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A Real MizFit
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the June 16, 2006 tapings of Friday Night SmackDown, Mike "The Miz"
Mizanin, dressed in his dark colored heavy jacket, grayish colored jeans and
olive green t-shirt, is walking backstage after interviewing Ashley Massaro
on her thoughts on the 2006 Diva Search that's starting in a few week. "Oh
man, I'm so glad I voted for Ashley last year... Hoo-Rah!" Miz says with a
smile as he walks around backstage, thinking of how hot Ashley was. Because
he's lost in his own thoughts, the Miz is oblivious to the fact anyone can
hear what he's saying since he's thinking out loud.

A short ways up ahead the 2005 WWE RAW Diva Search Winner, Ashley Massaro is
standing by the catering table, able to hear every word the Miz is saying.
Ashley blushes and laughs a bit as she's dressed in a black top and a black
skirt, with her blonde hair slightly highlighted a shade of blue. Ashley
bites down on her bottom lip as SmackDown's Host, the Miz, walks right past
her. Ashley takes a deep breath before stepping away from the catering table
"Hey Mike!...Wait up!" Ashley says as she slightly jogs up to him.

The Miz stops and turns around to see Ashley jogging to catch up to him, "Hey
Ashley, what's up Ms. 2005 RAW Diva Search winner?" The Miz asks with his
charming wide smile.

Ashley laughs a bit "Not much..." Ashley says as she walks the rest of the
way to approach the Miz "Are you done for the night?" Ashley says as she
folds her arms.

Miz nods his head, "Yeah I am... got all the stuff out of the way and now
it's time to party, HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he laughs a bit. "Why do you

Ashley shrugs her shoulders a bit "I don't know...I had fun with you
interviewing me out there...I was thinking maybe we could, you know hang out
a bit." Ashley says with a nod.

The Miz smiles and nods his head, "That sounds like a blast to me Ashley...
The Miz is always down with hanging out with super sexy ladies," The Miz says
with a big smile.

Ashley smiles "Great...HOORAH!" Ashley says with a laugh poking fun at the

The Miz laughs a bit, "Hey, that's my line... unless you're a MizFit like all
those people out in the crowd."

Ashley shrugs a bit with a smirk "Well bud, how do I become an official
MizFit?" Ashley asks as she places her hands on her hips.

The Miz rubs his chin with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand,
"You know.... I never gave thought on how a ultra hot WWE Diva becomes a
MizFit..." The Miz smiles, "I guess I'll just make up on how you'll become
one... HOO-RAH!"

Ashley folds her arms over her chest and laughs a bit " do I become
one then, Mr. Mizanin...Hoo-rah!" Ashley says with another laugh, once again
poking fun at SmackDown's host.

The Miz gets a mischievous, boyish smile on his face, "Well... let's see..."
The Miz says as he looks at her, "You could... I dunno... give me a little
head..." The Miz says, completely joking as he says it.

Ashley raises her eyebrow "Head, huh?" Ashley says with a slight smirk before
shrugging "Ok...that's cool with me."

Miz almost has a spaz attack as he blinks his eyes a few times in surprise.
"Whoa... Hold On... Wait a Second... You're cool with that?" The Miz asks,
completely shocked over what he just heard.

Ashley nods her head as she looks at The Miz "Yeah, sure...why not?"

"I don't see why not..." The Miz shrugs, "If you're really cool with it...
then come with me Ms. Ashley... and I'll see if you're MizFit material."

Ashley laughs and smiles "Oh...Hoo-rah!" Ashley says once again playfully
mocking Mike Mizanin.

Miz laughs a bit, "And I'll teach you how to say HOO-RAH, right too..." The
Miz says as he starts walking again, with Ashley beside him.

"So...are we headed back to your dressing room, Mr. Mizanin?" Ashley asks
with a slight smirk.

The Miz nods, "Yeah... and call me Miz..." The Miz answers with a smile as he
leads Ashley in the direction of his dressing room, "It's going to be easier
for you to say than Mizanin when I'm making you go HOO-RAH, over and over
again." Ashley laughs at Miz's comment as they approach his private dressing
room, he casually pushes the door to his dressing room open and allows the
2005 RAW Diva Search Winner to enter. "After you, my fair hot diva..." The
Miz says with an exaggerated gentleman like tone as he holds the door open
for Ashley. After she walks in, The Miz steps into the dressing room and
closes the door.

Ashley smirks as she folds her arms and turns around to face The Miz. Ashley
nods her head "Not bad, got a pretty nice dressing room, here..."
Ashley says as she casually looks around the room.

The Miz takes off his jacket and casually tosses it on top of a couch,
"Thanks Ash.... I made sure to deck it out with the best stuff..." Miz says,
"BIG TV... BIG comfortable couch..." He adds, as he stresses the word big
each time as he smiles at her.

Ashley smirks as she raises her eyebrow "You're hinting at the word 'big'..."
Ashley laughs "Are you saying, you're big?"

The Miz smirks a bit, "Well I don't like to brag... but I'm certainly packing
a bazooka and not a pop gun downstairs..." The Miz says as he motions to his
crotch with both of his hands.

Ashley licks her lips a bit and laughs "Ohhh really...well don't you quit
fuckin' bragging about it... and let me see...Hoo-Rah!" Ashley says playfully
mocking The Miz once again.

The Miz laughs, "My... aren't we pushy..." Miz says with a smirk as he starts
to unbutton and unzips his jeans. The Host of SmackDown pushes down his jeans
and the boxer-briefs down to his feet and steps out of them. The Miz looks
right at Ashley as he motions to large, thick twelve-inch cock, "Impressed?"
He asks with a big smile.

Ashley scrunches her nose up cutely and slowly nods her head "Well...I've
seen bigger..." Ashley says with a playful smile as she jokes around with
The Miz, slowly approach the Host of WWE SmackDown.

The Miz looks at her with a raised eyebrow, "Well, there ain't many guys
bigger than me...." The Miz says with a smirk before he takes the opportunity
to take off his olive green t-shirt, revealing his impressive muscular upper

Ashley smirks a bit "My...aren't we conceded..." Ashley says in a 'Miz-like'
tone as she casually lowers herself down onto her knees in front of him.

The Miz laughs a bit, "Ha Ha... very funny... you'll make a great MizFit..."
The Miz says as he places his hands on his hips and looks down at the 2005
RAW Diva Search winner. Ashley smiles up at The Miz and gently wraps both
of her soft hands around his cock and begins to slowly stroke his cock to
hardness. As his cock become a stiff unbending shaft, The Miz moans, "Ohhh
yeah... you sure now how to get a rise out of me..." The Miz says as cock
becomes harder in Ashley hands. Ashley laughs as she looks up at The Miz,
while she moves the smooth palms of her hands, up and down, against his
hard, unbendable cock. Ashley licks her lips before leaning her head down
and pressing the tip of her tongue against the head of The Miz's cock.

The Miz's impressive body shivers as he feels the tip of Ashley's tongue
presses against the thick head of his dick, "Uhhhh... whoa... that'll make
any guy shake..." Miz says as he moves his right hand and places it on top
of Ashley's head. Ashley begins to gently tap her tongue against the head
of The Miz's cock, before pressing her tongue down against his piss-slit
and then travels her tongue slowly down his long, thick shaft.

The Miz moans as he feels Ashley's tongue coat his the length of his fat
twelve-inch dick with her warm saliva. "Whoa... damn... slow and steady wins
the race... and makes the Miz a happy guy..." The Miz says as he watches the
beautiful blond diva. Ashley laughs as she flicks her tongue against Miz's
shaft before casually working her wet tongue back up his long, hardened
shaft. The Miz strokes Ashley's hair, sliding his fingers through the blond
strands of her hair, "Damn... you're good..."

Ashley smiles up at The Miz "Thanks..." She says as she scoots away from The
Miz and slowly stands up as she removes her black top.

The Miz looks right at Ashley's chest as she takes off her black top, and he
smiles as he sees Ashley is not wearing a bra, "Whoa... I think I'll be a big
member of your fan club..." The Miz says as he looks right at her perfect
round breasts. Ashley laughs a little as she tosses her black top onto the
couch in his dressing room before she starts to push down her black skirt.

The Miz's eyes follow Ashley's skirt as Ashley lowers it down from her hips
and slides it down her perfectly tanned legs, "Whew...damn..." The Miz licks
his lips as he watches Ashley remove her clothing.

Ashley smirks a bit "Am I a MizFit, yet?" Ashley asks as she steps out of
her skirt and begins to lower her black g-string, from her shaven, clean and
smoking-hot pussy.

"Oh... you're getting there..." The Miz says as he stares right at Ashley's
hot, shaved sweet looking pussy and licks his lips hungrily, "Damn... I got
the munchies... but that's for another time..." The Miz smiles mischievously
as he starts to walk towards her.

Ashley smiles and licks her lips as she casually takes a step back towards
the couch "I'm ready to become a total MizFit, Hoo-Rah!" Ashley says with a

"I'm ready to make you one..." The Miz Laughs as he continues to walk
towards Ashley. He places his hands on her shoulders and playfully pushes
her backward so she falls onto the comfortable couch. He bends down and
picks up Ashley's legs to spread them apart so he can lean down and ease
his thick cock into her tight pussy.

Ashley bites down on her bottom lip as she feels The Miz's cock enter her
tight pussy "Ohhh fuck Mizzers..." Ashley groans as she gently wraps her
smooth legs around his waist as he begins to thrust his cock in and out of
her tight pussy.

"You... like that... babe?" The Miz says as he leans his body forward so he
has more leverage to pump his cock into her. He places his hands on Ashley's
shoulders, slightly pinning her upper body down on the couch. Ashley smiles
up at Miz as she places her soft hands on his stomach as she feels his body
move in motion to the thrusts he's delivering to her warm, wet pussy. The
Miz uses his hips and his legs to drive his shaft harder and faster in and
out of Ashley's tight pussy. He arches his body backward a bit and groans
each time his cock goes deep into Ashley. Ashley closes her eyes and leans
her head back against the cushions of the couch "Ohhhh ahhhh fuck Mizzers...
mmm that's right!" Ashley moans.

The Miz grunts as he starts to give Ashley's pussy a few sharp thrusts that
makes the 2005 RAW Diva Search winner arch her back. "Uhhhh yeah.... fuck...
you're defiantly... MizFit material..." The Miz said as he slides his hands
down from her shoulders and places them on her hips. As he continues to pump
his cock into her, The Miz turns himself over so that he's sitting on the
couch and Ashley is on top of him. Ashley flips her blonde, slightly blue
highlighted hair back as she places her hands on Miz's somewhat sweaty chest
and begins to rock back and forth on his hard cock. "Ohhhh HOO-RAH!" The Miz
says as he watches Ashley rock back and forth at a good balanced pace on his
stiff cock. He slides his hands behind Ashley and begins squeezing her firm
ass cheeks each time she rocks backward on his shaft.

Ashley grits her teeth gently as she starts to slam down on Miz's cock at a
bit harder rate as she bounces quicker "Ohhhhh Mizzers..." Ashley moans.

The Miz starts thrusting his cock up into Ashley's tight pussy as he moves
his hands so that he can spread Ashley's ass open with his left hand and
also dip two fingers from his right hand into her tight asshole. "Ahhhhh
fuck yeah.... Ashley... almost want to let you stay on top... but... I want
to do ya... dog... gy... style.... HOO-RAH!" The Miz groans.

Ashley laughs a bit "Oh...Hoo-Rah!" Ashley says with a slight moan as she
slows down on Miz's cock and carefully lifts herself off of the Host of WWE

The Miz moves to left of the couch and position himself so he's kneeling on
soft comfortable couch. He takes hold of Ashley's slightly sweaty body and
makes her get on her hands and knees, "You ready Ashley?" Miz says as he
strokes his cock a bit while tapping the tip against her ass cheeks.

"Oh...I'm ready...Hoo-Rah!" Ashley says with a cute laugh as she playfully
mocks the Miz once again.

The Miz laughs, "Finally... you got it right... HOO-RAH!" The Miz says as he
slides the head of his cock down Ashley's ass crack before guiding it back
into her tight wet pussy. The Miz lays his sweaty hands on Ashley's hips
before he begins to pump his shaft in and out between the soft lips of her

"Ohhh..." Ashley moans, pressing her lips together as she closes her eyes.
The Miz starts pulling Ashley back towards him, causing her perfectly shaped
ass to hit back against his waist and thighs. He tilts his head back and
closes his own eyes as he thrusts harder into her pussy, making her jolt
forward. "Ohhhhh Mizzers" Ashley moans as she tilts her head back and begins
to push her body back against Miz's cock.

"Uhhhh yeah.... fuck... you're.... a real... MizFit... Ashley..." Miz groans
as he repeatedly drives his cock into her pussy. He leans forward and wraps
his arms around Ashley's smoking hot body and makes the beautiful diva lean
upward so her back is pressing against his sweaty chest and stomach.

Ashley closes her eyes as sweat drips off of her stunning body, the RAW Diva
Search Winner then begins to cum against Miz's cock "Ohhhhh fuck Mizzers..."

The Miz continues to pump his shaft into her pussy, even has the wild blond
haired diva climaxes. "Uhhh.... ahh.... yeah... HOO-RAH...." The Miz groans
as he keeps his arms around her body, holding her against him as he starts
to cum inside of Ashley's tight, soaking wet cunt.

Ashley tilts her lips as she feels Miz's cum flood her wet pussy. Ashley
slides her hand through her moist sweated hair and looks over her shoulder
at Miz with a smirk "Ohhh...Hoo-Rah!"

The Miz smirks back at Ashley as he pulls his shaft slowly out of her pussy,
"Mmmm.... you're a real MizFit..." Miz says as he hugs Ashley from behind.

Ashley laughs "And I'll give that a...HOO-RAH!" Ashley says cutely.

The Miz smiles, "And I'll add a Big HOO-RAH since you're now... and official
certified MizFit!"


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