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A Radical & Extreme Team
by Nami (

It was the same WWF RAW show that Dean Melinko had slapped Lita at the
end of the match and the very flustrated Lita went back as quick as she could
to her locker room. She smashed the door and went inside. The door closed but
it opened again because of closing hardly and she didn't realized it. She took
out her pink and sloppy t-shirt & throw it away & so angry took out her
trusser as well Then she went to mirror and looked at herself & pissed off.

"Fuck you Melinko! I smell like bread." Lita screamed at herself.

Lita checked her body. Her stomach was dirty. Even her navel was sloppy,
too. She sadly checked her neck and pretty hairs and jumped in the bathroom
and striped her black bra and took out her panties and stayed beside for
water get warm. Then she checked the water and made sure that the water is
enough warm for her. Then one of her legs slowly went under shower and slowly
her entire body joined her leg and the water.

Dean Melinko came to see what Lita doing and better say he came to
mocking her. He saw the door is half open and slowly steped inside. He knew
that if Lita see her there that would be a huge problem for her. He listened
so carefully and heard the sound of water. His body shake and felt very good
on the situation and went a little closer. He saw her totaly naked and wet in
the shower when she was cleaning herself. Her white and round & wet ass made
him hard in a second. His feet was not in his control and went closer and
closer and she tried to reach her asscheeks, but he knocked down on the mat.

Trouble was on the way for Dean Melinko cause the Hardyz had arrived with
punchs on him. They attacked him with kicks and hards and all he could do was
covering himself & it didn't worked. Dean was about to die in their assult and
all he did was screaming for mercy but those brothers continued on their job
until Litta came out of shower.

"Come on boyz! Stop it! You won't wanna kill him." Lita yelled and that was
the only thing that stoped the Hardyz and saved Malenko's life.

"I think he will never stick his nose in someone's shower, Do you?" Lita

Matt and Jeff was complety shocked to see Lita totaly nude in front of
them. She was so great in the Hardyz eyes (me too). They stared at her pretty
breasts and then to each other. They read each other's minds and found out
that the other one anna be better in her view.

"Come on Lita! Let me kick his sorry ass just for you." Jeff shouted and
ot made poor Dean more scared. Math looked at Litta to see her reaction.

"No, When she says stop we should stop." Matt stared at Lita. She smiled
at him.

Dean looked at what went down between the Hardyz and Lita and quickly went
to door and ran out. The Hardyz went after him but it was too late and he was
out of room and closed the door. They tried to open the door by knocking at
it but he had the door locked and laughed at them.

"Hey boyz if you really want to get out it's better to listen to me well."
Dean said so slowly to make sure only Matt & Jeff would hear his voice. It
looked like that even they didn't hear his voice too so he slowly repeated his

"Fuck off Malenko! Open the door or I will destroy you when I get out."
Matt shouted & punched the door for a few times.

"Listen to me. You try hard to cach something that is so easy to get, I
can guide you." Dean said.

"Shut the he.." Math shouted but Jeff intruped him.

"Wait Matt. Lets see what he want to say. Come on Dean! What is your
plan." Jeff said so slowly.

"Good boyz! I know that both of you try hard to show yourselves better
than eachother in Lita's eyes. You try hard for may she kiss you but all you
got to do is turn around and watch her. You two already have what you want.
She is ready for both of you." Dean said. Hopefully to fool those two young

It did and they fooled. They turned to each other and looked at each
other. Both had the same idea in their mind. Then they both turned around
and stared at naked Lita. She was naked and checked her body to make sure
nothing sticked to her. Then she looked at the brothers, They were both
staring at her. She found out what their plan was slowly steped back. She
reached a towel and tried to cover herself but it was too late for covering.
She realized that both Matt and Jeff are completly hard and erect and in
that mood nothing could stop them specialy when they were together and
focused on one.

"Ok boyz! Why don't you break the door and make me happy." Lita smiled

"Don't worry. We will make you happy." Jeff whisped that only Matt heard

"What?" Lita tried to know what he said but saw Jeff slowly steped forward
to her.

"Jeff! What the fuck you plan to do now. Whatever it is I don't like it."
Lita said angy and also a little worried.

"No, honey, you will like it. I swear." Matt said and steped forward as

"Matt! Not you." Lita said completely shocked.

Matt and Jeff was enough close to her and in one second they both jumped
at her like they never did like that in the ring. Lita tried to push them
away but the brothers was extremly powerfull in that position. Jeff grabbed
the towell from behind and tried to rip it off. Lita tried to hold it as a
cover between herself and Matt. Matt took her hands until Jeff abled to took
the towel away. She was completely naked in the middle of the Hardy brothers.

"Come on Matt, I will take her until you get ready." Jeff shouted and Matt
realesed her and quickly undeed himself & got naked in front of Lita.

"Your turn." Matt said and held her until Jeff got naked too.

Jeff came back right on her behind and held her hands on the back. She was
screaming but noone came to aid. That because of Dean Malenko distracted
people outside until they left. Matt got on his knees in front of her and put
his hand in the middle of her legs that she couldn't close them. Then he
shoved his tongue in her pussy and licked her very few public hairs. Lita
tried to kick him but Jeff went on his knees behind her and licked her
asshole while he still had both of her hands in her back.

She was crippled in that moment, Lita couldn't move her feet and her back
was cold. Now those Hardy Boyz was completely in control of the situation.
She had a tongue in her cunt and a tongue in her asshole. She felt good on
this situation but the action didn't went long & math & jeff released her.
Immediatly after they released her, Lita colapsed on the floor & it took a
few seconds until she was able to hold herself.

Dean Malenko was still next to door and heard everything that went down in
the Extreme Team's locker room. He was looking for an opportunity to step
inside and make himself usefull.

Matt laid on the floor and signed at his younger brother. The fastest WWF
Superstar was even faster in backstage and went to Lita and grabbed her hair
and shoulder.

"Come on Lita! We are not done yet." Jeff said.

Lita was screaming and sruggling until she realized that Matt's cock is
inside her cunt. She tried to get up and took out his cock but the other
Hardy didn't let it happen. Jeff 1st pushed her down on his brother's cock and
then pushed her laying tit-chest with his brother. Matt held her in that
position by locking his arms around her and kissing her forcefully until Jeff
made his very Extreme weapon ready. Lita loved them both, She really didnt
want to make them angry and giving them a little plassure was not againts her
willing but the way they tried was absolutly wrong.

"OHH Matt! You can fuck me how you want but just do it relax not in the
hurry, I will give you the best ride." Lita said while she tried to not
showing any feeling on Matt's action also she still had no idea about where
is Jeff or what he was donig.

Jeff was all raedy and had his extream weapon in hand. He went to Lita's
back and aimed at her back-hole and in 1 second he shoved his 6 inches cock
all the way into her anus. She screamed so loud that Dean scared as well.

"Fuck you Jeff." Lita screamed so angry.

"Sorry Lita, I will make it lobby." Jeff said and took out his prick and
quickly went to her makeup bag and took out a tube of cream and returned at
his last position.

"I'm sorry Lita, It will not happen again." Jeff said and emptied the
whole tube on her asshole.

"OHHW, What was that cold thing? You peace of shit..." Lita said.

"Easy! it will make your job easier." Matt said while staring at his

The master of the Swanton Bomb shoved his Extream weapon deep in her
asshole and forced her to gasping loudly. WWF Tag Team Champions continued
their assult on their manager and female friend and it took only four
minutes that Lita felt no more raping, She was liking every second of it
specialy Jeff's action made her nearly orgasm.

"Hey Matt! OW,, Why don't you use that cream." Lita said while she held his
shoulders for not bouncing.

"Don't worry, Your front hole will do the cream's job." Matt said and
dropped her hands and bouncing continued for lovely Lita.

Jeff released her tights and reached her shoulders, Now her couldn't fuck
her as fast as he did but certainly he could deep fucking her. Matt then took
her tights and fucked her just like Jeff did moments ago.

Meanwhile Dean Melinko saw the time had come and opened the door so slowly
and glanced at inside. He saw everything ready for his arrival. He closed the
door and thought.

"How can I trust these two brothers? They obviosly don't like me and they
would not share their bitch with me....But I gonna do it for the lifetime.
Once I should team with them." Dean thought and made his mind and opened the
door and went inside. He saw their anal fucking while he was in the back of

"I knoe Lita hates me and what would happen if she stop fucking with them
and continuing with them only by kicking my ass." Dean thought again and
carefully went in front of them.

The first person in the room that saw him was Matt and Dean was ready to
ran back but while he looked at Matt he understood that Matt didn't care about
him. Just fucking the red-headed Lita. Dean slow came for closer look.
Watching two dicks in two pretty holes of a pritty girl like Lita made him
really hard.

Jeff was the next guy who saw him and wanted to shout at him musculars of
Lita's pussy made him moan loudly. Dean realized that Lita made both men
completly defensless and the only thing he wanted to know then was the status
of beatifull Lita. He watched how Lita got fucked orally in front of him, He
took out his little cock and started to stroke it a little bit. He then got
hard in fully erect of five inches.

Lita fainaly raised her head up, tired to kiss Matt. Her thights was
locked in Matt's hands and her shoulders was stoped by Jeff. The boyz had no
rythm with eachother, each thrust inside her in the defferent time and that
made Lita a little uncomfortable. She saw Dean jacking off his hard cock in
front of her self.

"Why are you do that,, OHH I still have 1 hole left that can do the same
thing as your hand does." Lita said while she tried to have rythm with both.

Dean couldn't believe it, She was always struggling with him but now that
he could use her hole for jacking off.

"Come on! Dean.. Use my mouth." Lita said while she made her fuckers a
little slowler.

That meant many things, He had the permission from herself Lita to fucking
her mouth and with that Hardyz couldn't say anything. also she was hungry for
sucking his cock and didn't told him that his cock is small. People like
Triple H and Undertaker was huge fuckers in the backstage of this bisness and
he wondered that if they fucked Lita with their huge cocks she never let this
three little pricks fuck her. Dean waisted no time and steped forward and
showed his cock to the bitch of the room. Then got closer and stood in front
of her. His heart was in hell until Lita touched his dick via her chick. Then
she moved her head that his cock-head could touch her entire chicks. Lita
then touched his cock with her chin and stared at him.

"Suck it you little cunt." Dean exploded.

Lita licked the tip of his cock-head very slowly, It seemed that she
tried to torture him. Then she kissed his cock goodbye and seat harder on
Matt's prick and forced her asschicks back that Jeff could fuck her better.
She then gasped and in one second took all of Dean's cock in her mouth. It
was shocking for him and he yelled but then start moaning. She sucked him so
relax and slow for about three minutes and it was enough time to turn him on.
He grabbed her hair and thrust his little cock in her mouth so fast. That
action made Matt and Jeff more horny and they started to fuck her fast. Jeff
held her shoulders and forced her to himself while Dean pulled her mouth to
his cock. It turned to a was between the two that Matt's bouncing made both
jobs harder. Helpless Lita took all those punishments in her holes and rided
for Matt and Doggystyled by Jeff and face-fucked by Dean. She couldn't say
which one was better but she enjoid three of them.

Lita was completly wet. Her anus was wet by cream and precumm of Jeff
Hardy. Her pussy was much wet by coming all the time and Matt Hardy's precum.
Her mouth was sure wet and she felt Dean's balls smack slowly on her chin.
Dean was so furios in fucking her mouth until 3 men started to moan even

"You guys wanna come?" Lita said while took out Dean's cock and stroke it.

"OHH LITA YOU ARE MY DOGGY-BITCH." Jeff moaned and fucked her faster. She
knew that he was about to load opened her legs a little more, Letting Jeff
fuck her faster.

"OH, Lita I'mmm Comming bitch OOH AHH OOH." Jeff came so hard in her

"Suck it bitch. Suck it like a red whore." Dean shouted while she was
stroking him so fast.

"OHH Lita I'm coming. bounce harder." Matt said.

Lita wanted to bounce but Jeff colapsed on the back of her while he was
dropping his last cums inside her. That made Matt's thrusts deeper so he came
sooner in her pussy. after a few minutes of sandwiching between the Hardyz
and donig the blowjob for Dean Malenko Matt and Jeff released her and laid on
the floor to get some rest. Dean was the only 1 who still fucked her miost
and very pretty lips.

"Lita! I wanna fuck you pussy." Dean said but Lita didn't care and
continued to suck his dick.

"I said I wanna fuck you pussy." Dean said while he was trieing not to
come and having a chance to fuck her wonderfull pussy.

"My mouth is much for you and I will not let you to come in my mouth."
Lita said while stroking his cock.

That made Dean angry so he let her to stroke and suck for him until he was
about to explode. Lita was carefully staring at him and while she saw him in
that position she immidetly took his cock out of her mouth and storke it
fast. Dean was moaning until his cumm was on his cock-head. He then grabbed
her hairs and pushed her head on the table and shoved his cock in her mouth
once again. She didn't expect him to do that so she forgot to stop stroking.
He held her in that position so she couldn't scream for Hardyz help. She was
screaming on his cock but because of having something in her mouth her
screams turned to moaning in Hardyz ears.

After dropping a few cumm in her throat he took out his prick and dropped
some cumm on her eye. Then he put up his short and ran out of room. She
screamed with closed eyes and Hardyz went to her. She was angry as hell and
Hardyz chased Dean back. Lita quickly went to shower and washed her eyes and


Note: I wish you enjoy to read this. if you have any comment bad or good of
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