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First of all, this story should have been finished about 4 months ago, but I
lost the desire to write for awhile. Anyways...This story is a bit different
from the ones I have written in the past. In this story, wrestling is real
and the people playing the characters actually are the characters in real
life. This story is set in Extreme Championship Wrestling, circa 1998.

A REAL Double Team (MMF, rape, inter)
by Y2Curry (

"Tommy lifts up D-Von for the Spicolli Driver...NO, Bubba Ray hits him with
a chair to the back!" shouted ECW announcer Joey Styles. "Bubba climbs onto
the top rope, and D-Von lifts Dreamer up to him...SUPERBOMB THROUGH THE
TABLE! Tommy Dreamer is out cold! The Sandman is slowly getting to his
feet...but D-Von hits him right in the skull with the chair! Bubba covers
Dreamer, and it's academic now; the 1, 2, and 3! The Dudley Boys have totally
destroyed their challengers tonight in this ECW World Tag Team championship

Dreamer's manager and girlfriend, Beulah McGillicutty, rolled into the ring,
a concerned look on her face. She went to check on her boyfriend. Bubba got
an evil look on his face, and whispered something to his half-brother D-Von.

"I don't like the look on Bubba Ray's face. D-Von just grabbed Beulah by
the hair! Leave her alone! He whips Beulah into the ropes...OH MY GOD! The
Dudleys just hit Tommy Dreamer's girlfriend with the Dudley Death Drop! This
is repulsive! I'm out of here!"

Styles threw down his headset and stormed off in disgust. The fans began
throwing trash at the ECW Tag Champs, who seemed to revel in pissing off
the ECW faithful. A dazed Tommy Dreamer crawled over to his unconscious
girlfriend as paramedics rushed into the ring to assist. They put a
neckbrace on Beulah and carefully loaded her onto a stretcher. Dreamer
stumbled alongside them as they took her away. The Dudleys got in a few
more shots on Sandman before leaving the arena to a chorus of boos from the
fans at the infamous bingo hall-turned wrestling arena, the ECW Arena.

* * *

"I'm sorry to inform you that the pain is not temporary, Ms. McGillicutty.
You have indeed broken your neck. I've arranged for one of the nation's top
surgeons, Dr. James Andrews, to fly in tommorow to perform surgery. Your
company is footing the bill."

"Thank you, Dr. Hickenbottom. May I return home for the night?"

"I'd rather you didn't. It's late as it is, and you will need your rest. I
suggest you just go to sleep."

"OK. Goodnight, Tommy."

"Goodnight, Beulah. Don't worry, those fucking Dudleys will pay for this!"

Dr. Hickenbottom and Tommy Dreamer turned off the lights and exited.

Meanwhile, back at the arena..

"Great work, D-Von!"

"Same to you, my brutha! We really showed that bitch who is boss!"

As the champs continued talking about their performance backstage, Joey
Styles walked past. He got a disgusted look on his face when he saw the

"I hope you two are happy! You seriously injured an innocent girl! What the
hell is the matter with you guys?!"

"Listen Styles, that whore had it coming to her! She's stuck her nose in
our business too many times in the past, and we weren't about to let her
do it again!" Bubba Ray shouted at the dimunitive ECW color man.

"The match was over already, you sick bastards! She was just concerned for
the well being of her boyfriend! And now she's laying in a hospital bed
with a broken neck because of you two!"

Styles stormed off, and Bubba and D-Von smile at each other.

"D-Von, I think we ought to pay the little girl a visit. You her
how sorry we are..." Bubba let out a maniacal laugh.

"Oh, testify!"

* * *

Try as she might, Beulah just could not fall asleep. Despite being given
some medication to help ease the pain, her neck was still hurting very badly.
Even more intense than the physical pain, though, was the fear of what Tommy
might do. She knew he would be looking to get retribution on the Dudleys for
what they had done, and she just hoped he wouldn't do anything too reckless.
Him ending up in an adjacent hospital bed wouldn't do any good. Trying to put
these worries out of her mind, Beulah forced herself to shut her eyes. Just
as she was about to finally get some rest, she heard a slight creaking.
Beulah opened her eyes and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Probably just my imagination," she told herself, and she closed her eyes
once more. However, just a few moments later, she felt a hand grab her by
the throat. She was roughly pulled to her feet and found herself face to
face with Bubba Ray Dudley.

"Ok, bitch, listen up. If you don't make a sound, and do what me and D-Von
tell ya to do, we won't hurt you any more than we already have. What we did
to you in that ring tonight will seem like child's play compared to what
will happen if you try anything. Do we understand each other?"

Knowing she could do nothing to escape from this situation, especially
in her current weakened physical condition, Beulah let out a soft "I
understand," as she tried to fight back the tears. Bubba released his
grip on her throat and smiled in satisfaction.

"Good. Now then, I think the little lady is a little overdressed. Don't you
think so, D-Von?"

"Oh, most definetely, my brutha!"

"How about you be a gentleman and help her out of that stupid-looking
hospital gown?"

D-Von effortlessly pulledthe gown from Beulah's body. He wasted no time in
taking care of her undergarments as well. Both Dudleys took a moment to
admire their unwilling toy.

"For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I am jealous of
Tommy Dreamer. Sure, he's a piece of crap who we destroy on a regular basis,
but going home with this every night? That just may be better than being an
ass kicker."

"A good point, Bubba. But after tonight, you won't have to envy Dreamer any
longer. Because we're gonna show this broad what a real double-team is all

"To borrow a phrase from you, D-Von: Oh, Testify!! Well, I'd say we've wasted
enough time. Let's get down to business."

Bubba shoved Beulah onto her knees on the tiled floor, and unzipped his
jeans. He slid them off, followed by his boxers. "Since you can't blow me,
I guess I'll have to settle for the next best thing. Jerk me off, bitch,
and make it good!"

Beulah hastily grabbed Bubba's member, anxious to get this over with as
quickly as possible. She started jerking him slowly at first, but soon sped
up, causing Bubba to moan in satisfaction.

"That's the ticket, whore."

D-Von was becoming rather turned on by the sight of Dreamer's girlfriend
giving his half-brother a hand job, so he began jerking himself off. It
wasn't long before Bubba felt his oncoming release, so he ordered Beulah
to open her mouth wide. She did as she was told, and moments later,
Bubba's cum shot onto her tongue.

"Swallow every last drop."

She closed her eyes in disgust and swallowed.

"Now finish off D-Von."

Beulah opened her eyes as D-Von took Bubba's place in front of her. She
reached out and took D-Von's dick into her hand, jerking him even faster than
she did Bubba. Since he had already started, he was done in no time. He shot
his cum onto her tits. Beulah got a sick look on her face as D-Von's cum
dripped off her breasts and down her stomach.

"That was nice. Good work, slut. But now it's time for the main event." Bubba
laid down on Beulah's hospital bed. "Ride me." Hesitantly, Beulah walked over
to the bed and slowly climbed onto the bed. As she hesitated, Bubba grew
angry. "I don't have all day, bitch. Hurry up!" Beulah reluctantly mounted
Bubba and slowly lowered herself down onto his prick. She began slowly going
up and down on Bubba's shaft, trying to make sure she didn't do further
damage to her neck by going too fast. Bubba wasn't as concerned about the
valet's health, however, as he ordered her to speed up.

Figuring it was better to take her chances with the injured neck than
antagonize the two men who'd broken it in the first place, she increased her
speed. Soon, she was bouncing up and down on Bubba's manhood at an amazing
speed. *This isn't too bad,* she thought to herself. At the rate she was
going, she knew Bubba wouldn't be able to last more than 15 minutes, then
maybe D-Von would want her, and after that they'd leave her alone. She soon
realized that this was wishful thinking.

Beulah was caught by suprise at the sharp pain in her ass. "Damn, Bubba,
she's pretty tight down here! I don't think Dreamer gets to fuck this hole."
D-Von exclaimed.

The double fucking was just too much for Beulah. She lost all composure, and
broke down in tears of agony. Her agony was soon followed by a feeling she'd
hoped wouldn't happen: she was getting ready to orgasm.

Bubba grinned when he felt Beulah's body stiffen as she prepared for release.
"D-Von, I can't help but feel unappreciated. Here we are, taking time out of
our busy shedules to show this broad a good time, and not once has she
thanked us for it. I think we should just leave."

"Alright, my brother." D-Von pulled his rod out of Beulah's ass, and Bubba
lifted her off of him.

Beulah had to restrain herself from screaming in frustration at being denied
her release. Bubba chuckled at her frustrated look, and motioned to D-Von.

"Hey, D-Von, I think she wants to finish us off."

"I guess we should let her." A frustrated Beulah was forced to grab both of
their cocks and jack both of them off. D-Von came first, splattering his cum
across Beulah's chin. Bubba soon followed suit, ejaculating onto her chin as

"I hope you enjoyed yourself, Beulah." Bubba snickered as she whimpered in a
combination of humilation that she had been forced into this, and frustration
that they hadn't even allowed her to finish. The Dudleys wiped themselves
clean on her face, and then put their clothes on. As they headed out the
door, Bubba had a final set of directions: "Beulah, go take a shower, put
your gown back on, clean the place up and go to sleep. Don't tell a soul
about what happened in this room tonight, or you will experience a pain
greater than any you can possibly imagine."

Bubba exited the room first. Before D-Von followed, he threw in one last
comment: "Let this be a credo for you, Beulah, and your little piece of shit
boyfriend Tommy Dreamer as well: Thou shalt not Fuck with the Dudleys!"


OK, that was definetely the darkest story I've written. What did you guys
think? Like it? Didn't like it? Suggestions, comments, whatever, can be sent
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