and the opportunities to help contribute to women's wrestling on the biggest stage possible... I'm not passing that up..." Sarah says before smirking, "You're just mad that you're not going to show me how phenomenal you are any more..."

AJ Styles takes off his cap, "Well yeah... but still you sold out..."

Sarah laughs, "Something tells me you would not have the balls to say that to Joe..."

"I did say it...." AJ says, "From over here... and via text message..."

"See I was right...." Sarah smirks, "But tell you what... since tonight was my last 'match' before joining the WWE... I'll let you 'clash' me one more time..."

AJ Styles smirks, "You're making that invitation?"

Sarah nods, "Yeah... and besides... I had my last action in Mexico with Marco Corleone... and you showing up here means you're in the right place and right time..."

"Then I'd be an idiot to turn you down..."

"Well you would be bigger idiot... you did turn down the WWE when they made you an offer..." Sarah says with a smirk

* * *

A short time later in Sarah Stock's hotel room, the lady wrestler is getting down on her knees in front of AJ Styles with her eyes locked on his phenomenally large and thick cock, "Only going to miss seeing this slightly..." Sarah smirks as she places her right hand on AJ's dick and begins to stroke it.

"Ahhhh you're going to miss it a whole lot..." AJ says as Sarah moves her right hand back and forth along the length of his hardening manhood.

"Not really... Del Rey told me how big the guys in the WWE are... you're just above average..." Sarah smirks as she works her hand smoothly on AJ's dick.

"Mmmmm bull shit..." AJ moans as the lady wrestler who performed earlier in the night as Dark Angel strokes his dick.

"It's what she said..." Sarah says before she leans her head to where she can drag her tongue against the head of AJ's big dick.

"Ahhhh I will..." AJ Styles moans as Sarah slides her tongue around the crown of his dick.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh..." Sarah moans as she looks up at AJ as she moves her tongue around the head of his cock while continuing to move her right hand back and forth along the shaft.

"Awwww ahhh..." AJ licks his teeth as he watches Sarah's tongue twirling around his cock as she jerks him off.

"Mmmmm....mmmm..." Sarah moans as she begins to move her tongue from the head and down against the underside of his cock as she angles his manhood upward.

"Ahhhhh..." AJ moans as Sarah Stock's tongue goes against the bottom side of his dick to the base followed shortly by her tongue traveling to his balls.

"Mmmmm ahhh... mmmm..." The lady wrestler formally known as Sarita groans as she laps her tongue against AJ's ballsack, smacking hits nuts around like a pendulum.

"Ahhhh fuck..." AJ Styles moans as Sarah beats his balls with her tongue as she continues to stroke his cock with her right hand.

"Mmmmm..." Sarah moans as she continues to attack AJ's testicles with her tongue before she drags her tongue back up along the bottom side of his cock.

"Ahhhh shit..." AJ moans as Sarah's tongue slides against the underside of his manhood until she reaches the head of his cock. With a smirk on her face, Sarah parts her lips and takes his cock into her mouth. "Mmmmm shit..." AJ groans as Sarah starts to bob her head cock while she places a hand on her head.

"Mmmmmm...mmmm...." Sarah moans lustfully on AJ's cock as she bobs her head on his large cock with her lips brushing perfectly around it.

"Awwww..." AJ licks his teeth as Sarah Stock takes his large, thick cock into her mouth as she opens her mouth wide to accommodate the girth of his manhood.

"Mmmmm.. mmmmm..." Sarah moans as she turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around AJ's cock as she bobs her head a brisk pace.

"Ahhhh yeah... ahhhh..." AJ moans as the WWE's newest NXT Trainer greedily sucks and slurps on his cock while he starts to move his hips to thrust his cock back and forth between her lips.

"Mmmmmmm! Ohhhhh!" Sarah moans whiles she eagerly bobs her head on AJ's forward thrusting cock as Saliva drips out of her mouth as he places both hands on the back of her head as he fucks her mouth. "Mmmmm! GAHHH! GLACK! GAHHHH! Mmmmm! GAHHH!" Sarah moans and gags on AJ's cock as he fucks her mouth with deep thrusts.

"Awww yeah... ahhhhh..." AJ Styles licks his teeth as he fucks the mouth of a woman who was on the TNA Roster with him while she places her hands on his thighs.

"GAHHH! GLACK! GAHHH! GAHHH! GLACK! GLACK!" Sarah groans and gags whorishly on AJ's cock as he shoves the full length of his cock into her mouth with each thrust he performs.

"Ahhhh awww fuck..." AJ groans as he continues to fuck Sarah's mouth for a few more moments before lifting his hands from her head which allows her to lift her head up off of his spit coated cock.

"Mmmmm.... don't think you're going to fuck me on the floor..." Sarah laughs as she gets to her feet and moves to get on all fours on the hotel room's nicely sized bed.

"Oh the floor to good for you now that you're going to work for the WWE?" AJ asks as he moves to kneel on the bed behind Sarah.

"Why fuck on the floor when there's a bed?" Sarah asks as she looks back at AJ and sways her ass from side to side before he shoves his phenomenally large cock into her tight wet twat. "Ohhhhhh fuck yes..." Sarah groans as her pussy is penetrated by her fellow TNA Alumnus.

"Ahhhhh..." AJ groans as he begins to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy while placing his hands on her waist.

"Mmmmmm... ohhhh yeah.." Sarah moans as she rocks back and forth on all fours, with her ass smacking firmly against AJ's lower torso.

"Awww.... ahhh..." AJ grits his teeth as Sarah pushes back against him as he firmly pumps his huge shaft into her cunt at a steadily increasing tempo.

"Ohhhhh yeah... fuck me.... fuck me!" Sarah cries out while tilting her head back as she feels each one of AJ's swift, firm and deep thrusts in her fuck hole.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh yeah... ahhhh shit..." AJ grunts as he plows the full length of his cock into Sarah's pussy while she eagerly bucks back against him.

"Mmmm... ohhhh yeah... mmmmmm fuck!" Sarah moans as she perfectly moves in rhythm with AJ's thrusts as hammers her pussy from behind.

"Awwww... ahhhhh.." AJ groans as he begins to sweat as he pounds Sarah's tight wet twat with his huge dick, with his balls smacking between her thighs.

"Ohhhh yeah fuck me... fuck me!" Sarah gasps as she looks back at AJ as she rocks back sharply against him with her ass smacking loudly against his waist.

"Ahhhhh ahhhh..." AJ nods as he jerks his cock out of her pussy and flips Sarah over onto her back. Spreading her legs apart, AJ scoots forward between them and rams his cock back into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck yes!" Sarah moans and arches her back as AJ forces her legs around his waist as he resumes fucking her cunt.

"Awwww... ahhhhh..." AJ grunts as he grabs Sarah's hips to pull her towards himself as he pumps his cock in and out of her twat.

"Mmmmm ohhhh... ohhhh ahhh..." Sarah Stock moans as she grinds her pussy against AJ's pistoning cock.

"Awww... ahhhh..." AJ moans as he swiftly drills Sarah's pussy, shoving his large meaty dick into the depths of her love tunnel with every thrusts.

"Ohhhhh.. mmmm ohhhh fuck... ohhhh!" Sarah moans as her body jolts against the bed as AJ fucks her.

"Ahhhh... awwww... ahhhh..." AJ grunts as he continues to hammer Sarah's pussy with rapid, firm thrusts, with his balls smashing against her skin.

"Yeah... yeah... ohhhh ohhhhh fuck... mmmm..." Sarah gasps lustfully as her breasts bounce as she squirms and bounces her upper body against the bed as AJ phenomenally drills her.

"Ahhhhh shit... mmmm awwww ahhhh..." AJ clenches his teeth as he buries his whole cock repeatedly into Sarah's fuck hole. Pulling her legs from around his waist, AJ rolls onto his back while pulling her on top of himself as he pumps his cock up into her cunt as she sits up on top of him.

"Mmmmm ohhhhhh..." Sarah moans as she begins to bounce on AJ's upward thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhhh..." AJ groans as he pops his hips to propel his dick upward into Sarah's pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah... ohhhh fuck... ohhhhh!" Sarah moans and tilts her head back as she bounces up and down on AJ's cock as he keeps a firm hold on her hips..

"Ahhhhhh... ahhhh..." AJ groans as he watches Sarah's tits bounce as she rises and drops on his cock while she places her hands on his chest.

"Mmmmm ohhhh yeah... mmmmm fuck..." Sarah licks her lips as she rocks her hips to grind her pussy down against AJ's cock each time she drops downward on his dick.

"Ahhhh yeah... ahhhhh..." AJ Styles groans as he keeps ramming his cock upward into Sarah's tight cunt as she rides his phenomenal manhood.

"Ohhhh yeah ohhhh fuck ahhhh shit..." Sarah breathes deeply as her pussy starts to constrict around AJ's upward thrusting shaft.

"Awww yeah.... ahhhhh fuck... ahhhh..." AJ moans as his cock begins to throb within Sarah's tightening pussy.

"Mmmmm ohhh ohhhhh fuck... ahhh yes... mmmmmm fuck!" Sarah screams as she starts to cum, with her juices flowing all over AJ's pistoning and throbbing cock as he reaches behind her to grab her ass cheeks.

"Ahhhhh ahhh... awww..." AJ groans as he keeps throbbing his large, meaty and pulsating shaft up into Sarah's pussy until he starts to cum inside of her.

"Ohhhhh ahhh... mmmmm fuck..." Sarah groans as she feels the jizz of the Phenomenal One flooding her pussy, causing her to shiver slightly as she lightly rocks on his erupting shaft.

"Ahhhh.. mmmm fuck.... ahhh..." AJ moans as his cock begins to soften once he's done cumming inside of the NXT coach.

"Mmmmm... ohhh what a way to end my time on the indies... with a Phenomenal visit..." Sarah laughs as she smirks down at AJ Styles.


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